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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything

Readers and Breeders Edition

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Why does BPD seem like its fetishized?

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Lurked this board for a while. There's a BPD related thread posted every once in a while. Do people (I'm assuming it's men) like women with BPD that much? That idea is so bizzare.

I have BPD myself. Though I'm a guy. Don't know how different guy BPD is from girl BPD but if my experiences related to close relationships are anything to go by, it's nothing to be envious about, honestly. Just my thoughts. It's called "Bad Person Disorder" for a reason, sadly. I can't deny that.
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Is it cowardly to want to step out if the game of life uf your existence has no actual net benefit? I'm really feeling like there's just no point, despite working out and bettering myself every day, I feel like if I just slipped away then it wouldn't matter besides the small impact in my immediate sphere of influence.
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what are some tips/best strategies for learning chinese so i can speak to my gf in her native language?
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Why should I make a paypall when I can already use my credit card?

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I'm ashamed that I fell for this. Thinking this turd goblin (fresh) has slept with 1000 women when he is:
>Chronic liar that gets exposed on a daily basis
>Breathes the same air as you and me
>Not fit
>Not attractive
>Has a smushed in pug nose
>Head is shaped like a basketball
>Has weird cheeks
>No social skills
>100% funnels the income he makes from his social media accounts for prostitutes
>No girl more attractive than gorlock the destroyer is willing to touch his penis unless he pays her money

Fit looks normal, he's definitely not Chad tho. He's somewhat fit but it's nothing to write home about, he can talk to people, and he caries the entire show on his back. I'd probably mistake him for a middle eastern dude but he does the exact same shit fresh does.
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What advice would you give God so this universe could be run better?
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How do I unfuck myself

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>Got a bachelor degree in education
>Want to share my passion For history with highschool students
>Call up a guy I know, who is a principal.
>Since I already know him, he agree to take me in a nonformal interview, in a bar.
>I get too drunk
>Start saying stupid shit on autopilot
>I Start asking how he manage to have sex with the students
>He tell me he dosen't
>I call him a pussy for not trying
>Say if I was a teacher, I would have sexwith all the hot girls
>He leave saying he'll make sure I'll never be a teacher and he's showing the video to the police.
>Bartender ask me to leave, or he'll call the cops and I'm permabannned from all the bars in my town.
>I'm not a pedo, I was just sloppy drunk saying whatever bullshit tought came to mind
>I'm afraid to go out
>I'm afrad that people think I'm actually a pedo

How do I unfuck myself?
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How do I get 18-21 year old pussy as a 30+ year old man?
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>dad is the biggest beta ever
>worked all his life
>never got good pay
>mom left him, because he worked for other "friends" for free
>had several platonic relationships with women after mum
I am exactly like him. I always care for other people and don't pursue the things that I want. How do I rewire my brain? I kind of hate my father and myself
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