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I'm halfway through my senior year of high school, with college application deadlines coming up fast. But I'm not completely sure I want to go to college. I have the funds and the grades to get into a college, but I don't have a lot of motivation. Everyone in my life is pressuring me to go, but I feel like it's too soon to sign away thousands of dollarydoos and four years of my life. Is taking a gap year a bad idea? What other options do I have? And how do I talk to my parents about it?
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Some bullshit has happened to me that has left me very sore
I have no one or nothing to get mad at
I want to hurt somebody to let it out. Who should it be and how
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Hookup regret

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What are some reasons a girl would regret hooking up?

Some details
>we worked together for half a year
>I've liked her for a while but she didn't know that
>she initiated it
>I was very drunk but she said she wasn't too drunk
>She said it was a mistake and it will never happen again

I feel really hurt and confused, I just want to make sense of things.
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20 year old virgin

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I'm 20 (F) and I've never had a bf, never kissed anyone, obviously still a virgin. I have terrible anxiety and it's about 200x worse around attractive men. I'd say I'm attractive so that's not the issue, it's how to go about it when I know no one. All I do is go to the gym and I work from home so can't meet people from work.

It's time to get this over and done with, how do I lose my virginity without catching herpes? Don't care if I have to have a one night stand, I want it done so I can stop being so awkward around the topic. I feel like shit reading about young love and watching 16 year olds hold hands in the street. Fuck I'm so late to the game
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Stupid question incoming; bear with me.

I just registered for a forum that does not have a feature for changing your username. I made an embarrassing, albeit common spelling mistake in the username... Should I ask the moderators/administrators to change it, or just stick with it? If I ask to change it, it's merely one embarrassing moment and I save myself a bunch more that could happen in the future if I leave the misspelled word. However, the mods could potentially not even have the ability to modify usernames (nothing is mentioned regarding this on the site's FAQ or in its rules), and then it would be creating a pointless awkward situation for myself; besides, I do sort of like the way the name looks misspelled better... and there are even people who misspell it on purpose to make it look "cooler".

Something else of note is that this site is invite-only so it's not possible for me to register another account. I am also not going to disclose the name as it's too embarrassing. That said, what would you do, /adv/?
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My father sexually abused me throughout my childhood

Now in my early/mid 20s I am deeply drawn to cultivating mentors and father figures

I worry that I'm projecting something I was missing on them and I'm going to ruin all my relationships with unrealistic expectations

Is this healthy?
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I know I posted this yesterday but I haven't decided on what to say (its only been 1 day). May say inb4 if you're so violent then beat my dick for the keks or the safe response, which is "I can handle outlaws like you" or some shit like that. I'm curious how this will play out lads.
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Losing weight

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/adv/, I am obese.
I am trying to turn my life around and I have lost over 80 pounds in the last 6 months The problem is that I'm still over 300lb and I'm still being stared at, judged, and occasionally even laughed at.
It's taking a toll on me.
Also, some of my extended family will be coming to visit me and my parents and I havent seen them since I was maybe 12 years old and i know that they'll judge me too.
How do I cope with being fat and being judged while working so hard to lose weight?
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How can you emotionally manipulate a person into getting stuff who is in a bad place?

asking for a friend
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