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alright anons help
>be me beta cuck
>girl i like randomly texts me
>never really texted sat next to me in a class
>asks about one of my friends
>have 3 hour long convo about friend
>asks me to be her "wingman" and help her get with him
>me doesnt know what to do so i say yes
>now i wanna die
what do i do?
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well I met this girl a while back. nice, eccentric, cute. she invited me to a party and we ended up hooking up and cuddling (lol) the entire night

im 19, and she's 22 (going on 23 in sept, i turn 20 in dec). this bothers her because she said she didn't want to feel like a "cradle robber." i made it clear that if she didn't want to take things any further, that i would be okay with it completely, but i obviously wanted to know from the get-go so i don't develop any real feelings for her

well fastforward 3-4 weeks, and we haven't seen each other since then. i feel like im willing to book off work, change around plans, and go out of my way to make time to see her and get to know her. but her? if i don't fit into her schedule it's "shit, sorry. next week i got you though!"

i work full time, she works part time and isn't in school atm. she sees her other friends and goes out with her room mates regularly... so idk. something tells me she's purposely avoiding me or something bc of my age

im not too keen on confronting her about it bc i don't want to seem like im too clingy or emotional or whatever bc that isn't the case, i just need a straight answer!

what do i do, /adv/? tell her how i feel? drop her and let it go? am i being too insecure/immature?
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Is this cheating?

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It was my girlfriend's birthday party.
I and her were out in a pub, with her 5 female friends.
long story short, two of her female friends wanted to kiss my gf mouth to mouth.
(My gf is bisexual and they know that.)
few drinks later i was sober and they were little bit drunk and my gf wasn't.
her friend got close to her and i said:"Don't kiss her..."
they kissed and i felt hurt and cheated on.
later her other friend kissed my gf and i said no few times.
After that they touched my gf.

day after my gf told me that it was a joke...

Anons what do you think?
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Conflicting Feelings

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>Be me
>Had a crush on a girl for a while
>She's smart, funny, she plays vidya and D&D and shit
>Have a few times where I think she might have been hinting she had feelings for me, but all seem like I might be reading into things
>Remain hopeful

Skip to yesterday

>Volunteering at a local community garden to try to be a good person and because crush volunteers there
>Farmers market day
>Only me and one girl show up
>I'd been acquaintances with her until then but never really talked much
>Running the stand with her
>She teases me the whole time and plays stupid games like hangman and tic tac toe when no one is buying
>She also keeps dropping the ice cubes we were using to chill vegetables down my shirt
>Breaks the touch barrier multiple times
>It seems like she might be flirting with me but she's friendly all the time

So I started feeling really comfortable around her and flirted back. I started thinking that maybe it was time to give up on anything more than friendship with girl A. I've been having conflicting feelings about girl A and girl B since then. I don't think I have much of a chance with either, but girl B seems like a better shot. So what should I do? Keep trying with girl A and risk wasting my time and having my heart broken or go for this new girl and see what happens? Pic unrelated but one of my favorites from my autistic menagerie.
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>Be me
>18 yo beta kissless virgin
>friends w one girl
>solid 7/10, known her for years
>never had the nuts to make a move
>she's constantly in bad relationships
>she had just got out of one
>she invites me over, like many times before
>think nothing of it
>arrive at her place
>greeted by her cat Mittens
>allergic to cats
>fucking hate Mittens
>can already feel nose itching
>go into her room
>she's on her bed looking at me strangely
>see she's not wearing pants
>whole body immediately starts shaking
>feel mittens rubbing against my leg
>ignore him, but nose starts itching again
>"come here anon"
>i shakily advance toward her bed
>she's on all fours on her bed with her face towards me
>her eyes are closed
>she's expecting a kiss
>I start to lean in to kiss her
>about 2 inches from her face i have to sneeze
>no stopping this fucker
>head flies forward with the force of a battering ram
>forehead hits her nose
>blood old faithfuls out of her nose
>me, her and mittens are all covered
>i vomit all over her
>both start crying

this was 2 days agk, and we haven't spoken since. I really like her and want to have a relationship with her. How do I fix this?
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> Friend's wife and him start having hard times
> They got into a huge fight and she broke down to me one night when he passed out
> (excluding a lot of back story)
> Last Saturday we're all hanging out and her and I drink too much
> Sitting outside, I'm in and out (blacking out)
> 'I was going to sleep with you that night'
> Snap back to the real world
> 'what?'
> .....
> She whispers to me 'I want to fuck you'
> 'what?'
> 'I want to fuck you'

I told her no because I was too drunk, but I want to do it.

What do I say to her? She was suppose to come with my friend to an event with all of us on Saturday but now she sin't coming and I feel like its due to that conversation.
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Life ruined?

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If guys can pls help me i got red dots on my dick,i only had 1 sexual exp with a friend of mine and we foragtte each other for 2 min
I will post dick later if i may
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I don't want to postepone my acid trip

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>he doesn't want me to trip tomorrow
>haven't tripped in 2 years
>he wants to trip with me so we can experience the crazyness of tripping after not tripping for so long.
>that sounds fun and all
>but he doesn't wanna trip tommorow
>he says he's not in the right headspace
>he says he wants to wait for 3 weeks to do it (when o move to my new house ) (there we won't have any ppl interrupting our trip
>but I don't wanna wait
> I wanna do my acid therapeutically and I can feel on in the headspace for it, I feel it's for the best if I trip now
>but my friend wants me to wait so that I trip with him
>I don't wanna wait, I wanna trip.
>wat do?
> I'd be up for tripping twice with him but he says that wouldn't be the same
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Feelin guilty maybe one of you anons can help

>dated a girl for six months then dumped her
>month later we started to get back together
>it didn't last long
>she ended it over text, she said she felt walked on and used
>she thought I was using her for sex says it fucked her up and made her cut

The reason she said all this was because when we would be alone I'd try to finger her or get head that sorta thing
She would normally say no but I'd be pushy and keep trying
When she would say no I never really thought she meant like a definitive no if that makes any sense

She also said she wanted to take a break from doing stuff like that but after he did stuff I thought it would be ok to continue doing stuff with her

She said she couldn't have a relationship but then a month later she got a new guy

>I apologized like you wouldn't believe and she said I was insincere
>I never did use her for sex

So now I feel really lost and I have no idea what to do at this point
I don't know if i should even feel guilty cause she never really talked to me about it

So any advice is appreciated
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How to resist the urge to contact her again

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So my gf broke up with me a few days ago and I blocked on every social media we share. How do I resist the urge to unblock her?
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