Frequently asked questions

Last updated on Nov 11 2018.

What is "archive.4plebs.org"?

4plebs is an an unofficial archive of certain boards of 4chan.org. Our archives include boards /adv/, /f/, /hr/, /o/, /pol/, /s4s/, /sp/, /tg/, /trv/, /tv/ and /x/. This archive is not part of 4chan and 4chan rules do not apply here.

Why do you archive 4chan?

Threads on 4chan.org are alive for a relatively short time and get removed after awhile. This site archives all threads on certain boards to preserve them for later viewing.

How do you archive 4chan?

We use a fetcher software called Asagi to download threads and images in real time. We use software called FoolFuuka for delivering this web front end. Advanced features like search and statistics are also provided with FoolFuuka.

How do I contact you/administrator of this site?

Email: admin@4plebs.org

Twitter: @4plebs

Discussion Board: >>>/plebs/

How do I get things removed?


This site has a report feature that lets you request removal of any thread, post or image. Report button is included in all post. Please remember to give a valid reason for removal of content.

Valid reasons for post/image/thread removal:

  • Illegal picture

  • Copyrighted picture

  • Post/thread containing personal information

Images can be removed and then banned from reappearing on the archive. Removal request can also be submitted via email. Removal request and DMCA take down notices can be sent to: admin@4plebs.org.

"This is offensive! Will you remove it?" OR "This is slander/libel! Will you remove it?" OR "My name is next to some bad words! Will you remove it?"

First things first. We won't bother removing offensive posts or posts that you think are offensive, because if we did we'd be removing posts all day and that's not effective use of anyone's time.

Regarding slander/libel posts it's always best for you to contact us via email to discuss what to do about it. Simply telling us to remove something via the report system is unlikely to work, because we would have to investigate the "slander" accusations made and determine whether it really is slander/libel or even wrong, false or damaging in that context. That kind of research takes a really long time and is not effective use of our time. Therefore we ask that you (the reporter) do some of the work of proving libel and writing up an understandable email about it and sending it to admin@4plebs.org and only then we can properly think about fixing the situation.

Lastly please understand that just because something you don't like is next to your name, doesn't mean that we have to remove it. This is especially true for public figures and "internet personalities". Of course posts containing personal information are removed when requested, but please don't use that as an excuse to try to get legitimate posts removed.

When was this archive started?

4plebs started archiving with current software on early April of 2013.

Board Start date
/hr/, /tg/, /tv/, /x/ April 4 2013
/s4s/ November 19 2013
/pol/ November 29 2013
/o/ January 8 2014
/adv/ January 17 2014
/trv/ March 14 2014
/f/ March 16 2014
/sp/ March 1 2015

How long do you store full images for?

Currently around 12 months. As long as possible.
Removed files will be uploaded to archive.org from now on.
List of data dumps here.

What is ghost posting?

It's a way of continuing discussion after the thread in question has been removed from 4chan. Ghost posts will only appear on 4plebs and they will only bump the thread up in the ghost index. You can't post images with ghost posts.

What was the deal with not4plebs?

not4plebs.org was a containment archive for /sp/. It was started on 1. March 2015 and it was merged to this archive in 1. September 2015.

Do you have an Application Programming Interface (API) and what are it's limitations?

Yes we have several JSON API endpoints. Quick examples:









Search API is limited to 5 requests per minute. Other end points aren't limited.

Documentation from original developers (somewhat incorrect). Accurate documentation

Error object looks like this

{"error":"Search limit exceeded. Please wait 5 seconds before attempting again."}

Can you give me legal information about the site?

See this page for legal information.

Are there any more archive sites like this?

Yes. List of other Fuuka/FoolFuuka archivers here.

Images from i.4pcdn.org are blocked on my end. Can I use old image links?

Yes. Click here to toggle classic image links.

What's the status on importing old 2010-2013 posts?

Slow but steady. Many thumbnails and images were lost by previous archives. Here's the current progress:
Board Posts Thumbnails Full images
[s4s] 100% Not yet started Not available
/tv/ 100% 100% Not available
/tg/ 100% 100% 100%

What's the status on importing old 2006-2009 posts?

Not started yet.

Board Posts
/hr/ Not yet started
/o/ Not yet started
/sp/ Not yet started
/tg/ Not yet started
/trv/ Not yet started
/tv/ Not yet started
/x/ Not yet started