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I feel like if i'm not the one reaching out to people, nobody pays me any attention. I don't know if the problem is that people don't like me, but I try my hardest to be a good friend.

I don't want to become overly cynical and push everyone away, but I don't know how to solve my problem. I'm trying my best to be pragmatic. Do I just find new friends who care about me as a person?
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how to default sage option ?

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is there some way for the "sage" option to default ?

i'm tired of typing it all the time

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I'm about to turn 28.

Am I too old to turn my life around?
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>be me
>be 21
>go years thinking you'll never find anyone ever
>find autistic lab partner qt
>she loves being around you
>she remembers shit you say, touch's you, etc.
>for once life doesn't feel like a sack of shit
>eventually drops hints she has a bf
>one year goes by, you think she graduated
>turns out she's still on campus
>have friendly exchange
>forget to get # b/c you're retarded
>add her on facebook, see she's now single
>message her to see if she's down for lunch
>she say's she's not sure about schedule but she'll get back to you tomorrow
>currently 630pm next day
>no message
>girl always goes to bed early

What the fuck do I do bro's? Should I send her another message? May seriously have to an-hero if this doesn't go through.
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A Scam Unearthed: What do I do?

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I recently acquired information that there is a rather large "charity" (National Scale) being run entirely as a scam. I'm unsure of how to proceed, or even what to do. I was certain that if I could find advice anywhere, it would be on 4chan. Any ideas?
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Yesterday, out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered being molested.

I was in elementary school, about 5th grade. 11. I had an older stepsister who was the epitome of cool and perfect. I admired her, envied her, and really liked her. I did everything she did and loved all her fun cool friends who did fun cool things. I made Myspace even though my friends didn't have it, but because she had it.

I remember I was talking to this guy on Myspace and we met up in real life. I told my parents I was hanging out with my best friend. This guy was in high school, 14 or 15. I was so naive. I didn't even know what sex was at that point. He said we were going to the movies but we just sat in the parking lot and then out of nowhere, he kissed me.

I was in SHOCK. I've never kissed anyone before. Fucksake, I was 11. It wasn't even a peck, he shoved his tongue down my throat and started groping me. He started to run his hands on my legs and I shoved him away and asked him to take me back. I remember coming home, acting like nothing happened. I threw up. A lot. I felt so sick and disgusting and I didn't even understand any of it.

I just.remembered.this.last.night. Like out of nowhere. I was sitting on my bed and it just hit me like a truck.
I am 19.
Holy shit.
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Is there such thing as an Asexual sugar daddy? And if so, how do I obtain one? F, 18 asexual here.
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Sugar Daddy

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Should I get a sugar daddy?
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What are next

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Hey /adv/
I'm a very stupid girl of 30. Not stupid like I couldn't get into college or anything, but stupid like I never made plans on what to do with my life, like at all. And eventually failed college anyway
I was in my 20's watching cartoons smoking pot and just being overall cute. And just loving it, I even was hoping to meet a dreamy vampire and be god damn sexy forever
I just turned 30 and now I'm acting life my life has ended, or will end very soon. All of a sudden I need a husband and to be married and pregnant....it's like a disease that has immersed me whole brain space.
I am finding myself wanting to leave my boyfriend of 12 years because he has no desire to breed, which we agreed on when we met... but this craving which started as me wanting all the cum I could manage, soon has turned my whole life into wanting to attract a man who will marry me and breed me and make me happy the way my current boyfriend does. What the ever-loving fuck can I do to quell all of this baby nonsense or should I leave my boyfriend and pursue this god damn mess of a life?
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uni problems

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have a boyfriend who i love dearly but were apart alot due to me being at university, its costing a smal fortune and part time work isnt covering enough, been offered money from a sugar daddy but never considered being a cheater, would it be wrong if i did go ahead with it?
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