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Does shame ever go away?

it's been 10 months and there's no sign of it going away
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I need some advice anons. For the last few months, all I have been hearing online is about his disgusting straight, white men like me are. How sexist and racist I am. At first I just laughed it off, but now it is burned into my mind. On some subconcious level I have a guilt complex. All I want to do now is to end my life to pay for the sins of my ancestors. Should i do it?
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I keep having horrifying dreams. No matter what I do before bed, I always wake up crying. My boyfriend comes over every morning and holds me and tells me everything will be okay, and I calm down and go about my day. However, when I tuck in at night, anxiety comes back. I only feel calm at night when I sleep with him.

However, I’m going off to college next year hundreds of miles away, and he’s going to college close to home. My parents are kind of conservative so they don’t allow me to stay over at his house.

I’ve tried ASMR videos, meditation videos, and mindfulness exercises. I manage to get calm enough to fall asleep, but my dreams are always fucking terrifying. I’m always being beaten, kidnapped, abused, raped, or tortured in them. I can’t take it anymore. I’m afraid to go to sleep at night and I just want a good dream or no dream at all.
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I'm pretty young and im wondering if I should stop browsing 4chan. If you answer please leave a reason why.
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So I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me. This was after she talked to me about how she would like to have kids one day, booking a hotel for us for a small getaway, and everything being fine.
What the fuck kind of person does this shit?
I'm like a 5/10 and she was a 9/10, don't think I'll every get another girl that I care about.
Should I neck self or nah?
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Why cant I flirt with women or recognize that they are interested in me? I dont know what to say or how to act, so I think nothing of her touching me. I literally freeze up and stop breathing. I want a girlfriend but I dont know how to act or what to say. Did growing up without a father figure cause this? I want a relationship but I dont even know what to do, or say. It's like I want to but I dont want to. I cant even explain it over text. Can I get some advice on how to get a gf and come to peace with myself? Or something?
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How to find aim at life? Last year of my life was terrible, only thing I want is to develop serious mental illness and get government for this for the rest of my life, I think I have a depression. I used to learn a lot in high school, now everything seems so pointless and boring, I'm afraid to go to job, of course I don't have any friends besides PC
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I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my fiance baby and I don't love him and I love another guy. My fiance is jobless with no skills. I think he got me pregnant on purpose because I was hinting on breaking up with him but that's besides the point. I work in a warehouse and met another guy who is working on his criminal justice degree and I'm about to get a new job in IT. I want to be with the other guy but I know I can't because I'm pregnant and now I'm just hating my life more and more. I cheated on my fiance with him and ever since then I can't get wet for my fiance. What should I Do? I can't hack it as a single mom and my fiance just wants to join the military.
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Lately it's hard for me to get excited about sex with my girlfriend because I'm so worried about getting her pregnant.

I'm in no place to even plan about kids, and having one right now would just destroy my young developing life. Sex with a condom is hardly enjoyable and she won't take birth control. She really dislikes me wearing one, and believes it's fine if I finish outside

Even using a condom I worry since it's not guaranteed safety. I know you can't plan everything in your life, but the idea of having an unwanted child is just depressing to everyone

Have any of you had a similar experience?