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My crush found out i like her

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My crush found out i like her through a friend, what should i do now?. I haven't talk to her and i don't know what it's gonna happen when we meet again.
>she doesn't know it, btw
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I started talking to the girl I was in love with last year, again. We used to be in love but had to stop the contact because of her family.. we started talking on whatsapp a few days ago again after I wrote her. We are having a good touch.. but I’m high af rn and just want to write her „I love you“.. I always become too emotional when I’m high.. what shall I do?
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So I'm considering getting with some heavier girls. I feel like an asshole because I don't really want to pursue anything with them, but they have their sexual appeal for me and I feel like it'd be a good way to get better at fucking and have some fun. I don't really know, it seems like a dick move. Like how would I even be upfront about it so they know what not to expect?

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femoid, have been having rape fantasies about a guy I like for a while now
always where I'm doing the raping
even though I really like him as a person
and I always have had sexual interests like this but recently they're really violent
I feel bad spending time with him now
it's not like I'm gonna rape him irl but it just feels like I'm betraying his trust
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I Hate What My Sister Named My Niece!

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Mischa Joan! What a fucking miss match it's so ugly i can't look at that beautiful little girl and let my sister get away with this! how do i tell her i hate it and she should change it so she isn't teased in the playground and beyond!
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Theres this girl I like.

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I asked her out and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship. What does she mean? (Freshman in HS)
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Does he ever stop to think what he's doing to me?

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How much he is fucking with my mind? It's possible that that's the entire point of it, to mess me up psychologically. It worked, I'm suicidal all the time. The other day a bus was traveling full speed and it would've only taken me a second to die. I'm angry at myself for not doing it, it would've been so easy and I wouldn't be looked upon as selfish. All this pain and suffering would be over.

If I didn't love him then he wouldn't have this sort of control over me. It could be he gets off on the power. It's possible he is truly evil and I'm his prey.
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Low IQ

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My current IQ is 86, always had ploblems studying at school/dropped out of a uni at 21. Have issues talking and writing shit. Help
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Hey, guys. Which field in biology is the best to get a BA in for a job right after college? I fucked up and it's too late for me to switch to go the compsci route that was apparently the most popular for cushy job opportunities.
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long distance friend advice

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I've known this "girl" for almost two and a half years online. We met on Second Life after an erotic roleplay session turned into exchanging steam IDs.

I've expressed sexual interest in her and that I want to take things to RL, but she lives in Maine and I'm in California.

I've never voice chatted with her or video chatted. She's shared one picture of her face.
She doesn't show signs of being a scammer, and the few hundred dollars I've given her, she's paid back half of it.

She claims that she hasn't really dated men after she was raped in high school, but she likes me and would like to meet eventually.

It's been almost 2 1/2 years and I'm starting to think she doesn't really want to take things further than just being online friends.

Is there anything I can do or ask? Or is my chance long gone?

If she's not actually a girl and is using me for money, why would they keep up the act for 2 1/2 years and pay back money they've borrowed?