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>hot girls that aren’t retarded and are nice
Where to find them?
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Is it bad that I honestly don’t give a single flying shit about climate change? Everyone around me is sperging about it but I just don’t have the energy to care. I understand it’s a serious issue but it’s too depressing for me to contend with so I just don’t bother. Is that bad?
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I am addicted to women, it's been an ongoing thing for my whole life but has severely manifested recently since I met Justina. Justina is married without kids, 29 and Lithuanian. We met in London and we had the most beautiful month together. We were in love! LOVE! A love I've never experienced so strongly or truly until pretty much after one day it all fell to shit. Her truer side came out and she started using and abusing me. It hurt me so much that someone I loved so deeply could do this to me. Now I see it all for what it is, pretty much. I know she is not a good person, and what we experienced was not exactly true.

We've been on and off for another 3 months and I met her again today. I broke it off with her countless times, but I keep coming back and she keeps half taking me back. I looked at her face today while we were speaking amicably. She is ugly. I mean, she is probably of average attractiveness and is not fat, but when I look in her face, even though I am still enamoured by her, I see a true, deep ugliness. Even still, if she would have fucked me tonight, I would have easily obliged.

This last few months has been tough for me. I am using women (not sex so much) more than ever to try to quell my emotional pain. I had enough pain to begin with but this wench tore me heart out and stomped on it. I want to be strong. I want to not need or even want women and all the problems they bring. I want to not drink and be cool and calm and enjoy my life. My addiction to Justina and to women is destroying my life.
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How to cope with the realization that you will never find love and die alone?
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What type of men are Italian women attracted to?
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Is it normal to have headaches after a concert?

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I went to a rock/metal concert a couple nights ago, first concert I’ve been to and it was loud as shit. My ears have stopped ringing but I still have a persistent dull headache. Is this normal? If I ask anyone irl they’ll call me a pussy
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Scared I will be killed by a incel

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I made a great mistake getting close with incels. And I worry one of them will kill me. He has my real life information.

The scenario is exactly like Bianca Devins and Brandon Clarke.
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Need Advice

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My girlfriend of over a year and a half goes out of town yesterday to tend to some doctors appointments and see her parents, as they live in another state and we live together.
Last night after she got there, she posted a new profile picture on facebook saying she got the covid shot. I put the same one on mine just so people would stop pestering me about it, no big deal. I message her this morning asking her if she actually got it, and she never responds. She eventually replies but doesn't answer my question. I think nothing of it and ask later in the day, and she again brushes off the question. I ask her one more time yes or no and she says yes. I am very against getting it, but I really don't care what people put into their bodies, that's up to them.
The thing is, she never once brought it up to me. She didn't even tell me she did it, I had to ask about her facebook profile pic and get the run around. My main reason for not wanting to get the shot is concern for the health of my future children, as I want a big healthy family.
I was talking with a jeweler the other day to design an engagement ring, and now she pulls this on me. Not even considering that I may have a stance on what the future mother of my children puts into her body.
My thing is, we either are a couple who care about each other's opinions or we aren't. I don't care that she makes her own choices regarding her body, but the fact that she didn't even ask me what I thought is what is bothering me. I would've told her that I don't the future mother of my children getting experimental drugs injected into her, and we could've talked like adults. I need advice guys, I'm feeling really shit right now. Inb4 just get the shot ur killing ppl inb4 take ur meds schizo inb4 that's what i get for xyz
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I'm dating for seven months now. Everything is great, we never argued, she's my first gf and i'm her first bf, we really like each other and spending time together is always great.
But there's one thing that's bothering me a lot. At the beginning of the relationship i was very shy, but naturally as months passed i changed but she didn't, we kiss and hug a little and that's it, if i kiss her more than a few times she always says i'm kissing her too much, yesterday i kissed her neck and she sayed that i'm getting pervy. I never expected us to have sex because we are both christians, but i did expected things to get more intimate but it seems that it will never happen. I want to kiss her more, i want to touch her, but i don't do it because i already know that she will not like it and that's frustrating beyond measure.
I need advice on how to confront her about this.
I don't want to break up with her because she is very sweet but i can't not be bothered by it. Shyness, devotion, assexuality, youth(i'm 24 she's 18) or maybe she don't think i'm attractive enough, whatever the reason, i need to know to decide how to proceed.
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I can't feel my legs day in day out. I feel like i can't really move unless I force myself. It's hardly a I don't want to it just feels like my muscles are limp. What the hell is going on with me?