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Scammed THREAD

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Has anyone else been scammed hard by Irs impersonators. Almost gave them money they seemed legit.
Been getting recorded calls from a Pennsylvania phone number claiming to be the Irs and that I have four federal charges against me. Called them back at ...

Cont'd after enough reply
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Should I work when studying towards a bachelor's degree?
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Guys I need a bit of guidance. I'm a scuba diver for a living but I've recently started smoking. Like, a lot. Obviously this isn't a good mix so I want to get out of it. I use it as a means to stop anxiety and from feeling nervous, so I kinda rely on it at the moment. What tactics can I use to get me out of it, because I can already feel it slowly killing me. Thanks.
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I have a huge collar fetish. Really want to see my boyfriend wearing one as much as possible, ideally every moment he's in the house. I got one, very beautiful leather but he says it restricts his movement too much and is uncomfortable.

What sort of collar should I get him?

Pic is just a random image
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I want God

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I've been looking at various religions but I feel insecure about which one I belong to.

white paganism seems like a joke and it just seems like if you took Skyrim and tried to make a religion out of it. It doesn't seem appealing to me at all beyond live action roleplaying.

While I like some parts of Christianity, I do not agree with parts of its theology at all. I do not believe God is in three parts. I believe that God is a being that transcends time and space, I also do not like how the message of God in Christianity has been streamlined to appeal to western culture by doing everything from incorporating pagan traditions, which makes me really uncomfortable as I assume God would get mad at something like that happening, to incoporating rock music in some Portestant sects. To an outsider, it feels hollow and like it's more based on expansion rather than theological development.

islam's version of god seems ok theologically, but the religion in actual practice is in complete chaos and many people within it are violent, it also seems to suffer the expansionist problem that Christianity has

Judaism, so far, is the one I agree with the most on a theological level. I also agree with several aspects of their culture with how every man should be as educated as possible and should spend time connecting with God, but there are no temples near me, and everybody else hates Judaism.

Help me, /adv/. I just want God. I don't care about politics or race at this point, I just want to be a servant of God and be with a tribe.
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Abandoning Your Friends

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Is it a good idea?

>have a very strong bond with one person, call him Alex
>Been good friends for 4 years now.
>I'm 19 and he's 20. Sort of grew up together, high school years.
>Have four or five lower-tier friends who only speak and associate with me because I am friends with Alex.
>girls throw themselves at him
>the girls only talk to me because I have a countless number of interesting and odd stories of things we did together, and they like to hear about him.
>he often turns to me (we're both straight men) for companionship because more often than not the girls use him to enhance their status, or for sex.
>have had some amazing times together
>we literally have our own little language of slang, which the girls and his sycophantic followers usually overkill and drive into the ground trying to impress him, which we laugh about together

There is a dark side to this :(

>he's a pill-head and alcoholic
>I literally went with him to a 3 day AA conference at a hotel once.
>I've seen him in the depths of a psychotic break, spouting out his delusions (he kept showing me these really weird apocalypse videos and telling me the world was going to end, he 100% believed it).
>jokes about rape in ways that truly disturb me sometimes
>screams at his mother right in front of me when I'm over his house, who screams right back at him.
>threatens to kill himself
>drives drunk all the time and laughs at me when I tell him to take it easy and slow down

>most recent time hanging out
>completely flipped my shit when he was speeding, drunk driving with his knees with me in the passenger seat
>he yelled at me
>thus doing so he claimed that I embarrassed him in front of all of his friends, and his friends don't like me anymore.

My gut is telling me to move far, far away from this maniac and never look back, but I really do love him, and I think he loves me. He's my only friend and I'm worried I won't be able to make another.
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>live with GF in a not-so-nice area
>neighbors recently had a break-in attempt; someone climbing into their balcony
>thinking about buying a gun
>gf probably wouldn't be okay with it; have asked her in past if she'd be interested in going to a shooting range with me, she wouldn't
>have hinted at idea of having gun in house, she's still obviously not on board

Well, what should I do? Worst case scenario, she straight-up says no. And I don't feel safe without a gun in house. What then?
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How does one "improve" their personality? Isn't personality mostly static? Doesn't changing yourself for somebody else entirely miss the point of finding a significant other?
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So I'm probably going to be moving ~9 hours away from my hometown if my current job prospect makes me an offer (have already passed 3 phone interviews with flying colors, they're now deciding if they want to fly me out there for an in-person interview).
I've been applying to local jobs for a year straight since graduating because I don't want to move away from friends, family, and the gf. But have gotten nowhere with it because I lack experience, so I'm stuck with finding a job abroad.
Pretty much the only thing that's holding me back at this point is the fact that I have a gf. I fell for the LDR memes/horror stories and now I'm deathly afraid that she will either break up with me or cheat on me without me ever finding out while I'm out in bumfuck nowhere wagecucking to get work experience. The fact that it's a 9 hour drive away from home makes it nigh on impossible to visit home every weekend (which would at least make me feel a bit better about moving away if I could see her at least once a week). What's more is that I will have to spend 6 months, probably at least a year in the middle of nowhere before I can start applying for jobs back home and actually have the competitive edge of work experience under my belt.
I'm at the point that I might actually turn down a potentially very good job offer just because I'm afraid of losing my gf. Logically I know that decision is completely stupid especially considering how much this girl loves me, but my emotions are getting the better of me.
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dont wanna sleep