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I don’t even talk to any of my friends from high school or college anymore. Lost all interest in talking or doing anything with them. I’ve become to point where I don’t hang out with really anyone anymore besides like two people. What the fuck is wrong with me?
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>am a manager at a young age

>getting paid extremely well some someone my age

>working 40-50 hours a week

>only been in the company for about two years now

>i work hard but i don’t mind ( even though i may vent and complain about it it’s just to release some stress from the place)

I’m at work pretty much all the time. if i’m not at work i’m hanging out with my boyfriend. but lately he’s been telling me to quit my job. He tells me i slave away to this place. in a way i understand what he means. but i don’t think he understands. i feel like i cannot leave this place because i don’t think i have anything going for me anymore. in a way i’ve given up and settled for this life. i use to want to be a musician, i use to play in bands n play at shows previously before working this job but when covid hit i lost it all. i still think about playing shows don’t get me wrong. but i feel like i’ve lost all ability to write any new material. i don’t have anymore music connections since covid, no longer going to shows, me pushing away my musician friends and putting my all into work. i don’t know anyone in the music scene anymore. i don’t know how to socialize properly with these people anymore, at least that’s how i feel. but besides this. one other this that depresses me is that i don’t have much time to spend with my boyfriend anymore. he wants me to leave this job. but for some reason i just feel so indifferent. he says i deal with bull shit co workers and shitty customers and being a manger at a young age, not getting the respect i guess i deserve. which is all true. but, i honesty feel numb to it all in a way. like i said yeah i’ll complain and rant about it to my boyfriend. but, what else am i going to talk about. what did i do all day besides work? i’m losing my personality and who i am because of work, yeah most likely. but at the same time i feel like i don’t care,, at the same time i do. what’s happening to me.
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dating problems

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>be me, 20
>decide I want to get into a relationship
>feel happy and content enough by myself to handle another person and their personality
>download dating apps, act more confident (im very quiet and shy)
>have a bad day/mood and suddenly fear any and all relationships
>all people are evil and out to abuse you and put you in jail for their amusement
>or, no one would ever love because I'm disgusting and ugly
>rinse, repeat
what do?
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Today I ran over a mouse on my way too work. I feel very bad about it. What if the mouse spent its whole free time in the last month to build a secret stash of food as a suprise and was on the way back home to tell its family about it? :( I feel so bad for the mouse, it was too late when I saw it and i wish i could make it undone.
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just got a girls snapchat but im not gonna be here for a week what is the next step?
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Oedipus complex

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Is NOT about wanting to fuck the mother. It is about rivalry against the father.

You are retarded
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>me in 6th grade
>muster all my courage and tell a girl i liked since first grade that i liked very much
>she says she likes me too and kiss me
>for the very first time i felt what people call "romantic love"
>that same week she confessed to another boy and became a couple with him, i never understood what happened

>14 years old
>my mother tells me that she despise me because i look like my father, shortly after she got married to my stepdad and abandoned me, they started a new family and had kids, i grew up living with different relatives like a pariah until my grandma adopted me and sent me to school,

18 years old
my first girlfriend cheated on me and gave me papilloma virus then dumped me and blamed me because "she needed more attention"

When i look back i can only see how women have hurt me, i can't truly trust or love one, but my "fuckbuddy" got pregnant now i have a daughter, DNA test says she is my kid but i can't truly feel that i love her, i fucking hate and despise women, i not even a single time have seen women as my equals but cruel sub humans. How exactly I'm going to be the dad of a little girl with these mindsets of mine? i fucking hate women and i can't truly feel love for my own child, she resembles my mother so much and i hate my mother among all women, i can't just leave my child, but i don't feel that i love her, i don't even see her mother as a human at all but a cumrag. we aren't really a couple, for me she is just a low IQ animal, this is fucked up, i have to step up and be a good dad but i don't know how. this kid deserves better but i don't know how to change,
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I have no skills, basically the only thing I'm good at is history, my teacher calls me a genius at it and I get maximum points every test, but this is a very shit superpower in my eyes. It feels like a worthless skill when googling does the same thing I can do but better. This crushes my ambitions for future careers and I feel like I'm no good.
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Making friends with strangers

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Hey /adv/, I'm 22 and currently by myself, and lately I've been feeling lonely. I want to make friends as the friends I know are far away but I don't know how to do it. I feel uncomfortable going out by myself and approaching strangers unsolicited out of fear of being perceived as weird, a loner, or for feeling like a burden. What's the best way to make friends or meet people when you're by yourself? I'm sociable and like to go to the bar and go on nights out. I'm also in England if this helps.
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hey adv

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>be me
>start new job 2 weeks ago
>first day
>notice asian girl who is also new, although in a different department
>glasses with short hair, very much like pic relate
>try not to get a boner whenever i see her
>she leaves for the day
>while being walked through the facilities later, i see a white board and her name next to the time she left
>week and a half goes by
>due to difference in position, never interacted with her
>boss shows me his computer in a meeting one day
>"come here and look anon, im an open book see"
>see cute asian girl's first name in some document followed by a chinese surname.
>interesting, a college age chinese girl working a wage slave job
>she is doing tasks right in front of me, walking back and forth
>at the time i think this is her giving me an opportunity, but she could also just be doing what she was told
>will feel like an ass if i dont say something now
>go up to her, introduce myself
>"hey are you ling ling? im anon, nice to meet you"
>looking kind of timid but very cute, she says "yes! nice to meet you anon"
>accent is strong as fuck, fresh of the boat
>my obsession intensifies
>"i just wanted to introduce myself, are you also new here?" blah blah blah
>i get the feeling, she wants the bwc
>later she approaches me to ask an irrelevant question
>fuck yes, she does
what do adv, i never get to talk to her at work, but i know if given 5 minutes with her alone, i could get her number and perhaps lick her nipples among other things.
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