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My boyfriend doesn't like when I wear certain clothes such as leggings, booty shorts, far I've been willing to not wear those things to avoid arguing. Last weekend I went out with a couple of friends to a birthday party and he found out we wore thong bikinis from an IG pic (there was a hot tub) and was legit about to lose it, screaming and throwing chairs(not at me). Is this a valid reason to breakup?
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I've had sex with 45 prostitutes over the last three years. Am I a degenerate for doing this?
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I am a college student in SC with no money. What job should I go for, for some spare income?
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Become a man

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How do I stop being soft, become 'hard' and a man actually worth taking up space?

I get attention from girls and the 'soft' shit is a way in sometimes but I'd trade it for being an actual 'man' and not just a manchild any day.

Like what do I actually DO day-to-day? What do I need to learn? What skills are necessary?

Fanks frens
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I had a Christian upbringing and I feel like I owe my ex my life for all the sex and nostalgia . How do I stop feeling this and let her go? I need to get my life together
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How to improve life?

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Does anyone else feel like they can improve their life but they don't know what to do. I feel like theres something I gotta change but I can't pin point it. I still live with family at 20, stuck in college, no friends, hated/tolerated at my job, dealing with depersonalization/other mental issues and I can't lose weight. Im not emotionally vulnerable enough to be a Tate/Peterson shill or become a tranny. I don't know how to get out of this rut.
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Lazy Diet

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What can I do if I am constantly fatigued and too tired to cook? Take out is too expensive..
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How do you talk with men?

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I don't know how to handle social situations very well and because of that I've been single my entire life. Just how do you make conversation with a man you're interested in? Since most posters here are male, I'm curious what would you like to hear from a woman, what would you think would make you more open to talking with her? I feel like a lot of men tend to be very cold to me, like the few times I get to talk with them they seem distant and only reply with short sentences. I've been trying to appear more confident, and I'm not ugly, also I've seen girls who were uglier than me strike a conversation without any problems and charming guys very easily. What is the secret? Am I not interesting enough? I sometimes notice people staring at me but they never talk, am I intimidating perhaps?
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Home Doctor Career

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How much do house call doctors make a year? Is it a good field to get into for the annual wage and hours? Instead of sitting in a stuffy office inside of a hospital, I wanted to do more on-call and family orientated stuff.
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Brain Rewrite?

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Not going to go into why I want this, but is there anyway to factory reset or otherwise rewrite your brain? Does "ego death" via hallucinogens work?
If it does, will it just end up fucking me up?
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