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Updated on Jan 2 2019.
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Other archives

Here's a complete list of 4chan archive sites using either Fuuka or FoolFuuka software. Boards with full image archival are in bold.

Archive Status Software Boards archived
4plebs Online foolfuuka /adv/ /f/ /hr/ /o/ /pol/ /s4s/ /sp/ /tg/ /trv/ /tv/ /x/
Nyafuu Archive Online foolfuuka /bant/ /asp/ /c/ /con/(dead) /e/ /n/ /news/ /out/ /p/ /toy/ /vip/ /vp/ /w/ /wg/ /wsr/
Rebecca Black Tech Online foolfuuka /cgl/ /g/ /mu/
warosu Online fuuka /3/ /biz/ /cgl/ /ck/ /diy/ /fa/ /g/ /ic/ /jp/ /lit/ /sci/ /tg/ /vr/
Desuarchive Online foolfuuka /a/ /aco/ /an/ /c/ /co/ /d/ /fit/ /gif/ /his/ /int/ /k/ /m/ /mlp/ /qa/ /r9k/ /tg/ /trash/ /vr/ /wsg/
(Onion mirror)
Online foolfuuka /a/ /cm/ /ic/ /sci/ /tg/ /v/ /vg/ /y/ Online foolfuuka /g/ /jp/ /mlp/ /v/
bstats Online b-stats /f/ /cm/ /hm/ /lgbt/ /news/ /trash/ /qst/ /y/
Archived.Moe Online foolfuuka /bant/ /3/ /a/ /aco/ /adv/ /an/ /asp/ /b/ /biz/ /c/ /cgl/ /ck/ /cm/ /co/ /con/ /d/ /diy/ /e/ /f/ /fa/ /fit/ /g/ /gd/ /gif/ /h/ /hc/ /his/ /hm/ /hr/ /i/ /ic/ /int/ /jp/ /k/ /lgbt/ /lit/ /m/ /mlp/ /mu/ /n/ /news/ /o/ /out/ /p/ /po/ /pol/ /q/ /qa/ /qst/ /r/ /r9k/ /s/ /s4s/ /sci/ /soc/ /sp/ /t/ /tg/ /toy/ /trash/ /trv/ /tv/ /u/ /v/ /vg/ /vip/ /vp/ /vr/ /w/ /wg/ /wsg/ /wsr/ /x/ /y/
The /b/ Archive Online foolfuuka /bant/ /b/
Archive Of Sins Online foolfuuka /h/ /hc/ /hm/ /r/ /s/ /soc/
YEET Archive Gone? foolfuuka /g/ /k/ /qa/ /s4s/
Bui's /b/ Archive (Mirror) Gone? foolfuuka /b/
scalearchive Online foolfuuka /trash/ (Only "Scaly generals")

4plebs dumps

Every month we remove old full images and upload them to As of 2017 old images no longer deleted. You can download dumps from In March & June & July & August 2016 we had 2 data purges.
Shell scripts for downloading all dumps.

Date Link Size Older than
September 2015 (uploaded by antonizoon) 119G
October 2015 124G 17m
November 2015 [1] 230G 16m
December 2015 166G 16m
January 2016 147G 16m
February 2016 107G 16m
March 2016 405G 16m & 14m
April 2016 159G 14m
May 2016 89G 14m
June 2016 260G 14m & 13m
July 2016 246G 13m
July 2016 [2] 112G
August 2016 272G 12m
September 2016 [3] 168G 12m
October 2016 133G 12m
November 2016 318G 11m
November 2016 [4] 81G
December 2016 270G 11m
January 2017 [5] 19.7G
June 2017 [5] 22.9G
June 2017 [4] 71G
June 2017 [6] 1TB
June 2017 [6] 1TB
June 2017 [6] 1TB
June 2017 [6] 1TB
June 2017 [6] 133GB
January 2018 [4] 78GB
January 2018 [5] 28.4GB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] ~1TB
January 2018 [6] 838GB
January 2019 [5] 37GB
January 2019 [4] 104GB

[1] Switched to tar files here, so that individual image files can be downloaded.

[2] This dump contains all flash files. Nothing was removed.

[3] Files from /adv/ were accidentally lost this month. Sorry.

[4] This dump contains all thumbnail files. Nothing was removed.

[5] This dump contains archived text data. Nothing was removed.

[6] This dump all archived full images. Nothing was removed.