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I'm fucking sick of this shit

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Pic rel is me. I'm 19 and I just started college. I was hoping to try get a girlfriend here and I'm nice and friendly to all the girls but they don't give a shit. I'm invisible to them. I tried saying hello and being nice but these cunts don't pay attention to me. I'm fucking sick and tired of it.
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Do you think it’s possible to brainwash an “older” virgin guy into being a radfem ally so we can date?

I’m deadass. I want to give him some feminist literature and see where this goes. I see potential in him
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Get it off your chest
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Information overload and abundance of choice

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How do people deal with these things? How are people able to:

Pick a career and study it for years when there are a million jobs you might like more but haven't discovered
Pick a book when millions of books could be better
Even pick a girlfriend or home to live when a million homes or girlfriends might be better

I don't understand how people are able to do anything when there are so many choices and no chance to do them all. It cripples me.
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Getting a job in Japan

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I'm a failed mid-20s non degree holder and I have the typical weeb pipe-dream of moving to Japan to get a job. How the hell can I do it? I don't even know what I "like" so I can't just say "oh I want to be a teacher in Japan" or "I want to be a video game designer in Japan", I feel very aimless.

Should I go the typical "get an English degree and teach English in Japan" route which would require me to spend a few more years of my life getting a degree? I was told about a programming bootcamp that would only take about 1.5 years and I could potentially do that but I don't know how in demand a programming job in Japan would be

What are other options to getting a job there/being able to move there? I'm tired of wasting my life away.
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I'm not gay buy I like to imagine that I'm my gf and I'm trapped in my own (my bf's) body, but I have still retained my sexual orientation and stuff and so I masturbate to buffed up athletic guys. Am I a degenerate?
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My Tinder main is this

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And I still get 0 matches lmao why
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Social group/girl problems

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Does anyone else feel like they suck socially? At my job im kind of either ignored, disliked or treated as a joke. Im not that bad of an worker honestly, I just do whats asked of me and I don't any extra shit im not paid to do and I treat it serious enough to where I come in every day. I don't act like how I do online irl. My biggest issue is that I just don't know how to have a personality. After a mental episode 3 years ago, I kinda just "lost" my personality and I just awkwardly autopilot. I just feel like a concept, idea or a role an actor plays. With girls I am convinced im the type of ugly where id get in trouble if I tried to flirt with a girl. It kinda boils down to me not feeling comfortable in my skin, you know?