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I'm wondering about mixing prozac and e/molly?
Everything I've read online says not to do it but I've only been on prozac for 2 days and it usually takes more then 2 weeks to fully enter your system.
Do you think it's safe to take one last roll?
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How does socializing with girls at clubs and parties work?

All I know is that I want to fuck them and I don't care about them otherwise.
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How do i get the queen to be my gf?
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Me and this one girl have been friends for 3 years. I like her and it's like she likes me also. She texts and wants to plan stuff to do often. But she says that she wants to be just friends and all of that. I'm confused because she sometimes makes advances that tell me that she wants us to be together. Sometimes she just wants the plans to be just me and her (this is 40% of the time, the other is just group stuff.) I'm not sure if I should make and advance or just not do anything. She's the type that'd be weirded out if I made an advance on her if she doesn't like me back.
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Sup /adv/
Got sued yesterday in small claims court and won in a landslide victory
Feels good man
Ask me anything
Long story short, i used to rent a bedroom in a house. the house was in foreclosure,which at the time i didnt know about.
A letter came from the bank saying the owner had lost the property as a result of foreclosure, so i lived rent free for 5 months. A roomate decided this made him the new Landlord and attempted to sue me for the rent i stopped paying when the bank seized ownership of the house. He lost. Hard
Also can i sue the shithead that sued me because i had to use a personal day at work?
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So I broke up with my GF about 3 months ago because she was simply too negative, too needy and too verbally abusive.

Since then I have been trying to get out there and interact with people and be social. When ever I start talking to a girl though, things seem fine, then say i'm busy for a day and don't talk to them and then they get all shitty.

Its not just me right? There should be no reason for them to get uppity at me for being busy.

Why are girls so needy?
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People who make $100k+ a year, what are you doing and how did you get there?

Im about to graduate high school and my goal is to make this amount of cash at some point in my life, college or not, and im willing to work hard to reach that goal. Help me come to a conclusion.
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So my laptop keyboard and trackpad broke and the Apple Store is offering me 2 choices.

A is ship it out and get a free repair so it's fixed faster

B is they give me free keyboard and mouse and I can ship it within the last 145 days remaining on my waranty to still get it fixed free

Will people think I'm weird to use a keyboard and mouse on a laptop if I take option b? I can't use it at home got no internet I go to McDonald's for my wifi.
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Too scared to ask /fit/

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I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to weight training, but I understand that many of the best and most effective exercises (squats, bench press etc.) require a spotter. In a normal gym setting, what is the standard way to find someone to spot for you? Asking strangers every time seems like leeching (though it might be normal; I don't know), so should I bring a friend? I'm not looking for a personal trainer, but if it's highly recommended, I'll consider it.
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I have big pussy lips (not from sex I was always like this)

Since genitalia develop from the same form in fetuses and are analogous to each other, does that mean that if I was a man I would have really big ballsacks?