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I hate seeing old friends be happy

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I keep seeing my old high school friends constantly go out, party, and be happy, while I'm just sitting indoors all day doing college homework. It hurts a lot and I don't know why.

This shit bothers me so much. The girl in particular that's partying is in pre-med, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she has better grades than me (I'm also doing pre-med).

I really need help w/this. It's affecting my work.
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Hi I’m a virgin and just want to know what sex feels like thanks
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how do I leave my small town if im on probation for being black?

can I transfer it to the city a few hours away or do I have to run and just go to jail?
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Probably gonna die

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Hey /adv/ i need some help.
I can't find a job. Ive been searching for over half a year but nothing has come up. Ive been living with a friend but he cant really support himself and me anymore so ive gotta go. I wanna hoof it out of southern california in the hopes of finding work but i dont know where to go. I have nowhere to stay and without work, im actually gonna die.
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i need advice/suggestions on what mobile app to make. Dont let your ideas go to waste and share them with me so that i might bring them forth into existence.
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My sister has, historically, not been very good at keeping her promises. This time around, she promised me that she'd come over tonight and we'd hang out and watch anime together. Instead, she decided at the last minute to stay home and watch a movie with her boytoy. When I see her tomorrow and she apologizes to me (for the billionth time), will I be an asshole if I say, "It's okay, I didn't expect you to actually show up anyway"?
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I've been seeing this guy for the past six months now. We're exclusively together, but he doesn't want a relationship. I feel rejected because of it and can't get the thought of not being good enough for him out of my head. I love spending time with him and I know he really cares for me so I really shouldn't mind not officially being together, right? How can I deal with these feelings of disappointment so they wont ruin what I've already got going on?
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What are the biggest red flags on the first date?
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Hey guys beta here. I’m going to my first high school house party ever. There’s gonna be alcohol and such there, any tips on what to do and what not to do? (I know the host very well if that helps at all)
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So like, theoretically, if I wanted to kms, where would I go about finding groups to do it with? Not that I'm not thinking about doing it alone, but I kind of figure it would be cool to find some people to maybe have a nice evening together with as a last night. Are there any communities for that sort of thing?
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