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I'm a 29 year old NEET who is morbidly obese, dropped out of high school at 18, can't drive, is a shut-in, doesn't have a bank account, rarely brushes teeth and showers, doesn't have a computer, and I need to know what job I can do or some way to make money. Any ideas? I'm American.
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/ATOGA/ - Ask The Opposite Gender Anything

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i’m too intelligent for humans.

what do i do? i am a god like super genius being compared to all these ants but i am incredibly lonely.

i am a demigod and my mortal side makes me seek friends and companions but my godly intelligence makes them all ants to me and they can’t understand what i’m saying.

it’s too lonely being a god.
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Does anyone have an invite link for the discord at the end of this thread? Link is expired
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Women Perfumes

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Can man use women perfumes? This question really bothers me right now. Idk why I can't wear it if I like it. But it is marketed as for women only. Pic related.
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Dating while not being in love

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What the fuck we're even doing bruv.
>have sex
>watch TV
>plan a vacay paid 50/50
>just for the fun of it
It's been 6 months. I've even met her parents already. I think I overdid the whole "don't show emotion" thing cause I legitimately don't feel anything anymore. She's pretty hot btw, I'd say a 7 on a good day.
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Deep depression

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How the fuck CAN I get out of a deep depression?

And before you ask, therapy is REALLY hard to access in my hometown. I guess I’ll pour my thoughts out here. I hate constantly having to put walls up in my subconscious whenever meeting new people out of fear of being hurt. I realize it’s due to being physically and emotionally being abused growing up, and my closest friends turned abusive around 2020, telling me that I needed to change to stay friends with them, while trying to get me to kill myself. If my closest friends growing up are out to hurt me, then who the fuck WOULDN’T? And with constant bullying, I can’t fucking differentiate between genuine and helpful advice and just inflammatory bullshit. That’s why I got fired from my last job at Lowe’s; I took advice as attacks. I never felt gratification doing tasks; because I would be yelled at, and for one thing you accomplish, two more things would pop up, so what’s the fucking point? My cat felt like the only person who didn’t fucking hate me, and now she’s dead, so life feels like it’s SUPPOSED to suck.
Any girl who shows interest in me comes off as another bullying campaign that’s meant to hurt me, and I push away people I shouldn’t have. (Makayla, if you read this, I’m sorry.) I feel like I have to be everyone’s fucking therapist but when I genuinely need help…
>insert Evangelion cicada noises
Life is fucking great.
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issuen I have

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i have a genuine social problem
whenever I meet a new person, even if the interaction goes great or I look up to them or think this person is interesting and want to pick their brain etc.
next time I see them in public my brain goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
and I desperately need to get away. I snub acquaintances all the time for this reason
this does not apply to my close friends, I would be excited to randomly see them in public
if I walk into a party full of strangers I think "he looks like a tool, what an idiot, dumb dumb, stupid"
then when i talk to the person my irrational thoughts change and I wonder why I thought that
this is very isolating