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I want to fuck the sister of my uncle's wife 45yo lady divorced for a long time ( more than 15yo) she has no one in her life she lives with her parents, she likes me and she is kinda cool, she doesn't treat me like a child even tough she knows me since I was born, I'm 21 I have 0 experience with old female how do I convince without causing any family problem
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Why does every conversation feel like a desperate struggle to hurl as many words as possible to the other person so that there's no silence?
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How do i get a woman to ask me out? im male
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Cope with not looking good in a superficial world

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Before you say anything, this is not the typical incel whining thread. I am asking for concrete advice on how to come to terms with something and move on.

I have operated most of my life under the assumption that I am good looking. My siblings are very good looking and my parents and their friends constantly stressed how good looking "all" of us are.
But I have come to the realization, that I am not good looking at all. I am quite ugly most probably even.
I should have seen the signs earlier instead of deluding myself.
Things like:

>People either seem to initially have a negative disposition towards me or try very hard not to
>People in public avoid looking at me or look away quickly, when they do look at me, they can't hide the disgusted, unhappy look on their face
>People tend to automatically take my oppositions side in an argument from the get go, despite my arguments being reasonable and logical
>I rarely get compliments about my appearance, they seem to be out of pity and with an air of resignation when they happen
>Opposite sex never makes moves, no one ever "checks me out"
>Never had much success with the opposite gender in general
>Online dating doesn't give me results
>People don't seem to respect me much or pay attention to me

Now, I know I should have realized this sooner, so I could have had more time to work through it, but I didn't.
>It's all about your attitude maaan
Pay attention, thus far I operated under the strong assumption, that I am good looking, like my siblings.
It's very clear to me now, that that's not the case. Now that I think about it, peoples treatment of me is reminiscent of how I treat people that I find very unattractive, which I am not proud of btw. Just seems to be a subconscious behaviour pattern.
I am not "un-photogenic", I am ugly.
What do I do?
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Jelq: Did you did it already?

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I'm thinking about start to train the penis muscle so I find about the jelq exsercise.
Did you tried it already? Or heard about?

It seems interesting since it lengthen and thickens the muscle by "increasing the cavernous bodies of blood".
I have a portuguese link, enjoy (don't have it in english...):!HItxDQoK!BfcNVAuCuvZx2mAlMjygc_0lZKb8mbTnQRX28VQodFk
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How do I resist falling for someone before I've even date them? Like, I know that I'm setting myself up for failure if I build this girl up in my head, but it's so hard not to. It brightens my day just to see her walk through the office. But I don't want to be all bitter about it when it doesn't work out, since it probably won't.

It's just really fucking impossible to meet anyone I like, so when I do, the stakes are too high.

Pic not related.
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Toxic person?

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Been dating this girl, I was clear I wanted a relationship, things were cool. After some months I ask her what she wants and she says "nothing at the moment" because she's "too busy with college" and has no time, but she likes me and hopes that sometime we start a relationship. I realize that i'm fucked, so I tell her that I will take my distance to heal from this. She doesn't respect that and keeps talking to me.

One day she calls me, saying that maybe I didn't understand her message, insisted on how she loved me and wanted to be with me but she is so busy that can't "give me the time I deserve", I tell her that I don't understand why when we had a chance she refused and now that I left she suddenly wants but still says the same. I asked what does she wants me for and she couldn't reply, instead, asked to talk face-to-face the next day.

I go and let her talk, she now says that she talked about it with her faimly and friends, confused by why she talked so lovely about me but rejected the relationship, she just says that her life right now "isn't ready for a relationship, but I see you and you're amazing, I want you to be the father of my child". I was shocked, insted of saying she wants to be with me, she saw me as a potential progenitor?. I told her that I can't sacrifice my present time for some unclear future, it's not fair and not healthy. I said thanks, and left. She was crying.

I am so confused, I feel she never loved me, am I wrong? Tips?
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Excuse the bad english - Just a fembot writing about her fucked up life
I found the love of my life last year. But things got terrible because of my parents. They didn't accepted us together. me and him got into lots of fights, which hurted a lot. this broke my heart. I always wanted to make both happy, him and my parents. Everyone said, I just never did something right? Things got really messy on christmas. I got into a really bad fight with him, he once again told me he would break up with me. this time, i just could not deal with this. I'm a emotional person, and i didn't had any power left. I thought to myself: "he always talks about it - let him go". My parents threw him out that day, as he was waiting outside my house. Since then, stuff was really hard. We got back together, but I was in fear. I had to lie to my parents all the time about us. Lying messed me up so much, I couldn't sleep anymore, lost much weight and the suicidal thoughts got more. New Year: we got into a fight again. My parents found out that we had contact, and we kinda broke up again. Days went by, we managed to meet in my break. But since christmas, I often got told that I'm the reason that his life is terrible and he has pain because of me. I somehow became his demon - atleast it felt like it. A few days ago (one day before his birthday - i wish i could have stopped it, but it ended in a mental breakdown, i even was rushed to the hospital that night), i told him that i could not do this anymore - always hurting the love of my life. I often thought about how he told me he would break up with me, when we got into fights. I sent him one last text, telling that he someday will realise, that he was losing me, with all the harsh words he told me.Maybe things would have been working out better, if i told him about my social phobia, which a doctor told me once. I just feel like I'm drownin.
Thanks for reading this, anon. I'm just so broken.
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Would you rather be mentally disabled or die?

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Serious question. please write about what you would do given this situation, for example if you had dementia would you rather live disabled or die?
Consider this everyone will be disgusted by your disability unless you commit suicide, and you will become an animal like autist.
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What is it about MLMs and other modern pyramid schemes that makes them target women and not men? Seriously, I have not seen any major MLM that markets to men, all of them market to women. Even for gender-neutral products like snake oil. All of them seem to be sold by women. How come?
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