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/GIOYC2/ - Get input on your concerns

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Thread for general rantings, letters that will never be read, and advice on concerns too small for their own threads.
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I have a constant never-ending headache for 5 months. I'm 22.

Please help
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My roommate keeps screaming at me to
>show him rackador
>where's rackador

I have no idea what the fuck that is and he won't explain . He just keeps repeating that to me. He said if I don't do it then he'll erase a dog and kill himself

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>met guy off tinder about half a month ago
>gone on dates, things are going well
>made a fake tinder to find out if he is still on it
>he is
>he matched my fake profile
>I deleted it right away
>he is still looking for someone
>at this point I am starting to develop feelings
Basically I dont want to say anything about me knowing he is still on tinder. I want to either to be exclusive or break it off before he finds someone else.
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Is it over? I didn’t try flirting yet but it’s been a couple days of friendly back and fourth messages. Only good match and don’t wanna fuck it up
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I'm a 16 year old white kid who goes to school with mostly colored people. like seriously, white people only take up about 10%. Anyway, I'm an avid rap writer and I really enjoy doing it at home and between classes, and I've actually gotten pretty good at it. I want to start getting my name out there, but I'm worried I'll catch flack for my skin color and end up getting my ass kicked. I'm already teased enough as is, so there's no telling what could happen if I share my work. What do you think? Pic related.
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/r9k/ tricked me and I fell for the neet meme. Now I'm 27 y.o with no work experience. My only skills are in IT. What are the least saturated IT fields that a former neet could get a job in with no work experience?
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>too autistic to relate to normal people
>too normal to relate to autistic people

Anyone else know this feel?
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My gf said that she can’t manage a relationship anymore. Her depression has gotten worse and she has to go see therapists and doctors. She said a relationship adds on to her stress. We admitted that we still care about each other. I told her that as much as I don’t want to stop this relationship, I still respect her wishes and she wants to remain friends. She doesn’t want to cut me out of her life. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever want to be just friends with her. I know that sounds immature, but I’ll always see her as something more. Do you think we’ll ever get back together? Though, that may seem like wishful thinking, I’m still not over her. Our relationship only lasted for 8 months, but it still hurts
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