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Everyone my age (24) knows how to have fun except for me. On nights out they can laugh and dance and get up to Currrazy antics, but I'm so stiff and boring

I'm not witty, I don't know how to dance, laughter makes me nervous because I was bullied and laughed at a lot as a teenager, I can't be spontaneous and fun

How do I be fun?

Girl btw.
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Lol literally the most useless board on the site. If I wanted real advice, I'd be asking /sci/, /lit/ /an/, /out/ and /diy/. Not you.
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Anyone /g/ here?
I want to upgrade my computer, and my budget is around 1000 USD.
The problem is that i'm honestly not sure what to replace, considering how some parts are from early 2013 and some are more recent, because i'm too retarded to save up and upgrade the entire thing and will probably make the same, retarded mistake here.

I'm currently running a rig with these specs:
ASUS P8Z77-LX2 motherboard
i7 3770 3.5 GHz CPU
16GB 2133 MHz DDR3 RAM
Silver Power SP-S850 PSU.

I usually play games like ArmA 3, so I'm honestly wondering if the CPU is way too weak, considering how replacing my 660 Ti with a 780 Ti made no huge FPS difference.
I also play more graphics intensive games like For Honor, Fallout, The Witcher 3 and the EFT alpha (and many more), so I don't want to completely neglect the graphics processing power, unless it'll do for another year and if my CPU is bottlenecking the full potential of my 780 Ti.

You probably already realize that I'm not the most knowledgeable guy around, considering I don't even know if VRAM is just texture and asset storage or actually affects gameplay, nor can I tell which component is bottlenecking.

I'm not fully retarded, so I can easily assemble a computer, I just don't know what would be the best to upgrade.
Maybe I should just save up and get an entirely new computer instead, which is why I've come here, I need your input.
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Any tips on how to talk to people who you're interested in? I always fumble my words and sound like an autist Picture unrelated.
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This guy thinks I'm a feeder because I talk about food a lot. But I just like food and I'm a curious person about people's diets etc

Anyway, I've never really gotten rid of this perception and he asks me weird questions like do you want me to be a pig and I'm going to fill myself up for you and things like that

What should I do?
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Alright so I just set up a date with this girl for Monday afternoon, but do I still keep texting her before then?
Like should the conversation go
>wanna go here at time o'clock?
>yeah sure
>okay see you then!
Should I keep the conversation going or just end it with "see you then!"? Or should I change the subject after the confirmation?

I'm new to this dating garbage
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Where do I find an introverted gf at uni?

It seems all of the girls I meet are outgoing and to be honest pretty superficial.

If not uni, anywhere else?
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My wife is rather protective of our son. He's 10.

She acts like every bush has pedophiles lurking behind them, there's a conspiracy to kill our kids with gluten, video games are all "Hatred" tier, and that he needs full helmet & pads to ride his bike.

Personally I think she'll turn him into a sheltered little bitch. How much protection is too much?

Pic unrelated
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Depression adventures

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Rather than make a big long post, I'll keep this short.

There's a girl who's interested in me, but I don't feel anything towards her. In fact, I don't feel anything towards anyone, so it's not her fault. I've never had a GF in my 27 years, and I never really wanted one because the whole affair sounds like it would just be annoying. This girl and I kinda went on a date last night. I think. We saw a movie together and just sort of hung out for a bit after in my car.

Frankly, I just wanted to leave. Like, it sounds terrible of me and it probably is, but that is just me. Normally, I'd probably just ghost out of the whole thing, but she's a friend of a friend.

I'm sure I sound crazy. Maybe I am, but I don't know what to do.
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Ok so my eyesight is not that great.
I have trouble reading small writing more than a few meters away.
I realize i should get glasses but I am too poor to buy them and will be for at least 6 months.
Is it a bad idea not wearing glasses ? Will my eyesight worsen considerably not wearing them ?
I spend a lot of time infront of a computer screen is there anything I should be doing to not worsening my eyesight.
Or should I definitely get glasses no matter what.