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No, those aren't their ages... fucking pervs. Should I go for a girl who's a 10/10 who has a significantly higher chance of giving me a trash relationship, or should I go for a girl who's 7.5/10 but I would feel very comfortable with knowing that she's not looking to bang other guys 24/7.
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I am a recent college graduate (B.Sc in Mathematics) and have no clue how to find a job/career.

People I've talked to said they found their job through connections/networking - however, I have no connections (I know 3 people on LinkedIn) since our mathematics program was small, and no one within the program aside from myself planned on going into the industry.

I wish that universities forced students to take courses in job searching or career building because I have no clue. I have marketable skills (my minor was in Computer Science so I can do almost any job involving analysis or programming) but no idea how to market them.

Any advice?
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As a millennial, should I just kill myself? My boomer parents and their generation anally fucked every generation that followed. I can't get a job, I can't pay off my debt, I'm stuck with a useless degree because "it doesn't matter what degree you get, anyone will hire you!".

This is fucked up and I don't see any hope for the future. How do I get the balls to an hero?
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Can I tell someone what I definitely don't want for christmas or is that inappropriate?

Christmas is coming up, and I have kind of an odd gift situation.

I've been seeing someone for 7 months now and this'll probably be the first gift he ever gives me. I have reason to believe he might get me a watch, but if he did I would be massively upset about it (explanation upon request). Quite a while ago I explained my distaste for it, but there's a good chance he doesn't remember, or it went over his head.
What is the appropriate way to handle this????
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I guess I'm not a virgin anymore?

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>tl;dr: Virgin(?), used to have a big sex drive, got called over for a booty call and couldn't keep it up.

So I think technically I had sex for the first time last night. I'm a 21 year old awkward but likeable guy.

So this girl from last night is a friend of a friend. I met her last year, and I thought she was pretty attractive. Talked to her a bit at this party, partially hit it off but not enough to pursue her. A week ago we went out for coffee after matching on tinder, and then...

Last night. I was drinking with my roommates and she texted me around 3am asking me to come over. I was nervous since it was heavily implied it was a booty call, but I was sobering up so I didn't think it'd be a problem. Got there around 4am and right away she leads me into her bedroom. We talk for a couple minutes and then she says "I was thinking we'd just hook up, is that okay?" Lights off (might be the problem, I'm a visual guy). She gets on top of me, starts making out, grinding on me half naked.


No erection, not even really turned on mentally. No idea why. She's hot, easily 8/10, and I USED to have a pretty high sex drive imo. I used to jerk off like 1-2 times daily (lately I guess it's been like once a day but its almost a chore... maybe I've been kind of depressed and stressed with school lately?), this should be everything I wanted. But I just couldn't get into it.

We tried a few different things. She went down on me and I got hard, but I lost it the second we put the condom on. I got her to stand up and let me stare at her and jack off which worked for a bit but I lost it again when she got on me. She went down on me one more time and I got hard again, and we managed to get it in for a couple minutes. She seemed to enjoy it, she was really wet, we got a couple minutes of awkward fucking in, but I really didn't enjoy it at all for some reason. Ended up going soft, pulling out and then just giving up, talking and falling asleep.

I don't even know what to think.
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>typical r9k style tfwnogf betamax
>female friend out of nowhere tells me she wants to set me up with a friend of hers
>sends me pictures of the girl and I do think she's quite attractive.
>I'm now going to an event where I'll meet this girl tonight

wat fucking do? I'm nervous and awkward and have no idea how to handle this...
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I would like some perspective on if I did the right thing.

My boyfriend and I both browse Reddit often, and some of the pages we visit overlap. I wasn't actively searching for him, I was really just browsing, but I ended up finding his account through a post (his username was an inside joke between us). I'll admit I snooped and looked through the user's history to make sure because what I read in the initial thread really disturbed me: He was outlining ways he was planning on killing himself. My BF has been depressed for as long as I can remember and he's in therapy, but he still confides to me occasionally that he wants to die. Here's a small excerpt of what he wrote:

"...I am going to kill myself tomorrow, after I break up with my boyfriend. I will use the oxycodone I bought off the internet and I will call the police ahead of time so my family does not find my body."

I feel sick just writing that out. Things with us have been rocky lately. He wrote that last night, I found the thread this morning. After he got off work I called him and told him what I found. Now he's furious, saying that this is a breach of privacy and that I have no right to do that. I know it was wrong to snoop but I seriously would never forgive myself if he actually DID kill himself and I said nothing, knowing his intention...

Please. Let me know if I did the wrong thing. Thank you.
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Not sure if this is the right place for this but I don't know where else to go. I'm certain I'm a sociopath, I feel nothing for anyone or anything. I've been diagnosed with major depression but I'm certain this is a misdiagnosis and I don't know what to do because the last time I was hospitalized I told them my thoughts about having a personality disorder and they wrote it off as a symptom of depression. I cannot commit to long term goals and I have zero motivation other than self interest and even this is shallow as I am a total failure. All I do is drain those around me I manipulate others through emotional appeal without even understanding exactly what I'm doing as I have no real emotions of my own. It's likely cruel joke and I feel like I'm in hell, everyone around me offers me help and love but I feel nothing and I know I'm only draining them my problems pile up and I only go through the motions of appearing to solve them until I can get away with pushing everything off again. I see no solution, I'm empty and evil and I can't go on anymore, I guess I'm just hoping to find someone who understands what I'm feeling and can offer some sort of advice. I think I should just kill myself, I know the pain and suffering it would cause those around me but I also know that they would be better off the sorrow and drain I cause by existing is so much worse
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How do I get over the feeling people are just waiting to hurt me?
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Weed is making me depressed but I can't stop smoking because I hate my life. what do?
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