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>21 years old
>Feel like I'm too old to make any real friends
>Thinking about committing suicide to be free of work and misery
>Severed from my race (Puerto Rican DNA), so I've never had real friends before

I'm thinking to shoot myself soon.
I don't love my family, and my family doesn't love me even though we try to love one another.

I'm tired of living on this earth.
I'm tired of waking up to hell and going home to nothing and then waking up and going back to hell.

I don't want to do it anymore.
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For some time now I suspected I suffer from Social Phobia and I'm currently in therapy for that, the psychologist told me she will give me some "task" I must complete in order to overcome my phobia, the first one is: talking to my crush and ask her out.

That task is like throwing someone who can't swim into the sea, how am I suppose to overcome my phobia with the very thing I'm afraid to do? I thought the therapy would be slow-paced but man...
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I feel like I lost my mind two years ago, and when I drink any alcohol the vague feeling multiplies, even if it's just two beers. Help.
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Is romance basically impossible in this current day and age? Everybody has such high standards and won't settle for anything less since they can just meet twenty different persons at the touch of a button.
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Is it possible to have a relationship completely free of fighting? Like, both parties get along perfectly for the entire duration they're together.
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>2012 (22, M)
>would have to delete the app every couple of weeks because of the amount of matches making the app run slow/losing track of where I was with matches
>app doesn’t seem to be as busy as it was, still decent amount of matches
>barely any matches, and the women I to match with are very far from what I’m used to seeing

Do you think it could be my age? I’m only 27 which doesn’t feel old at all. besides, I always thought the younger girls went for older guys, is this just a thing young guys tell themselves when they can’t get girls? Or am I in a weird limbo between young and old, where I’m not young enough to feel safe, but not old enough to feel “mature“?
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Alternate Social Platforms

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My loneliness in my boring ass life is killing me ever since I graduated. I’ve mostly hanged on here on 4chan chatting about movies, anime, and politics. Now I want to shed my anon self and start making friends online. Problem is I don’t know where else to go besides fucking Reddit (cancer) Twitter (SJW cesspool) and Facebook (Don’t use). Where else can I go that has a good community where I can make friends?
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>be me, new to 4chan
>site is blocked by my school which is normal
>get home and my own internet provider has blocked 4chan too
>I tell my mom our provider is blocking sites but she doesn’t believe me
>I’m using my limited phone cellular data to post this

What do
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How do I stop stressing out about sleep?

I started a new job where I have to get up at 4am to get to work on time and I'm getting super stressed out about the amount of sleep I need.

I don't want to go to bed at 9pm every night. I still want a social life. I'm starting to feel like I have no life now and it's making me go crazy
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I need advice focusing on the good side of things.

I get stressed at a office job that I'm sure many people could at the very least bear because the pay is pretty good (46k) and I'm on my way to a good position (60-70k) if I don't fuck it up for my self.

People are happier with way less so why am I such a miserable piece of shit? Ive been depressed ever since I've moved to this wonderful city and state. Why the fuck can't I be happy?

It might be because I moved away from my friends. But Idk.

I've made friends with co workers but I need people out side of this god forsaken company.