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How often do you piss? I just pissed out a full, can't-hold-it-anymore bladder four times in the past hour and a half. All I drank was a small tea and three sips off a coke.
I am like this all the fucking time. If I go out for drinks I'll visit the bathroom twice per one drink.
Fuck, I seriously think I need to go piss again. What is this.
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I have a friend who has a gf who is a bit crazy. She has a thing where she sometimes randomly fight my friend in front of friends or in our group chat. He also said that she said that she she likes blood and skulls. He even had been nail clipped in the skin be her just vecause she likes it. She also had slit her wrist a couple of times. Is this normal? What do you call kwhen someone likes blood a little to much?
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Don't care to have sex

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>Turn 21 years old
>Haven't kissed a girl before
>Finally attractive enough to get any girl I want to
>The desire to do so is long gone
>Have been jacking-off for so long that I'm sexually satisfied and don't care to do anything with opposite sex
>Women aren't even attractive to me anymore

Has anyone ever been here before?
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Hard to stay motivated

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Hey /adv/, I've recently been hit with a realization that makes it difficult to stay motivated. All I've ever wanted is to live a normal life. Wife, kids, a house, and a career I can support them with, everything my grandparents took for granted. But it's becoming difficult to see that as possible in the society I live in. It seems like my entire civilization is built off exploiting anyone who's foolish enough to try to be productive. Like even if I'm able to sit through 8 hours every day for 18 years of a spinster who couldn't pass college algebra tell me how evil I am for existing then 4-8 years of paying tens of thousands of dollars for the same shit in college, the best I can ever hope for is a hellish office job where 50+% of the wealth I create is extorted from me and given to drug addicted lumpenproles and boomers and the rest is used to somehow manage to support a girl who 50 years ago would be considered a prostitute in the hopes I'll be one of the lucky 50% who doesn't get divorced within 5 years and have everything taken away. Then 4% of my income is used to support the biggest mafia in history which will invade and kill any group of people opposed to this. And on top of all this, I'm supposed to never complain about any of this in fear of never working again or having my children taken away from me or sent to jail for hate speech. It all seems so fucked and I wonder whether the effort is worth it or it would be better to just become NEET or drug addict like many of my peers. Does anyone have any words of advice?
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Not passionate about anything?

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I lack passion in my life /adv/. I find that I have friends who are passionate about things and I see them doing great things or learning new things. Me? I just sit around and masturbate.

NOthing really makes me go "Wow, I would love to go there! or do that! or practice this!" All I think when I wake up to go to work in the morning is "Wow, I can't wait for it to be day light savings time so I can get that bonus hour of sleep!" or I say "Wow, I can't wait to go back to sleep this evening after work!"

Its such shit to me but I just don't have the drive or passion to do anything. I remember briefly when I was dating a girl(It was one date but I felt good after, she friend zoned me later) and I would feel so active. I was hitting the gym, reading books, learning harmonica. Then she friend zoned me and ghosted me. NOw I feel like dog shit again.

I sometimes think of making my bed in the morning and I always side against it because who the fuck cares? I don't have guests over so why make my bed? Its all fucked up.

Help me.
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>girl wanted to fuck me
>long distance relationship
>we're meeting soon
>now she's unsure whether it's too soon or not.
>We've been dating for 4 months, and we're both virgins
How can I encourage her? I really want to make love to her, she's the most wonderful girl I've ever met and don't want to lose her
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Anons is it cheating if you are emotionally detached?
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How do i proceed?

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>I really like a girl
>Ive known her for about 2 years, but never rly talked alot
>Recently started texting and i really like her
>Want to do something here, have been a depressed asocial dude for the past 3 years(pic related) but now im kinda different

How do i do this without fucking up?
Do i ask her out and tell her then that i like her?
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not sure about this

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I've recently gotten enough self-confidence back to try dating again, and I'm trying OkCupid. I saw a girl on there that seemed alright, except for a few things that might be a little weird:
1) she wants a dd/lg relationship (never even heard of this before, looked up the description and seems a little weird)
2) demisexual (never heard of this before either, sounds a little SJW-ish)

Does this person seem like a good idea? I've been burned pretty badly in asking people out before, so I don't really want to go too far into crazypants-land just to get a gf.
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How to ask out a coworker

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So at Uni, I'm a TA for an entry level math course. It's a huge class, so there's a few other TA's. There's this one cutie, and there's literally no reason why we couldn't connect.

Her major is chemistry, mine chemical engineering. We're both freshmen. We both are part of the same housing complex. We're both really advanced in mathematics.

But for some reason, I've been pussying out of asking her for about 4 weeks. I can't force myself to ask her for her number, if she wants to get lunch, or even coffee. Everytime I try, I just stop seconds before I speak.

It's not that I haven't dated anyone. I've been in 3 relationships, only 1 of which was somewhat serious. Dating a girl is no problem for me, it's just asking her out.

I don't know if her being a coworker is making this harder, or if I'm just making this scarier than it has to be. I'm even ready for rejection, because I'll then be happy that I got it over with. I just want to do it with no regrets, and right now, I can't.