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Can you get PTSD from having your feelings hurt?

I got rejected by my best and only friend about 2 and a half years ago. He made me trust him to open up about my feelings for him and then brutally rejected me anyway. And i can't get over it.

I cry all the time, i fall into depressions for weeks at a time, i think about suicide often, I'm afraid of people, i have nightmares, i have vivid and intrusive memories that can pop up out of nowhere, I've gone from assuming that people generally like me to feeling unwanted and unliked by default. I bail from potential friendships and relationships the moment i sense potential for pain, which is always early.

I don't know what to do. I feel weak and ashamed that something hurtful but ultimately minor could break me so easily.

What is going on with me?
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At what age I'm supposed to decide if I should or not keep existing?
Every time I feel like I can't keep going, it's always the same
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ITT: Ask a black guy anything

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Nothing is off limits.
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I feel like I'm very close to possibly meeting a nice girl and starting a relationship.

How do I not fuck up?

Yes I'm 30 and never been in a relationship, you don't need to rub it in.
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Nervous wreck

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Guys I'm a fucking wreck. My cat all of a sudden today started acting strange. She won't eat anything, even tuna. And she's been crying like she's in pain and throwing up water. I'm bringing her to the vet as soon as they open tomorrow. But I'm really worried.. this cat literally means everything to me.

She's 12 years old. She's never been sick before. But for some reason she hasn't eaten anything. I even opened a can of Tuna as a test (because she usually goes crazy when I make tuna for myself) but she didn't do anything. When she puked earlier she sounded like she was in pain. Plus she has diarrhea. Anyone seen this before?
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Dated girl in my social circle for a few months. Ended it alright but then got some drunken texts and arguments after which didn't help.

Have to see her around now among other social meetups. Do I just treat her and act like before I stick my dick in her?

Also when she starts bringing a new guy around. I haven't met anybody new yet or fucked since so I don't have that over-it mindset yet
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I hang out with a study group 2x a week and had a huge crush on a guy in it for a while but never worked up the courage to do anything even though I was pretty confident that he liked me too.

It turns out he now either has, or has had the entire time, a semi-long distance girlfriend (she is an ex that I think he got back together with).

That's fine. My crush on him is weakening but still exists.

That's not the issue though. The issue is that another guy in the group has been sniffing around me and I think he's getting ready to ask me out. I'm not interested, and truth be told, I don't want to date anyone in the group that's not this guy I'm crushing on because part of me still hopes something will happen should he and his girlfriend ever break up.

I am willing to date people outside of the group though. I would just feel weird dating someone in this guy's vicinity...I'd be wondering if I was making him jealous. If he and his girlfriend separated, I'd want to dump whoever I was with for him if I thought there was a chance that something might happen. It doesn't seem right.

So should this guy ask me out, what do I say? Do I just tell him the truth? That I have a crush on someone else in the group and don't want to date anyone else in the group?

I do not get asked out often so sorry if this is a stupid question.
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Hey 4chan,

I have been going for a walk with one girl for a few months. We kiss in the lips, she embraces me first. Assuming that she does not talk to other boys, is she my girlfriend?
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how do i become less insecure?

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i have a friend whos really smart and good at a lot of shit
and i mean a lot of shit
i always feel kind of inadequate or lesser when i talk to her.
how do stop feeling insecure about my own abilities/intelligence?
giting gud is obviously an option but catching up to her would obviously take a long time and id rather improve of my own volition instead of being motivated by her
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To anyone that's struggling

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I went to the gym today after work as usual. I didn't want to go, but I forced myself to go and not just sit at home being miserable. I thought the gym closed late and so I started off on my chest, then squatted. As I was squatting, the gym receptionist started powering things down and I asked her if the gym closed early today. She said that it did. I powered through my squats and thought "I'll leave the dead-lifting for another day" But I know that the gym closes early tomorrow(8pm) and I wouldn't be out of work until 9. I said "There's only 10 minutes left before you'll be an ass and stay past closing. Believe in yourself, you can do this. No excuses if you really want something. That's what you said to her when she blamed you for cheating, right?". So I ripped the plates off the squat rack, put them on the dl bar and started doing 2pl8's for 5x5. It was fucking hard guys, I tell you. I was wanting to quit, I'd just finished working 8 hours in a busy kitchen, saw the girl all day at work, she even ordered food that I cooked; only to see her sitting with the new guy and eating it with him. I wanted to just go home and cry, but I kept telling myself "You tried your best for her. Now do your best for you." I've never dead-lifted 2pl8s so fast and so cleanly. Another guy asked to work in when he saw me and I agreed, and together we both cranked out the lifts. I was spent and drenched in sweat. I'm not "better", it's hard, every day it's hard. But I haven't missed a workout since February and I know that I have it in me to be an even better person. You guys have helped me with this heartache a bit and I just wanted to give something back. Don't give in to the pain, use it; channel it and make yourself better for you. Don't let other peoples decisions shatter your world or make you stop fighting for yourself. People will give up on you. But you can always choose to not give up on yourself. God bless you guys and I hope you find happiness within.
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