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Hey /adv/. My cousin, who I think is 10, is brain dead. He choked, and had a heart attack, then multiple seizures afterward. They just signed a DNR order.

How do I deal with this?
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>GF dies of heart condition
>haven't slept in a week
>haven't left my room for 8 days straight
>straight eating codeine to sleep
>life is in shambles
>her and my wardrobe full of clothes that have so many memories that used to mean the world
>all these fucking clothes

What do I do with these clothes? Her closet is full of clothes from good brands. Should I keep them? Throw them away? Its like a ghost thats constantly haunting me. The things she wore are now empty. Like the shell of a broken man that I am.
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I got a date with this chick yeasterday and she basically promised she will suck my dick next weekend.

This made me happy and i started fantizising about her yesterday. Then today i started noticibg all these beutiful girls on the buss and on the subway and on the street. What the fuck is going on, did i just enter mating season or what?
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I liked this guy in my class. I know he might have a thing for me as well since he tried to be close to me, look at me when I don't pay attention. There's a few times where both of us looking at each other in the same time. We only have two classes together and I only see him once a week. What can I do the next time I see him? I tried tinder and swiping as much as I can but seems like he's not using tinder. I can't go talk to him, I can't even walking out of the class in the same time as him.
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blood plasma donation

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college kid blah blah strapped for cash blah blah etc etc
I saw flyers hung up on my College's bulletin board offering $50 per donation, with up to I think four or five donations a month, and that adds up.

I'm a healthy, 19 year old male. I take prescription adderall and wellbutrin.

Is plasma donation worth it?
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>be pre-engineering major, in an intro chem class
>have trouble with basic shit like theoretical/percent yield or stoichiometry even when paying attention to lectures or videos online
Should I drop out and pursue a trade?
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I have both mild asperger's syndrome and general depression/anxiety. Will I ever lose my virginity, or even kiss a girl?
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How to break up?

My boyfriend lies, cheats, and drinks. He's insecure and accuses me of cheating all the time and uses it as an excuse to act badly. He basically sucks in all ways.

However, whenever we fight and break up, I can barely last a day before texting him and letting him sweet talk me back. I have zero friends. When I'm alone my anxiety is constant and being with him helps it. I've forgiven him for cheating, flirting, drinking, driving drunk, lying, disrespecting me, holding me in the house against my will.

I can clearly tell I need to leave. Why do I keep getting with him? All of it to me is worth it not to be alone. How can I stay firm? Its such a hassle to leave and start again.

(I've done this in other relationships and used this new bf as a way to break up with my ex without being singlefor more than a week)

7 months dating
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I need a new username, it can be anything, my current one is a mix between my Nick name and real name so is really hard to say and is really boring
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What are the best ways to tell if your gf is truly attracted to you?

Are there usually any visible signs in a relationship where a girl isn't very attracted to her bf/husband on a physical level? My gf seems almost constantly turned on by me, but i've always feared being in a one-sided relationship where i'm being settled for and she doesn't find me very attractive, but won't admit it. That's how cheating happens.

Do ugly guys with gfs get as much sex as good looking guys with gfs? Do less than appealing 'beta providers' usually have to work for sex if they're in a relationship? My gf is pretty much putty in my hands and is ready to go whenever i initiate sex.
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