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Is college a scam? Should I just do trade school? I live by a technical school that gives out certifications, will that be enough?
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My mom found my loli collection and now wants to throw me out. I'm a 27 year old neet. What should I do?
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Sometimes it feels like my friends are embarrassed to be seen near me (guess which one I am). What would you do?
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Bullying the bullies

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I was brutally tortured, drugged on LSD, and raped at the young age of 7 years old. My evil psychopathic family bribed other kids throughout my childhood to mess with me (some of them told me out of sympathy, some bragged about it). It got so incredibly bad that I had no choice but to gouge out both eyes of a sadistic bully back in 8th grade in self defense because there was no other way to get him to stop tormenting me. Even as an adult, my evil family has somehow found ways to bribe people still. Some people really take antagonizing me way too far, so I end up torturing them, hoping that I can 'show them the light' & redeem them by helping them to understand that this antagonistic behavior is not acceptable. This method unfortunately almost never works, which took me a shockingly long time to figure out. People often willingly give information that I didn't ask for when being tortured. Some of my victims have felt as though they were setup by a bribe to antagonize someone who's capable of torture. I've had people scream "IT WASN'T WORTH IT!!!" as I beat them senseless. It's a really fucked up situation, but how else am I supposed to handle someone who I let in my home who factory resets all my devices & laughs about it while walking off? Obviously they want to suffer.
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guys im gonna go goon a bit more theres nothing else to do today

yes this is a cry for help
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Wendy's regular became my lover and then left me

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how do I get her back?

>be me
>work at Wendy’s
>regular named Mark comes in on most weekdays at lunch wearing a red shirt and jeans and orders the same thing, been making this for years.
>curry bean burger, plain baked potato, medium Fanta
>no one and I mean NO ONE else orders the curry bean burger
>we are friends now. He calls me “my man” and asks me how my day is going all the time. I give him his food and call him “my man”
>2 months ago, he comes in, and we are out of stock on the curry bean burger
>I ask if he would like a baconator instead and offer it to him for free. Tell him it’s my favorite thing on the menu
>he accepts and tells me it’s the first non-vegetarian thing he’s eaten in 10 years, but he will do it for me
>woman the same height as Mark comes in the next day, wearing red shirt and jeans. Looks exactly like Mark
>orders a baconator, asks me how my day is, calls me “my man”
>baconator is ready, about to give it to fe-Mark, fuck what do I say when I give it to her?
>”my woman, here is your burger”
>fe-Mark thanks me, stares into my eyes lovingly, tells me she is Mary now
>get off my shift, see Mary standing in the parking lot waiting for me
>Mary asks me on a date, I accept
>we get along, move in together, Mary explains how eating the baconator changed her perspective on everything, made her want to change everything
>we are getting engaged
>come home from work and Mary is gone. Note on the counter says she went back to eating curry bean burgers
>”thanks for everything, my man”- signed, “Mark”

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what are some good skills to learn?

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I have to spend a lot of time sitting around for the next few months and I'm looking to learn some things. Are there any skills you guys would recommend learning? Things like cooking, improving at mental math, whistling really loud, etc.
I realize this is kind of a goofy thread, but I need something to occupy myself and I've never been one for hobbies.
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If humans are a social species, why is life so much better when I'm away from people?
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This is my cousin, do you think she's sexy? I fantasize about her sexually, is it normal? Would you do the same?
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