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Why do people have children if adulthood (majority of existence) isn't worth experiencing?
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Need medical advice? ask a doctor anything
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Can a girl just stop liking you or stop having feelings for you?
Unfortunately, i was dumb enough to fall in love before my gf broke up with me.
I always think that maybe I did something wrong(even though she tells me it wasnt anything i did wrong, she just didnt find me all that attractive.)
Right now I feel more as if im just getting cucked for someone else and honestly the pain is atrocious.
I dunno what to do. I feel lost.
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What do I do if I truly do not want to work?

I am in my early 20's and do not want to get a job ever again, the last time I worked was 3 years ago and it was to save up for a move out of the state. I don't want to do it again - it wastes my time.. need to get a house for my gf and i .. I need money for doing things ... IDK..

What can I do to avoid working away the rest of my life?

I just wanna sit around painting all day, going out traveling, having good food, growing food and having fun.
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9-hour "layover" in NYC, what to do?

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I'm traveling to Europe next month, flying from MD to NY first to meet up with some friends then from NY to EU. Unfortunately, the departure time of my flight out of NY was changed and I'm now stuck with a 9-hour "layover" in JFK airport in New York. Changing flights is not an option.

What can I do to kill 9+ hours (or most of it)? I will have all my luggage with me, so I'd prefer not to simply wander the streets as a "tourist" looking at buildings and such, but I also don't want to spend such a long time in an airport if I can avoid it.

Any ideas? I am scheduled to arrive at 1:54 PM and depart at 11:25 PM on May 17th.
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My 12 year old cousin just passed away after a bad accident. My ex, who I was with long term, dumped me when she went to school, and was with another dude within a month. I admit I still hold harsh feelings towards her and I don't want to hear all of the"you need to let it go" bullshit. All I want to know is if I should let her come to the funeral. She's asked twice now. Thanks guys
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I think I've been Spermjacked!

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So I met this girl at work and we hit it off pretty well. She ended up living across the road from me and we had similar interests etc. So one day I go over to her place to cuddle and watch netflix and we end up having sex. The sex was good and she really seemed to enjoy herself I threw out the condom in her garbage and then left. Now she's really avoiding me, she doesn't message me anymore and never answers the ones I send her and she barely talks to me at work. I'm really afraid that she just used me to get semen so she could get pregnant and then put me in baby slavery. What should I do?
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I am a bit of a germaphobe, I will not drink or eat behind another person. I am not very fond of touching others or being touched by others. Because of this of this, I do not see how I will ever be able to get a girlfriend(let alone a wife), seeing that couples kiss and touch one another often.

What am I to do?