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I'm dating for seven months now. Everything is great, we never argued, she's my first gf and i'm her first bf, we really like each other and spending time together is always great.
But there's one thing that's bothering me a lot. At the beginning of the relationship i was very shy, but naturally as months passed i changed but she didn't, we kiss and hug a little and that's it, if i kiss her more than a few times she always says i'm kissing her too much, yesterday i kissed her neck and she sayed that i'm getting pervy. I never expected us to have sex because we are both christians, but i did expected things to get more intimate but it seems that it will never happen. I want to kiss her more, i want to touch her, but i don't do it because i already know that she will not like it and that's frustrating beyond measure.
I need advice on how to confront her about this.
I don't want to break up with her because she is very sweet but i can't not be bothered by it. Shyness, devotion, assexuality, youth(i'm 24 she's 18) or maybe she don't think i'm attractive enough, whatever the reason, i need to know to decide how to proceed.
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I can't feel my legs day in day out. I feel like i can't really move unless I force myself. It's hardly a I don't want to it just feels like my muscles are limp. What the hell is going on with me?
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Why am I so insecure compared to other people? Even fat people and retards seem like they have better self esteem than me.
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My parents want to give my 6 years old brother the vax and no matter what I say they still want to do it, what do bros? I love my little bro.
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Is this life even worth living?

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I'm 23 yo and wasted my entire youth so far due to clinical depression.
I'm still virgin and never had a relationship, have no interests anymore, no motivation and no perspective for my future.

I finally got a therapy place in a clinic scheduled for april next year.

I promised to myself if the therapy won't help i'm gonna kill myself.

But is it even worth waiting for the therapy?
It already feels like i wasted the best years of my life and it won't get better.

Should i just rope myself today?
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Confusing good/bad/wtf romantic life

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31 year old male virgin, social anxiety my whole life so have no ability to make friends or therefore girlfriends, figured out it was really PTSD or some sort that kicked to another gear 5 years ago and messed up most of my hobbies. My dads side of the family is really messed up (he's narcissist, sister pet lady, brother off the grid, etc.) I think I inherited something wrong genetically.

When I was in college I fell in love with someone and a few years later got into semi contact with her online but she always was playing games and putting up walls. Still progressed to cybersex level but could never get her to try a relationship in person.

Then things got weird and the same stuff started happening with other girls, a strong connection, enough contact with them online to know they felt the same way but they always put up walls in the same way. They were always depressed artists at the same time I think they're also normies in a way, type of girls who would definitely be pro vax. I work at a grocery store where there's a lot of girls like cashiers rotating in and out and to be frank I'm on a fucking tear at stealing hearts, some of them crazy hot, some of them fat, I even think an old asian lady and my boss 16 year old daughter might be into me. Don't ask me to go into details how I know or confirm but it's all real. I had the cyber relationship with a handful (not the old lady or teenager types baka) but after a while gave up in part since I could just keep things going with the first girl instead, and I'm worried about getting their hopes up if they weren't the one I was planning on being with. Plus for mental reasons I haven't had energy for a while so even the cyber relationship I don't think I would really be there.

I still think if I get healthy in terms of my PTSD/social anxiety it would make me be able to have a real relationship with one... otherwise I appear to be screwed. At the same time I guess I have had a romantic life in its own way.
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How to get/pretend to have a GF like Midna?

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This thread is cringe, but it's what I want. I want to feel cared for by someone who is bitter/cynical but still manages to genuinely care about me. How do I get this?

Dating apps don't work for me. I'm too weird and dramatic, and not attractive enough to compensate. Do I need to make a tulpa? What's the best way to fulfill this outside of just being sad that I don't have it in my life?
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Dating is an important part of life. Dating is important for meeting new people, getting to know someone, and finding true love. However, dating can be difficult. Many people struggle with dating due to shyness, lack of confidence, and fear of rejection. There are many ways to overcome these obstacles. One way is to practice talking to girls. Another way is to join a club. A third way is to ask a friend to introduce you to someone. A fourth way is to meet someone through a mutual friend. A fifth way is to ask a girl out directly. A sixth way is to practice your self-confidence. A seventh way is to build trust by doing favors for people. An eighth way is to make a move. A ninth way is to be confident. A tenth way is to be honest. A eleventh way is to be persistent. A twelfth way is to ask her out. A thirteenth way is to be romantic. A fourteenth way is to be funny. A fifteenth way is to be nice. A sixteenth way is to be humble. A seventeenth way is to be cool. A eighteenth way is to be serious. A nineteenth way is to be sincere. A twentieth way is to be loving. A twenty-first way is to be passionate. A twenty-second way is to be caring. A twenty-third way is to be open-minded. A twenty-fourth way is to be adventurous. A twenty-fifth way is to be patient. A twenty-sixth way is to be positive. A twenty-seventh way is to be curious. A twenty-eighth way is to be friendly. A twenty-ninth way is to be confident. A thirtieth way is to be assertive. A thirty-first way is to be polite. A thirty-second way is to be smart. A thirty-third way is to be attractive. A thirty-fourth way is to be rich. A thirty-fifth way is to be spiritual. A thirty-sixth way is to be determined. A thirty-seventh way is to be organized. A thirty-eighth way is to be lazy. A thirty-ninth way is to be helpful. And finally, a fortieth way is to have a plan. These are some ways to get rid of your embarrassment. Hopefully this helped you figure things out. Any questions?
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I don’t even talk to any of my friends from high school or college anymore. Lost all interest in talking or doing anything with them. I’ve become to point where I don’t hang out with really anyone anymore besides like two people. What the fuck is wrong with me?