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How do I find a girl to make happy
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I'm fantastic at carrying on a conversation and following up afterwards, but starting one is something I absolutely cannot fucking do. I depend on other people initiating conversations with me but I realize now that won't get me far.
How do I start a conversation, especially with someone I don't know?
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My Second First Date

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Hey everyone so I'm 15 and I am going on my first date with a girl. I have only dated one girl before and it didn't go too well, so does anybody have any tips for me on what to do? We are seeing a movie and then just walking around a shopping center since neither of us can drive. Any tips on what to do this date and ideas for future ones?
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my mom has been bringing me down a lot lately. for one thing, she has super high standards for me that I know I don't even want for myself, and she just seems pissed all the time that I am not going down her road. even though I am her only kid who has never had a major fuck up (she told me this herself, not sure why? super weird if you ask me.) she treats me as if I HAVE fucked up majorly or I WILL eventually. I don't understand.
another specific thing she said that actually really bugged me was when she told me I will never find a satisfying or fulfilling job. she and my sister had been talking about how much they hate their jobs and I butted in (don't remember what I said) and that was her response.
I seriously don't know why she treats me this way. I did fine in school and I have a fine social life and all that. I am a normal person. compared to my older siblings who are both drug addicts who lost their kids and threatened us multiple times? I think I am pretty alright.
is this the kind of thing normal moms do? I know all moms have standards but do they all pressure you this much?
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Should I become sex friends with my ex?

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I am really conflicted and need anybody to weigh in. Let me catch you up:

>I dated a girl for 3 years and we broke up due to her never really having a job.
> Its just little over a year and she messages me out of no where saying she misses having sex with me
>We keep talking and we can be sex friends
>She is probably the sex I have had

tl:dr Ex contacted me and she wants the D

Should I make her a sex friend or should I just keep my distance?
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I’ve had over 30 matches on this app and none have worked. I say dumb stuff like

‘Have you ever stolen a dog’

Never any replies. Advice on messaging her?
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guys i just got a second dui in ny state for driving on drugs. i wanted to move to a new city for my music career and stuff and plus with my dui i want to move somewhere with better public transportation and stuff like that.

is it possible they'll make it so i can never leave the state for like years or will i get put on a more unsupervised probation where i can still leave the state and shit?
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Fucked it up with my childhood family friend since the first grade, who was my first kiss, when I asked her for sex. She is 18 I'm 19, she got into a relationship with another boyfriend after she kissed me. She is single now and I haven't heard from her in 3 months. Wondering if I should text her and try to romance her or let her come to me.
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Me and my friend have been "best" buds for a few years now, we always hang around at school all the time and we crack jokes like the teens we are but for like a year now I feel like we've been really cold to eachother. We always hang out but we barely even talk, we crack jokes but one or the other don't usually see it funny. We reply the same words over and over like K,Ok,Understood and such. We've been friends for around 5 years now but I think it's time we part ways, I think we're both holding eachother down since we don't usually hang out much with other people. We have totally different friend groups and both of us have changed alot these past few years. I wanna end things on a good note but I don't know how. My friend sees no worth in himself and with this in mind I don't really know how to say it nicely enough that he doesn't hate himself or hates me. He recommended me this place just incase I ever needed advice, I thought I would never use it honestly. But please I honestly want the both of us to part ways I think its for the best.
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It just occurred to me that every decision I've ever made was influenced by my parents playing favorites with my older sibling, and her having set the bar too high for a piece of shit depressive like myself to reach.

I was constantly chastised while she was praised. She was always the household example. Mine pale in comparison to her achievements in school, and that's just about all my parents care about. I took the same classes that she did. She did well in them because she cared about the subjects whereas I despised them and wanted to take other classes. I wasn't confident enough not to follow her example, which was ingrained in me as oh-so-holy. I was never able to get anywhere near her work ethic for anything that might've mattered to me, much less school. This animosity has been building in me throughout all of HS, and I needed to dig deeply to finally realize where the hell the stress was coming from. I now understand why I'm so antsy around people. I'm worried about failing and ruining their perceptions of me. It feels like I'm always overwhelmed by anxiety, even when I'm doing something simple and alone, like playing my saxophone (which I now realize I only play because my sister said it would be cool one time in elementary). Sometimes I shake, even when alone. Resentment is way too prominent in me (along with anxiety) for me to develop any sort of social life. I've never been "Anon." I've always been "the good one's sibling."

She's about to move across the country for her junior year. It will just be me and my parents until I start my first semester. How can I rebuild myself into an actual individual for my adult life? I don't even think that I know what I like doing.
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