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My girlfriend told me she get's turned on when I call her names, treat her like shit psychologically and humiliate her in different ways. I.e she wants me to tell her how my ex was way better than her. I know this sounds crazy, but I guess everyone has their fetish.
I asked her like 10 times if she's sure she can handle it, and she said yes.
An hour later I told her "hmmm, you're so dumb and fat hurr durr", she was hurt and left the house saying she doesn't want to be close to me, and now she's walking around in the middle of the night somewhere.
I told her I wouldn't go searching for her because she's the one who started it.

What should I really do now? I know her, she's stupidly stubborn, she'll find a way not to come home. Is she also playing some sort of a game?
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Self harm triggered by anger

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I've always been a very anxious depressive, but nothing ever makes me want to hurt myself except for anger. Just the other day my phone crapped out at a very inopportune time so I took a knife and went at it (on my back to avoid questions). Obviously I know it's not a healthy behavior to indulge in, but it's the only direction I feel the anger leads. Please help. After the fact, I don't feel any better. I feel less angry, but my anxiety spikes through the roof. I feel like vomiting just writing this.
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i need advice

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I get stared a lot and its putting me in distress.
i doubt im being paranoid, i hate eye contact with strangers, but i feel rage inside me.
i dont stare at people ever, i mind my own businesses but when walking past people i can see their heads turn from the sides of my eye.
I think the reason why i'm stared a lot is because i'm in Japan, i'm half japanese and i think that is why i'm stared at a lot, treated differently etc.
I'm tired of this, there are days i don't leave the house because of this, i usually only leave at night.
I'm also not a good looking person so that might be why,
my sister said i have serial killer eyes. i had a friend who said i act weird and i walk weird, iam weird but i know that its because of the way i look.
I'm a really insecure person, its probably because of i'm bullied but its probably also because i "redpilled" myself about society. that really put me in depression for a while, i realized why i was bullied, why people treat me the way they do and etc.
i want to be able to stare at people in the eyes, my body language is quite submissive if i think about it as i never stare at people and try to avoid eye contact, i want to change this because im tired of not being in control.
even when i try to avoid eye contact my thoughts are pacing in my head about what they think about me and etc.
I'm a depressed person and not being able to leave the house to exercise like the gym really affects me.
I wish i was a low inhibition person but i guess im not,
does anyone know how to become low inhibition?
i'm considering doing drugs to change this, i'm also constanlty thinking of cosmetic surgery and browse surgery forums
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Need advice please (My grammar suck)
my mom leave me since i was a kid because she make debt
recently I go to visit her at japan with my dad because I want to see our family reunion again
it's gone well only first two day then this happen
>my mom really smile and look happy when she's with another girls there
>she don't look fun when you travel with me and my dad
>I cry like a kid for think she is not my mother that I know anymore
>she know I am crying but she don't really care. she act like it's some funny joke
>decide to forgive my mom for 4th times
>last travel day
>I think I need to make it clear by say what I want
>tell my mom that I fear you will leave me
>she say I have no need to fear she will leave me but it's me who will leave she .

sometime she look like my mother but suddenly she talk like she is another person
I can't take this anymore ....
I don't want to feel hurt anymore
what should I do ?
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Serious question:

I've been with my current wife for a total of 6 years. I treat her right, and she is happy.

However, she is very good looking and a 10/10 on the social butterfly scale. She is always the center of attention at every social event, and she loves to get drunk.

As long as I treat her right, I shouldn't have to worry about her cheating right? This is in spite of the fact that I know lots of funny, intelligent, and attractive men will try their hardest to fuck her at many social events when I am not present with her.

I try hard to be self-confident, but I have a lurking paranoia. Everyone tells me to not worry about it, but I wanted the opinion of some autists that never leave their basement.

My main worry is that she finds another guy funny or interesting to talk to, has a bunch of drinks throughout the night, and then the guy is able to somehow make out with her or something of the sort sexually.

Please tell me why I shouldn't worry about this ever.

Thank you for serious responses
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New job

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I just started a new job, and less than one week in my coworkers invited me out. I'm super antisocial but I said I'd go. I was only told the destination quickly, so I'm only 75% sure I've got the right place. It's far away, and it's got a beer garden. Worried my drinking age coworkers will be drinking, while underage me just sits there awkwardly like I always do (if I even show up at the right place that is). But even though I'm antisocial, I want to get out there and make friends, find a girlfriend etc. So anon, do I go or no?
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Can a girl pms so hard she wants to break up with you and move out? Pull the cord after 3 years
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Family Outing at Ballpark

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Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to a local minor league ballgame with my gfs extended family, like 20 or more people most I don't know well. I don't like crowds and social occasions. I went last year, it was uncomfortable. How do I get out of going to this? It's actually my gf daughters fiancee family/ friends. We are old people. Plus the walk to the park hurts my hips. :(
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Kill or not kill?

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So, I have a gf. And I have been thinking a lot about something happening to her. Suppose, she gets raped. Should I just kill the fucker? Is it worth it? What lengths would you go to keep her safe? Right now I am convinced there is no choice. If it's something serious like rape -- it's a death sentence for the fucker. If it's something like touching ass -- he loses teeth and is seriously beaten.
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