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trivial subject

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how to deal with a woman that is certainly intelligent, redpilled and phylosophically not inept.
but is basically roots and very lightly dressed.
her attention span is not so bad but i cannot measure it properly yet she's basically speaking out of emotion, while this is not entirely bad, i woud like on instaure a bit of zenitude and as goal wisdom. this obviously need longer and more structured patterns of language and longer attention spans and refrain from interrupting. i think active body language first is the key and the enexplain the why's of the issue
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>start relationship with girl I'm not attracted to because I was sick of feeling inferior to other people
>fast forward 1 and a half year
>resentful about being with her
>cannot help but feel aversion every time I see her face
>we get along well and I don't want to hurt her by breaking up

How do I get out of this situation the smoothest possible way
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I'm taking a girl to Atlanta tomorrow for an evening thing and need cheap/free things to do during the day. If anyone here is familiar with visiting Atlanta, can you recommend some neat stuff for us to do?
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Why is the Manchester bombing affecting me this bad?

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I am middle aged, seen people die in real life, lived through a civil war, seen all sorts of evil. Yet, this even, this girl Saffie and others like her, make me break down in tears every single time I see their photos and read about her last words.
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>Leave my house in the morning
>Lock the door
>Try to open it to make sure it's locked
>Get in my car
>Pull out of the driveway
>Suddenly unsure if the door is locked
>Know I locked it, Know I tested it, but I am still afraid I somehow did not lock it
>Get out of my car, walk back up to the door, and test it again
>Without fail, I locked the door the first time.
I do this every single morning.
What's up with me? I just can't drive off without being totally sure the door is locked, and apparently this bizarre set of steps is what I need to do to feel this way
Are other people like this?
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>be me 27 years old
>chatting with a white german girl in her 20th
>conversation is boring, i keep the conversation upright
>stopped to write with her
>after 3 hours she ask me whether she did something wrong

Are girls now this retarded. Do you actual be they entertainer? If the few lines are boring i skip the chat, girls think they are the pussygod, i guess they get triggered by this.
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Hey guys I just smashed this girl and I never came so quick in my life. So I haven't came in a few days I try no fapping every now and then. I usually last for an hour until I make my self cum. I was fucking this girl then I pulled out and came. I am super upset. She is best friends with my best friends girl friend. How fucked am I?
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My long-distance crush is ignoring me

Last month, i met a girl in London and we hit it off pretty well. She was sad to see me go home, but has stayed in touch and talked to me every single day since i left, except for this week. I'm not sure what's wrong, but everything was fine earlier this week. We talked on the phone monday, she said she loved hearing my voice and finds my accent sexy. Tuesday was the last day i heard from her, once again, conversation was fine. I messaged her today on fb, but she read it and didn't reply. She never straight-up leaves me hanging. She often opens my messages and takes a little bit to get back to me while she's at work, or out, but she has never gone silent for so long.

It's starting to worry me, i don't want her to go away. I was hoping to go back to London and spend some more time with her. If a relationship doesn't work, i'd still want to be her long-distance friend.

How do i get her talking again?
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Am I the only one who's here because they are really morbid and love drama
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I call my gf mommy

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I call my gf mommy. During sex, and dirty talk...fuck it sometimes I'll say it to her casually too. I only say it because,
1. She's a little older than me
2. It's pretty hot
3. She kinda likes it too
Mind you, I have no feelings about my mom like that, or anything of the sort. I just love and respect my gf so much that it feels good calling her that and the reasons mentioned before.
Is this common?
Btw just to clarify this isn't baby role play either it's just what I call her.
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