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General Tinder Advice

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I've been getting a few matches but sometimes the girls have fuck all in their bio. How the fuck do i start and maintain a conversation with them?

Also feel free to share your experiences, tips, advice, etc.
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Are these people only on their phones twice a day?

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Im trying to get with this girl whom im getting /aaf/ vibes from, the problem is that everytime I message her she takes hours to reply, her messenger status is always "last seen 3-6 hours ago". The record is 25 hours, by which she replies as if the conversation never took a pause.

She's cute in person but I want to smash my phone when im texting to people like this.

Is this sort of behavior normal? And no im not getting one word replies, I get full sentences as if the conversation never stopped. And we are quite intimate in person so no it's not like she's not into me,
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Is it fair to be pissed off that your fiancée won’t let you enjoy her body the way she let other guys use it? Her ex-boyfriends got to have all kinds of awesome sex acts done to them but when I ask it’s always “yeah I realized I’m not into anymore”.
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Fuck, I hate to sound edgy but I’m sure where else to turn to:

As of late I’ve been having many suppressed thoughts resurface and I’m not even sure how to deal with them.

The reoccurring thoughts are:

- Confusing my sexuality. Even as a kid I’ve always felt like a girl and or liked girly things but always hid or bottled up the feelings out of embarrassment and fear. And I feel they’re coming back. Every time I question if I’m gay or straight and embarrassingly convince myself I’m straight while stuttering

- Existential Dread. I feel like nothing is real and that I’m all alone and that I can’t prove anything is real. But I reason I can’t do anything about it so why not see what happens. But this feeling makes me feel so alone. If nothing is real then I’m always alone

- Detachment to my emotions. One second I’ll be having an existential panic attack and the next instant I’ll go back to my cynical self as if nothing ever happened. My fear is gone and is replaced with reason. I talk about the panic attack but don’t feel the past emotion. This makes me so scared because I don’t understand how I can feel nothing so quickly. Makes me wonder if how I act is the real me or if the cynical mentality is me

- Sadism and Masochism. I’ve always liked a bit pain but I’ve been having thoughts of murder or hurting people for fun... and I don’t like it.

I don’t know if I explained my thoughts well but fuck I’m confused. I don’t always get panic attacks or these thoughts but when I do I often try to just bottle it all up and ignore it. Makes it easier for me but I also don’t know how to deal with my problem. I don’t have any means to open up to anyone. I feel so alone sometimes and wonder if all this is an attempt to entertain myself with other personalities...

My question is is this normal? If so how do you cope with it? If not then will be alright?

Maybe I just want someone to talk to who knows but I’m slowly losing it

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> 22
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Hi, currently I'm at 2nd year of doing CS at Uni in UK and I want to look for internship
Any advice about it? Should I search via Google to find some internship programme or just copy 1000s of email addresses to industry's HR sections and send them CV?
Few weeks ago there was a meeting in my school, funny guy was proposing the internship in Asia for paying only for flight ticket, but after reading deeply at website they want £3k for 1 month intership at cheapest location xd
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Give me one good reason to not seek out death.
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hel p

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im new bitch and i have no idea how this shit works
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is life pretty much over if you're born poor? how can I even fight if I was just born to fail?

my parents are really poor and my entire life has been a disaster wreck because of it and im getting old and im so far behind I cant even catch up to people like 5-10 years younger than me and no matter how much I fight im just barely denting it im not even doing anything the only thing I can think of is exercise a lot so im not fat and then im at least beating fat people but not people who matter

my parents are really lazy and dont do anything like we dont even have christmas barely. they dont get shit or decorate until like 24 hours before christmas so we dont even have the happy comfy feeling of christmas with a tree lights presents and shit like that. i see hot thots on instagram and they all have christmas decorations up early but my parents dont get shit until like december 23rd and telling me i wont have presents half the year and they end up going into debt just buying presents so i feel like shit.

i never had a car even tho i worked jobs before and i sold my perscription pills for a long ass time and i got an addiction to weed and that just cost all my money without me even realizing how i feel like i barely even smoked.

i was born in a rural area and i feel like i had no opprotunity at all there's not even BASIC jobs here there's nothing and there's no public transportation or anything and nothing but other small towns around me with nothing. ive seen people who are like 17 and already have cars and most people i talk to on the internet live in cities and can try different stuff and they have busses and trains and shit within walking distance so there's not really any struggle
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Hey guys. I have heard 4chan might be no more. MOOT is selling it. I don't know if it is true. But anyway. I have to ask you guys on /adv/ something. There is this girl I love. I got some love songs that are like a story to our experience. But I never told her about them. Should I send them on my email? (I do not have her facebook or phone number)
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