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relationship dissonance

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I've been in a committed relationship for 4 years. My girlfriend is kind and incredibly devoted to me. I've honestly never had anyone love me so much. We have had some major difficulties in the past, in the last couple months we came very very close to breaking up due to her inability to give me space and my inability to communicate but we decided to stay together and stick it out. I can't say I'm necessarily happy but she's good to me and I'm worried she'd kill herself if we did end up splitting.

Here is the issue, I just can't stop thinking about another woman. We've been close friends for 3 years and I've developed very strong feelings for her but I don't believe it would go anywhere past sex. She's independent and has a very free spirit. We relate in a way I don't think I've ever related to anyone before. Although I love my gf I feel like I've reached a point where we aren't growing as a couple and there is nothing to talk about.

The other woman knows I'm having relationship problems and she wanted to hang out with me alone tonight. I nearly agreed to meet but I couldn't handle the thought of hurting my gf. I feel a lot of shame and at the same time regret.

tl;dr, do I break up with my gf because I can't shake these strong feelings? or do I stay with my gf in the hope that things improve? Should I tell my gf or the other woman about my feelings? This sucks ass
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Weird Noises

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So I'm in my room I hear a scratching on the walls of my room. At night it gets really loud. I live in an apartment. The next room is closed off. What should I do.
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Sex with ex

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Broke up with my first long term gf just over a week ago. She's texting me begging me to be intimate with her one more time, she knows I hate her but she just can't cope blah blah blah. This is now the 5th time we've broken up and I intend to keep it that way. But I feel like I'm gonna give in. Obviously I want to feel and touch her again, but that won't make the break up any easier for either of us. My dick wants to nut in the only girl I've ever been with, but my brain keeps telling me to remember how unhappy she made me. So confused. Wat do?
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accidentally took 120mg of prozac. Am I gonna die? Usually take 60
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>be 25
>been with a total of 5 girls sexually in my life
>every time I was with a new woman I for lack of a better term “leveled up”
>went from handjob to blowjob to sex, to finally being able to cum during sex
>through my whole life I’ve always been super anxious when it comes to sex due to some childhood abuse nonsense.

Now that I’ve finally been able to finish and enjoy myself, I feel my next step is to help the women have fun more than what I’ve been able to.

I’ve got a relatively normal penis, 6.3 length with a huge baseball head and a girth that starts at 4.7 thins out to 4.4ish then jumps to 5.0 at the last third to the base. I know a lot of woman don’t get off through straight penetration and that’s cool, but what else can I do, and how can I improve my oral game? My last girlfriend and longest relationship of 3 months (the other girls were one night stands where I was either to drunk to do much or I was to nervous to really know what to do.) broke up with me as I was giving her oral when she felt the relationship was to mechanical and was moving to fast. She had said she loved me within 2 weeks of dating and without any real experience I returned the call. We had a few petty fights prior and that definitely went into this, however it was because we were in the middle of sex that this really killed a blow to my confidence (also didn’t help she was the hottest woman I was with).

Yeah I don’t know what sort of advice I’m seeking , but I’m seeking some, please help.
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I'm a 18 yo through knee amputee, Do I still have a chance to make it? My biggest fear is women will treat me like I'm manlet status
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Alright lads, gf says she wants me to bust inside of her. She's not on the pill, says we'll use plan B and shewon't be ovulating. I know this isn't safe and a bit impulsive but are the odds in our favor at least?
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I'm in a tricky situation and since my "friends" only give shit adice I ask you /adv/

I'm living in a flat with two other students and just found at the one of them, unfortunately a cute girl, is going into my room when I'm at the gym and taking some of my protein powder as fucking ridiculous as it sounds
how the hell do I react to that? if she was some dude I'd just confront him and tell him he owes me some protein powder or else, but in this case I'm conflicted because my dick thinks I can kinda exploit that situation

so what do I do? lock my room in the future and pretend it never happened? we are not exactly friends since she stays in her room nearly 24/7 and studies or whatever, so just talking it out is kinda difficult
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Fastest route?

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I need to drive.

I know enough, and that includes knowing I'll get screwed by a few obscure questions on the knowledge test right now. Should I use youtube to fill in the gaps? Apps? Or is the book still the best way?

Also, I found out scheduling a driver's test takes a century and a half in PA. My biggest question here is could I schedule that shit right now with my ID number? Or do I need the permit number?

I've checked out /o/ and I plan to read that how to inspect and test drive section VERY thoroughly.

I'm just sick of biking EVERYWHERE and needing to rely on rides. I know I should have been doing this instead of playing the Nintendo at 16, so pic kinda related, but I'm also getting too old for this... so anyone willing to help this fool out?
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Are there any other guys here who have totally broken through their refractory period?

I used to have one and now i don't at all. I just pushed through it as hard as possible and made myself cum again, every time. These days I cum at least twice every session without thinking.

I also have some weird health problems that seem hormonally related which is why i am asking if anyone else is in this boat.