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think i might walk to the grocery store today... i hope i see a cute girl again...
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I'm a girl and want to get nipple piercings. Will I be seen as trashy by guys? I'm a KV though.
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3 years in and i'm completely bored of boning my wife. she can't handle my girth and never likes trying new things. I miss sluts and having mindless good times. How do people stay faithful for decades?
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How do I get my girlfriend to shave her pubes. I have already changed her hair color. I told her it would look sex.
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I had a job interview right now for a graduate trading position. Same old competency question bullshit, same old posh HR roastie.


Everything is hopeless when I'm not enough of a normie to pass interviews
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>tfw there is nothing interesting about me
how do i become interesting?

>dont have any skills or hobbies that i am good at (music, languages, etc.)
>never won any competitions
>no crazy travel stories
>no stories at all

t. friendless kv
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How do I make myself last longer in bed? When I fap I only last two minutes.

Should I watch more porn? Should I use a deathgrip? I just don't want to be mediocre at sex and not last that long when me and my gf decide to start doing the thing

>Inb4 masturbate before hand
Then when I shoot no cum it will just look weird
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I feel as if I don't know what makes me happy anymore. like a long time ago, I went off the path I was meant to go on, stopped caring about life and ended up in this hole I can't escape.

all my dreams are gone. the industries i used to want to go into all seem like false lies. i feel like I've lost almost all will to live. the only reason i'm still alive is so i don't hurt my family. how does one know what makes them happy truly or what to do?
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reeeee IHATE TALKING TO PEpole and i hate trying to be myself, how do i become more confident??
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Gow tf do you teach someone to get better at sex without hurting their feels?
How do you do big stuff like help them work on their immature views regarding sexuality without them blocking?
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