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Rude or am I being too sensitive?

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I work at a high end department store and had two nasty customers today.

Customer 1 called me a “fucking bitch” because I had to look up her name in a system and it kept freezing so I had to call a manager to unlock the register. Her exact words were, “I’ll go to another person who can actually help me... stupid fucking bitch.”

Now that was beyond rude, no questions about it.

Second customer was some white geeky guy with a Latina young wife or girlfriend and I asked his wife:

“Will that he all?”
“Yes” -wife

I ring them up: “your total is—“

“WAIT A MINUTE, GIRL, we’re not done yet.”- geeky husband, in a semi-impatient tone of voice

At this point, I just walk off and have another associate check them out, figuring I had enough abuse for one day getting paid only 11 an hour.

Was the second customer being a rude prick too or am I just insensitive?
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Gf issue

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So my gf recently donated blood and I know this will sound stupid but let me explain myself.

The fact that she donated blood means that some of her fluids will be inside another person (possibly a man) and that makes me feel like a cuck. It bothers me so much and I can't help it but I know it's stupid.

How do I change this mindset?
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Daily reminder:
People do the stupidest things out of love and would risk anything for it

If she hasn't made any gestures/risks that she likes you back, she's not the one.

ITT: Tell me your recent love story

Did it fail?
Are you making progress?
What's holding you back?
What's holding them back?
Did you recently lose someone?
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I just want to figure out what makes other people happy
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I feel insecure about being thin and flat-chested. Swimsuits look bad on you, women always make fun of you. Are boob implants the right thing to do?
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How to get over my hate for women?

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It's something I've been struggling with since I found the Redpill in 2015. I dunno what to believe. I was told by teachers and my parents that females are just like males and we are equal. But now I see that women themselves desire to submit to men. I don't know how to adapt to this paradigm shift. What am I supposed to believe anymore? We were never taught about female nature in school, how was I supposed to to be prepared for this?
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How to conversation with 2+ humans??

I have no problems whatsoever talking to someone one on one, mainly because I can turn dumb small talk into some deep shit, so I get to know the person way better. But...

But when a third person enters to "conversation area" I suddenly stop working. I just can't come up with a topic on my own. I tried asking questions but I can't just ask questions all the time. Please help.
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My girlfriend sees sexual and emotional relationships as two different things and is open to having sex with other people but for me I couldn't, sex and love are intertwined. I can't ask her to not fuck anyone else not in the position we are in. This is what she needs, it's a stress reliever for her and that's all she sees it as.

/adv/ how do I think more like her, how do I separate love and sex so she can do what will help her with her life right now without me feeling like kicking the bucket knowing it's going on?
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>try nofap and hit the gym last spring
>keep it up for a month or so
>start getting retarded ideas like "maybe I should make a tinder account" etc in my head, and get anxious about finding a gf.
>massive stress and insecurity engulf me
>relapse back to fapping and cut out gym routine
>no longer bothered by those worries and again content with being a kissless, handholdless virgin who will never have children.
>sweet sweet apathy.

Why the fuck did I fall for the "lol improve yourself" meme? There is no point in it, because at 25 years of age, it is too late for me anyways. I am just waiting to die.