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I have a load of dark brown pimple scars under my bellybutton from ingrown hairs
am I basically fucked?
no one would ever want to have sex with somebody who looks like they've had a crab infestation
what do I do?
just be a bottom for the rest of my life and tell people I only fuck with my clothes on?
I've got a load of insect bite scars on my arms and legs too
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Can you help me come up with a cool username?

I'm a big strong man and I want it to be something cool like that but that's taken
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How To Get Sick?

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I want to get visibly sick enough to miss out on a certain event, but I also do not want to die or shit my brains out for over a week.

Would eating raw meat do the trick? If so, how much should I eat?
I need answers ASAP pls
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Disposable or non disposable pens

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I dont know shit about these new pen shits. My friend sells these disposable ones for $25. My other friend sells the non disposable ones, all parts for $65 in total. Which is better? I only want to use it for recovery after workouts (I’m a college athlete) and before I sleep. And whenever I go to parties, but I go out like once every 2 months, if that. Thank you guys
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What do I do?

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I think my eyes are lying to me! When I look in the mirror I look quite average, but when I look at my passport foto I feel even uglier than that 34 year old virgin skippy.
Sadly I'm also a 34 year old virgin like that guy skippy you may have seen on youtube.
I don't know why, but I decided to check his twitter feed. This guy has been on dates. Something I have not been able to achieve.
Skippy manages to talk to women, he even has a picture on his feed with Kristin Steward and that ukulele from Scrubs.
Has he become quasi-famouse because he's been on TV and that is why he is managing to go on dates. Or does this guy have more skill than I do?
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hey, /adv/.

maybe i should start from the very beginning just to make my situation clearer.

>be junior year
>just had a falling out with my best of friends
>be walking down hallway one afternoon and then bump into this five-foot 9/10 cutie and i apologize
>she jokingly says that the apology isn't accepted
>ff a few months she chats me because one of my friends rats me out and lets her know that i like her
>we begin talking more often and click
>ff a few more months of chatting and talking and i discover that she's depressed because of family issues
>not diagnosed with depression yet but an emotional car crash ykwim
>fall in love with her broken pieces, personality, and her very presence more and more each day
>ff about a year i endure several nights of chatting where she has intense suicidal tendencies and try to convince her to stay put
>emotional stress gets to me but i shrug it off
>realize that loving a broken person will break you too
>love her with all my heart anyway
>try to console her as much as i can without breaking myself
>at my limit, currently
>find myself laughing to tears for no reason and then shivering in fear of losing her to suicide one night after barely convincing her to stay

started having the laugh-shiver events a few weeks ago. can't visit a psychiatrist because parents are overly religious and probably think depression is when demons possess your psyche and i don't have any adults i can trust. she knows i have these laugh-shiver-in-fear moments some nights and is trying her best to help me too. i don't know if i have any mental illnesses and i probably won't be able to know until next year. i can't be weak when she needs me the most. i can't be weak when we both will be undertaking a new chapter in our lives very soon. i need help but i don't know where the fuck i'll be getting it. i'm not saying that she's not enough but she has enough problems already and i don't want to be a burden. what the fuck do i do /adv/??
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How to deal with not being good looking?

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Basically I became a narcissist after coming to /soc/ 2 years ago, when I was being told I was hot left and right... But then I've been posting recently and the feedback I get is different, and my real life experience is also lacking so I guess I'm nothing special (perhaps I was a bit better looking then or I just took the photos from favourable angles).

The problem is that I got addicted to validation and became dependent on the opinions of others. Compliments make my day, and comments that confirm my insecurities crush me completely.
I know it's unhealthy. My mind and ego have somehow become deviated along the way and I do not know how to let it all go.

When I thought I was good looking being dependent on the validation of others didn't seem so bad, though I was still an insecure virgin. I had plenty of matches on tinder but couldn't actually hook up with the girls, and when I was validated in one area I quickly became insecure in another.

I basically have to rebuild my self-esteem from scratch. I suppose I'm still decent looking so this may be my solace, but I'm no Chad.
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My coworker is a really cool dude and I befriended him. When he learned I have a boyfriend he got all aloof with me and cold. Should I call him out or drop it?
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Should I be worried about testicular pain?
I have one ball that kinda hurts since yesterday, I touched it to see if there was a tumor or something but I've never malaxed my balls before so I don't know if they have their usual shape.
I don't want to lose a ball and I don't want to make my doctor touch my balls to. What should I look for?
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Why the fuck do I keep seeing girls dating such lame ass guys?

Like for fucking real. I dunno what it is about this shitty ass town I live in in England but half the dudes are skinny bespectacled nerdy dudes and girls go CRAZY for them. I’m not even talking cute nerds. I’m talking pic related. I’m talking these personality-less drones who all study maths or some shit, have probably never played a second of sport in their life, and think the pinnacle of art is Peep Show and the fucking Arctic Monkeys. Just totally LAME British dudes. And they get crazy levels of girls without even trying.

Seriously. I’m out here actually trying to dress well, be fit, and have decent taste in music, and I get turned down by girls every fucking day for these geeks who look and act like insecure wannabe-indie 16 year olds. What’s wrong with these women and their taste in men?
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