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does karma really exist?

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If it does, why is my abuser and bullies doing better in their lives? why am I here suffering mental trauma and social anxiety?
Those people know they did me wrong. when I confronted them they told me that "I'm mentally abusing them by exposing what they did to me in the past"
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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#vanlife edition

Prvs >>24974547
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23 year old guy here, I out with this girl for a couple years, had a great relationship. She’s one of the few non vapid and shallow women left in the 21st century. Unfortunately 9 years of casual porn and social media use age turned me into a coomer and I ended up DMing a bunch of people. She found out and left me. Now 8 months later she tried to give me a second chance and I still fucking ruined it by thinking with my dick. Is there any hope of fixing this? (I ask just to see if anyone had a similar experience.) If so, is there any hope?
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Are there any *good* places *online* where one can look for someone to date seriously, not in a shallow casual sex way? And note, despite wanting a moral partner I won't be ashamed of so to speak, I'm not religious so if you suggest a religious site my using it would be kind of dishonest.

And no, /soc/ is not a good suggestion. I could write a novel on how unpleasant everyone from there is.
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Legal Advice

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Hey Anons, I'm looking for some serious advice.

My mother passed away in Ohio a couple of weeks ago without a will. She has a spouse that she married a couple of years ago that is not my biological parent. He has taken all of my family heirlooms and all of her possessions and distrusted amongst his family already. What can I do to get my stuff back anons? Is it not already legally mine? Please help.
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I don’t know what to do

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I hate my family so much. They haven’t even done anything wrong but they make me want to rip my hair out and cut my skin. I must have some sort of autism or some thing. I fucking hate my life. My dad is a good man, but he has breathing difficulties and he’s always sniffling or coughing violently. The sound makes me unreasonably angry. My mom prays and when she does she whispers under her breath and the sound of it makes me itchy and want to cry. I’ve tried to tell my parents how I feel and they just ignore me. It sounds stupid, it is stupid, but hearing my dad sniffle or breath or cough just sends me into a violent anger and I can’t think straight. It’s not even just these two things. My mom tried to check my temperature and her fat fucking hand felt horrible against my forehead. My dad and I share a bathroom and he pisses all over the goddamn toilet seat and doesn’t even try to clean it up. Yes, I tried to tell him. No he does not clean, it’s almost amazing how he just gets it every fucking where and doesn’t attempt to clean . I don’t like feeling negative about my
Parents, but I have to live with them and even typing this now I hear my dad coughing in the other room. I can’t fucking do this, I’ve started scratching my legs because I lost my razor . I can’t have earbuds in all the time, I can’t always have my volume up I hate living here I hate it so much . I don’t know if I want advice I just needed to get it off my chest. My family wants me to live with them for when I go to college id rather kill
Myself . I’ve been trying to post this like three times I’m going to get my razor Jesus christ
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I hate my girls new hairdo

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This is the third time now, and I told her I don't like it when she wastes a bunch of time and money fucking up her head. Fucking stupid female vanity built into her DNA. Throws a fit each time I tell her I think her hair looks stupid

How can I make sure she never does this shit again?
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Sex fantasies about my mom

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I have a big problem and I really wanna fuck my mom. I know this sounds like a shitpost or one of those shitty stories, but I'm insanely sexually attracted to my mom and wanna have sex with her. I'm constantly jerking off to her, but I'm worried it's going to escalate to the point where I'm gonna do something I regret. I've already considered setting up a hidden camera in the shower or something so I can see her naked, but I chicken out whenever I start to plan it out

Like I'm not stupid enough to tell her or anything, but I don't know what to do here
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Does the current state of America get anyone else down? I think about the future here and it all seems so bleak. I've become so cynical about everything and basically assume everything I hear is false or some kind of manipulation. I think living this way is making people crazy.

I'm not trying to make this /pol/ but I think of my family's history here and how it is going to be washed away by hordes of immigrants that will spit on our graves when we are gone. I ultimately wouldn't be so racist if I didn't feel like these people hated me so much. At my core I feel like I'm a decent person, but now I can't even drive around my city without getting mad at the state of things.
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