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I accidentally sent a classmate an e-mail from the wrong acc

I don't want to give it on here but suffice to say the account name has something to do with Eva Peron. It's something like eva.peron[number]@mail provider.

This classmate is a grill, and she seems pretty shy. She doesn't know it's me who sent the email, but she's going to found out as soon as we do groupwork.

How do I play off the fact that I LARP as the wife of a far-right autocrat sometimes? I'm not trying to bang or anything, I'm just trying to not make her think I'm a total weirdo right off the bat
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>in super relationship 3 years
>GF job is sponsoring male strip shows
>in one time i found out she was pretty active in strip show: trying to unbotton other guys pants, smoking weed, pretty drunk
>says its all in the show

why i feel like shit aftar all this and what to do?
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Lost wallet

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I lost my wallet and I've searched my house and my car for it. What should I do???
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>4.5 years together
>get into an argument
>she says she puts so much effort into our relationship
>I tell her that for the last 3.5 years her idea of effort has been, at best, being a high maintenance house plant while I try and put in maximal effort and try to make things as happy for both of us as possible while she outright refuses to even accept my notions, nudgings and clearly stated offers of help to get her on the path of putting in literally any effort at all. I had to pull her teeth just to get the most basic communication dribbled out while there's always been a mountain of unspoken shit we never fixed because she never tried to fix it
>silence for about 30 seconds since I just unloaded a mountain of shit
>she just says she loves me as sincerely as I've heard in probably weeks and drops the subject
Im still really fucking miffed though. Years of me having to put in 100% of the effort in our relationship while it obviously slowly decays around us because she refuses to meaningfully contribute anymore and has become hardly more than a leech who occasionally wants sex. Not only that but she can't even take care of herself properly without me and falls apart emotionally without my support and no matter how hard I try to get her to see therapists or counselors or psychiatrists or anything she patently refuses.

Im so sick of it. She isn't even grateful, she takes it all for granted. Should I just cut her out and move on?
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Ive had rhypophobia since i was 6. it has destroyed my life. i have horrible depression and i want to die every day, every hour, every minute, every second. ive tried to kill myself but failed. each day i suffer horribly because of rhypophobia. my life is a living nightmare. what do i do? i am in horrible pain.
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I'm going to buy a gun so I can kill myself if I want to, what gun should I buy?

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what's a reliable handgun that will get the job done?

what caliber size should i aim for?

thinking about shooting myself in the chest so at least my parents wont have to deal with a fucked up face

how much would it cost me to get a reliable but cheap handgun?
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Lets just say im kind of done with life. I know i wont have the future i wanted for myself and i dont want to live a mediocre life instead.
Lets just say my mom always was there for me and would be pretty devastated when she get to know her son just took his own life.

What could i do to make her feel less sad about it? I dont think she deserves it but it sucks living in a country known for pretty and easy girls and still not being able to pull off at least one 6/10 or more.
Or even a motorbike or a car.
Tried trading cryptos but realized im probably too dumb to do it, even with 115 iq.

So what should i do? A letter telling her that i love her and she didnt do anything wrong would be enough? What makes it worst is that she got her car robbed at gunpoint some weeks ago and now shes almost addicti to benzos/klonopin, im kinda scared about it.

Anyway thats it, pardon me because im a bit drunk and might have write this post in a weird way lel.
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Help my with my guilt

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I did something really bad out of curiosity, and now i feel awfully guilty and anxious about it.
How do you deal with guilt in general?
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>humans are social creatures
>you don't need others to make you happy
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UPM(unlawful possession of marijuana) in NYC. Need a few questions answered.

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I recently got a UPM(unlawful possession of marijuana) in NYC, staten island spec, and need some legal advice.
I've done hours of research but there are some things that are still vague or just not mentioned at all.1) is that most people online say that public attorneys are not are not provided if you do not have financial troubles, meanwhile two people I have talked to in irl for the same offense say they were given one with no questions asked. So which is it? and 2) What are my chances of getting an ACD and does hiring a private attorney really help in increasing my odds? I am a college student, with a clean record. I'm obviously going to come well groomed, speak politely "yes your honor, no your honor" but I know I am not obligated to receive leniency. Any advice or similar experiences will be greatly appreciated. I'd hate for my life to basically end over something so commonplace, even in our own police and legal system.
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