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How to resist the urge to contact her again

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So my gf broke up with me a few days ago and I blocked on every social media we share. How do I resist the urge to unblock her?
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10 years ago I made a horrible mistake. I started to fool around with my best friend's girl. We never had sex, just a little oral before we both stopped it from going further. Both of us knew it shouldn't have gone where it did.

10 years ago I was a different personal. Suicidal, self destructive, and an addict. But those are my personal excuses for my actions.

When my friend found out, we completely cut communication. I didn't even get to speak to him in person again, just got an email saying how I had hurt him and to essentially go away. I honored his wishes. At this point I can't even remember if I apologized.

This week I got to talking about honor among brothers with another friend and how much I value it. But I remembered a time where I wasn't as honorable. And my regret is still so strong.

I looked up my old best friend. He now lives 6 miles from me, creeped on Facebook and it just happened 6 months ago. He also married that girl 5 years ago.

He used to live over 2000 miles away and I feel like the world is pushing me us closer. At some point I might see him in town. This scares me.

Should I write him a sincere FB message? I think it's impersonal enough that he could just delete it. I dont want to rehash old wounds for him. But I do miss that brotherly relationship I had. Part of me wonders if we could have that again, having grown older.
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This might involve more than just me, I can't be the only one in this boat.

Do any of you guys feel... stupid? I feel stupid. More specifically, I feel like I'm perceived as being stupid, even though it's mostly difficult for me to articulate my thoughts.

Okay, so for example... I'm on a discussion board that talks about philosophy. I enjoy it, and have valuable insights by reading other's thoughts. But about half of the time, I cannot keep up with the verbiage they're using, and once I understand their verbiage, I don't see the value in it. When I have an insight and want to share, others either don't get it, or get it and it's not a deep insight as I thought.

At work, I was often laughed at when someone would ask me a personal opinion, and I'd go off the beaten path in order to explain my viewpoint.

People will often say that they, "can't understand that kid" and I can tell they stop listening to me in the middle of what I'm saying.

tl;dr: I have a hard time articulating my internal thoughts and it makes me feel like I'm perceived as a moron. Help?
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Lost in love

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I'm in a relationship, basically, i have cheated on this girl i've been with for 4.5 yrs. I'd love some advice as i am very confused and upset at the moment. any honesty is appreciated.

>with gf for 4.5 yrs
>go hunting with sister, 2 of my friends and my sisters friend
>get drunk later on in the night and everyone goes to bed except the girl - my sisters friend ( we'll call her M)
>M and I have history together, have slept together 6 years ago.
>M wanders out into the rocky field, i follow
>she talks about how i still felt about her after the past 6 years (i'd been in
a 9 month relationship where she had told me during; that she had loved me)
>I say i had always felt connection between me and her.
>she goes on to say that she has BPD (borderline personality disorder) and that its hard for her to have any lasting relationships - shows me stitched cuts on arms.
>we chat and joke some more about random shit, i lean in to kiss her but she resists a little and reminds me i have a gf.
>accept that i'm being stupid, talk more and go to the car i'll be sleeping in the car that night( its 2 degrees outside)
>M approaches the car, joins me in the back and says its cold as fuck.
>one thing leads to another and we're fucking in the back of the car.
>dont say anything to each other in the morning

Basically i call her a few fays later asking what is gonna happen past me obviously breaking up with my gf.
M said she cant have a relationship or FWB with me since she wants to complete a course for BPD that ends next year and cant really get attached (since that happens easy with BPD sufferers) otherwise she'll be unhappy the rest of her life. says we can still be friends.

I feel alot of love for M now, though im unsure if i should still try talking or leave her alone( i see her occasionally anyway) This shit hurta guys, some say its better to have love and lost than not loved at all but im beginning to not believe that.
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May have raped my bf

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Yo /adv/ so I'm in a bit of a pickle; will tl;dr after I'm done

I'm bisexual, mostly date women, but about two months ago I started dating the second guy I've ever dated.
>Twink as fuqq
He's everything I look for in a girl and a little bit more? It's been a slow start, although we're dating (I'm fairly experienced with both partners) we've only had sex about twice, though he's given me head a few times as well.

A few days ago I dropped the bomb on my friends that I'm seeing a guy and I'm bisexual, as I expected they were pretty chill about it, surprised, but no one gave much of a shit since some of the closer guys in the group are gays anyway.
We had a party and I brought my qt 3.14 so we could play vidya and drink, turned out great - though my bf was quiet as usual everyone was chill. I checked in with him a lot to make sure he was ok since he seemed extra quiet.
Just to clarify this was a huge deal for me even though I knew my friends wouldn't really care I mean I live in WA lol - still it was a big thing for me.

Anyway fast forward I take him home and I ask if I can come up, which he agrees. We chat for a little while, nothing special, then I kind of get horny and start getting close to him.
>Key point I haven't mentioned: he refuses to let me blow him, I really don't know why, whenever I ask or say anything about it he changes the subject - the only concrete thing I have gotten out of him is that he is shy but does enjoy head.

So I tell him don't think, I'll be gentle, you know. All while I'm slowly getting his pants undone. At this point he kind of jumps up a little bit but I'm already half way down there, he asks me "what are you doing?" I don't say anything and proceed to massage him with my hand, he's clearly hard at this point. He moves off the couch and his dick is right in front of my face, I place my hands on his put and pull him forward a little. He tells me "Stop," and pushes at my shoulders a little
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Buying car without title

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Tomorrow I'm going to go look at an old car for sale. I'm trying to buy a cheap car to scoot around in and carry new furniture to my apartment with.

Anyway, there's one for sale at a good price but the owner never got the title for it from the last seller. I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult/expensive it is to get one drawn up for the thing. I live in Colorado if that helps

Thank you for any advice! Pic unrelated
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should I feel ashamed

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now I was fighting my girlfriend in street fighter today (I own the game but play it like once a month. she only has the shit 3ds version which she never plays) at my house. I won every match, but I felt ashamed that in a few of those matches I lost a round. mind you she can barely do inputs as certain characters.
Even though I won all mqtches, should I feel ashamed I lost a round to a girl? my little brother beat her too but never lost a round
(I'm 18, she's 19)
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How do I find peace in solitude?

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>22 years old
>Don't have any close friends
>Girls my age don't text me long
>Only attention I get is from older women
>Haven't had sex in 2 years but I might fuck a married 40 year old something soon. Idk though I want a gf more.
>I try to quit saving porn pics on my phone but when I delete em I restock on new pics 2 days later because its the only thing that keeps me from feeling lonely.

I hate life, I want to cry but nothing will come out. Idk what to do. Tommorow I'll try to work on some hobbies but tonight I feel emptier than I've ever felt. Don't tell me to pursuit fame or whatever. Fuck man.
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How do I keep a girl?

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Found this girl who is funny, sweet, and ultra kinky how do I keep her around without fucking it up??
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