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How can I (male late 20s) best help my partner (female late 20s) get rid of her self-consciousness/mental block towards sex?

We have been together for 6 years now and her libido is significantly less than mine (like once a month or less is fine for her whereas I am a multiple times per day if I have the time kind of guy).
She is also not very adventurous and has some kind of problem where she will be enjoying something and then suddenly decide that she does not enjoy it and shut down.

As it is, somedays I feel more like she is just a best friend that I live with rather than a wife.
When I try to talk about this with her she tends to say things like "are relationships only about sex?" "do you only care about sex?" "I am not a prostitute" etc.

I still love her but if she has no interest in fulfilling my needs then I feel like I am going to have to end up looking elsewhere. I would not do anything to hurt her or lie about it. I would need her to know and agree to it first but I don't know how receptive she would be and if not then I don't know how this relationship could continue.
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My boyfriend came in me last night. I'm still on my period and I will be for maybe two more days.

What's the probability of me getting pregnant?
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Can someone tell me how attractive I am out of 10?
My boyfriend's ex called me ugly when she is the ugly one lol

I think I am a 9 on a good day, 8 on a bad day
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need help with revenge plz

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i need help, i hired a guy to tow me, $400 up front, 600 at completion from northern california to san diego, we drove to my car, while i was hooking it up, he left, with my stuff too.
he left me in the middle of knowhere, with no money, no phone, nothing, plus shorts and tshirt- it was fucking freezing at night, about 1 week later i got home, called to arrange my car getting returned, it was stolen. and i am still physically recovering.
this fucker needs to suffer, and i will be forever greatfull for any/all help!
his name richard lee curry sr
his # (707) 227-9726
i will gladly take any other data you can compile on him
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What does it mean if a girl just got finished watching the series 13 Reasons Why and immediately thought to call me and talk to me? Does it mean she likes me or something?
Why would she call me at 1:30AM really feeling like talking to me after just watching it?
I don't know what the show is about expect basic stuff, so I'm lost.
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Need advice on dating a girl, tell me if this plan is stupid

So I was studying last night with the girl and a study group, and she mentioned off hand that she was going to skip class on Friday to eat at X food truck (I would like to note it wasn't directly at me, which might be important). So I was thinking of this:

>Hey [girl], can I join you on Friday? I don't want to go to class either

Is this a bad idea? help pls
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How do I shake the feeling that I've done everything I'm ever going to want to do in my life already, and that the best days of it have passed me by?

I'm in my early 30s and I've lived a great life. Been to neat places, made lots of friends, climbed the corporate ladder for a bit, slept with some awesomely attractive girls, been in some relationships, own a reasonably nice house in a nice area with a nice car.

But that's it. I can't think of anything else. My friends have hit that dreaded "30s wall," where they don't want to do anything anymore, I'm uninspired by my career and have no real desire to move up, I haven't met any girl I give the slightest two shits about and don't even know where I'd look anymore, and I don't want kids.

Life is horribly depressing and I'm just shot. Like, what now? The only thing that inspires me is traveling, but I don't like doing it alone and that just continues the same old cycle.

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I feel like if i'm not the one reaching out to people, nobody pays me any attention. I don't know if the problem is that people don't like me, but I try my hardest to be a good friend.

I don't want to become overly cynical and push everyone away, but I don't know how to solve my problem. I'm trying my best to be pragmatic. Do I just find new friends who care about me as a person?
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