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I am a flower that is rotten but is waiting to bloom. Some, unfortunately, have a Vice Versa fate. Atleast i think so.

But, time plays a key part.
To the weather that shall be emitted in my heart.

It goes. It goes. It goes.

A line that's fucking everything up.

It's four in the morning and i still am not sleeping because i like to wait for the sunrise. It leaves me with only silence,
filtering me of all things that could affect me. Nothing that can get out of my head and ricochet off my static and eternal walls. And when that happens, it leaves only one thing that sits still in my mind.

My thoughts.

Always the same pattern.

I made peace with the fact that i'm a broken piece of glass long ago. i'm just searching for all my pieces with a glimpse of hope that i can finally arrange myself.

And that same time and that same line seems to flow faster at dawn, or at least i'm feeling that effect. As if all my pieces run away faster.
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Does anybody know what's wrong with me?

>Installing cabinet face-frame with dad
>Electricians arrive as we're leaving
>They beg us to stay and help them pick-up 300 lb oven
>Start getting excited and upset because there are 2 people I don't know in the room
>Get really nervous
>Can no longer see reality, and can barely comprehend what's going on around me
>Dad screams for me to push the cabinet face-frame in because the oven is making it pop-out
>Say "Ok" and try and push on the oven with a hammer
>Mexicans start staring at me
>Dad tells me to move
>Stand-off to the side and totally disassociate myself from reality
>Start making mouth noises with my mouth
>Kind of a muffled "Doo-do-doo-doo"
>Get stared at by both Mexicans in room
>One laughs and says "No tienes un idea"
>Feel like crying soon after
>Only got more and more upset
>Hold the door open for one as they leave so they might not shit-talk me in their car

Why is life like this?
I feel so inadequate in reality, and that has never left me. I'm 20 years old, but I think this will stay with me until I'm a dead man.
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New to herb, I want to start smoking (well vaping) and I have a couple questions about dry herb vaporizers. I think I want to vape because it will leave less of a lingering stench from what I'm told (I dont want to smell like weed all in my clothes and whatnot long after Im done)

I'm completely newb to all this stuff, but the dry herb vapes seem straightforward, grind up the weed and put it into the chamber and turn it on and "smoke" it like you would a cig. Do I have that right?

Looked at some guide for budget vaporizers and I saw the following
>Flowermate Aura
>Flowermate v5.0s
>Flowermate Mini
>V2 Pro Series 3
>X-Max V2 Pro
>Imag Plus

These are all just names to me and I have no idea but theyre all relatively cheap so I figured Id just pick one that looks durable

Also I was wondering, with these vaporizers, are they like a "buy it for life" type of thing? Or is it like a limited use thing that you replace every so often? I'm a complete newb (if i havent made that clear already) so if anyone could set me right on this I'd appreciate it
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So, my sister returned home earlier last month after spending more than half a decade living in Germany. We hadn't seen each other since we were both in our teens and I was expecting it to be a little awkward to share my living space with someone I hadn't been with after so many years, but surprisingly enough, we've been getting along pretty well from the first day. The problem is, and you perverted faggots probably know where I'm going with this: we've been getting way too intimate lately. It started with the occasional innocent cuddling, then it diverted into really personal conversations about how she left a relationship behind in Germany and how I was still a pathetic introvert, and it has ended up with us making out every now and then whenever we get the chance to be alone and the most bizarre and unexpected thing, we sporadically fucked a few days ago when no one else was home.

Needless so say, I'm really conflicted about this. On one hand she is still unmistakably my sister but on the other she has also changed substantially throughout these last 6 years to the point where I can envision a different person in her, someone who has the same quirky personality but also feels like a mature adult with an academic background that I can actually relate with on an intimate level. It's still too soon to understand if we are really in love with or just both horny and needy, but there's still certainly some level of passion going on in here. My family isn't necessarily filled with God-fearing prudes but surely, they aren't going to accept me and my own sister diddling around like fucking rednecks.

So, what the fuck should I do? Should we just stop knowing how risky this is? Should we just go fuck-all and admit our intimacy? And since I know people will probably ask for our ages, it might suffice to say that we're both above the age of consent.
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Streaming & YouTube Advice

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Last night I made a thread regarding some stuff on how to get started with streaming and develop content for YouTube.

A couple of people said they would want to view some of the content/ stream and tonight we're streaming some PLAYERUNKNOWN: Battlegrounds. I don't have any YouTube content yet, but my friend and I are compiling some neat game play we have streamed.

Either during or after, shoot some comments and so on.
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Friend doesn't wanna do acid but I do

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He wants to save the acid for another time for when he feels in the right headspace. The next time we can do acid in a free house is in 3 weeks, when I move house. He wants to do the acid now.

I said to my friend if its okay if I do the acid already without him (I'd Still save some to do with him) and he said he wants me to wait.

The thing is, I really want an acid trip. I've tripped before and I want to use the acid thereputocally and I know now is a good time for it.

I did originally say to my bro "hey let's do acid together", but the thing is I really wanna do the acid sooner than later.
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Career-related dilemma here.

I want a new job.

The reasons I want to quit my current job are that my bosses are assholes, the people in other departments treat me like shit, and it's a long drive (at least 40 minutes per leg; the drive home can take even longer depending on the traffic). The only good thing about it is that the company occasionally has employee appreciation events, they give generous year-end bonuses, and the industry I work in is actually very interesting to me & I spent years developing skills/knowledge/experience for it.

The job I'm thinking of applying for is a much shorter drive (less than 10 minutes), pays a little bit better, and my pre-existing skills/experience would actually still be mostly useful. However, the industry is much more cut-and-dry, and it doesn't interest me as much; I'm also afraid that if I stay at this job too long, I might lose touch with my preferred field. Another concern is the staff; I hate my current bosses & coworkers, but I don't know what could happen in this new environment. I don't know these people yet, and they could be worse for all I know. If I apply, I would be crossing my fingers hoping that I get to work with less abusive people.

There exists potential to fuck up my biological clock. I work really early mornings at my current job, which I actually don't mind. This new job would require me to work graveyard shifts.
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This lump keeps reappearing in the same spot everytime I clean it up. I live in a basement apartment. Does anyone know what this could be?
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I love house music I'm muscular well dressed and bored of fucking girls cause there's been way too many in my life and I feel odddly apathetic and indifferent now

The ones that I am attracted to are /fit/ girls who squat deadlift and have some muscle to them

And gay guys aggressively hit on me whenever I go out, I try not to be rude but I might have to be if I keep getting my butt grabbed

Am i gay??
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