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>Rarely jack off with dildo
>Decide to
>Go kinda hard
>Realize a little while later that I'm bleeding
>Can't tell if it's period blood or not
>Web MD says I'm going to fucking die, as it usually does
What do I do? I'm kinda scared.
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Hooked up and feel so much regret.

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Let me start by saying im a religious guy. I think premarital sex is destroying the family unit hate all the hyper sexualisation thats going on nowadays.

I have talked online with a girl for a week or so (from 4chan).
And she saw that i am a handsome and fit guy. So she started complimenting, flirting, talking everyday making me feel wanted.
Then it went to the next level about how bad we want to be together and cuddle. And before you know it she told me how bad she eants my cock and how wet she is, talking about her kinks etc.

She appeared to be surprisingly nearby for a random encounter on 4chan. And she teased me about wanting me to come over.

In my horny state i went along with the degeneracy even though i am principally disgusted by it.
It got worse when I realised she had a boyfriend and wanted to cheat on him. So I told her it was wrong and she had to breakup with hin first.

Then a few days later she starts seducing me more and I saw couples all over the city showing affection since it just became good weather. And I gave in and went over.

I fucked her many times and went back.
Now I am disgusted by the fact I let her cheat on her boyfriend. And also disgusted by how innocent and loving she acts. I would NEVER expect that she would be a cheater. Typical average shy library girl.
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Ok, genuine question

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I have one little question, something that always interested me since I was a kid.

Are white women mostly disgusted by asian men?

This is question may seem like a bait or something, but I am really curious
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Holy fucking shit guys I'm so goddamn sad.
I literally just seriously considered starting to go weekly to this pizza place that I like near me because I found the girl that gave me my pizza attractive. She is so fucking hot. Short, brunette, crazy lips, and with her hair all done up like it was and wearing an apron she looked like my dream girl. I'm so fucking alone that I want to stalk this fucking girl on the off chance that she maybe shows me some affection someday. I would fucking kill for a smile from her.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
Pic unrealted
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Knife Wound that won't heal

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I stabbed myself in the index finger a month and a half ago. I got it stitched up and the outside healed fine, but the muscle still hurts if I put excess pressure on it like trying to do a chin up.

Anyone know how long this is supposed to take to heal? And anything I can do to aid in healing? It's annoying because I can't do any pulling exercises. Also pic semi related, it's how I also stabbed myself.
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>live with crazy brazilian mother

>currently at college

>haven't seen her for few days due to hours she works and hours I'm at uni so its been pretty good (her aimless ranting to her self and abusing comments towards myself is annoying)

>this morning I woke up, no ranting, I goto kitchen to make coffee

>she follows me in, and starts talking about her spic at her work who just started and she wont last, I told her the same thing being no-one seems to stay at her work

>mfw she start screaming at me "IM OLDER THAN YOU"

>I basically conserve myself as much as possible

>mfw I goto back to room and close door and I can hear her rants on abusing me
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>me 21 yrs old female
>mostly straight but suddenly I start to feel attracted to my room mate ( she is also one of my best friends)
>I start to flirt with her and she responds
>we keep doing that for a couple of weeks ( stuff like randomly touching each other hands, hands on shoulder etc.)
>after a while we also start to cuddle. I go to her bed every night before we go to sleep. We mostly sit there and talk a lot and cuddle. ( btw most of the time we are not alone in the room. we have another room mate who is also good friend with us)
>our cuddling sesions consisted first in hugs and shit. after some time we started to tickle eachother as a "joke" and then we would do more stuff like me caressing her neck and back etc. also she responded doing the same things to me.
>one night we were alone and bought something to drink.
>we stood in bed and talked a lot of stuff as we always do
>after we finished the bottle of vodka my friend said that she wanted to sleep
>I started hugging her
>then I put my hand under her shirt and I start to rub her belly. She seems to like it.
>she is rubbing my neck.
>I grab her boob
>and the we start to make out
> OMG best feeling ever
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First time with weed/edibles

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Going to have my first experience with weed this first friday, in the form of edibles. Haven't smoked it before because i cannot stand smoke at all or really the scent of it desu. Anything I should know? This is my first time with any drug btw. Also how long does it stay in your system, on average?
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My life is going weird rn

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>be me
>be 13
>i used to be very beta and almost no one liked me
>Move and go to a new school
>Become more open to people
>Become one of the most popular people there
Quick backstory for a sec there but im going through new things that ive never been through, for the first time since 5th grade below i actually feel happy. i still have my moments when i feel like im worthless but thats occasional. I also like this girl, shes really sweet and generally one of the people i can relate to most. We've been friends for a while and one night we both hop on our computers. We both share a good time playing SSB laughing at the stupid stuff we could do.
Few days later i find out she likes me back. I ask her out. works good. Stays good for a few days, but still feels awkward. Then because of how awkward things are, we decide to stay friends. i was dealing with stress and my occasionally trip down shitty day lane so i didnt focus on it too much. Come to the present and its no longer as awkward, though it still feels a little weird around.
At this point i realize i still like her, and one day wish to be with her again when we are both comfortable with the concept. I dont know why i still want to be with her, but i feel a little free being single again. IDK what to do /adv/, do i try later when we are both older and more open to the concept or should i just give up and keep away from feeling these emotions?
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Smoked weed for the first time. Cheap self made bottle bong. How to get this smell away and what to in my first high? Im still high but dont plan on doing again