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Is this unhealthy? I am five foot six, for reference, so these things make me anywhere between five eight and a half to five nine when I put them in my boots. It feels like people (especially women) treat me entirely different while I am wearing them. My body also looks more adult-like when I do, as well. I actually feel like an adult and not some pathetic little boy who has never grown up.

Is it THAT crazy to think people are shallow, and treat larger people differently than smaller people? I also have a babyface and high voice, which definitely does not help.
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Is there such thing as being "too late" to apologize?
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Dear /adv/

I know bad Juju is upon me for saying this so early...
but I just found out I'm pregnant... and I freaked out... I'm 29, own a house, have a good job.. and yet I still started bawling cuz I was terrifired...
My fiance literally just hugged me a little, said I was fine...
Then began to chastise me like a kid.. about how if my mother tries to comment on our parenting, she can never see the kid. And if I get any ideas about leaving him, he's taking the kid, and can make damn sure I'd lose in court because of my past... suicidal tendencies (which only show as scars now)

And now suddenly I'm freaking out about being pregnant for the first time.. but about the person I'm having this kid with...
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I just went on a horrible fucking date....I completely fucked up, I was just really shy and she had to be the one making conversation which made it really awkward. I was really intimidated but I was totally into this girl, I really liked her and I feel like I fucked up.

In the end it was a snoozefest and we were both half-assing it. Once she got home she texted me "thanks and good night :)"....what am I supposed to do?
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My girlfriend is really attractive but also racist and dumb

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I'm really attracted to my girlfriend. We've been dating 3 months. She's 5'3 100 pounds and at least 20 pounds of that is straight tits.

But I'm more attracted to other things. She's very aggressive, opinionated and confrontational. Which is attractive but many of her opinions are stupid. And she's kind of an aggressive bitch.

For example, I was casually telling her about something cruel a woman at my work said and she immediately starts going off on her without knowing anything about the woman other than what I've said. It felt good to know that she agreed with me. But she was way out of line on some of the things she said. She's a loose cannon, she doesn't really give a fuck what she says. She shit talks my ex girlfriend (to me not to her) all the time.

She will demand to talk to the manager but not in a trashy or cringey way. And she will manipulate the manager into getting something free or discounted or a coupon or something.

She agrees with me on basically everything and is very encouraging. Which feels good. She also desires my affection a lot and she doesn't play games about it, she just takes what she wants. Which, again, is attractive. She's really into me which feels good. She asks me all the time what I want her to wear and what I want to eat and if there's anything she can do to make me like her more

But recently I found out she's racist and ignorant on a lot of topics. It's repelling. I was going to break up with her but when I saw her in person, I couldn't. I just fell into a trance of attraction for the way she acts.

She's not violent. She doesn't want to whip all black people or deport all mexicans or something. But she is completely insensitive to racial realities and makes casually racist remarks. She's also misogynistic even though she's a woman herself. She tells me all women are bitches and can't be trusted. Things like that.

What should I do? Should I break up with her?
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I used to have a pretty good relationship with my Ex-girlfriend, I tried really hard to make the relationship work, whenever we got into an argument I was always the one who wanted to talk it out and even assumed guilt when it clearly wasn't my fault because she's the most prideful person I've ever met, she tried to break up with me like 6 times for stuff that wasn't serious at all just to make me apologize to her. Point is, I sacrificed a lot for her and I didn't care because I loved her a lot. Eventually I stopped putting up with her shit, When I couldn't take it anymore I told her that I wasn't comfortable with fighting all the time just because she can't accept that not everything is my fault. That's when we broke up and since then she's been telling everyone that I never cared for her, that I used her and just pretended to love her, She told everyone that she was the one sacrificing everything for the relationship and its tearing me apart that she says that. how can I ignore it or how can I get over it?
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Does anyone know the song here?

I thought the name of that song was called "my younger boyfriend" or something along those lines.

they sing it in this spanish dub, but it's a jpop song. can't find it, i hope someone recognises the melody.
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Life sucks, long post

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Guy in his late 20s here. Was perfectly healthy up until a few years ago. Won't get into the details but since then I've basically had a chronic condition that is not really understood by most of the medical community(in fact, it's primarily caused by them). Can't get help from doctors, they're pieces of shit and they would just laugh in my face. Everything is fucked up, from my digestive system to my circadian rhythm to my memory and emotions. My hair which is the one physical thing about me that people actually complimented that was once thick and plentiful is now brittle and stringy, albeit still fairly thick.

Nowadays, I'm mostly a depressive wreck and keep to myself, living off my parents and trying to find a combination of supplements that might get me feeling somewhere near normal again. I know I won't be able to do this forever and I'll have to find a way to support myself eventually since I'm not going to be winning the lottery or anything like that in this lifetime, but I'm not even sure what health I have left is going to hold up for long enough for me to be able to work. I figure that if things get that bad that I'll probably consider suicide, even though I know how much that will affect everybody around me(I lost one of my closest friends to suicide a few months ago).

I don't know what kind of advice I could really ask for because short of a miracle nothing can fix me or my situation, but it makes me feel a bit better to talk about it I guess. I just wish I could be normal and healthy again, my health was one of the things I valued the most and now it's gone and I'll never be able to get over it. I'm mostly numb to it now but obviously on some level it still bothers me. I know I probably don't have a future now and I'll never be able to have a decent job or get married, and I couldn't even get on disability because with what I'm going through there aren't any biomarkers that can be detected by most medical equipment these days.
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>22 yo from Sweden, 6'1 pretty fit, spending summer in Cali doing coding for a startup
>Want to get my haircut, check for places that are open nearby
>Only one place is open, I head over
>There is only an Asian woman, maybe early to mid-30's, very cute, in the hairdressers, completely empty except for her
>When I sit down to get my haircut, she grabs onto and starts massaging my shoulders while asking me what kind of cut I want
>Really into it, but figure it doesn't necessarily mean anything, she might just be doing it cause I'm a customer and she wants to make me feel comfortable
>Anyways, rest of haircut is pretty normal, albeit with a little more touching my arms than normal
>Asks me to leave her a yelp review as I leave (I told her that's how I found her place)
>Two days later she messages me on Yelp after I review her place, thanking me for the review
>Pic related
Is it reasonable for me to assume I could ask her out for a meal or hook up or something? Or is she just being polite/wants me to come get my haircut again so she can get more money from me?