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If I go on HRT (MtF) and regret it down the line, what is the reversing process like?

How fucked up would reversing be to my body?

Pls halp <3
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Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a trap top to call you mommy while your femcock is ravaging his boipuss and raping his throat?
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I will feel like a failure at life forever because I was so unpopular in high school

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Right now I'm 24 years old and I'm successful: I've recently obtained my dual degree and I already have a lot of paid work experience in the communication sector. I have tons of friends, get invited to many parties and I've had plenty of success with women.

Yet I cannot get over being the most hated, unpopular person in HS. Nowadays, everybody I meet is nice to me, but when I pass by people I used to know, they try to ignore me or sometimes scowl at me. I spent my last year at school without friends, once I got to university, all that changed and I became very successful. However, I feel like a failure at heart because I don't have those memories everybody else likes to talk about. I was always fighting with everyone and they all hated my guts. I can't get over it.

Is anyone else in my situation?
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how do I get angry?
I feel like I've been emotionally neutered
I have no pent up aggression
it's like I soaked up every emotion from my teenage to early adult years and didn't channel it into anything
now there's nothing left to channel
what do?
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Do I off myself and be a hero, or try carrying on until I become the villain?
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I started speaking to this girl, not necessarily romantically but just great conversation, she said she enjoyed talking to me. We had a 'debate' about religion as our last conversation before she went to bed. After that, I sent her two messages within a week, just normal conversation and she ignored them so I asked her if she wanted to talk to and she still ignored me. I noticed she liked a few things against 'occultists' and 'keeping away from them'.

I want to know why and I want to talk to them again. What's the best route to go? Just forget it and talk to them in a few weeks or maybe message her on an alt acting like nothing happened or mention it to them?
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How to respect women

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>mom was always present but emotionally absent alcoholic
>we loved each other but I realized how much i hate her once she died for being a shell of a person that failed in most aspects of motherhood like teaching your son about life and generally being there to talk to
>my relationships with women have people talking about me not respect them which makes some girls hesitant to date me although they like me and I found this out because a girl i cheated on my gf with told me about it
I realize that my lack of empathy and caring towards women comes from my relationship with my absentee mother. How do I begin to develop the capacity to give a shit about how women feel?
Pic semi related, I cheated on gf with a qt asian grill
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Quick way to get rid of sadness?

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Bad things happened, I feel terrible, I look visibly depressed, and I'm going to meet family members.
I really don't want to open the subject with them, but I look sad and they'll notice.
What do?
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I'm a 28 year old Male in the US and I still ha e yet to have my first girlfriend. I've a a couple of random hookups over the years, but they were just one time things. I want to know if the fact that I'm almost 30 and have never had a girlfriend is something most women will find unattractive. Pic not related
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How do I make someone care about themselves?

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Hey /adv/ I'm not really sure what to make of this situation. I'll greentext it.

>be last year, junior in HS
>friend dies (I'll call her E), suspected suicide
>E had two friend groups, mine and one other with her girlfriend and others
>after her death the two groups started to merge
>I become very good friends with one of the guys (call him P) from the other group, we both start a club at our school together as we are both into politics
>one girl (call her C) was E's ex girlfriend, yes they were lesbian
>C is bisexual and starts to date P a few months after E dies
>C is rather promiscuous, she lost her virginity in 8th grade and has slept with multiple guys
>eventually P and C break up, P is kinda a shitty boyfriend and they are incompatible anyways

--- Pause story for a little backstory on C ---
>her parents abandoned her with her grandma
>lives in a small one bedroom apartment in downtown with her grandma
>she has anxiety, depression, occasionally abuses drugs
>wants to get help but her grandma marginalizes her issues and won’t let her get help
--- Continue ---

Fast forward to beginning of senior year
>C gets another girlfriend, name is B
>they are dating
>C cheats on her with some rando guy after a school dance
>B never knows

Fast forward more to last month
>My club, JSA, has three annual conventions
>C is now in JSA
>C and I are also good friends and both laugh about how we would never date each other blah blah blah cus it would be so weird
>at the last convention of the year
>slow dance together at the dance
>hang out and talk alone in the atrium of the hotel
>it’s like 11:30 at night
>talking when my friend and another chapter member walk up and sit down with us
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