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Vaginal tightness/looseness insecurity question

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If a girl is with a guy, breaks up, then sleeps with a guy with a much larger (thicker) penis a couple of times....

Say she gets back with the first guy. Will she feel even slightly looser to him? I understand the size won't change but will it feel less tight having been stretched further by the other guy (like an elastic band losing elasticity)?

>Do thicker penises reduce the feeling of vaginal tightness for smaller guys?
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What's the best way to cope with my worthlessness and the knowledge that I'm replaceable? If I was gone today, people would miss me for maybe a week and then forget about me completely.
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Hey advice.

Does anime cause a degeneration of social skills? I want to know whether I should stop watching anime or not.
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There is a girl I talk to in my class, and I can't tell if she's just shy or if I'm legitimately making her uncomfortable.

She doesn't really talk to anyone and sits in the corner. I sit near her most days and occasionally I chat with her about things ("are you nervous about the exam?", etc) and she always responds and smiles, but the smile seems kind of forced and awkward. Also, when she told me her name, she shook my hand, which seemed kinda off to me.

On the other hand, today she wore makeup to class (which she almost never does) and moved a desk right next to mine to sit.

So I can't tell if I'm making her uncomfortable or if she's just kinda awkward. I think she's really pretty, so it's hard for me to imagine her being shy
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Do righteous women have any use for shit testing? I'm thinking only sluts need to shit test. I'm dating a woman who claims to be a virgin and that she goes to church every Sunday. When I squeezed a lime she laughed at me for having weak hands and said it was just a little juice, and she's said and done other things too that seem like shit tests.
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howdy /adv/

As of late, Ive been hanging out with this chick. Shes funny, pretty, has a fantastic body, and is just fun to talk to.

>went to a party together and we had a great time
>Got some food
>danced for a while
>ditched and went to a different party later on in the night
>She told me she had a great time and all that shit
>She wants to chill on Halloween and dress up and shit and maybe head to a party
>we text back and forth, shes also texted first in the past
>she laughs at all my jokes and shit

Should I go for it? I dont wanna ruin our friendship and shit. Im also a kissless virgin and shes been with guys in the past so I kinda feel inexperienced.
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I feel really dumb, uncultured, unsociable etc to a painfully awkward extent.
ITT: books and movies or any other suggestions in general to be less of asshat.
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car anxiety

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i've had an anxiety disorder since the age of 4 and i'm 18 now

i was in a really bad car accident at 16 (i was the driver, no passengers)
and that might contribute to some of the car anxiety

i can remember having panic attacks in cars of my friends' parents when i was around 11-12 when we were driving somewhere

recently i've been having panic attacks in cars more frequently, and i don't know why

it's never when i'm driving, it's always when other people are driving and i'm not even afraid of their driving skills

i think some of it is a "trapped" feeling

how the fuck do i stop having panic attacks in cars?

when i have panic attacks i get diarrhea and vomit so i need to fix this asap
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What would you do if you found out your boyfriend had fantasies about sharing you?

Not saying he wants to make it real, but you discovered that he had a kink where you did mischievous stuff with guys, and he wanted to try role playing or dirty talking about it, and maybe take you clubbing out of town to show you off (again, its a fantasy and its consenting adults)
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To put a long story short
I am 16 and did my gcse exams in may/June, I play vidya on my computer a lot and didn't revise so I'm guessing my mom thought I had no chance of passing, in July we went on "holiday" to a 3rd world country to visit a lot of our reletives. It's been 4 months and my mom went back and left me here with a relative, no money, no further education. Nothing. And every time I speak to her she said that I was "addicted" to my pc and that I needed a break and I have to stay In this shithole for 2 years even after she learned that I passed 7/10 gcses and would have been able to do the alevels in a college that I had chosen. Lots of other things also

So bassically I want to go back, I have no money and can't get a job and she took my passport with her, my friend is telling me to call the British embassy here and tell them so they will take me back but ik 100% my mom will not let me live with her if I do that so what do i do

Sorry for format/structure/punctuation, on phone
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