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My breasts look a lot like this (NSFW):


I haven't shown my boyfriend of 2 years my breasts out of a bra because I'm so ashamed of them. I used to cry about them every day but now I just try not to think about it too much. Scared of surgery and can't afford it anyway.

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Anyone here willing to answer a few Psychology questions for me? It would help me prepare for my upcoming test and exams.
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I'm worried, /adv/....

For the past few week, I've been having bad chest pains. I was diagnosed with Anxiety Syndrome back in 2015, so I figured the chest pains were something to do with that, or maybe the pain is just radiating from my bad back. But now the pain is almost constant. I feel it all the time. Its not really sharp, nor does it radiate to my arms or neck or anything like that, but still...

I don't want to have a heart attack and die at 29. I drank really hard for years, always liquor, and I still drink now, but just beer. And smoked too (quitting now), and I'm generally pretty stressed out. I know I fit the bill....

Getting my heart stress tested tomorrow. I went to that doctor a few weeks ago, and he monitored my heart for like 30 seconds and said everything was fine, and a few months (maybe a year?) back I wore one of those chest rig things with the stick pads for a month, still they said I was all good. My blood pressure has always been fine too... What the fuck is going on in there....

Life just got a lot better for me...I don't want to die now...

Fuck, guys...

Anyone have any experience in this field?
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need help with revenge plz

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i need help, i hired a guy to tow me, $400 up front, 600 at completion from northern california to san diego, we drove to my car, while i was hooking it up, he left, with my stuff too.
he left me in the middle of knowhere, with no money, no phone, nothing, plus shorts and tshirt- it was fucking freezing at night, about 1 week later i got home, called to arrange my car getting returned, it was stolen. and i am still physically recovering.
this fucker needs to suffer, and i will be forever greatfull for any/all help!
his name richard lee curry sr
his # (707) 227-9726
i will gladly take any other data you can compile on him
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What do you think of these shoes?
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Girlfriend cheated on me. I confronted her with the evidence that she was at her ex-bfs house a week ago. She broke down and cried. She told me she had been going through a really tough time recently (she is, with work and her school) and became really stressed.

I'm upset with her but I think we can work through this. We talked about it all night about how hurt I am and she agreed to follow any rules I set for her.

I don't want to be overbearing but what kind of rules should I set?
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relationship problems...

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>Be in a relationship where both smoke.
>I share my weed willingly and tell him that whatever I take from him, he will get back with weed or money.
>Have fought this week because I smoked his weed and he forgot he owed me. During this time he said a lot of really hurtful things while I was trying to tell him that he owed me.
>later remembers and says it was his mistake for forgetting about it.
>he says he wants to quit bc its causing to many problems.
>there didnt need to be a problem in the first place.
>He gives me his weed.
>today I go to smoke and ask him if he will smoke with me. He wants to.
>I pack a bowl and smoke half and pss it him while we play 7daystodie,
>He leaves it sitting for like an hour even though he has work soon.
>I bring this up.
>He gets mad and says he doesnt like smoking around me cause im always like this.
>We only have one bong so sometimes I do ask him to hurry up but isnt that normal?
>he finally goes to smoke but makes some benign comment like 'oh so I only get this much."
>Its half a bowl.
>At this point I feel like hes starting to act like Im stealing from him or something.
>I tell him Im troubled and he immediately ignores me and acts like Im an idiot or something.
>I try to talk to him but he gets angry and says he cant deal with me when Im like this.
.just trying to understand why he can't handle when im feeling uncomfortable over something.
>he leaves the room and I try talking to him from the hallway. he tells me to shut up and fuck off cause neighbours can definitely hear me. (he does this a lot even when I dont yell and makes me feel like I should just keep my mouth zipped even though I feel this way).
>I keep talking to him from hallways.
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Outdated constantly

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Why can't I enjoy the now? I always have this feeling that it's a bad time to be my age because it isn't what I expected when I was younger. And I just find myself wondering why people don't dress and act like in 2007 or wishing I was a young adult back then.
I honestly feel like I'm the only one.
But I feel like I'll think that way in 10 years about this decade.
Is this because of depression?
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hey /adv/
yesterday was pretty shitty, maybe anyways.
Looking for some advice with this girl im talking to.

so yesterday
>take her on a walk
>things going awesome
>playful, happy, etc
>get to park
>hang out, talk some
>tell her i want her to be my lady friend
>she doesnt freak out or anything
>just kinda doesnt communicate well
>so we walk home things are still alright

Do i keep trying and see if it is a possibility?
Do i take the lack of communication as a no?
Help a brotha out /b/ this was the first time i wasnt a bitch about telling a chick i like her.

I can give more info if needed. just in a weird spot in my mind.
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What US city is the best for finding jobs as a homeless young person with no prior employment and no degree?

I am 19 years old and long story short I made some bad decisions in life. I have no family or friends or anyone to rely on, and I live in the middle of nowhere where there are few jobs or opportunities for a person like me. I figured a big city would be my best bet for trying to start a life from scratch.
I have $230 saved up from selling drugs.

I do have a high school diploma and no criminal record as of yet, thank God.