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Guys, I need help.
A while ago I was on Omegle and I matched with these two girls. They were one of the only ones who wern't bots. Anyways, we talked for a while (I was there just to pass the time, no sexual intentions or anything) but I think that one of the girls liked me. I asked their ages (both 13) and I'm 18. She gave me her snapchat and we added each other. She's been sending me shit every day and I'm pretty sure she has a huge crush on me. What the fuck do I do? I'm not a pedo and I don't like her back. It just feels weird and creepy. Do I block her, or just stop replying?
>inb4 "fuck her" or "get nudes". Serious answers only.
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I have a strong desire to read, but my short attention span usually means I'm distracted doing something else 15 minutes in.

How do I fix this?
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Dating apps

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Hey anons, i've tried a couple of dating apps such as tinder, badoo, meetic and some others and they all are all pay 2 win and you can't even answer your matches in some of them. What other app or method do you suggest that actually lets you meet new people?
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Why is everyone here so obsessed with wanting a gf?
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I fucked up edition
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I know 4chan isn’t really the best place to ask this, but I know there are some undercover normies on here.

What do you do on weekend nights if you can’t find any friends that want to go do something?

Sometimes when this happens I just drive to a quiet spot for a little bit and have a couple drinks or whatever. I also go camping sometimes. I’ve tried going to bars, but most people there are with groups and I usually just end up not talking to anybody and feeling weird for being there alone. Thoughts?
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I've got friends in all different places in and out of the country and we're looking for the best D&D experience we can all casually play together form time to time. Where online is the best to help us achieve this, either through some program which helps simulate a game of D&D or some actual D&D like game we can all play in a party?
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I'm turning 28 this August and I wanna be more of an adult. But I don't know how. I feel really childish.

I have a good education and job so I'm okay with that. But I was just been coasting with a deadbeat girlfriend. I broke up wth her 3 months ago. I don't really do much besides watch TV and work.

Most hobbies that people have seem childish and useless to me. I don't want food or sports or tv shows or movies as hobbies. Cars, bikes, stamps all seem sucky and useless. Travelling might be okay but I get the sense it's overrated. What should I do? Should I volunteer at a charity or read philosophy or something?

What is a hobby or something similar worth doing? Something that isn't just for my own benefit and just for the sake of fun or money.
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I actually need help figuring this out

I need to understand how to be liked in society

I need to understand how to be normal in a wolf pack

I need to learn how do humans actually act?