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Are women very insecure? I'm a guy who struggles greatly with things like self image and how I look. It stresses me out to the point where I can barely talk to people or go outside. I just feel so ugly. Do women feel the same type of emotions? I would imagine they do because of all the beauty standards they have to abide by, but at the same time they have people complimenting them everyday.
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I'm a black girl trying to become the black version of Stacy... Let's call her Diamond. Anyway, do white guys prefer straight hair or curly hair on black girls? Thin or thicc? Any other thoughts?

Anyway, I want to be hot. Will it excuse my lack of social skills and robotness? How do I even go about acting like a normie if I do undergo a physical transformation?
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I'm in love with the Ashley Madison girl how do I find out her name and meet her irl (I mean in real life not Indy racing league). This girl is most beautiful Latina girl I ever seen. I want her on my dick.
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How do two strangers come to feel love for each other?
How do you come to love another person?

Explain it like you would to a child
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Females; what do you think about this, even if you don't have advice is it as big a deal as I think or is it pretty standard?

I can't stop checking woman out, I was in a relationship for three years and my ex loved that I always checked her out but now I'm not it is a real problem I seriously don't feel like I have control over my eyes, I'll be talking to a woman and then suddenly notice I'm looking at her breasts and it doesn't stop there I'll just keep doing it without noticing even though I keep catching myself and trying to stop.

I'm fairly sure I made a friend change her top the other day, we were at a festival and sitting around a fire and I just kept catching myself, she piped up to the group "I'm going to go put a shirt on" she was wearing a crop top type thing. It's possible she was just cold but I'm pretty fucking certain I just made her that uncomfortable.

The worst part is I will do it to literally everyone, I find most girls attractive so long as they're relatively fit even if I'm not that into their face I'll usually be able to notice other nice features about them, that doesn't even matter though because even if I don't find them attractive at all if they have some cleavage showing I will do this, I even catch myself doing it to my sisters! So long as there is cleavage my eyes will be drawn. Outside of this I have pretty excellent self control too I feel really helpless to it and I don't want to be making my female friends uncomfortable.

Whaaaat do I do?
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First time gym

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Hey /adv/

I've decided to start working out, but I don't know how. I've never been to a gym.

How does that work? Do I just go inside and do stuff for x hours? What exercise should I do?

I mainly want to lose weight and get ripped - my bodyfat is around 18% and I don't really care about getting stronger or more healthy, I just want to look better.
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Is it better to date and have sex with multiple women? I recently got into my first relationship, I'm 19. Over the course of two months I began to realize that Girls did find me attractive, but I never noticed. One of these girls is my current girlfriend. I think she's amazing. She's beautiful, and her personality is stellar. That doesn't mean she doesn't have recognizable flaws. I find myself wondering what it would've been like if I dated in high school, and had sex with other girls. Is better to have dated multiple girls, then to be with one girl your whole life?
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My boyfriend wants to have mmf 3somes on a regular basis. I like dv so I'm down. Bfs hang up is that he doesn't want me having a 2nd boyfriend, and my hangup is that I don't want just some random (potentially disease infested) dude.

What's a good way to find someone and verify that he's not going to be nasty without really getting to know the guy?
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I start becoming peoples dad when I get drunk, do I have a problem?