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I preferred when my BF was chubby

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it makes me insecure when i see him talking to other girls that are prettier than me and i can see that they show interest in him and now i feel like I'm pressured to work out in order to keep him
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How to fall asleep on my back?

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How can I learn to fall asleep on my back /adv/? I've only ever been able to fall sleep after turning onto my side. Problem with this though is that I twist around while asleep and usually wake up with more tension in my back- whereas I've been told that sleeping on your back allows the spine to decompress. Never for the life of me been able to do it though. I even got a firm mattress to to and force myself to learn, but just ended up painfully sleeping on my side on the hard mattress, and ultimately replacing it with memory foam.

This mattress is pretty comfy on both side and back, but if I somehow master the wizardry of flat-in-back sleeping its actually flippable with a firm layer just one inch memory foam above the base layer on the other side.
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I have a roommate. My roommate has a long distance girlfriend of 5-6 months that he says he is in love with. We are 26, she is 24

Me and my roommate have a mutual friend who is 24, female. They have said that they see each other as siblings, they've known each other 5 years or so.

My roommate is very touchy with the female friend, in part because she dislikes physical touch and it gets a reaction out of her. He forces hugs on her, grabs her leg/thigh, tries to grab and hold her hand, touches her face/head/hair, sits on her, sometimes faux-wrestles with her, etc. Very touchy and grabby with her. He sometimes guilts her into letting him hug her or touch her hand or whatever.

Am I right in feeling weird about this? I really don't like it this behavior, especially when I'm just sitting there watching him do this shit. It feels very inappropriate, especially now that he is in a relationship with someone he's supposedly in love with. I think he's secretly getting off on it, whether it's the power he has over this girl, or just the fact that he can enjoy borderline sexual contact with someone. I want to confront him on this, because I don't think it's something that a man with a serious girlfriend should be doing, and I don't think it's something that a man should be guilting a friend into letting him do, and I don't think it's something that he should be doing in front of me at all. Shit makes me uncomfortable and I'm getting to the point where I don't really want to even be around them because I'm tired of seeing this shit. Last week he literally held her down on my bed while she tried to get away, while I sat there telling them to stop. Does this not strike anyone else as weird or inappropriate?
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Currently have been experiencing extreme mood swings and my gf has said that I’m acting weird. I don’t drink or anything I just go out of control, also have been having suicidal thoughts lately and flashbacks from when I was abused as a child, what does all this mean anon?
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context: i used to be physically/emotionally/verbally abused by my parents. i still am, but much less so now because i keep to myself and avoid them.

my question is why do i avoid showing myself to them? i don't smile, laugh or cry in front of them. i always, always keep a straight, almost frowning face. my voice is monotone. i am devoid of any emotion when with them. it scares the shit out of me if im smiling at my monitor and my mom comes in. im so startled.

i dont have many theories to explain why im behaving that way so i would appreciate some insight if anyone's lived the same way. somehow i think it might be because i don't think they deserve to see me emotional? or maybe i don't want to share that kind of moment with them? or maybe keeping a poker face allows for minimal interaction whereas smiling/laughing/crying might require an explanation?

it also feels like now that i've been doing this for so long, i can't stop. when i inevitably crack a smile in front of them i hide it as fast as i can and go back to looking bored.

i'd really like to know why. i can provide more background information if necessary. thank you.
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Hoe do I make money from home?
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Acting childishly angry over Christmas

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I'm a 21 year old who is in college and I just got back from fall semester. When I got back I just figured out what I wanted to ask for Christmas and as soon as I come back my parents were wrapping gifts for other family members and stated "Oh you came just in time, we were wrapping your gifts a few minutes ago". I told them sorry for not hinting at what I want and then they said "Well we just got you some stuff. If you don't like them you can return them!" in which case I agreed. The problem is is that I know exactly what my father wants, he even showed me an amazon page after he said he just got me my gift and I'm gonna get him it since I want to repay for all the gifts he has given me over my childhood by getting him exactly what he wants. I feel very angry and disappointing with myself for not deciding on what to get sooner even though I didn't care before. I even didn't ask for anything last year. I know that Christmas isn't just consumerism and I know I'm being really childish for this since many don't get anything for the holidays yet I can't control my frustration. How can I stop acting like a child? After all, I can just buy what I want nowadays anyway. Maybe I feel that it is unfair perhaps. I think if gifts were not discussed this could all be avoided.

TL;DR OP is acting like a childish cunt, how can one control their emotions better?
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Hey, so I've been lurking for a little while but I think I developed something nasty. While in Wisconsin I met with a younger man who deeply reminded me of my son and we spent a night in my room at a Marriott. This morning I puked realizing I want to really fuck my son now. I know it's pretty fucked but I love him more than a dad really should.. so what should I do? Inb4 kill yourself
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Wish I was born muslim

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- Family structure intact
- Practically no cheating or divorce (certainly no divorce rape)
- Cheating is harshly punished by law
- Can easily get a young virgin wife with no STDs (practically impossible in the west)
- No feminism
- No SJW
- Women aren't allowed to literally destroy society by being rampant out-of-control whores and sluts
- Always warm
- Get to wear nice clothes made of comfortable fabrics, beautiful keffiyehs, etc.
- Very low crime rates, no one dares to steal
- In many muslim regions, especially rural, the people are extremely nice, and generous

After years of hating muslims, I now love them, and envy them. I fully understand why they want to kill degenerate western women and numales living in urban centers, and I don't blame them.

Unfortunately I can't "just convert", it's something I would have to be born into, in an Islamic country.

My anger and hatred for western society, particularly feminism and women, is reaching a boiling point. What do?
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Specific weiner question here, mostly out of curiosity:

Does anyone else here have little bumps underneath the skin on their dicks?

For me, it's not really noticeable unless you pull or squeeze the skin, and my best description of what they feel like is .3mm mechanical pencil graphite, maybe a millimeter long, right below the surface. I've had them for as long as I can remember, though I don't distinctly remember them before I started shaving my dick and balls, so maybe they're ingrown hairs? Though nothing bad has happened in the past 10 years, they've just kinda chilled there, and I feel like ingrown hairs would've caused some complications by now.

Also to my knowledge I have no STDs