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whenever i ejaculate after masturbation (doesn't matter if slowly), i get a large uncomfortable adrenaline rush throughout my body that can't stop shaking for the next 10-30 minutes afterwards (similar to a panic attack)

it's very uncomfortable, and i feel physically ill for a couple hours after it happens

i don't masturbate often, maybe once every couple of days, so over-masturbation shouldn't be an issue. I just don't know what the hell is going on, anyone have an idea?
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Going on vacation for the first time

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Hello, guys. I'm going on vacation for the first time I already bought my tickets from Cheapoair. I'm going to the Philippines this November.

I have my travel itinerary and I was wondering about the dates on it.

Are the times/dates on the itinerary in my email the times/dates of where I'll be that day or is that the time/date of where I came from?

Also, any travel tips as which site I go to do pay for my hotel the cheapest?
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Doing something wrong?

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i'm a great girlfriend. I am patient, I cook, I clean, I rarely say no to sex, I'm smart, and I'm pretty, bla bla bla

But no matter what I do it's like I'm never good enough for my boyfriend.

He's left me 3 times in the year and a half we've been together and has always come back a day later feeling sorry and claiming he'll change and be better to me.

I don't know why I keep trying so hard to stay with him and work things out.

I just feel very lost. I don't know what I'm doing wrong?
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How do I deal with my depression?

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Sorry for repost, stupidly posted before I slept so I wasn't able to the kind anons who replied.

I've been depressed for several years now, I'm 20 and I've never been able to live myself and I've suffered and still suffer depression and I just want to be happy

When I tell my mother about it (who happens to be in medical field) she makes fun of me or just doesn't understand me and makes me feel belittled and like I worry over nothing. so have many worries and concerns about my life and stress about things to do and that contributes to my depression.

Would taking medicine prescribed work? my mother says it's gonna be on my record and makes it sound like I'm going insane and I can't take it anymore. I wanna be happy, I want to be able date someone in the future, I want so much but his negativity is an ink blot on my life

in response to >>18827687 and >>18827703
I do work out, sometimes i get too sad to work out despite wanting to better myself and my image but gym does help as an outlet to get away from everything but lonely feelings linger and afterwards all the negativity comes back. I don't really do cardio, I'm not fat at all, quite slim actually but I mainly just lift weights, would cardio be neccesary? (I usually like using the bike machines).

Also to add, I'm quite scared of going to a GP or doctor to talk about depression, I don't want to be crazy or seem crazy. I don't know what to do anymore.
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At what age do you finally realise you have no future and/or opportunities in life?

I'm twenty-seven, and that's finally kicking in.
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Paternity tests

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Want a peace of mind test done, should I give the testing clinic 300 or will a mail in test be just as good? Anyone have any general advice on this? I know I'm going to die in side whenever I go through with this, but I can't live anymore wondering about it.
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Would decent women be willing to at least casually date a man who lives with his parents assuming that he's decent looking, dresses well, takes care of himself, and has the money go out and do things like eat at nice places? I don't really want to go into full detail about my situation, but I had to move back in with my parents a few years ago and pretty much start my life over from scratch, and while I'd like to get my own place, I'm not really where I need to be financially to do so. I'm getting bored and lonely at this point and want to start dating again, but this fear of being rejected because of my situation is keeping me from trying.
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What does it mean if the internet and 4chan is the only place where I can freely socialize with other people, and in real life I can't express myself at all and become a robot with no personality?

Do I have autism?
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Chick I've been fucking has a really nice ass. Would it be too weird to ask her to lick her ass? I can't tell if that's too weird or tame.
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