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I need to gain weight. I almost look like pic related, I’m probably like 15 pounds heavier than him. I don’t care what I have to do just someone please tell me what to consume
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I want to electronically recreate sounds I hear. What should I do?
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I had a joint that I rolled about 2 weeks earlier, and felt smoking yesterday. When I got the high, I felt it wasn't as powerful and calming as freshly grinded bud (and it was the same strain and I used more weed if anything in the joint I rolled) and was wondering: the fresher the grinded bud, the better the high? Thanks anons, just interested and would help for future
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How easy is it to get sex through Tinder?

>I'm almost 30, if you want to know.
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>touched a girl's arm for the first time
>it was nice
>she looked at me and smiled
>my autistic ass couldn't maintain eye contact very well
>she giggled though
>started playing with her hair
>such a heavenly giggle
>she slid in, and touched my hand again
>I, being autistic once more, pulled it away slightly
>she leaned in further, and placed her hand on mine
>it was so nice
>so warm, soft, silky, and pampered
>like that of a greek goddess
>autism strikes again; I couldn't look at her confidently
>we just sat there, not saying a thing
>the most reaction I gave was a blush, and tears welling up at my eye
>she giggled again though, and gently caressed my hand while gazing at our surroundings
>eventually her bus came, and she had to leave
>she just looked back at me with the sweetest, most sincere smile I've ever seen
>she waved good-bye and boarded away
>this is the most I've ever had with a woman
>it was such a nice feeling
>so small, yet so poignant
>so minute, yet life-changing

So do I press charges?
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Should I go to college?

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I'm a 24 year old male from a poor foster family. I never went to college and dropped out of high school. I have never had a girlfriend, and I don't know what love is. I live in Boston, and I have a few close friends who I work in construction with...My main hobbies are reading, I read 9 books a week on average, sometimes I read college history books or Advanced Physics books. I recently took an IQ test and I have an IQ of 204. At night I work as a janitor at an Ivy league school. Sometimes I go by the math classrooms and solve complex Differential Calculus equations on the chalk board. Once I proved a theorem involving Fourier Analysis, which took a scientist 2 years to prove. No one knows that I do this, and the professors are looking for the person who is doing it...I am looking for advice on how to get a better job with my high intelligence. Should I go to college at 24 years old or is it too late?
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Hey guys, so I’m in a little bit of a predicament. So I’ve been using vaseline to jack off with but I’ve used so much I don’t want to waste it all so I’ve been thinking about using different lubes for spanking my meat. So any ideas? Preferably stuff found around the house bc am a young fag and if anybody found out I bought real lube from Walmart then I would be ridiculed as a fap fag. Thanks boys! (Pic related, it’s the vaseline)
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>ask girl out last semester
>says no because she's already in a relationship
>move on, get in relationship, ends
>in two classes with original girl this semester
>based on things she has said/posted on social media, sounds like she is single but not 100% sure

What do I do?
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Should I Break Up with my Girlfriend?

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So I work at a restaurant and I met a girl there. She's actually pretty fucking attractive and most guys who worked there tried to go after her and got turned down. There was one guy who used to work there who goes to my gym and always comes in for something to eat after working out. The girl and I had already kissed and were sort of a couple even though I never asked her out so I told him to fuck off. I asked her out officially a while ago and she said she wasn't quite ready because she never had a boyfriend before, much less kissed (she's 18, I'm 19). We pretty much were still dating at the time but I was always wary she was just using me, but as time went on, she seemed to genuinely fall for me more and more, so I asked her out again a week ago and she said yes.

Things have been going decently but last night she told me she had a dream about a guy who was hitting on her that time ago, and he touched her ass and she didn't really stop it from happening. I'm not sure what it means but I'm not happy with her dreaming about other guys who tried to fuck her touching her ass. She's always given me some reasons to worry so should I just cut it?
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Usually don't post here. Recently got in touch with a guy that I used to be good friends with. His daughter's 12th birthday is coming up and the family invited me over for dinner. I don't have a kid and have no idea what would be a good present for a 12yo girl. I could go as high as a few hundred dollars. Don't want to seem cheap or to spend too much. Any suggestions?
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