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How does one stop to be a pushover?

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How do I grow up? I feel like my interests haven't matured beyond that of an edgy 12 year old boy.
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How do I become more comfortable with confrontation? I admit I am a fearful (male) person, and have never been in a physical fight. I have 'fought' however, as I train BJJ each week. Still, confrontations make me quite nervous and its not uncommon for my armpits to start sweating when I'm in a semi-confrontational scenario. Does anyone have tips for overcoming this? I got stepped on like a doormat at my last job and never fully worked up the courage to say fuck off to my manager, so I would really appreciate some tips or advice.
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What do?

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As a child, I wanted to be an inventor and take humanity to the next step. I knew I wasn't the smartest but thought that if I studied hard enough, I could become an engineer and revolutionize the world. Now, I realize how silly that dream was and how stupid I am.
I can barely stay afloat in basic freshmen classes like algebra and biology l (i"m a sophomore in hs). I try to read books and watch videos about the subjects I'm interested in but can't even comprehend what I'm reading half the time. I'm uncreative and can't recognize patterns or connect ideas together without someone else spoon feeding everything to me. I'm pretty much a self aware retard. Overall, I deeply dislike everything about myself (race, gender, genes, speech, humor), starting with my low intelligence.
All of this coupled with my anxiety for the future and the fact that I'll be an adult in >3 years led me to thinking about game ending myself but I know I don't have the constitution for it. I'm not strong enough to end my own life. As an alternative, I thought about coasting my way to graduation then going to a trade school or the military. At least there I may be of some benefit, whereas in an academia setting I would just take up space and not create any innovation.

I'll take any and all advice.
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Need help, talk some sense into me /adv/

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Alright so this will need some explaining. Me and this girl used to chat alot after meeting her at a mural friend's party, then she just stopped snapping me and we haven't spoken in months. Then about a month ago she starts messaging me again on snap, and were seemingly on the same 'wavelength' about everything, really felt that she was into me, even sending me semi-nude stuff, never having to ask her for anything like that. About two weeks ago, she reposted a tiktok on her private story with the caption 'theres someone in this private story that I'd date instantly if they just asked' thinking it was her hinting for me hurry the fuck up and ask her out, so I do and she says that 'shes kinda talking to someone else haha' not even a no, just that ambiguous crap with her spamming I'm so sorry afterwards. Yet a day or two later, she's replying really fast after I'm testing the water. So for the last few days I've been in this weird limbo state with her, even her sending some lewd pics randomly. Over the next couple days I asked about the dude she's 'talking' with, not even dating apparently and makes her feel like hes only into her for her body in her own words, making her visually upset, and to top it off, last night she was at a party and the last snap she sent looked like she had just been railed. So /adv/ I know I'm retarded for still talking to her, but I'd like to know what you think, was she into me to some degree? Couldn't make her mind up between me and that other dude? Or was she just plain bored and started messaging me again during lockdown? Thanks
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How do I stop being a coward?

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Every chance I had to improve my life, I threw away because of fear of leaving my confort zone. How do I stop being so coward?
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I'm tired of living in my body. I feel as if o could crawl out my skin. I want to be someone else entirely but I'm stuck. Stuck as a person I hate.
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I have a lan party with friends coming up, haven't talked to any friends in 2-3 years or gone out at all besides with family. I'm shook, I know that shock treatment would be best to get me to be social again, but I'm also worried I'll be really weird/nervous. This has happened to me before where I just stay inside all day despite having friends that want me to go out.

Should I go or ease it in with smaller plays inbetween? Please help, I don't want to be agoraphobic anymore, but I also don't want to trip out meeting a bunch of people for the first time
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What's the right amount of cuddling/affection you can show after sex to a girl considering
>you're a rough fucker, biting, spanking, choking, manhandling and all that so don't want her to feel used
>you don't want her to think you're in love and freak out/get scared about it either
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is there anywhere where i could find i cute pixiecut gf i live in commiefornia btw