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I need some fucking help guys

>Be me
>19y/o in college
>Economics major
>I've been talking with an 8/10 girl, lets call her Jane
>Super sweet and nice
>My heart melts whenever I see her
>We get close
>I find out she has a boyfriend named Jake (not real name)
>Seems like trailer park trash
>Apparently her parents knew his family so they wanted her to have a relationship with him
>Sometimes she comes into class with bruises
>She tells me she fell down the stairs or tripped or something like that
>Her happiness starts to become faint
>One we were eating lunch after class and she broke down
>Told me all the stuff Jake did
>Everyone's concerned
>Rumor gets around
>Jake finds out
>Jane is too afraid to break up with him
>I start hanging out more near her house
>I want to be there in case Jake shows up
>Normally just do hw in my car
>One day I see Jake pull in to her driveway
>He's steaming mad
>I try to duck down
>I spill my drink all over the car seat
>Completely stained
>Tried bleach, didn't work

How do I fix this? Is it a lost cause?
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Getting a programming job without formal education?

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I'm learning Python and I would eventually like to get a job in programming, either utilizing this or another language. The thing is I've never had any education for it in school or anything similar. Is it possible to get work in the field without a degree?
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>having dissociative panic attacks daily now

Is it time to get prescribed a benzo? I didn't want to spend my life using drugs especially a strong one like that but I need to end this. I want Xanax because I need something fast acting that's just gonna hit this shit like a fucking hammer.
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>see a topic saying, "Dude, just be confident to get girls!!"
>tfw 26 and never had any female attention ever
>tfw missed out on teenage relationships
>tfw went through hellish years of university without any social life at all
>tfw never had any social life or acquaintances since 18
>tfw lift weights but will always be ugly
>tfw resentment is too cyclical to motivate me
>tfw never been to a party or pub or club
>tfw you need friends to make friends / get a gf and after that all you do is jockey for status and act as entertainment for women
>tinder / internet has confirmed that women only care about top tier Chads and have extremely easy lives
>too middle class and quiet for slags, too ugly and nerdy and quiet for middle class girls, don't fit in anywhere

So what do I do, apart from losing all hope and empathy for other people? It seems like society is a major scam. Picrelated, the thought of going to any social event is a joke by now. The only thing people talk about is social subjects.
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Late Bloomers?

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I'm 20 years old and yet I have little to no social experiences. Although I've making huge improvements, I sometimes feel like I'm kind of lagging behind everyone else. I'm still a KV, don't really have friends and some other stuff.

Is there anyone here who successfully managed to overcome or control their personal bullshit from their youth (social anxiety, depression, etc) and become a better person later in life because holy shit self-improvement is long and hard.
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I need advice on getting over my social anxiety. I want to become a doctor and so far I'm doing pretty well with my premed classes but a "requirement" to apply for medical school requires a crap ton of extra curricular activities. Any advice to get out there and help the world?
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I lost my virginity and took my girlfriends yesterday.
We get along very well but there's just a few problems I have- she's social with her last ex but only if he tries to talk to her she's been with 15 guys 5 sexually (only fingering and giving head I believe her since I broke her in yesterday) and then there's her longest relationship. Dude is dead and has been from cancer for a while but she still thinks about him. She says they were together 11 months and they were friends as kids. Today I saw a picture of him in her phone.

Sure he's dead and I won't break up with her but even when I've directly communicated with her I just feel like a supplement to something she can't have there's still things like this. I won't hate her for it but I just wonder what other people's perspective on this would be and how they would react.
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Answer The Following Question...

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Why the hell is there an Advice thread on 4chan, of all places?!
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Is my song funny?

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I wrote a song...Its supposed to be a joke... is it funny?
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Disenfranchised myself

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Pic very related.
I constantly seek out truth, and how the world works under the surface of fake news being fed to the sheep on a daily bases. All known news spew out their own agenda, and I am constantly seeking out the real facts which baffle me and make me lose faith in humanity.

How do I end this constant search for truth? How do I go back to being an ignorant but happy normie? I want off the ride, but it seems like I'm stuck here forever. Even if I block out /pol/ I will still be jaded because of facts that depress me. I have no friends left because my viewpoints don't suit their emotions, thus they ostracize me and I cut them off as well, because I see how ignorant they are about the world, while being hedonistic degenerates that think they solve shit by being vegan and feminists.

Please help. It makes me not want to have kids brought to this world and numbs my needs to do stuff deemed important in the real world because I have no faith in the future.

>tl;dr I can barely function anymore because I have become so good at debates and psyops on 4chan that it cuts me off from the normie world which doesn't care for such things and I can't go back to "doing my own shit and not caring" while the world is on fire
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