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My teeth hurt

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I ate some sour sweets (pic related) yesterday and noticed later that my teeth are sensitive to cold and then before going to be bed they hurt a lot while brushing. Before I noticed anything I also had coffee and pizza without problems.
What worries me is that more than 24h later my teeth are still sensitive and I can't properly brush them yet.

I was thinking my enamel might be destroyed, but given that I never had problems before I doubt that it could have happened so fast. Therefore can I fix this without visiting the dentist and how?
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Girls often sexualize me because my penis is extremely large and jeans my size can't hide the bulge. In my astronomy class at my community college (I'm 19), the teacher asked how big the earth was. This one girl said "About as big as Jude's dick" and the teacher and everyone else started laughing but it made me feel really objectified. How do I stop scenarios like these from happening. My penis is about 8 inches flaccid (when it's stretched out and not shriveled from the cold I mean) and 9 erect and I can't look at it anymore while peeing without feeling ashamed and tearing up.
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What does this girl want

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>girl blocked me on instagram half a year ago
>Have always called her and her best friend bisexual, slut, bitch etc.
>Get more confident as a person, get attractive as hell
>2 weeks ago, girls best friend starts talking to me
>girl unblocks me on ig
>Ask her why she deblocked me
>Girl gets mad
>Day later, girl sends me a following request, revokes it quickly
>Now, both girls try to get my attention and get into arguments

So I'm an 7.5/10 18 y/o guy who gets female attention a lot, other guys always act shit towards me because I'm weird and they think I'm a hacker who can hack their shit while breaking their neck irl.

Those girls are also hot asf, what'd they want? I sent the one girl who deblocked me a dm video (the ones that disappear after viewing) of me petting my dog and she changed her profile pic to a picture of her dog.

What does she want? I'm kind of socially retarded so can't really find out myself as they're seeking for my attention yet act like shit
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adblock posting

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is it possible to reply to a thread with adblock on?

i dont want these obnoxious ass ads but i still want to reply
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Any tips for being in love with someone who constantly lets you down?

Best friends with a girl for 3 years. I've never met anyone else who I get on so well with. We could talk all day and never run out of topics. Ended up dating for about half a year, and then she dumped me for vague reasons. She started leading me on and sleeping with me again only to return to her abusive ex. Every time, she apologizes profusely and says how she's a "terrible" person and she hates herself.

Now, almost a year later, and I haven't seen her since. I was just starting to finally stop thinking about her every day. She called me on the phone yesterday for the first time since we broke up and just repeatedly apologized, saying all her usual lines. She said she'd been thinking about me every day since we last met and that she'd broken up with her ex again a few months ago. Now I can't stop thinking about her again.

Obviously, I know better than to get back together with her. Even just typing this out makes me realize how much of a shitty friend she is. But still, I can't control who I love and I feel strong feelings for her. All of my instincts are telling me to chase after her - that I can't bare to live without her in my life. Luckily, logic wins out and I don't contact her, but secretly I wish she would just call me and say the exact right thing to make me trust her again, and that we'd live happily ever after.

Anyone else had any experiences like this before? Do you just wait for years until you stop thinking about it? I hope I'm not going to have these feelings every single time she gets lonely and decided to call me.
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Is it allowed to discuss suicide methods on 4chan?
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TL;DR: How to deal with jealousy/lying girl.

>Start seeing girl at work
>We keep it private between us, but are exclusive with each other. Go on dates a few times a week, talk all day every day.
>She has a male friend who is always talking/laughing with her
>Whatever. I have female friends and come off flirty to them. If they were going to have a thing, it would'a happened long before I came along.
>Things are 10/10
>Then, she says she has plans to meet up with him
>That night, she says she's going home
>Comes over the next morning, says she lied about going home, spent the night with a "friend"
>Starts talking about seeing a "friend" on many days off, always using female pronouns
>She's at the bar with the female friend. I'm drinking at home. We end up talking about it over text.
>Tell her about my jealousy with this guy. She says it's nothing, just a friend.
>This guy's at work the next day, talking about how they went out to the bar together (the night she was out with unnamed "female friend").
>Get mad, ask friends wut do (before I do something drastic and break it off completely)
>They say I'm overreacting.

So, /adv/, wut do?
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When is it okay to kill?

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All of what I’m about to say is hypothetical and mostly arose from certain dreams I’ve been having. Lets just say for a minute you walked in on somebody molesting your daughter and you beat him to death, would you be charged with murder? Or let’s even take it a step further, let’s just say you disarmed a man that was trying to kidnap your daughter But since you have now taken his gun and your daughter is safe he is no longer a threat, would it be lawful to kill him then even though you aren’t in immediate danger? If I’m not allowed to do that then where can I move where I can legally kill people who would actively try to rape, murder, or torture members of my family? It seems like the law is skewed in such a way that it protects pedophiles and scum of the like, from those that might seem justified vengeance, even though everyone agrees they should be wiped out.
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Is it creepy to want a black gf?
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Fuck you all. I don’t think there’s any greater dirty pleasure of mine than my ability to hate anyone, everyone for no reason. I get angry for no reason to, and I often turn on the only other person who enjoys me sometimes. But fuck them. Fuck you, I’m so fucking glad I can somehow cultivate a deep grudge from nowhere for anyone, it’s my greatest skill, I hate you all lmao
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