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How to stop caring?

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I'm 18 and currently in my second semester of community college, and the loneliness is really starting to fuck with my head. I see all these people in relationships and with all their friends and it really bothers me. I can't help but be super envious cause I never experienced any of that and I constantly feel like I've missed out on important formative experiences and I'm constantly reminded of it. I'm also really self concious of how I look and I'm constantly just shitting on myself in my head. Saying I'm ugly, worthless, etc. Its at the point where its automatic and I cant even look in a mirror without getting mad

Basically I just want to learn how to ignore stuff like that because its not healthy for me mentally, its been fucking with me really heavy for a while now. I just want to have a quiet brain for once and not care about stupid shit like that.
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Let me start of by saying I love my mother, over the past few years I've graduated high school. I am 22 years old and I am enrolling into college for computer science. I thought about going to live on campus due to the fact me and my mother fight constantly, some days are good most are bad. It seems like she is picking a fight constantly, I lose my temper but most times I try to act unfazed. This causes my mother to goad me into fight her, "what I do to annoy you?" I tell her honestly, she makes me feel guilty or shift the guilt onto me. I cannot take it, she says since I'm her only child I should take care of her when she gets old she's 60, I am again 22. I'm losing my mind, I can't keep going on like this, am I at fault? I try to make up and get along but I can't take it, I am wanting to move into a dorm on campus just to get away. It costs 10k a year, but this or fighting i am considering it. Can someone talk to me or give me legit advice.
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>OKC is shit now
>eharmony/match demand loads of money before you can do literally anything
>bumble/tinder are trash and barely let you know know anything about the person before match (which never fucking happens with me).
>every other site is dead/trash

What do, in terms of online dating?

inb4 go outside
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How to get off marketing lists?

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I was signed up for a magazine two full years ago and I'm still getting ads to re-enroll despite trying a half dozen times to have them remove me from their mailing lists.

Is there a way for me to send them a threatening letter so they take action but I don't get swatted? Something like
>dear magazine
>i have sought to be removed from your mailing lists with no success. recent events in Austin show the dangers unwanted mailings and I fear I may need to do something to protect myself from your harassment
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When I was a kid I had a subscription to a game informer magazine paid for by my parents and one month the magazine that came had a theme that my parents deemed too adult themed for a preteen to be reading so they threw it away and told me I wasn't allowed to see that magazine. Well it's been 16 years since and now I want to read it out of curiosity. I know which issue they threw out but I have no idea how to find it. I'd be ok torrenting it or buying it but I can't find the magazine issue for sale anywhere.
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>He wants to risk another relationship after being previously burned before

Don't ever forget how much the heartbreak stung after she dumped you, anon.
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Guy having sex for the first time

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Hey I'm going to have sex with my girlfriend, and I am EXTREMELY nervous about it. Any tips on what I should do to make sure I do a good job?
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What's your motivation to wake up and keep moving every day?

Basically, I'm a lazy, desidious fuck and I want to change, but can't find an actual purpose to do so. Started to workout like 2 months ago but nothing's changed, no matter what I try to do, there is always this heavy looming lazyness preventing me to do shit. Is there any effective way to get rid of this?
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Hi /adv/,

Long story short, I applied for a summer research fellowship for undergrads and found out today that I was rejected. When I looked at previous applicants who were accepted into the program, all of them went to extraordinary colleges and probably had amazing resumes.

I thought I had an extremely good chance (4.0 GPA, research experience since before freshman year of college, papers on the way to publication - I know this sounds annoyingly like a humble brag), but was so embarrassed to compare myself to other applicants. I go to an extremely shitty college (not even in the top 200 schools in America) and I now feel like I should no longer pursue the field I want to enter, because I'll always be (rightfully so) a subpar applicant.

Should I change what I want to do with my life? Or transfer schools and still try? I feel like I should give up entirely right now.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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>girl and I were supposed to hang last Friday
>she never confirmed the date so I just didn't her up again
>she sends me a voice message explaining that she got caught up and this and that and she wants to hang next week
>I say no biggie and cool

Should I even bother hitting her up again? Feel like it's just gonna be a waste of time
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