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How do I stop being so obnoxious all the time. It gets me attention.
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I want to fuck so many girls

I have a gf, and she's wonderful. She's the only girl i've ever been with though, and when we go out and i see really hot, slutty looking girls who are dressed to kill, it drives me crazy. Like i really want to fuck all of them. I love my girl too much to cheat, how can i bring these thoughts down from a ravenous thirst to a passing admiration of their looks? I jerk off a helluva lot so porn doesn't really damper it.
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autism or bad judgement

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Whenever I make a bad decision or do something offensive or rude, people say it's because of my autism

How can I tell the difference between what's from autism and what's just from my own bad choices?
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How do I deal with all with my fantasies of bedding unattainable women?
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My 17 year old friend just admitted he was molested

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So how are you supposed to react in a situation like that? I told him it's fine if he wants to talk about it, but it's also okay if he doesn't. He didn't elaborate much, other than that the person who did it was a his family's friend. Didn't tell me when it happened.

And now I feel guilty, because I probably should've asked if he's safe now, or maybe I ought to have encouraged him to go to the police or to tell his parents? I don't know whats the correct course of action in situations like these.
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>be 28 depressed loser
>on facebook trying to find booty after a 3 year booty break
>see ex fiancee
>break up is what lead to severe depression
(Situation was shit, I don’t blame her)
>see she is married and looks geneuinely happy
>log out and decide to play vidyas to chill out
>get message, after 4 years, from said ex
>probably due to facebook and its hivemind features
>eh, yolo
>remember that she reaches out to exes when she has doubt in her current relationship

Wat do?
I’m going to reply, but curious on how I should play this
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Therapy bullshit

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I saw a therapist regularly from 2010 to 2015 and I feel like I got worse instead of better. But I kept going hoping that the next session would clarify everything.

Anybody else know this feel?
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What do I get my Dad for Christmas?

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My father is very hard to buy for during a holiday or event. He often just buys what he wants. He recently has gotten into hunting like he did when he was younger. I’d like to get him something hunting related, but I’ve never been out hunting, and I don’t know what he’d find useful.
What gift could I get my father that would be good for hunting?
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I love my gf and I don't want to break up with her, but she wants kids and I don't. Wat fucking do.
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gf might be cheating

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>gf and i are talking
>make joke about whiteness
>she starts talking about being black
>starts talking about black men
>starts talking about black cocks
>goes into explicit detail about it
this is making me very uncomfortable because she is so far away (egirl) and one of her best friends is a girl who only fucks black dudes
What do i dont want my gf to get blacked
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