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Pressing Charges. Need Opinions

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>Be on again off again friends with (we'll call him Steve) since grade 8, sometimes going a year or two without seeing each other
>As we grew into adulthood, I continued progressing, and he stunted around 17, and that isn't me being a pretentious fedora tipper
>as 25 years olds, when we hungout, which was roughly once every 3 weeks, he would tell me about conflicts he got into when he was out in public, the conflicts always about him intimidating or scaring someone off with his size, and I almost always felt like his stories were fabricated bullshit because they never seemed to add up, but never told him that and gave him the benefit of the doubt.
>he's a highschool dropout, doesn't have his full license,, works a dead end job as a yardman and has no plans for anything else, chain smokes, and lives with his mom.
>As an adult, I decided to keep him in my life because I felt sorry for him, and I wanted to hang onto that adolescent friendship. He offered absolutely nothing to me in terms of friendship, but I was a real good friend to him.
>He messaged me lots, and asked me to hangout every single saturday, and throughout the week. I would wake up for work at 6am to 3 missed calls and 7 missed text messages from the night before from him, asking what I'm doing, why I'm not answering my phone, and him just generally being irritated with me. He made it clear in his texts that he was irritated with me that I wasn't answering him.
>One day, I had enough, and sent him a modest statement, telling him to stop calling and texting me so much
>He literally replied to this saying "wow, so you're saying not to call or text you anymore? fine" and this kicked off a trivial and ridiculous argument over text. He proceeded to list off things I do that he didn't like, and I took the bait and defended myself. It was exhausting.
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How do I treat other people like they matter in my life
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Relationship woes

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Evening lads, I need a hand. I have been in a relationship for 4 Years now with a girl I met in the last years of secondary school. I keep trying to broach the subject of sex to her but no matter what she shoots it down. She has also stopped being physical with me, she doesn’t mind me making her cum but if I ask her to return the favour it’s a chore. It’s really starting to weigh on me that I’m not enough for her. I need help.
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How to get the drive to actually keep progressing in my endeavors. Like I have a piano in my room, I'd spend some time messing with it then drop it and lose interest, all whilst learning nothing.

How do I keep at it?
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What do I do? My girlfriend has a death wish and thinks of self harm. I don't feel I can help her in that regard.
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how to reinitiate contact with a guy if we haven't spoken for months?
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Hi /adv/. I am 20 years old and have only ever had one girlfriend (at age twelve or something so it doesn't even really count). I think that there must be something wrong with my attitude or strategy in looking for a gf. It's quite obvious that they won't come to me but I grew up very sheltered so I don't really know where to start and seeing that i moved to a new town and away from the parents because of college I thought I could try my luck. Is online dating a good option or should I just try going to bars or what?
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I've got a small window and need help. If you have BD1/2 help a fellow. Out.

In the last 2 months I've lost my fucking mind.

(April) °good job and home °get depressed and try to kill myself, but fail. °don't tell anyone and don't seek help. °quit job self medicated with drugs ° broke lease and owe LL 2 months rent. throw all my stuff away, except a bag of cloths and my BC °found a new job and lived on the streets for a week. °found a bag by a bridge I slept on. In it is cloths and a bottle of pills. I take them and go to the local library to see what it is. They were anti-depressants. I start taking them. °big mistake. Start feelings strange and my body feels out of control. Look up symptoms associated with the pills. Developed serotonin syndrome. I think about throwing the pills away, but instead take 1 pill a day. Symptoms go away and I start to feel better. (May) °friend takes me in and I save up some money. They don't know I was living on the streets. I tell them I got the pills from my doctor. °found a new place and moved in. °pills stop working and I increase to 2 a day, develop SS again but keep taking them until after 3 days my body is so agitated I feel needles all over me and muscles twitch. I stop taking them, but don't throw the bottle away. Why? Couldn't bring myself to do it. Scared I might need it. °start getting delusions and stop showing up to work. ° lose new job and don't tell new roommate or friends. °family contacts me wanting to visit and know how I'm doing. I lie they believe me so they don't visit me. °depression hits and I lock myself away from the world. °delusions increase with depression and I lay in bed for literally 2 days, scared everyone hates me and hating myself. °Force myself up to find a new job and get 3 leads. °delusions subside and I transition to a short manic stint. In this time I cut my hair and failed.

I need advice on what to do going forward in this window of clarity.
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Why can't i ever have fun?

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I used to be a loner with nobody to hang out with, only played videogames but still got bored as hell; this year i have been making "friends" and hung out with many different people, but i never once had fun, i just was bored the whole time, i hung out with nerds, with chads, with normal balanced people, i even went to some parties but i still had no fun.
is there something inherently wrong with me? is something in my brain not working properly? how do i have fun? this gets more degrading each day that passes
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Let’s talk about near death experiences? Have you had one? What did you see? How did it affect the way you live, and your relationship with death?

Had one at 15, but for some reason it’s only been freaking me out since a few months (I’m 20 now), and now I can’t stop thinking about the same thing happening to me and killing me this time. How do I shed this fear of death?
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