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Should I fuck a woman in an open relationship (who has kids)? I'm single. Does anyone have experience doing this? Thoughts?
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Anyone else feel like they have no control over their lives?
>be 21
>interests include vidya, browsing 4chan and travelling alone
>instead of landing a comfy night job as a receptinist or whatever i am at music school still living with my mom
>she is the only one in my family, my father's side hid my little brother from me for 14 years and after I found out I left them. I also have a grumpy big brother who is 20 years older and lives in another province
>played violin for 15 years, never liked it that much, but practiced and was motivated in my early teens because I wanted to impress people. only after I started pursuing music as a career because everyone knew me as the violin guy did i realize i hated it
>now stuck doing something i hate for the rest of my young adult life and living with an old mentally unstable fat single mom pushing me down
how to get out?
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>friend has twin sister
>smol and qt 3.14
>voice that would make you go hnnnnnnng
>very optimistic and cheery
>actually enjoys my company and tolerates my 'tism
>openly flirts with me
>very touchy feely with me
>friend does NOT like this
>explicitly stated that he would never accept us dating

Should I still go for it? I dont know why she would even like a neckbeard sperglord like me.
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>been with 30+ girls
>only had one gf (if it even counts, I was 15 at a time)
>so girls like me, but they don't like like me
>literally just feel like an object

What gives?
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What should I do?

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I've been turned on by wearing womens' clothes for as long as I can remember but I was always into girls. Lately however, I can't stop thinking about the thought of getting a boyfriend. I've been watching a lot of sissy porn and I love the idea of being able to dress girly all the time and essentialy leaving manhood behind. I don't know if I want surgery, but I love the feeling of taking hormones, wearing heels, and being somebody's bitch. Is this normal?What should I do?
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I'm just trying to understand sex, I know I have to put the penis in the vagina but I don't see the point of it at all unless I'm gonna reproduce.
I don't get turned on by anything particular and I really just get a boner when I tell my body to then it's just some random rites and friction.
Why does my girlfriend gets mad when I refuse to have sex with her?
Why is sex so important for people, what even is sex?
Casual sex just seems animalistic and meaningless, am I autistic for it?
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I've been feeling this insensitivity in my face, particularly in the cheeks for several weeks now.

You know how you lose sensitivity in the cheeks when you drink booze? Similar to that except I haven't had a drink in a year. I tried googling this but nothing came up.
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Being in love with someone who is bipolar

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Without going into the whole story, I was a hopeless virgin who thought I'd be alone forever until I met a girl who became my best friend and them became my gf, and then became the love of my life.

Fast forward to now, for about a year or so she's been acting different. She never seems happy, like normal happy. She's either miserable or in pure bliss, no in between. All I do anymore is try to pull her out of her depression and if I somehow manage to she usually acts like I haven't been trying to and like she's never been depressed in the first place and she'll ask me what's wrong with me or if I'm okay. It breaks my heart that the only times I have her back she is so detached from my everyday reality that I can't feel anything other than alone.

What the fuck do you do when you are in love with someone that is bipolar? She is not officially diagnosed, but her mother and grandmother both had it and I don't know what else it could be. I just want her back to the way she used to be. Is there any hope? Or is our life together just destined to be a sad story?
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Is it bad that I only have internet friends?
I'm 19, back when I went to elementary school I had a friendo but we moved countries like a few months after and I haven't had real friends since then, got bullied because of it and other kids always told me online friends aren't real friends
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I moved to a new city with my girlfriend, we broke up. She moved out. I'm now living in this city with no friends, with a job I don't particularly like. I don't have any passions, I spend hours on my computer just flicking between sites.

I've been working out a couple of months which has helped, but I still feel shitty.

Should I just quit and move to a city I have friends in?