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Hi /adv/,

My gf just beat me up. She surprised me and got me pinned and got a few swings in to the head. I told her she has to go, but I let her stay and I fucked her. Did I do the right thing?
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i need advice
>me, 19, live in a major city
>studying fucking songwriting at a music college
>it sucks
>making music isn't bad but my school is filled with Stacys like pic related and since working in music is like 90% who you know I have to network with them, something i have 0 motivation for
>have literally 1 friend
>i had deadlines last week but didn't submit any work for anything
>hiding in my room, doing drugs
>can't change course cos i can only get a loan for the first course i go for
>could drop out and be a wagecuck the rest of my life
>could kill myself

what should i do guys i'm near the edge
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How do I find a particular meme the name of which I don't know?

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Pic unrelated

Kinda self explanatory, /adv/, but I need to find a particular style of meme. The kind where it's one noble looking guy holding a flag with greentext surrounding him and then next to him is a poorly portrayed, typically goyim guy holding his own flag.
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Never been on a date b4. Going on a Tinder date next saturday. Virgin. Wat do?
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Why are fat women so damn clingy?

I like to fuck a great big fat arse now and then. Some of them have enormous tits too. The morning after they always start acting like I'm their fucking soulmate or something then go batshit when I don't call them back. They hound me for MONTHS sometimes.

Is it simply because they don't get laid very often? Or is it something to do with their personalities being weak and entitled, as evidenced by their inability to regulate their eating habits?
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fantasy of pleasuring another woman

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I know this is a fairly contentious issue, but I'm using this place as a space to get my thoughts in order first and foremost really.

So I am a bisexual 22 year old woman. I have dated women, but never been sexual with them apart from making out and a little bit of breast play (but when I was 15 and didn't know what the hell I was doing).

I have a fantasy of pleasuring a woman (not being pleasured myself). I kinda want to see the sorts of things my boyfriend sees when he pleasures me. I want to see how good I am at using my hands on a woman having never done it before. Maybe the fantasy involves my boyfriend helping me, it being a mutual thing, rather than him watching, I'm not sure yet.

HOWEVER. We took the Mojo upgrade quiz about 3 or 4 months ago and none of the group play results came back... But this was earlier on in our sexual relationship. We've been sexually active since September.

I don't want to have an open relationship, or be poly, or anything like that. I just fantasise about playing with a woman.

What the feck do I do, reddit. What's my best course of action? Ignore it or communicate?
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How do I stop feeling self-conscious about losing time?

It's like I'm a 13-year-old in a 23-year-old's body, I don't know about any of the shit I'm supposed to have experience with.

Like I've mostly forgiven myself for the big span it took to figure that I need therapy, not to speak of recovering from shit, but I'm still mad at myself for not getting more done at this age.
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How can I turn it around?

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The basic background is that I'm at my second semester and studying physics. So far, so good. I'm not in the US, so the curriculum is a bit different, the equipment is dated, the language barrier exists, but those are minimal problems.

The thing that I'm having a lot of trouble with is, like most, getting focused. I never was able to do that, because the school system here is so fucked up that, well... that's a story for another thread. Point is, I never truly studied (I did, to get good grades, but it wasn't real studying) until the final year of High School for the finals.

So, I got into Uni, I saw how awful the teachers were, how big the curriculum was, how dated the books were, I panicked... and ever since then I've been a wreck. I managed to score some good points in my first semester (Lab = 10/10, Physics = 8/10, "Math" = 8/10), but in this second semester, well... I think I'm fucked.

The first problem is that I can't sleep. I go to bed at around 00:00 or 01:00, but I end up sleeping at 03:00, or 04:00. 'Cuase of that, I end up waking at 09:00, dissoriented as hell, and then the rest of the day follows suit. The good thing is that I'm skipping all lectures apart from the mandatory ones (3-hr Lab & 1-hr Prog Lab), so I have extra time, but I'm wasting it. I've tried drinking chai, I've tried taking a bath before bed, I've tried exercising a bit, but... nada.

Apart from that, I just feel... not good enough. And somewhat "addicted" to procrascination. I end up wasting a whole day and not reading more than 20 pages or doing 8 exercises. I've started becoming overweight again because I'm not exercising enough. I've dropped all other hobbies, and I waste my whole day in front of the computer. I'm not ding anything, I don't even like it, but I just can't stop hitting the refresh button of 5 or so sites.

I'm not finding any joy in my "free time", because all my time is "wasted". I don't study and I don't do anything beneficial.

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Do you think being sexually repressed is an active choice people make? Or is it normal to not want to venture outside of a certain comfort zone?