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back to school

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Is there a point in life where it's stupid/pointless to try and learn stuff you should probably know allready?

I'm 27 and all I finished is high school. Lately I've been doing some studying to get my basic grammar and math to an acceptable level.
I'm from europe so the school system is a bit different here but I basically wanna get a bachelor's degree. It's gonna take like 4 years though so I'll be 32 when I finish. (school starts next year)

Is this a stupid idea? Am I not too old?
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no fap advice

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Convince me to get off porn for good.

It's boring and unfulfilling to me, but I can't seem to get off the stuff. I'm noticing it's sucking time out of my day, and I'm concerned that pornography is damaging me in ways even I'm not aware of.

I've been actively watching porn since my youth, and I just turned 20.

I'm sick of it, and I'm ready to develop actual intimate relationships with human beings.

pic sorta related
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Christian /adv/ice General

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“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

This is a Christian /adv/ice thread. Everybody is welcome to share and receive Christian /adv/ice. God Bless.

Join us in prayer and worship -

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My BF is extroverted, and I am introverted. He basically has the personality of a dog, and I have the personality of a cat. I can be very affectionate in small bursts, but I don't like to feel 'pressured' into showing affection which tends to happen if the other person is more into me than I am into them. I warm up slowly in a relationship but once I am genuinely attached to someone I'm loyal to a fault. I guess I put a lot of weight into the idea of love and loyalty so I don't give them away easily.

Everything is great otherwise but I feel like I need to find the best way to communicate to him when I need space or a break from affection or I'm feeling overwhelmed, without sounding like it's his fault. When I'm crowded I tend to just shut down and tend to do anything to placate my partner (but the fact I'm doing it just to try and sate them makes me dislike actions I would love if I was in the right headspace), where if I'm given room to yearn for my partner, I do. And I reach out and become romantic and affectionate.

Normally I'm pretty good with words but "I need some space to calm down a little" and "I'm feeling a bit anxious/overwhelmed always seem to come out wrong. Any introverts around that have advice on how to gently communicate a need for space to recharge?
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I've recently taken up clubbing as one of my hobbies and want to learn how to dance with more grace. I don't want to be some crazy dance master, just want to learn the basics to have a good time and maybe impress the ladies. Any tips?
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About to do acid for the first time tomorrow any thing i should know? I've already researched the affects, just wondering if there's anything i should do or know
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My husband wants to change me

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My husband told me that he is no longer sexually attracted to me. He works with a lot of extroverted women who like to party and I am a book worm and very introverted. My husband wants me to become more like those women, dressing and acting like they do. I feel very resentful that he feels this way because he use to love those quirks about me that I was shy and tried my best. He use also like the hobbies I had too. I am not really sure what to do I am very hurt.

He has not wanted sex in a month now and is very short tempered with me. My mother keeps saying that I need to put more effort into our relationship and I really am but it does not feel right to change myself for the purpose of him being with me. I am not sure what to do. I am afraid to talk to him about it because he is so short tempered lately and I can not handle yelling with my health issues.

I have been just feeling more and more repulsed of myself.
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I'm almost 20 and iv'e passed 1/4 of my GED tests, lost over 60 lb and I just passed my driving test today but I have mixed feelings about all this. When I was 10 I was diagnosed with Aspergers (high functioning Autism), Depression and a anxiety disorder. For most of my life I was told non directly and sometimes directly that I wouldn't amount to much in life. I can't write about everything that has happened to me but iv'e had a very hard childhood and teenhood because i was socially awkward and stressed out all the time, I was even bullied by my teachers and peers. During my senior year my school counselor and my parents made me drop out of school for my own sanity and because I was getting really bad grades because I couldn't focus. It was sort of expected that I would live at home forever and that maybe I would get a very easy job like working in a warehouse or something. But then at the beginning of this year I stopped feeling so anxious and depressed for whatever reason and I decided I would try to better myself. I started maturing a little bit after school but staring around February I really kicked into gear. I'm way more mature now and my parents have said that I don't seem like the same person I was a couple of years ago. So after months of practicing I finally passed my driving test today but I didn't feel happy I felt shocked and nervous. After thinking about it today I realized that I'm under prepared for success and for a "normal" life. I always thought that I would be a fat neckbeard loser forever and that I wouldn't accomplish much but this year and today has blown those thoughts and assumptions out of the water. I still have a ways to go but just thinking about what I have all ready accomplished scares me a bit. I'm just waiting for a brick wall to come to stop my success but I doesn't seem like its gonna come soon. In a weird way I want to hit a brick wall because being a loser is what i'm familiar and comfortable with.
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I'm so lonely

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be 30+ loner.

I don't know understand what women mean when they smile at me.

I look young but I'm fairly old and women age 20 smile at me. why?
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How do I make this girl see me in positive way after

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So I was drinking with two girl friends (they're a couple) and one of them brought one of her friends. She's really cute and I think I fell in love. I thought she would be just like other girls but it turn out she is really interesting , we have a lot of things in common and she has an amazing personality. We started drinking and eventually the cute girl and I are making out, but she was sort of wasted. I realised this and decided not to sleep with her (she was in really bad state) so we put her to sleep and called it a day. How do I change her view of me? From now I feel like I will only be another guy she kissed while she was drunk. She won't even remember me. Do I ask for her number or something? Or am I fucked?
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