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There's been a friend of mine who recently had an arguement with a best friend, and is now facing a hard emotional time. Anything I can do to show support in a non-nosy way? Apparently the whole thing happened in chat logs, and my friend offered me to see them without me asking. How do I decline? For the love of God, I hope I get a reply from you anons this time.
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I need serious fucking help

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Right, lemme give some context first.
I'm a total neet, absolute faggot, all that jazz. I play on my computer and draw all day when I'm not at school. Basically my dudes, the weirdest fucking shit just happened so here we go.

>be me
>had the flu so missed major testing
>placed in a room with my two friends who are both 7.9/10 nerd girls
>we joke around lewdly a lot because that's just what teens do
>they end up joking about having a threesome with me
>I laugh and say sure
>they ask me deadass if I wanna
>never have I been more shocked and aroused in my entire life

What the hell do I do??? Is this really how I should lose my virginity??? What do you guys think?

btw I drew the attached image, hope you bois like it.
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I feel like I've become too good of a guy.

I used to be a fucking asshole who just fucked people over, and I got loads of pussy and whatever because of it. I got heavy into meditation and some other shit and it all fell by the wayside; I wanted to understand the nature of the human spirit.

Turns out we're barely ants and the sky is falling. I've forgotten some important rule about observation. Analysis leading to something that has changed.

I should just end it, right?
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> be me
> 22 year old femanon
> was chubby, had acne, unkempt, asocial, depressed, basically invisible
> lost weight, clear skin, put effort into my looks, got a lot better psychologically thanks to therapy
> now a strong 7/10
> still virgin
I get hit on a lot, now, and eventually I'll accept and go on a date. I'm so awfully inexperienced, tho.
I don't want to get pumped and dumped. 4chan also really made me feel grossed out by the kind of guy who only wants to date virgins, I'm so scared I'll end up with one of those people who only likes me because he's the first one to put his dick in me.

How do I make sure I date a guy who actually likes me for me? I have a lot to bring to the table beside an intact hymen and a pretty face/body, and I'd like to be appreciated for that.
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I need a girlfriend?? How to get one

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I need a girlfriend? How can I find a girlfriend?
How to get woman as a friend
I am 18 years old don't have any friends.
I am stalking woman on Facebook. I don't have any fucking friends.
I love to stalk every woman from 18-29 on Internet. I am doing this from 2014 and I was 14 age. I do alone secretly.
It is my favourite hobby. No ones knows it even my parents & my family because if they find out that I am stalking woman on the Internet they won't be happy :)
I stalked woman on Facebook from 18-29 age in my another account and threatened them for not adding me has a friend.
I need gf especially from 18 age and wanna touch young woman in public also sleep with them.
I wanna f*** young woman with their consent anyway
If she say no to sex then I won't fuck her.
I hate marriage and fuck it.
I hate an arrange marriage. I hate all marriage.
I am so much sexually frustrated and I wanna sleep with woman.
I will fuck her with consent.
If she say no to sex then I won't fuck her.
How to masturbate sexy woman in public without getting caught?
How to stalk sexy woman in public without getting caught?
I prefer to have more sexy awesome woman friend mostly from that shares same age I have.
I have nothing against have a male friend but I prefer more sexy woman friend.
I love an awesome sexy woman.
I kiss my smartphone screen when I see beautiful sexy an awesome woman pics especially when I see pictures of beautiful sexy hot good woman on Facebook and Twitter etc.
How to have fucking premarital sex? I wanna lose my virginity.
Fat woman are ugly even sexy fat woman are bad as fuck.
I like taller sexy hot woman.
I do masturbate 7 times a day. It is changed from 5 to 7 times.
Please help me to get an awesome good hot taller girlfriend in an alternative way.
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How do I stop jacking off to a disgusting fetish?
I don't mind normal porn, but this shit gets me every time and ever ytime I feel bad after it
(Nothing illegal in most countries)
Don't tell me to "accept it" or to just "stop porn". I'm looking for an efficient way to stop the fetish.
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Does therapy work? Would you recommend it?

I've had counselling when I was younger but I don't think I was very honest with her ever, how honest and open do you really have to be? Also, it's uncomfortable talking about things so candidly. I'm worried they'll just tell me to leave my codependent relationship.

Can anons share experiences please.
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I have a second date tomorrow and I feel really really sick, im not sure if its nerves or legitimate sickness but I have lost alot of weight over this week

i dont know what i should do
if i should cancel the date or if i should show up looking like a sickly skeletor stuttering like a geek
have about an hour to decide before she goes to work
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What should I do /adv/ ?

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I’m a 23 year old female looking for /adv/....

I have a boyfriend of 2 years and we have good sex but I have this fantasy of him watching me play with myself until I cum and him talking dirty to me calling me naughty names and such . The only issue with my fantasy is that I have tried playing it out in real life and it didn’t happen at all like I thought it would. One day after showering I called my boyfriend into the room
I was laying on the bed all clean and smooth playing with myself, he came in shocked and asked me if I was ok or on drugs. I mean I smoke weed but really? I was just super horny and trying to be sexy. It was the complete opposite I got so turned off and was immediately ashamed of myself and my behavior.

I continue to have my naughty thoughts and I play with myself when he’s not home, I take pictures of myself but do t send them to my boyfriend because I don’t want him to be upset or say he doesn’t like that.

What should I do ?
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>have no social skills
>attend dance classes to be better around women and to see if i can make friends, learn a hobby, meet grills, etc.
>don't say a single thing to the girls i dance with
>see the good looking guys (no homo) in the class talking with the girls they dance with and making them laugh
what do? how do i become more talkative, what do i even say?
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