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Second heartbreak in less than a year

Yep, fuck it. Has anybody else sworn off love? I'm getting the feeling that it's not for me...First heartbreak was from my first break up, second heartbreak was from my first rejection after making a move when hanging out with this chick.

It just sucks because at 27, I'd love to have a family around 30, and would love nothing more in life than having a family.
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Again and again I fuck up my life by making poor decisions. I stopped going to class and I'm not sure if there was a specific reason. I was pretty overwhelmed with life in general and I fell into the trap of "I should just quit now because I'm going to kill myself anyway". I've done this so many times in my life. It's sad because I had all As and barely missed class up until now.

(It should be noted that things like class participation and homework are required in my classes. I know that many university students can miss class for two weeks without their professor even noticing, but that's not the case for me)

However, I think I'm fucked regardless of whether or not I go back now. I don't feel like I deserve to email my professors and I'm worried about bothering them. I'm at a community college so they're used to shitty students like me (and they're all quite nice) but that doesn't assuage my concerns in the slightest. Part of me thinks it's all pointless because I'm going to fall into the same trap again but I think about what I want to do in the future and I get so inspired. It never lasts, though. I'm perpetually in a state of intense inspiration until I'm not and then everything goes to shit immediately.

What should I do, /adv/? I need to kill myself or get over it. I don't need advice on how to kill myself, I just need to know how I can get over it and if I should even bother showing my face again in class.
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Stop looking at porn

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You should all stop looking at porn. The women are human trafficked mind controlled and degraded for entertainment so creeps can be amused.

If you get ideas to look and false emotions to get aroused try to remember to ignore it and destroy the porn industry
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My dad is fucking me over right now. And I don't know how to deal with it, I am so frustrated. Help me handle this.

>planning to move because lease is up
>dad wants me to find place
>correction: dad wants me to find holy grail of "4 bed 3 bath, excellent neighborhood, all the works and under 1800 a month without credit check"
>havent found anything that meets this
>find places, but obv have to give up a few things
>take dad to them, he nitpicks the fuck out of them, insults the real estate agent with passive aggressive remarks about checking credit or the rent being high.
>found a place that has everything he wants, finally, its 100 more per month than he expected
>wont do it because its too high
>i offered to increase my rent by 100 to pay that off
>still says no

I get frustrated with him this morning, tell him the options are limited and we have to act fast as the lease ends in a fucking week now and we both agree that this place is shit.

My dad totally flips on me this morning, like, saying that he doesn't actually want all those amenities that he mentioned before, and I should just find what ever is available.

I start showing him listing of "whatever is available." Then he hates them all.

I have a plan b ready to take effect because I am losing my fucking mind, but plan b is horrible. Plan b would be living with my psycho mother and my drug addict brother because I can't afford a place, not even a room, on my own. I expressed to my dad how terrible this would be, but it seems he no longer gives a fuck.

What do? Should I tell him to get it into his fucking head that we have limited options here? Should I give up and just go back to my mom? Should I make him be in charge of finding something?

I am losing my fucking mind.
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We gon have to fight over a hoe

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This one girl behaved flirty with me first, but I was too drunk that night. After that she attended to my concert, she spent most of the night with me but at some moment the drugs kicked in and I went full Andromeda while my friend (the singer of the band) talked with the hoe, getting to make out with her. Then she took me to her home, where, once again, I turned out to be too wasted to do anything, so I ended up leaving.
Months later (we ignored each other since our last meeting), the same hoe started texting me, approaching me at the campus and shit. I ask her if she's going to my band's next concert and she says yes. A couple days after, I mention this to my friend and she texts her saying that we (the band) will pay her ticket.
What the fuck should I do? This guy is truly showing himself as an abject dastard.
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A woman wants to take it slow?

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What exactly does this mean? A woman I am "dating" says she wants to take things slow? I really don't mind but I just don't know how to proceed?

This is probably the farthest I have ever made it with a woman and I am 25. I was able to give her a hug last week before we departed from the coffee shop. Felt good. Now what though? She said she had a previous boyfriend who she was serious with but he broke up with her.

I like her a lot and have known her for awhile but what do I do now? I don't understand "making moves" like trying to kiss or hold her hand. What are my options?

Or does anyone have any insight?
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Does anyone have experience with Lockheed Martin? I'm entering community college to cover my general education requirements for a computer science degree and my goal is an internship with them once I transfer to a university.

how can I groom myself for a future position? I'm interested in working on their unmanned systems although I have no relevant knowledge currently.
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Penis problems

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>last night
>suddenly notice that the right side of the tip of my penis is sore whenever my boxers rub up against it
>figure it's a chaffing issue
>no red marks or rash or anything, everything looks normal
>change underwear
>still doing it
>it's only in one very specific spot
>sharp, stabbing pain
>can grab at it, push on it, doesn't hurt at all, it's only when it rubs gently against my boxers or jeans
>go to bed, thinking it will go away
>wake up, still there
>dealing with it all day

WTF is this shit? I haven't had sex in four years, no way in hell it's an STD, and there's no pain or anything when I pee. Again, there's no redness or rash or anything, even though that's kind of what it feels like.

Anyone ever dealt with this? I found a couple people through Google who seem to have the same exact symptoms, but of course there's no diagnoses or follow-up of any kind.

I'm about to fap just to make sure everything comes out alright. Will report back.

inb4 "go to the doctor fgt"
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My boyfriend recently told me that he eats Ezekiel bread. This bread is named after a bible verse. I know it is healthy etc etc but, my boyfriend is an atheist. How the hell can he eat this. I feel I've lost respect for him and just want to end it. Am I overreacting ?
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I'm a non-religous guy with old fashioned conservative values in regards to dating, sex, and marraige. Where is the best place to find women with similar values?
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