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Does anyone else diagree with the blackpill?

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I've been on incel forums since 2018 and eventually I couldn't help but realize that my IRL experiences aren't what incels describe at all.

The way they describe "Chad's" experiences, is what I see normies getting IRL.
It's baffling how much women worship and give up their pussies for 5/10, bland, 5'9 skinnyfat, boneless men.

The normie advice of "just be confident bro" is unironically the real blackpill.
There's really only one thing women hate and it's beta autists. Once you're 5/10 in looks, preferably aren't Indian and you're not a complete sperg, pussy is super attainable from my observations.

And before any of you ask, yes I am a 21 year old incel.
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Trust issues with women

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I'm a 24 year old dude and I think I'm too far gone with how redpilled I am with women. I used to really want a gf but now it gives me a gross feeling to have someone in my face all the time, in my bed, in my home, making judgements about me. The awkwardness after sex bothers me too, like "well wtf do we do now?" feeling of emptiness, like the sex was all I wanted.

I'd love to have a "soul mate", a woman who's my best friend and who I can trust, but I just don't think women can truly love a man in the same way men do with women. I feel like they want to use me for superficial validation and maybe even money and social credit. I also see women as a barrier to what I really want, which is success with my personal creative projects and progression with my job.

It's weird, because I remember when I was in high school and I felt like I could kill myself after a breakup or if I couldn't land a gf, but now it's like I actively avoid it. I hate that feeling of scrutiny women give you, and I just wish they'd fuck off. The sexual tension is unpleasant. I love just coming home, watching movies, cooking weird ass recipes and being my comfy autistic self.
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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The last one >>27451052
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Might be Going to Jail For Hitting Girlfriend

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My girlfriend is pressing charges on me because her parents convinced her too. I got really drunk one night and came home and was in a really shit mood because my team lost after being tied and i bet money on them. I grabbed my girlfriend and threw her into the wall and punched her in the face. She ran away crying and apparently i damaged her cheekbones.

In the morning i thought it would all be good but apparently she ran to her parents and told them that i hit her. Her dad and I get along really well and he's right-wing and super misogynist so i assumed he wouldn't care but he now hates me and wants me put in jail. I might actually go to jail for assault. I confessed everything to the police beause i know if they catch you lying you're fucked and im just at the mercy of the court system now. Has anyone else gone through this?

I can't believe im going to have a criminal record for life for this stupid mistake
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As the least feminine and least appealing of all sixteen types, how does an INFJ girl find love?
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I look around and I'm literally at the top 0.1% of men in my area based on looks and brains, yet I can't get women. How do I meet new people? Do I just go to clubs alone and talk to random girls? Am I retarded or just too good for them?

> Just finished a PhD on pure math, interested in reading, philosophy and all those /lit/ things, but also had many different hobbies over the years and can hold a conversation about almost everything; I've been told that my writing is great, both in prose and verse. Working as a professor at small-ish European uni for now, but will pursue a career on finance very soon.

> 6'3'', solid haid; sharp, athletic look and overall strong from my weighlifting hobby. I've been told that I'm handsome (see below) and girls regularly look or smile to me on the streets, so I at least believe I'm not awfully ugly. Extremely healthy overall, never had a serious illness. I might dress kind of formally, but keep myself very clean.

> Have good girl friends who value me a lot, but they're either married already or don't have very active social circles, so they're no avenues to meet new women. In general, I have enough friends, but not a "friend group" to go out at night or anything.

Tried tinder and got lucky enough to lose my virginity there and meet a couple cool girls, but lately I barely get any matches, and most of them are either from fat chicks, simpletons or both. Am I too old for a dead city full of uni students? At the gym, the only place where I meet new women naturally, they all act autistic with their headphones and shit, so I don't feel like "disturbing" them.
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Get It Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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I stopped using toilet paper and instead use Clorox wipes to wipe my dirty butt. It burned at first but after a week I am starting to hear loud voices inside my head! Could the chemicals have something to do with this?
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Cashing a check

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Um guys I'm so lost here
I got these checks from the US
I don't have a US bank account
I can't even open one without residency, and proof of address
I also cannot get any of the apps to work here
I am in Europe
How do I deposit these?
I can't find a bank that takes them
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