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Why do people ghost?

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So there was some person whose contact info i got off of 4chan, 2 weeks ago. We have been talking for about a week. (we're both boys btw) I felt like our interests etc were matching. We exchanged photos (i dont think i am particularly less attractive than he was, i'm 3 years older though), the conversation was going fine. We had made plans to meet this past weekend but he stopped responding this past tuesday. Last words he said? "Sometimes notifications just randomly don't show up for me. I promise I'm not ignoring you" (I messaged him on 12:30 and went to bed, he messaged that 3 hours after that)

I can see that he is online, he even changed his profile picture lol.

Look, i am under no illusions that there is any chance that he responds to me at this point, but i want a rationale. I want speculations from you guys as to why someone would do this? Because this has happened to me once before. Like, they could at least tell me that they changed their mind about meeting, hell at least block me ffs!

I actually am unable to come up with an explanation.
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What would people think of a 21 year old guy and a 17 year old girl who started going out? I know a girl who is a high school senior, and she's a really wonderful person, and I really respect her, and I think she likes me too, and she might go out with me if I asked, but I don't know how it would look. What would her friends think? Her mom and siblings like me, but I don't know if they'd like me asking her out.

I really don't think I'm trying to take advantage of a naive girl, I really do think of her as an equal, and sex isn't on my mind at all. I just think she's amazing, and I think we could have something together.
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Gift Idea

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Hey, I need help with a gift idea for my girlfriend.

I want to make her something myself this year, but I'm not artsy at all, so I don't want to draw or perform anything.

Any ideas for thoughtful things I can make?
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>always wanted to be a computer hardware engineer
>can't afford uni
I'm living comfortably in a better country now and I still feel empty inside. My occupation is dead end, unchallenging and largely pointless.

After moving in a couple of weeks I will finally be settled down and I'll be able to dedicate time again to self study, but every person I've spoken to in the industry and everything online says that a degree is a must to start. I just don't know what to do. It would take me just shy of 15 years of frugal living and diligent saving to afford the study.
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I feel deeply lonely...

I have no one to talk to since I can't handle my anxiety while being in public. I can't talk without getting really nervous.

I will like to know what can I do to feel better.
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Newly single and I am seriously considering answering some craigslist "casual fun" ads. Ones offering $ the better cause I am struggling with bills.

Anyone have experience doing this? Is it all a trap? Can it be a decent time? Not too bad looking natural redhead so I have something to offer , y'know? :)~
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>recently prescribed zoloft
Should I take it? I have terrible social anxiety, rarely leave my house, sabotage all my friendships, hate myself, 0 motivation and I cry when I'm alone a lot. But i can experience happiness, I just have mood swings, would zoloft take all my emotions away?

Anyone have experiences? Will it make me more social and normal?
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So I was a liberal feminist in undergrad before I had a terrible existential crisis and became aware of the decline of Western civilization and the inherent moral degeneracy of liberal neo-Marxist culture. I look back at the people I (sometimes) got myself entangled with at the time and realized that there was a persisting emptiness and unhappiness about them. Many of them were swimming in this sea of alcohol, drugs, and sexual escapades. They bounced back and forth between complaining about being miserable OR having these arrogant mental-masturbation discussion circles about how everyone who isn't like them is mentally ill/stupid/evil. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend with a similar outlook. We're looking forward to marriage, kids, etc., which I think leads to a much more stable lifestyle.

I started medical school about a month ago in another state and I feel like I've entered the same pond yet again (albeit with people who are clearly far smarter and less self-destructive). Since day 1, I've been listening to people preach long and loud about the virtues of "bodily integrity" via abortion, small-group discussions about "inherent sexism in the medical system" (???) or calling for all and every "gender identity" to be accepted. I've usually stayed quiet during most of these discussions and I try to be respectful of everyone's point of view, but at times I feel like the only person who has common sense.

Is anyone else in the same position right now? How do you go about staying true to your principles while in the lion's den? I'm an Orthodox Christian by heritage (not currently practicing) but I found myself re-reading the Book of Daniel, which I thought was relevant to my situation. Thanks.
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Why don't you join the fuckin Marines?

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Quit sitting on this board and go out and join the fuckin Marines
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How do I stop worshipping women?
I want to be treated like dirt and grovel at their feet and thank them for treating me like that.
I don't even deserve sex, the only thing I deserve is to have my male parts crushed and stomped on by her.
I'd buy her lots of nice heels to wear so that she can bully me dick with them.