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Hey guys. I have heard 4chan might be no more. MOOT is selling it. I don't know if it is true. But anyway. I have to ask you guys on /adv/ something. There is this girl I love. I got some love songs that are like a story to our experience. But I never told her about them. Should I send them on my email? (I do not have her facebook or phone number)
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I have a lot of girls on my Snapchat that I haven't talked to yet, and I'm thinking about hitting up a fair share of them to see if I can make something work out. What are some good pointers for sliding into DMs?
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This girl who has had a crush on me for the past 5 years just confessed it to me. She's undeniably attractive, and has homemaker tendencies which would make an objectively good partner.
The problem is that I don't really feel that much attraction to her emotionally, at least nowhere nearly as much as I have felt towards other girls.
I know I could easily get with her, but I feel like it would be for the wrong reasons.

What do, /adv/?
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a-are vasectomies reversible
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Are there any philosophies, religions or maybe cults that focus on self-improvement? I mean, not just spiritual enlightenment but improvement in all areas of life, physical, intellectual, social, etc.
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Guys am I the only one that doesn't like kissing? I find so boring and it just doesn't make me feel anything.
I would call myself above average when it comes to looks. I also have a ok height and I am fit. I like to go to clubs and Partys and most of the time I get approached by girls I then start dancing with them and have fun but at some point they go for the kiss and sometimes I go with it but most of the time I block it. I love having sex and during sex this isn't so much of a big deal. But when dancing the girls expect you to go for the kiss or they will go for it. When I decline the kiss I blow it most of the time.
Any advice on the topic? I am 100% not gay. I think I just have to learn how to like it. I don't think there is any way around it. By the way how was your weekend guys
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Job/Life Help

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hey /adv/ I'm 18, graduated, but I don't know what I'm doing. My goal is to be a homemaker and raise children/support a strong man, but I'm starting to believe that's impossible in this day and age. I value morals and ideals, and consider myself conservative. I am stuck with 20k in car debt I'm paying down because my parents are not able to financially assist me. Car costs me 900 a month between payments/gas/insurance.I can't sell the car(underwater by alot), or get it repoed. I can't save much. I currently work full time as a server, and make about 1200 a month. I have been working since I was 16. I live in my car. What can I do to get myself a better career/out of this pit? I am a hard worker, and am willing to study and put my discipline to work.
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Getting over ex

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How do I do it as fast as possible? I went around 6 months without contact and thought I was over it, but started to think about her. I fucked up by reaching out and getting rejected which made me feel a lot worse then before I contacted.
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I can't make my boyfriend cum

I'm his first girlfriend, first everything
I'm a fit and decently attractive female. I work out, eat well, do kegels, and stay flexible.

He says he's desensitized, but he doesn't death grip and he's uncut. He even did nofap and he still can't.

Any other men have this problem? Any advice?
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