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Desperately need advice

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>Go on dating site to see if I can get a gf

>Stumble upon a foreigner that's using the site to just meet people to improve English (literally just that, we've been seeing each other for a week and haven't even held hands)

>I start to really fall hard for this chick, yet she's only on a tourist visa for 5 months, furthermore she's absolutely just looking to hangout with people to improve her English.

>get scared of potential future heartbreak and call it off

Is it possible to change a person's trajectory on love? She's not looking for anything, yet I am...How do I get her to fall in love with me bros?

There might have been a chance when her and I kept up hanging out for the next 5 months, but I didn't want to risk her still viewing me as a friend while I fall deeper & deeper in love

Pic related. Thing is, her and I get along so wildly well together, and I know that she won't meet another guy like me...We had instant best friend chemistry since the minute we met.

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how to fuck good?!?

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I'm a virgin, but I'm fairly confident about who my first will be. Being a virgin I'll probably be awful when it does happen, but I'd obviously like to lesden that as much as possible since I want to absolutely fuck the shit out of this girl when I get the opportunity.
Any tips to accomplish this? I'm open to any suggestions. If you want more info just ask I guess
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> my "besto" revealed a lie I told nearly a year ago about myself that I made out w/ hot Belgian chick

> is this on him or me? Ofc I presume is on me, just reaffirm if true
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What is the powder called you can put in your hair to degrease it? I talked to a girl and she said it's bad to shower and use shampoo every single day but my hair gets greasy as fuck after a few hours.

She told me there's powder you can rub in your hair that just gets rid of the grease and shit without being as harsh as washing it.
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Double date

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A friend of mine talked about my status(single) to her girlfriend. She think a friend of hers might be interested in me. We are now thinking about having a double date kind of thing. Any suggestions? Things I should avoid talking about? How should I dress myself?(I'm 17) Should I keep asking about her life or should I talk about my skills? Any goto argument to avoid awkward silences?
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>have little work experience, just graduated college in april
>start working at my current job (with an already generous starting wage) since september
>learn to pick things up very quickly
>get into work early every day
>apparently i work really fast, and my work is good
>i even spend over time, unpaid and by my own will just to finish tasks faster
>boss likes me, and sees i work hard. my last performance review critique was to literally "slow down"

as he was passing me one day, he keeps telling me i'm doing good work. he jokes i am a "show off" when i complete my tasks; all in good fun though.

so because this is my first "real" job, i'm wondering when is a good time to ask for a raise? everything down town is expensive, especially in my city. even with my wage, it's still not quite enough to keep a car and i often have to budget for months (or find extra income) to buy nice things for myself. i also have to pay off my student loans, and i would like to do that as soon as possible.
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I dont know what to do, i dont have friends , i dont have a gf , all the people think that im stupid and ugly, im tired! i want kill myself!
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Tell me how to not fuck this up.
>went on a group trip last week and i met this girl
>We talked a lot, she seemed interested in me >got her number on the last day
>will never see her again in person.

What do i say to her to not fuck this up. I've only ever had one girlfriend before so this is all pretty vague for me.
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Can you get PTSD from having your feelings hurt?

I got rejected by my best and only friend about 2 and a half years ago. He made me trust him to open up about my feelings for him and then brutally rejected me anyway. And i can't get over it.

I cry all the time, i fall into depressions for weeks at a time, i think about suicide often, I'm afraid of people, i have nightmares, i have vivid and intrusive memories that can pop up out of nowhere, I've gone from assuming that people generally like me to feeling unwanted and unliked by default. I bail from potential friendships and relationships the moment i sense potential for pain, which is always early.

I don't know what to do. I feel weak and ashamed that something hurtful but ultimately minor could break me so easily.

What is going on with me?
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At what age I'm supposed to decide if I should or not keep existing?
Every time I feel like I can't keep going, it's always the same