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I was just offered a job at a major life insurance company. It's a commission-only sales position. I personally am very good at sales, but i'm not sure if i'm getting played by taking a job like this.

Does anybody have experience with a commission-only job at a well established company?
Am I getting played?
Any advice?
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how do I get a job? throughout highschool i never had a job, I applied for some but never got a reply, now i am still a full time student but i would like to develop independent savings. Frankly as well, relying on my parents income is increasingly embarrassing.
I really dont know how to formulate a resume especially with my lack of experience
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About to take this to the pawn shop, I paid 400 for it a couple of years ago but don’t recall how many carats it was. Anyone have a suggestion on the lowest cash offer I should take for it? Just trying to prepare to bargain.
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>see a girl outside
>feel bad for the rest of the day
How are you even supposed to meet girls? I'd only see them walking to and from class, or possibly on the train.
literally just for hookups
all male
all male
all male
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i dont know what to fucking do

i finally confessed to my bf that i had a desire to have a mmf threesome... he told me he wouldnt do it because a) he would be too "jealous" of another man touching me and b) it would feel "gay" for him to be naked alongside another guy... i told him thats toxic jealousy and also homophobic as fuck and we had a huge argument and havent talked ever since, for two days now

is it over? should i just bail?
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Help with overcoming porn

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Need some advice. Ive been doing a lot to try to get my life together. Its been a hard road, but ive been mostly successful. I just have one thing i really need to shake; porn. Im not saying it can’t be fine in moderation for lots of people, but for me, i feel like when i get into it i get way too into it and it becomes an excess. I don’t do drugs and never understood how people could become addicted to them or need to smoke weed whenever confronted with stress but when i looked at my own life i noticed masturbation was my drug. I know i can do better, i know i have the ability for a healthier outlet, but its just too tempting for me right now. Im in a happy long term relationship and at the moment we’re long distance so physical stuff with her instead is off the table. I need to do something myself to keep from fantasizing when im stressed. Has anyone here overcome this? I have a hard time in the moment of reminding myself how much being impulsive with it won’t help
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Fuck grils. I've liked so many and none of them liked me back, the one's who did like me i never liked them. All this to a point now where i feel that maybe i only like girls that DONT like me. Now im bitter and empty, my feelings of regret turn to anger and resentment. What do i do?

inb4 kys my man
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Big nose problem

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This is my funny shitty story
When I was 5 years old I used to watch HxH with my brothers and they started calling me Tonpa because of my nose like Tonpa's nose...
My friends make fun of it...
One time when I was in a bus stop a guy asked me that If I pay for two seats on bus for me and my nose
I hate my nose, I hate my face... I hate people and I hate getting out now
There any advices for this fucking problem we because I don't have money for surgery
Ps: I'm a girl