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I caved, do I find someone else now and cut my losses?

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My gf brought up that she didn't cut off two guys she hooked up with.

She gave me the whole "we tried hooking up for a bit, it was a while ago, we agreed it was a shit situation so we stopped, we have loads of mutual friends, and it's not like I initiate texting him or he initistes texting me to 'check in' we just have friends in common and grew up in the same area . If we caught up you mean I wouldn't be allowed to? I know you don't want to meet him but he is part of my group and he isn't a bad guy"

I wanted to dump her on the spot. That's what based and redpilled people would do, I've been in situations like this before and I did the "alpha" thing and walked.

This time I tried not to be so black and white so I was like "fine whatever I trust you" and she was like "ugh it's not like I want to actively hang out with him anyways"

Did I do the mature thing or did I invite myself to cuckoldry? Should I just find a new girl now and save myself the drama
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Do high libido women really exist? I'm talking about actual high libido, not "I could do once a day". That's completely average for a young male.
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Would it be a bad idea to teach at an all-girls school as a male? I got a really good job opportunity recently to teach at this school but there's only female students. I'm a little intimidated, I only have experience at public schools.
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Insecure about my boobs

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My boobs are not a saggy mess but they're droopy, with a few stretch marks and with the dreaded "pepperoni nipples". I've never loved them.

It doesn't help that whenever the topic of boobs comes up online, I see guys rave on small perky boobs while calling big ones disgusting. It's okay to have a preference of course but I don't get why they can't state their preference without body-shaming women with big boobs. Advice on how to start accepting my body or how to grow thicker skin please?
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Any help appreciated

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This may get long. Anyways I haven't had a Monster Energy in months upon months but picked one up today.

For some reason once I have one I can talk again, I feel energetic, I feel more outgoing and over all better feeling. It's like my brain and mouth are finally in sync.

Without them I have troubles talking (jumbled speech, talking too fast, seldom stuttering), I generally don't have motivation as I have problems focusing and concentrating. A mix of brain fog and constantly wanting to be on the go.

I have been like this for as long as I can remember. I don't drink cola or eat much for surgery foods as I dislike the taste .

I have been on meds but it seems like we're chasing our tails with trying to pin point anything.

So advice, is there anything you could think of? Would it be beneficial for my doctor to know the Energy Drinks help?

Took me 4 tries to ask for a dang lotto ticket when I was getting the drink. My words just turn into a jumble. I can read out loud fine.
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I want to fuck the sister of my uncle's wife 45yo lady divorced for a long time ( more than 15yo) she has no one in her life she lives with her parents, she likes me and she is kinda cool, she doesn't treat me like a child even tough she knows me since I was born, I'm 21 I have 0 experience with old female how do I convince without causing any family problem
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Why does every conversation feel like a desperate struggle to hurl as many words as possible to the other person so that there's no silence?
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How do i get a woman to ask me out? im male
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