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Hey, /adv/.

Yesterday I received and missed a call by an unknown number. Being ignorant, I made a big mistake and decided to call back. It was not an automated tape or a bot that answered. Instead, the person who answered the phone seemed to reply in another language which I couldn't make out. I hung up about 5 to 10 seconds after realizing what I've just done. I suspect there is a high possibility that the call came from scammers from a third or second world country, possibly Guinea.

Now I'm terrified as fuck of getting more calls, my number and possibly dox getting sold, getting expensive invoices and demand notes, getting signed up for contracts I didn't legally sign, etc.
I now just read some articles and they basically said that it's scam indeed and that I should send in formulas to my state's Federal Network Agency and report the offense to the police. I still have the number and can show it to relevant people.

What can and should I do now?
What may happen in the following months?
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It was like a porno. She had spent the night. He went off to work in the morning. She got up and saw me in the living room. We talked and things led to things and then I HAD SEX WITH HER IN MY BED

I'm gonna try and just hide it from my dad but this is FUCKED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHAT DO I DO
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my gf is in an emotionally abusive household

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>17 year old qt with extreme depression and anxiety
>her parents constantly make her feel like shit for the smallest bullshit
>they control everywhere she goes, for how long and need to be constantly updated on her location
>keep her home as much as possible and while she's there they have her do nothing but clean and when she's not cleaning they're bitching at her for not being good enough and just generally keep her isolated
>read her texts and monitor all of her online activity
>whenever she tries to confront them about how she feels, the control, the sense she has that she has no value to them, etc. They scream at her and tell her she's ungrateful or that she's disrespectful, which of course makes everything much worse
>when she was young her dad would hit her, and they would bring her into crowds or other situations that they knew would trigger her anxiety

I'm scared for her, she's hurt herself on and off for years and attempted suicide once before a few years ago. I understand parent's wanting to keep their kid safe or whatever but these fuckers are nuts. They do everything they do just to keep her under their thumb. My theory is they never wanted her to begin with, and shes had lots of expensive health problems I thing they blame her for personally.

I love her so much anons, I stayed up all night last night talking her out of hurting herself again. How do I help her in this situation? How do you console someone who's family hates them and holds them prisoner in their own home?
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Biological clock

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I just got very scared. I'm 25 now, why haven't I had a baby yet?

Well, I have this idea that my parents are the type of people who would disown me if I got pregnant (especially before being married). So when I think "pregnant", I'm not happy about new life, instead I feel dreadful.

Also, I have a phobia-tier fear of pregnancy itself (what happens in the body), and the birthing process itself. I first got those fears when my mom talked about it when I was a kid in front of me. And it might've been contributed into by graphic movies about giving birth that'd be shown in the health class at middle school. Point is, I know it'll be painful & scary and I'm scared.

First I had to get my shit together, sort of. I had to be able to support myself, because if I cannot support myself, how can I support a husband and child? So I got into jobs so I'd have money. When I first got my job, I was in my early 20's, very late to be starting work. I just didn't know how to get a job, I had no guidance.

Then I just had to find a suitable mate. I needed to find the right man. This took many years in itself. It's not just a passing thought, I wanted someone compatible with me, whether we had kids or not.

I'm 25 now. I'm saddled with all sorts of bills (especially for my car), and just won't have the money for a baby for many years to come. In five years (I'll be 30) my car will be paid off, giving a little more wiggle-room regarding money. But the saddest thing is, I have no support network (the most important thing) to help me take care of a child. My family will not help (and probably won't want to, or can't). They're too busy talking care of my autistic brother (and I want them to). I have no network of female friends to help, but that's my fault.
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So my ex girlfriend is doing Ameritech porn on porn hub and has videos diddling herself with a cucumber. She also got fat and smokes weed now. Why am I sad and obsessed with getting back with her?
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How to turn my mindset off of being in love with a person?

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I'm deeply in love with my best friend who happens to be a lesbian. I'm a straight guy. We don't skip a day without contacting each other, either it is in text or in person. We have a great relationship, a relationship like I never had before. She's closer to me than my family or all friends of mine. She was sleeping over at my place, we shared my bed. Like we usually do. We just sleep next to each other. It fucking hurts sleeping next to someone you love when the other one doesn't show you a bit of love. What can I expect though, right. I know that I have no chance at her. But I still invite her over. I'm an idiot but it's the best feeling I ever had when I wake up in the morning and just fucking cuddle her to death. She doesn't mind it, she just never iniciates it. It's like heroin, I am so eufforic when I have her by my side but when she's gone I suffer like a pig.

She doesn't find me desirable and doesn't want to touch me even in a friendly way because she thinks that it may give me an invitation to move forward, I get it. It's tearing me inside, it's been a year and it still hurts. I talked to her about it, and I think that she must realize that I still am in love with her.

I was sleeping around with plenty other girls in that time but I just don't see what she got in them. Only solution is to cut her off but I'd go mental. Everyfucking day, I wake up and the first thing that comes to my mind is her. She's the best worst thing that the life brought upon me.

tl;dr how to stay in relationship with best friend when you are in love with her
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I can't leave

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I want to leave my girlfriend.
I find it hard to admit to myself. It has been this way for about a week. We have almost broken up before, but lately I have been thinking about it with almost no emotional investment. I am just tired. We have been together for over a year but I am feeling done.
She (for the millionth time) spiraled down into a rant about how terrible her life and our relationship is. She said she never wants children. I feel like I was lied to because she has been saying she does. She went on about how she doesn't want kids for a few minutes.
We are mostly incompatible. Politics, spirituality, etc. I told myself that, "that stuff isn't that important". Here is some advice to you: It is. Maybe not at first, but it will, if you have any integrity in your values.
She is depressing as fuck. Her whole attitude on everything sucks. I can say without a doubt that she will be miserable for the rest of her life. I made excuses for this at first. I told myself I could "help her". I can't, and I don't want to anymore.
She is emotionally abusive and has separated me from everything and everyone I like.
So why am I still with her? Guilt? Every morning I wake up its like everything has been "reset" to a normal relationship. The hundreds of photos and videos from our relationship that remind me of every heartwrenching moment I have loved her. The sense that all this time and effort has been wasted. The very certain fact that she will drag my name through the mud.
I live with her. I tried to end it a few months ago and she threatened suicide. I agreed to stay with her but live separately.
Side note: she had been threatening to move out for months so this next part is hilarious.
A week later she asked me to move back in and I agreed. Haha I am dumb as shit.
How dumb am I? Well I recently just re-signed a lease to live with this girl for another whole year! I am secondary on the lease if that means anything.
I am 25 years old and ready to have a god-damn life.
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Is it too late for me to get it right?

I'm a 19 M, been a freshman in college for about a year now.


Clueless with women.


Drunk and high right now, I just don't know where to turn. I don't feel like I'm going anywhere anytime soon, no matter how hard I'd try, it won't matter.

I don't feel like I've contributed at all to our species. I don't even think I'm capable of contributing anything worthwhile to our species. I've been feeling this helpless for a while, and I know it's getting in the way of me seeing a brighter future (before I'll lose it all in death)

How do you go about feeling like less of a waste of space in life?
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