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Not interested in penetrative sex?

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I am not really intrigued or interested in the actual physical action of sex. I feel way more comfortable just looking at porn or maybe making out.

Actually sticking my penis in a vagina is suicide to me. I would strangely be content just making out but not fucking. Am I a weirdo?

Sex to me is particularly scary because of how easily women can use it as a weapon. False rape claims, keeping the baby, etc.

It's just some scary ass shit when you realize the deeper implications of sex.

I guess what I am trying to find out is... what are my options? I am sure no woman would go for just making out but never having penetrative sex.

I am a fucking maniac aren't I?
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yesterday i slept all focking day. From 9PM the night before until 6 pm the following evening. When i woke up i felt like dying and was very tired for no reason. what is wrong with me?
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I work full-time at a McDonald's but I'm about to enter university so I'm thinking whether to go part-time at McDonald's or to leave and work as a bartender. I kinda like some of the people that I work with but this one guy is always messing with and I can't do shit since he's related to my boss. What the hell should I do?
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How to get over a fear of confrontation? Especially physically.

Why do I always feel like a bitch? Will taking a combat sport help?
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How do you get women to actually like you ?

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It just looks tricky to me.

What are you even suppose to say to her, if you don't know her ?

Should you use/come up with pick up lines ?

Should you learn from PUA's ?

Should you smile, say "hi" and ask her how her day was, even though she'll mostly say "good " ?

Would it be a good idea to ask her for her number, if you're sure you'll never meet her again ?

Lastly, if you manage to have a good conversation with her (during your 1st encounter with her) should you ask her to go on a date with you ?

For example:
>Talking to you today was fun, let's grab a coffee this Friday .

>There's this cool new movie airing this Saturday, lets watch it and grab a snack afterwards.

>Do you want to get a coffee, go to the movies or the beach, this weekend ?
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Good evening

>Be me in 2011

>Recovering from a TBI

>Memory is as reliable as my goddamn goldfish

>Ex girlfriend was a fucking moron

>So fucking stupid she spilled water on a powerstrip and went to unplug the appliance plugged in

>Sadly she survived. FML.bmp

>During this 4 year long shit show she made alot of dumb choices

>Out of all the things she wasted money on, I remembered in 2011 she spent $100 on a little new thing called Bitcoin

>After telling her she's a fucking retard, I save the information disguising it as a .exe file

>Tell the cunt the file was lost and she just wasted money that could've gone to something substantial

>Be me when you remember 6 years later as 1 Bitcoin hits almost 3k USD

>Ex cunt is currently with guy twice her age, got knocked up with defective kids and on welfare


Buddy is sending me my thumbdrives this weekend. My questions are, I don't know how much information was saved. How little information do I need to recover the Bitcoin?

I may be looking at 10k to 200k depending how much is on there. What are the wisest things to invest in for a higher return or possibly a monthly income?
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>buy ice cream, skittles, chocolate for my ABSOLUTELY FINAL EVER binge
>go to the store
>on the way there see a chad and stacey, bf and gf (guy was shorter than me but had a much better FACE and the girl was blonde and hot)
>go in to store
>see girl in fitness clothes, thick, solid, tight
>her Chad looking bf walks out of nowhere, has at least 3" on me, looks much stronger than me (but probably isn't due to my 100 % autistic /fit/ lifting philosophy that leaves my arms thin as fuck)

Guys... I promise to stop spamming the boards with my whining... but where is the hope meant to come from? I'm already established as the beta at work. How the hell can I get a gf without any social circles or normie experience? It is deoralising as fuck to see so many attractive women in London and know they fuck ten Chads a day from Tinder.
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Just started taking wellbutrin, can I still drink until it kicks in? I know I *shouldn't* but what are the actual risks? How will I know when it starts to work?
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If I jump in front of a train, will I automatically die?

I know the train will stop, and I know trains go slow.

It would be in the middle of the woods. And I think surviving suicide would be twice as bad as actually being suicidal.
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Is there any /adv/ discord? I need a piece of advice (or an opinion) on something, but I don't want to post it on 4chan because of my paranoia
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