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Happy lives.

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Sorry /adv/isionaries, I've made my decision. It's one that only I can make, and the only way they'll actually be able to justify allowing me to make it is if I declare it well in advance so they have time to react.

The only remaining conclusion is that I am to let myself die.
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>be me
>moved to new school(and continent, country, >city) 3.5 years ago
>made friends fairly quickly but never got close >until maybe 1.5 years
>pretty much wasted past several years, did >nothing but vidya, got less than mediocre >grades, never had much more than a few short >conversations with some girls
>hella skinny arms, I get a terrible stitch after just >a few minutes of exercise
>I leave this place in 19 days
>Reminiscing over how I've done nothing the past 4 years
>I want to be a pilot in the future, but as before, >too stupid
>Just wish I at least did something, never had a
>girlfriend, never even kissed someone.
>I hopefully get a fresh start at my city
>What do? I want to be fulfilled, and have >someone to love.
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How do I make friends with normies?

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>be me
>25yo NEET
>can only make friends with other autistics

The friends I currently have really annoy me sometimes with how retarded they can be. They are flaky as fuck, insecure and just dont know how to have a good time. It sucks cause no matter how hard try I cant seem to make friends with normies. What to do?
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I'm female and I'n 5'10" in height. I have quite a bit of fat on my arms and stomach I weigh about 225 Lbs and I want to lose some extra blubber. I understand I need to keep a well diet and exercise but I'm just not sure what I exactly need to eat and what exercise I need to do in the matter of time.
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>be me 13
>1 friend
>Depressed as fuck because bully
>Started to skip school because bullying
>Always got belted by my mom if i don't come to school
>Brother in law have a gift
>Give me his ps4
>Fuck yes
>Few month pass been playing Bo3 all long
>Got 3rd warning for not coming to school
>Mom disappointed
>Ask why
>Told her i got bullied
>Go to police to make report
>Nice officer told me to go to hospital
>Go to hospital doc told me to met a counselor
>Return home
>Go to school and met the nice officer
>Bully got suspended
>next week
>Didn't come to school one day because sick
>Everybody mad at me
>Brother told brother in law to take the ps4 away
>No ps4
>Cry for hour in my room
>wanna suicide but mom would cry
>Few day later
>Met counselor
>She told me i been diagnosed with depression and anxiety
>Return home and cry myself to sleep
>Wake up tomorrow moring
>Mom call me
>Get inside mom room
>My sister there
>They told me the counselor told them i have depression and anxiety
>They hugs me and cried
>they said they were sorry
>Mom ask if i hate her
>Said no bc i dont want her to cry
>Still want to suicide bc no ps4 to relief stress and all
>Ffw last day of school before long break
>Decided to apologizes to my friends
>They accept
>Have more friend now
>Still lonely and suicidal
>Decide to be friended my ex
>She accept my apologizes
>Become friends
>Go to brother in law house and playing his pc
>Bored decided to buy csgo using my money
>Play csgo
>the next day csgo goes free
>what the fuck
>ffw the afternoon
>Ex say we shouldn't be friend anymore because she scare she might fell in love with me again for the 3rd time
>Fuck again
>Ffw next day
>Friends doesn't invite me to play with them anymore
>No ps4
>No friends
>I just wanna die
>Ffw today
>Write greentext about my life

That my story :(
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I'm thinking about starting to meditate. Little help? I searched up how to and got instructions where you just sit and focus on you're breathing, one where you focus on a mantra, one where you imagine an object and focus on it, and one where you focus on one point somewhere near you. Are these all just different types of meditation that I should try, or are there difficulty levels or something with different medications being more difficult than others? Please gib redpill. Also, how should I sit? Do I need to sit cross-legged, or can I sit with my legs tucked beneath me? Also I heard it increases IQ, true? After meditation do you feel like you mind works faster? Pic unrelated. Or maybe related idk
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fear of dentist. have cavities wat do
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I raped my domina

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I visited my domina for the sixth time today. I liked her because she is so small and unthreatenig to me that everything she does isn't really damaging me mentally while still having somebody that tells me what to do. But today i snapped. She is relativley pretty, and today she was shaking her ass around in my face and something snapped in me. I knew i shouldn't have develd into this whole thing considering my past, but i did. I grabbed her from behind, forced her to the ground, and well... raped her. Wtf do i do know. She doesn't know my real name, but she knows my face. I left her on her ground crying. I don't know why tf i did this. How do i get out of this without prison and ideally make her mind work again.
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Why is online dating so hard, some people get instant responses while others don’t what’s the key here is is psychical attraction, are women really attracted to personality I’m just tired I’ve tried and tried and hardly gotten responses what should I do?
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Tell me how bad it is..

Tell me the truth about this nose, no matter how cruel and raw

Should I get a nose job?
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