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How do I stop getting angry
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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#vanlife edition

Prvs >>24974547
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Does the current state of America get anyone else down? I think about the future here and it all seems so bleak. I've become so cynical about everything and basically assume everything I hear is false or some kind of manipulation. I think living this way is making people crazy.

I'm not trying to make this /pol/ but I think of my family's history here and how it is going to be washed away by hordes of immigrants that will spit on our graves when we are gone. I ultimately wouldn't be so racist if I didn't feel like these people hated me so much. At my core I feel like I'm a decent person, but now I can't even drive around my city without getting mad at the state of things.
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does karma really exist?

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If it does, why is my abuser and bullies doing better in their lives? why am I here suffering mental trauma and social anxiety?
Those people know they did me wrong. when I confronted them they told me that "I'm mentally abusing them by exposing what they did to me in the past"
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Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/

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Internet 'Debates' are pointless

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Is it even worth debating anyone online? They just pivot and argue dishonestly and it's more infuriating when they do the same thing in voice chats. They refuse to admit when they are wrong and are astoundingly arrogant. I don't see this irl. If you aren't going to change anyone's mind then you may as well not bother, right?
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heyb /adv/, wondering if anyone here has medical knowledge. Recently have a huge build up of swelling on the knee, seen two doctors, first claiming effusion then the second claiming hematoma. Been nearly four weeks with minimal recovery. Are these usually just allowed to go away, or should I be adamant about getting it drained? Severely affects mobility and quite painful. Thanks.
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I hate my girls new hairdo

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This is the third time now, and I told her I don't like it when she wastes a bunch of time and money fucking up her head. Fucking stupid female vanity built into her DNA. Throws a fit each time I tell her I think her hair looks stupid

How can I make sure she never does this shit again?
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Gf has no horny

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(Pic unrelated. i fucking wish)
Ok so I've been dating this chick for a year and a half. Shes fucking perfect. I wanna marry her but i cant pull the trigger. We have wildly differing sex drives. I could go daily. Shes monthly if not less. I love her but i honestly dont know what to do. We still have sex every few weeks but most of the time she just lays there and its clear she doesn't want it shes just doing it for me and i hate it. I feel like im forcing her and its nowhere near as fun when shes not interested. I literally have no idea how to fix this. She just isn't horny we have toys outfits fancy lubes and oils deadass almost everything nothing works nothing gets her in the mood save for every month or so.
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