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Do wholesome virgin guys still exist? No robots or incels who have no choice
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Is 26 too old to begin drawing, or begin playing an instrument?
Way down the line, is it more profitable to make art (f.ex. commissions) or music (f.ex. youtube revenue)?

I just want a hobby. I've been a depressed neet since I lost my job last year and can't find a new on, barely living on wages.
Videogames aren't fun anymore. I go for walks, otherwise I sit indoor and pretty much look at youtube all day. The two things I mentioned are things I'd probably enjoy most but idk if I could manage. Hell, being able to make money isn't a priority, but it would be a huge bonus.
I just feel like it's too late to start, you know? Teenagers draw better than me, and at my age they'd have a 10-15 year advantage or already be successful.
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im feeling emotionally disconnected to everything and everyone around me. i hung out with my best friend yesterday, someone ive known for 8 years of my life, who understands me wholly, and i didnt have fun. we didnt banter like we did and i was relieved when he went home. i dont feel strong emotions for anyone anymore and i havent felt love in easily 5 years. i feel hollow. help
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Anyone here routinely beat your woman? I don't mean spankings in the bedroom either. Tell me how you put your roastie in place on a daily basis so I can better keep them in line.
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Living in a blind person's house without them knowing

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Hey guys, so I've been living in my car and have been parked by a house at the end of a street where an old blind guy seems to live alone. I've gotten into his house once while he was there and it's really nice inside. I only stayed for a couple of hours but it was the first time I've felt comfortable in months. I just want to know what kind of trouble I could get into if I start living there full time. The house is large and I can usually avoid him, I really don't see how this would harm him at all if he doesn't even know I'm there. Please tell me I have some legal right to live there.
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what do?

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So for the last couple of weeks I have been spending my days practising for my exams.
Now that I'm done with the exams I don't know what I should do? I feel empty.

I had a couple of friends over yesterday which was fun for the time being. But what about today? I can't depend on being with my friends all the time to not feel empty.

I mean I can cook food, play some games, exercise and read books to pass some time. But what then? I usually grow bored after a while.

I guess I feel alone. My ex moved out a couple of months ago. Although I do not miss her I miss the company.

What do you guys do when your alone? Or atleast not feel as alone?
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>fat since 10
>addicted to eating and fapping
>gainer fetish so they feed into each other, but don't actually want to be fat, only want it sexually, in reality miserably ashamed of my weight and i eat more to cope, started when i was a skinny child but already ashamed of weight anyway due to bumfuck from dad
>weighed 400lbs, lost 120lbs, ran out of steam and started eating again, been stuck hovering between 284lbs and 270lbs for months
>know exactly what i have to do to keep losing weight but can't make myself do it
>dream is to be underweight lol as if
>know the only way to break the cycle is to actually get out there and do something with my life so i don't have time to stuff my face
>was already doing that, going to university, that was when i lost the weight, but then my mom died and i immediately lost all motivation and will to keep going and just dropped like a fucking rock, had to withdraw to protect my grade because fucking jack shit was getting done
>tried doing other things with my life but i have the same problem, i set out to do them and then i just don't, or i do for a few days and then i stop and can't go on
>going back to school in a year when they offer the class i need again so things will be better then and presumably I'll stop fucking eating but A) that's in a year and B) what if i have the exact same problem and have to stop going again

help how do i stop being a fat useless pos trash

>pic related my fucking goddamn face when

oh btw i already posted this retarded thread like a billion times well i mean not this exact thread but i keep complaining about this here is what i mean to say, so inb4 anyone recognizes me and says something about that. the reason is because i'm a fucking retard and the misery doesn't go away so of course i keep asking what to do about it and then not doing the things people suggest because i try to do them i really do but then i fail because i'm miserable and stupid

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Do I have a legitimate claim to disability funds because of my asperger's/high functioning autism. Or should I find a job that actually suits me. Whatever that would be.

Almost every job I've had has ended in failure. Either I was too incompetent to have a good impression on management, got laid off for doing tasks wrong, or quit when I realized no one at the job liked me and a lot of people were going out of their way to give me shit for little things.

Don't get me wrong. I did ask for advice from managers on how to do my job right but they got tired of me asking or didn't give me clear directions. I talked about interpersonal issues with human resources departments and they just gave me some scripted advice and told me to fuck off.

I've always hated bums who leech off of the system because of my political beliefs that everyone should work hard or starve, but it might be the only choice to live that way while working on some kind of independent project like taking photographs or writing and self publishing books on amazon.
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Accidentally Joined a Cult

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Alright, this is my first post and I only realized the gravity of my situation very recently, so uh. Here we go. This will be long.

>be 13
>new middle school, meet this dude
>become fast enemies
>girl this dude is crushing on likes me instead
>start dating girl
>dude decides to be my friend all of a sudden
>throughout relationship, dude keeps hatching schemes to steal her
>ultimately becomes my genuine friend after relationship ends naturally
>develop first iteration of "squad" with him
>start hanging out almost everyday doing hoodrat shit
>shoplifting, setting off fireworks, goofy 80s pranks like stinkbombs in stores and cherry bombs in cars
>Entire squad gets together almost everyday for this
>start high school and get into new relationship
>dude and girl hate each other
>constantly forced to choose between them
>2 years later
>relationship ends, decide "always bros over hoes"
>second iteration of "squad" forms
>deadass claimed this atrium portion of the building
>drafted a "constitution" with tenets like, "if you cry, you die," or we had a height-weight index hung up and if you were obese - enemy of the state
>squad becomes notorious scumbags
>pranked staff and students alike, found out personal details of teachers, ect
>doctrine formed where people outside of the squad were regarded as pariah to the squad
>graduate high school, go away for college
>dude goes to local community college, drops out
>get into drug problem, I drop out two semesters later
>both have drug problems
>third iteration of squad forms
>spend two years unemployed, doing drugs, traveling with them - stopping back at home to recuperate every few weeks
>one of the new members of the "squad" ODs
>snap out of it, get clean, go back to school
>dude becomes increasingly distant from me
>still consider him my best friend, but hey. Education is important
>He starts spreading rumors about other members of the squad
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Tell me that working hard and having an immense work ethic is so 2019! Tell me!
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