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GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest

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Get it off your chest, whatever is bothering you
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How did you get over your ex who was perfect for you?

Fucking other girls doesn't work for me, already tried it. It's been Since August, like 4-5 months when she completely cut me off.
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I think I'm in love with my current gf. We've only been going out for a month, but I never felt this close to any other girl I've dated in my life. I never said those three words to any girl ever, and I'm kind of scared to. If I say 'I love you' to her, will I fuck it up, or should I wait for her to say it first? I'm also scared of committing too, so there's that.

Need some advice bros, been thinking about this all day.
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Just proposed to my gf, now fiance. Is it cool to include her in the family group chat now? It just consists of my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, and cousins. Currently, no significant others.

Do you think it's weird to put her in the family group chat? My sister has a bf and they have a kid together but he's not in the family group chat.

Is it a big deal if I put my fiance in it? She feels left out and I'm tired of having to relay messages to her about holiday get togethers and things like that.

She's my soon to be wife, what's the big deal in including her into the family group chat? Or do I have to wait until we're officially married?
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what the fuck is going with my mom?
she had this anxiety episode in which she forgot who she was, and who I was.
Another odd thing is that she tried to put a cup in the freezer as it were a cabinet.
then she tried to drink the water from the toilet.
After this happened I tried to take her to my room and lay her on my bed, but she then passed out and didn't breathe.

After I made her breathe again, she tried to hit her head against the door repeatedly.

after this happened I just laid her on my bed and the Paramedics arrived, they took her blood pressure and sugar(she has high blood pressure and the sugar readings were fine)

She also told me this morning that she forgot who she was and where she was.This happened the morning after she had another anxiety attack for the same reason, in the last anxiety attack she hit her head after she passed out.
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Emotionally manipulating depressed friend

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I feel stuck and I feel like I fucked up really bad. I'm making this friend of mine be in an uncomfortable void between distant friend I rarely see/text first, and relationship. I really wish I could just cut contact/tell him I'm not interested so that he can get over me, but he struggles with depression and I know losing a dear friend will do more harm than good, (even if said friend keeps him on a leesh). It may look like a form of sadism on my part, but I actually feel so bad for what I do. I do my best to distance myself so he can learn not to need me, but I know that he's gotten fit, gotten a job and an education just so that I can take him seriously. I'm so scared that if I cut ties, all that work will be for nothing and that he'll see no point in anything which may lead to more suicidal thoughts.

What should I do? When a depressed guy puts you on a pedestal and you became a goal to obtain. I'm so scared of telling him I'm not down to date him.
I guess I led him on since I haven't told him I didn't want to (since he didn't ask).
Been going on for a couple of years btw.
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So advice, recently I've started saving Loli on my computer. I live in Texas so I guess it's technically illegal, although the law itself is very vague and I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for the possession of it. I'm not attracted to kids or anything like that I just like Loli porn.

My main question is, should I be concerned and should I delete this off my computer?
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How do I make friends as an adult?

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I just started law school and I don't know anyone here, and I am far away from my old town. I have tried talking to folks at places that pertain to my interests, but I have trouble taking it from being acquaintances, to being friends and actually hanging out.

been trying for about a year, but I have made no progress. Any help?
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How can I get 500$ from internet?
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How do you know your morals aren't just you being a pussy/unwilling egoist. What's the difference between knowing something is wrong and being domesticated?

For example if you ever had a violent desire you didn't act out on, are you nonviolent or just a beta?