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Girl told me she was raped so I dumped her

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I was seeing a girl for ~half a year when she told me that 3 years ago, she was raped in college.

I was understanding at first, but it's too much baggage for me to deal with, and I've read too much shit about rape victims having arousals and being fucked in the head from orgasming during rape for me to deal with that so the next week i told her I can't see her anymore, didn't give a reason just said I wasn't feeling it.

I was then called an asshole, selfish prick, her friends texted me saying I was a selfish asshole, so I blocked their numbers and Facebook adds.

Am i in the wrong for not wanting to date a rape victim? I've been doing a lot of thinking- if I had a wife and she got raped I don't think I'd be able to be with her afterwards. Am I a shitty person for putting myself first?
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I need help naming my fish. It's very enthusiastic and energetic, it loves swimming around and looking at the things. It also likes to be a bit sneaky. Here's a picture of it, I don't care if you give a boy or girl name
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How do I tell a girl politely that she wears too much makeup?
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Now that backpage is shut down where can I met escorts to put my penis in?
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Why should I move out of my parents house if I pay them market rate rent for my room? Why is there a social stigma to living with your parents and having a comfortable life vs living in a some cramped apartment shared with roommates for the same price?

>close to my work, can ride my bike or walk instead of paying for parking
>living with people who love me
>would rather pay my parents rent than line some rich boomer's pockets
>don't want a partner or sex
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Had a motorbike accident 5 weeks ago and broke both wrists, having to get plates in my left wrist and now left with this scar.

I'm a bit self conscious about it as I don't want people to assume it's from self-harm.

Thoughts? Advice?
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I'm a shy and introverse guy, there's this girl I like, what's the best way to show her my interest? And can someone tell me how to recognize when someone is flirting?
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Latin hepls.

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Match the correct Latin form with its CAPITALIZED English counterpart in each sentence below.

Vergil HIMSELF is the most famous poet of the Romans. He wrote HIS lines (masc.) slowly, but precisely--it took him 10 years, but he wanted three years more to complete his epic! It is easy to see why THIS poem (neuter) remains on any must-read reading list. THAT ONE who allowed HIM the freedom to write was none other than Augustus himself. THIS SAME ONE had a literary circle of friends whom he engaged to write for the benefit of the state. The Romans appreciated HIM for the attention he paid to them and THEIR cultural life, but the Aeneid ITSELF would have been contribution enough!
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Why is it difficult to get a woman in a realistic situation?

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Despite endless pursuits of trying to date women who have no children, don't smoke, and are my age or younger, I always end up being pursued by garbage.

Online dating has always been horrific for me. It seems to be where all of the broken women are. Regardless, I'm talking about meeting women organically, or without the internet.

Within the past 5 or 6 years, organically, I was pursued by a 13 year old who was pretty cute and also a single mother who I had met at a bar (two kids, fuck that). The 13 y/o pursued pretty hard lol, but for obvious reasons I had to shoot that down. But it does go to show you that girls who are truly interested will let you know.

Women who have been single, no kids, bubbly, down to earth never give me a chance. It's always the trash, baby mamma drama, going no where in life that seem to give out all of the opportunities in the world.

What gives?
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i guess i'm going to sleep... see you guys later.