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Is it possible to forgive someone for cheating on you?
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So apparently my 17 year old gf (I'm 20) just started her period and says it goes for seven days so we won't be able to fuck on Sunday, basically the only day I get to see her for weeks. First of all, are seven day periods really a thing? Will the pill fix that when it kicks in (she started taking it a few weeks ago)? And just how bad would it be if we had sex anyway?
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How do I come to terms with the fact that I will never have a truly hot woman?
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I have a weird sort of bipolar disorder called ultra-rapid cycling with duration of phase being about 4 days. I have a diagnosis but no existing mood stabilizer medication actually helps me, rather it makes me tired/stupid/depressed all the time.

How do I accept I will never be mentally stable?
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Get It Off Your Chest!

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Old thread archived.
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My girlfriend called me out as a white collar bro who roleplays as an edgy rocker on the weekends. It was somewhat in jest but i could feel that resentment from her and it really cut deep and drove me to some existential thoughts.

Yeah yeah I have a great stable full time corporate job with room for advancement and I'm good at it ok cool the image of a desk worker is something I fucking despise. I don't want to become a fat middle management goofy beer dad when I'm 30-40.

I don't want to be a No Tattoo Suburban Prep School GoodBoy McStable but I'm doing the best I can with what I have to support myself financially and build savings etc.

"Having hobbies" and "dressing how I want on the weekends" is ultimately roleplay and nothing genuine. Getting muscular didn't help, I'm just a buff guy in a suit now. There's nothing real. Just distracting myself before I put on my khakis and glssses when Monday morning rolls up.

Should I just suck it up and own who I am and accept lifelong betadom? Im not living, I have 0 edge and my girlfriend can see right through this shit. She's not the first person to make remarks on how much of a dork I can be.

What should I do?

>In b4 shut up drink your beer and take your kids to Applebee's and be urself

Pic somewhat related
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How did 4chan get tamer than reddit?
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Sex with mature women

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I'm 18, stopped looking for love and I want to fuck some milfs in my area. I don't want to use dating apps in fear of somebody who knows me seeing me but it's probably my only option. Anyone got some other suggestions?
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I badly want a gf/wife who I can have a good long term relationship with but I don't want to pass on my genes. Okay with adoption but I'd like her to feel the same so no single mom or "donors".

Is this even possible? I don't know if it is and it's been bumming me out.
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Shaving like your Grandpa used to

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Are straight razors really more effective and give greater freedom for a closer shave compared to modern disposable razors? For those who do use former, do you sharpen a straight razor with a leather strop or a whetstone or use both? I am new to straight razor shaving, so tips are appreciated.