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>women: (wondering why they can't find a guy who isn't an abuser, rapist, potential serial killer, your dad in disguise, etc)

>also women: (accusing their guy friends of being possessive/controlling just because they warned them about some sketchy dude to stay away from)
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>act apathetic around women in work and college as if they literally weren't there
>they approach me and want to talk about random bs
>try being social for a change and talk to them first
>they noticeably act colder and disinterested

can someone please explain me why this happens?
sometimes I'm unable to comprehend the logic in women's brains.
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Why do i distrust women as a group but individually i always give them the benefit of the doubt? How do I switch my perspective to the opposite?
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Would you marry this woman?
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why does my room still feel hot even when it cools down outside?

it’s hot during the day and my room is an oven but at night it cools down a lot and i put fans in my windows but my room still feels especially if i have to take the fan out. i don’t get it it’s cool outside but my room always feels hot.

do i need a more powerful fan?
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Anyone else have an intense sense of regret over wasting their youth? It sounds dumb, but just looking at posts on soc from girls, talking to people on discord, most of the girls exclude guys over 25, most of the people there are 18-20. What happens from 21-24 that I just missed, I'm 25 now? Why are 90% of the people on 4chan/discord servers 18-20? I don't even have good memories to look back on like most people do. I literally wasted 18-24, and now I'm aging out of the place I've spent that entire time with nothing to show for it. Even loser neets here get ldr gfs and eventually meet up and fuck. I didn't even manage that. I even fucking wasted my youth by 4chan standards.
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Is there a nice way to tell a girl I don't want a relationship with her, but I'd still want to have a casual cuddle/fuck buddy if she was down? We've been on a couple dates and haven't even held hands, and I really don't see it going anywhere. Plus, I'll be moving away from this town in a few months.

I don't want to manipulate or lie to her to get her in bed, but I want to know a respectful way to bring this up without either coming off as a creep or trying to trick her. I know she's really into me so I have that going for me at least.
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parents keep jabbing at my career

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I'm a solo business owner and trader. My business has to do with the arts and video, and I trade stock for income. I'm home a lot. My parents frequently have comments and stories to tell about how x person has a "real job" and does similar things to what I do, or that I myself should be looking for a real job.

Quite honestly, if I didn't have them, I would be in quite a pickle with housing, so I have no leg to stand on in saying my business is working. I just wish they had a little faith in that I'm trying to do what I love as a long term high income career. Their comments are quite depressing and make me see they don't believe in me. How do I get past these comments and stress they put on me? I've tried talking already, but they're hard stuck in traditional work beliefs.
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How to deal with people changing for the worst?

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It seems like it rarely happens the reverse (they changing for the best)
Ive met a guy in HS, very creative and sensible, he would write some poems and cool songs, but he was very shy. In college he turned into a druggie normie, and now he is a normie corporate wagie. Doesnt even look like the same person, he says he doesnt have any creativity now
Same thing happened with a girl in HS, very perceptive and level headed, she liked to read some heavy lit stuff and always had good advice. Three years of college later, she turned into an art hoe, had sex with some guys that damaged her etc, I dont know how she is now post college
This fucking sucks man, looks like the world takes away peoples inner life (and theres already only a few that have it) and turn these people into walking shells and pastiches
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In my mind women are beautiful princesses, is that bad?
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