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When bad things happen to me I accept that I want and deserve them, when I clearly don't. What causes this and how do I stop?
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Can anyone link me to best resume sample for someone who has nothing to write in resume
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I'm so depressed

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I don't even feel like masturbating. I'm so unhappy with my life. I went through so much mental and physical trauma growing up that I didn't stand a chance at becoming a functioning adult. I've struggled with drug addiction off and on over the years but have worked incredibly hard on becoming a better person. I'm 32 and I have nothing to show for it. I have no friends despite trying desperately to make them. My family has their own children and lives to attend to and never know what to say other than "things are going to get better, you're doing great". I hate my job and don't feel respected or valued. I haven't gotten a single date from a dating app because I'm probably ugly on top of everything. I just don't see any purpose or meaning in anything I'm doing and I want to change that but it doesn't feel like I have enough time. I'm just so tired of being alone and feeling alone and not being able to enjoy anything. I really don't know what I'm supposed to do in my life, it's going to take a decade of therapy just to be a likeable person because apparently whatever is wrong with me makes nobody want to associate with me. I'm probably a narcissist with anger issues battling depression and definitely have a drug problem. I don't feel like I'm loveable. I just want things to change but it's not as simple as waking up and being different. I've been trying to eat better and exercise more but I haven't felt anything yet. Just get into bed able to fall asleep a little easier. I'm tired bros
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The girl who I talked about meeting who just broke up with me went on a date and it was great.

We kissed, I told her I found her hot and wanted to have sex with her. She would have probably had sex with me then but I wanted to give her a few days - she was slightly tipsy and consent is important to me.

We're going to meet up again, have any advice?
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Is it bad if I'm secretly bisexual? How bad is it if I were to keep this a secret until marriage (with a woman of course)? I generally identify as straight but that's probably not entirely accurate.
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What are some good tips for WMAF?
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I broke up with my gf and friendzoned her because I knew it was never gonna work out. She's still obsessed with me, and I'm secretly obsessed with her, still. How do I get over this oneitis? She has obvious BPD, if that helps.
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A confess,..

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I just need to tell that, it’s been 9 years ago I can’t stop feeling about shit happened with me,!! It’s kind I’m going to confess,
Anyway somehow in my house I was masturbating, and feel comfortable then my aunt came in without knocking the fucking door it’s literally was the worst surprise In my life, fortunately she found me wore my clothes,
But the sad things she walked on my cam it was cold as Usual then she stoped and looked at and she said nnmnn “a house were women lives u must not do such things in” this is really hurt me a lot, guys,
Now after all that time I can’t forget this, and need your help how to surpass it or how I can feel it is normal or if didn’t do anything wrong, please help guys,..
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Help a priest

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I'm in an extremely complicated and distressing situation. I'm a catholic priest and today I heard the confession of a man who claims to be keeping a kidnapped girl very famous in the media and I don't know if I can tell the police because of two things. I have many reasons to believe it true because this man os a convicted pedophile and showed me pictures of the girl, but I don't know if I can tell the police because:

1 - I know where he lives but he may have already moved with her to another place even today, I have my doubts if he is in the place where I know he lives. If the police don't find anything there, he will know I was the one who reported him and might come and kill me.

2 - The Catholic Church forbids revealing confessions of believers even of this type under penalty of excommunication, so I don't know if it is morally correct to reveal such a thing. He might also be lying to test me or to fullfill some sexual fantasy, things can be very complicated If thats the case.

Please help me, I can't even report my situation to the bishop because if I reveal it to the police I will be excommunicated.
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Have any of you failed college?

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I feel so retarded right now.
I think it's more to do with laziness but still.
I can't focus. I just want to stay in bed all day and shitpost here.
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