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I'm thinking to spend more time in my garage, make it kind of a mini-office of sorts, maybe even sleep there sometimes.
The problem is the airflow is quite bad, the air gets stale and there's no way it's healthy to be there for long periods of time.
The garage has 2 small windows close together but it doesn't seem to be enough.

What should I do? I really don't want to drill holes on the door to install some ventilation system specially since I have windows available.
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What job lets me beat the shit out of people? Like obviously a secerity guard or someshit but where would people start wilding enough for me to fight them regularly?
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Dating as someone who doesn't want children

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For those who are childfree people, what has been the best route you've found to find a relationship with someone who doesn't also want kids?
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>Parents are dead, rest of family lives far away and not close at all
>Only gf died
>Ptsd and constant guilt over it
>Autism, paralyzing anxiety
>No friends
>Dropped out of college because mental illness got too bad
How do I unfuck my life
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Boyfriend giving me silent treatment over a photo

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>at a social event with friends and my boyfriend
>We're taking couples photos
>It's our turn
>He just fucking stands upright and it's looking awkward
>Ask him to come closer and lean towards me
>He says no, but I can lean in towards him
>I'm not leaning in for a man and I tell him the man is supposed to lean towards a woman in photos
>He still won't lean in
>Force a smile for this stupid photo
>Ask him afterwards "what was that?"
>Tell him that it's a turn off when he does shit like this
>He just says it's a turnoff when *I* "do this"
>Get pissed
>Tell him he's being immature
>He legit didn't say anything
>And he hasn't said anything to me for hours
>Try to cheer him up that night with sex
>He didn't want to have sex with me

What the fuck is going on?
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how do get rid of brain fog

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i had covid about 3 months before, i have been experiencing covid brain fog ever since plz any that has any adivce would you mind shearing it with me Thank you.
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Finally hit masters

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I finally hit masters. The only problem is I feel like I fucked up. I still play with my low ranked friends and can't help but feel that they're retarded.

During my grind to masters I met a lot of new friends and naturally had meaningful conversations. They all understand points and counterpoints, there's little barrier in understanding and this results in positive outcomes.

However, this barrier still exists with my lower ranked friends. It's put a large strain on our relationships. Is there anyway I can salvage my relationship between them? Should I just lower my expectations?
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How do we contain California ?
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A guy at my girlfriend's work left a note in my girlfriend's locker saying with his number on it saying that he'd like to get to know her better/hang out. How should I feel about this, what should I do? She's a bit of a loner at work so it would be cool if she was friendly with more people but I feel like its obvious his intentions are inevitably going to be romantic. Should I tell her to ignore the note or let her talk to the guy and see how it goes?
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Need help

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I'm talking to a cute girl on Hinge. She seems cool, and I don't want to mess this up. What do I do?
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