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Im going to be an associate lecturer at a college over the summer and then hopefully they'll make me full time in the fall semester.

What type of humor is good for the classroom and how can I develop it? Are there books on this? Research shows humor is good for connecting with students and getting them interested in a subject but doesnt say what type of humor or how to employ it.
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Hey /adv/...

Today years of insecurities and speculation that I must be ugly have been confirmed today--and I already was hurting quite a bit. I've gotten a lot of insults online but fairly tame and usually delegated to a few people.

Basically...these past 10 years of my life, 11-21...subconsciously I believed that all I needed to do was lose some weight, fix my skin and vibe (aka, become sociable), and in a way this was my "defense". Oh, I could always be better, this is only...temporary. Kept me going and bubbly. Shrugging off the criticism.

So...cue the past year. Been investing in skincare (my acne is almost gone at least), a better wardrobe, and losing the fat.
And apparently it has only made me look worse according to other people--that I look like death even though I'm still a bit chubby, 10 pounds over being slender, and just...everything. The input has gotten somehow worse.

Someone in real finally came clean and said that they've just been acting nice all this time. That they think I'm a wonderful person but that my ugliness is so profound that no one could ever love me, and people will always subtly judge me for it. Basically everything this person said everything that was wrong with my face that people have only just suggested or implied over the years. Every look of disgust and being treated like a circus sideshow suddenly made sense and wasn't some sort of irrational fear as people or /adv/ suggested. On the other hand, no one has ever complimented me--at least since my chubby high school for once but I'm sure it was just the lighting.

tl;dr, am morbidly ugly and the belief that it was only temporary what kept me going half of my life.
How do you psychologically cope with something like that...? Aside from killing myself of course. This is less a matter of being forever alone and instead the fact that people are subtly prejudiced against people like me.
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Laptop recommendation

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Looking into buying a new laptop. Anyone have any good recommendations for a laptop under 400 bucks that is good for streaming videos and browsing 4 chan. Pic related. It’s the laptop I’m currently looking into. (Dell Black 15.6" Inspiron i3552)
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Why does this happen?

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>Get crush on friends friend
>we like all same stuff and always make each other happy when we see each other
>friends all tell me she likes me back
>text her all the time
>always make her laugh and she tells me she wishes she went to same Uni as me
>she starts dating some weird kid from her school
>all her friends say how she doesnt realize her own worth and that she keeps dating losers
>keep talking to her but less and less because school is getting busy
>other chicks hit on me but i don’t care >only want this one girl
>eventually only talk once or twice per week
>begin to get over her
>after a month or so finally about to move on with my life and just accept we’ll never be together
>get text
>anon i miss you more than words can express, i wish i could see you everyday
>feels all come back
Why why why does this happen?
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So I'm 23 and I still have to lie about my hobbies to get women . Are there women who really like anime and video games?

I work I go to school I'm a cool guy but if I ever bring up this shit I feel like and people treat me like a fucking loser. So i never bring it up I'm able to fuck and have full relationships like this but..

I'd really like someone with my same hobbies who i can really open up to I don't think that's too much to ask. I may be a man but I'm a nice guy don't i deserve that at least?
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So, I'm a virgin but I really want to have sex soon. But I have poor social skills and am not very romantic. How do I say "Let's have sex" without being so upfront and risky? I can't relate to girls at all so I'm not great at small talk, or connecting emotionally . Any advice on how to achieve my goal without being awkward?
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Femanons, do you want a bf? why?

I'm convinced women don't want boyfriends; they only have boyfriends because of money or societal pressures.
>I've heard women say a lot of negative things about guys, but never anything positive.
>The bar scene is a total sausagefest, chicks aren't looking for guys.
>I've never heard of a chick asking out a dude before, let alone a chick asking a dude to marry them.
>I'm constantly hearing women yelling at their boyfriends in the neighboring apartments, but I never hear a guy yelling at their girlfriend.
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How much of a provider should a man be?

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My girlfriend of 8 months and I are planning on moving in together next year. I've been saving probably 75 or 80 percentage of all my paychecks to give us a decent jump start on payments, food, and whatever else we need. She is saving up for a new car first because she needs one.

My co-workers were shocked to hear that I'm not buy her car for her. They said as the man I should buy her a car or at least help her pay for a good chunk of it. I said fuck that, that's her thing to deal with, besides, she makes a bit more money than me, (for doing far less work), and I'm not obligated. I'll probably even be due for a new car myself not long after we get a place.

One of the co-workera bought a car for his wife who makes more than him, the other bought one for his girlfriend who's cheated on him with multiple men.

My girlfriend is loyal and does a lot for me, but I don't believe I'm supposed to buy her a damn car, and she's not expecting me to. Is this what men really believe, that you have to pay for all her shit?
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I almost want to cry but there is no particular reason besides being lonely. When I'm down I want to talk to someone, but I have no one to talk to so it feels like it just gets worse and more isolating. I'm getting old and can't make friends and never had a girlfriend. I'm financially stable and healthy, but feel unfulfilled and lonely and I don't know what to do about it. What should I do? What can I do? What have you done to improve yourself?
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I'm pretty aware this is an Anime centered forum, I just cannot stand how dominant Japanese culture has become. No one cares about a cartoon or video game from any neighbor country, like a ranking.There are probably more weaboos in the world than actual citizens of Japan. I'm wondering why this is the case, and what anyone thinks.
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