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I am in a terribly shitty place and things just keep getting worse. I'm lost, confused, and alone. This post might be long.

Last summer pretty much all of my friends got together and decided to make a hilarious plan to fuck with me, then proceed to ditch me completely for a cocaine addict and someone who they all hated even more than me for some reason. I spent the rest of the summer alone. Come the start of the next school year, which was my senior year, my dad was deployed to Kuwait until this July. He's an emotionally abusive sack of shit who always tear everything good I do down but he was all that kept the house together. My mother is one of the laziest people I've ever met and only stays with my father to use him. I tried to keep the place clean, in order, but I just couldn't. He's an over 6 foot tall shredded soldier and I'm a 5 foot 8 skinny nerd. Some things I just couldn't do. The house was a constant dirty, smelling mess. In September I met a girl who graduated the year before and we started dating. Was pretty good for now.

Around the same time my mother tells me she's going to let a friend, her BF, and their son live in our basement until my father gets back. The basement is a space my dad and I exclusively used for nerd things and they tore it apart in a day. My input was completely ignored and this was all behind my father's back. These people would make things much worse. They would insult me daily, steal food, medication, money. They would throw trash all over the house. Rotten food in the living room. They beat their child, got high and drunk daily with him awake at 4AM then sleeping until 2PM every single day. We called the police on them 3 times and all of which they said they could do nothing. This was not good for me as I was already stressed enough with my dad gone.

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Hey /adv/, I'm a 18 year old male and I'm a virgin, but not because I never had the chance to try pussy, it's the total opposite, throughout the years I've had a shitload of girls that wanted to have sex with me, but I don't want to, because I want my first time to be special, and I want to do it with someone I love...

There are some problems, my sex drive is growing and growing, and xvideos can't keep with it, my dick needs the real deal, and I feel I cannot wait to that "special somebody" since it could take years or decades for such woman to come in my life. Nobody knows I'm a virgin, they all think I have a lot of sex due to the girls that want something with me. I've refused sex from a lot of girls, from a lesbian to a nymphomaniac who wanted a friend with a benefit...

Sometimes I feel like not giving a fuck about feelings and fucking the first girl that wants to have sex, but I know I may regret it, because I'm waiting for a beautiful first time, but if I had sex with the first girl that steps in, she'll see I don't have experience and I'll be made fun of because men cannot have feelings.

Damn I'm sounding like such a sensitive fag lol, anyway, /adv/, tell me, what do you should i do?

btw: masturbation doesn't help, it kills all my sex drive when i cum and i forget about all the girls
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Is it unfair of me to feel regret that I'll never be the first for a woman? I'm 24 and I know I'll never get to be that first time, and I know it's stupid to worry, but part of me can't help but want to have been the only man in a woman's life.
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Education, trades, and careers advice

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Great success in last thread. Let's help those that are younger than us (or older trying to make a change) choose their careers or give general advice to those that are unsure and trying to find their path in life or generally get one another into positions to better their lives and those around them.

Let's talk options and advice on
>Universities and college (Bachelor's, masters, and PhDs) life and experiences
>Medical careers
>Law careers
>Military careers
>Agriculture and forestry
>Minimum wagecucks
>Government (local and national)
>Police and firefighting
>Freight (train, ship, aircraft, or truck)
>Transportation (pilots)
>Stock market careers
>Freelance work or writing
>Self employment/business owners
>Those that don't want to be NEETs anymore

Help your fellow anons out.

Let's do some good and help each other on to the right paths for us.

>PhD in chemistry working in industry.
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Cheating but not so much

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*MORALFAGS, skip this thread* This is not about "should I cheat or not", but HOW to do it to fit a very specific objective I have on the practical and emotional levels. Much of this post will be divided into these 2 aspects: practical and emotional.

I have been dating this woman for already 3 years and at this point, for a large number of reasons, I am close to 100% sure she is "the one" that I want to spend my life with: she is a reasonable 7/10 with very good personality but one flaw relevant to this post: she is very jealous and a moralfag in certain extent.

The thing is: I am a slut. There is no other way to put it. I like to get attention and affection from women, it makes me feel good and excited.
On the practical side: I am above average looking for my age but sorely missing on the "being rich" part of male appeal, so I don't swim in pussy all time, it just happens every once in a while.

On the emotional side: for a number of reasons, my ultimate objective is to be that kind of guy that is interesting, charming, gets women to be friendly and even more, but who, in the end of the day, is still loyal to his wife (the woman I mentioned above, in this case).

which takes us to one specific situation I will explain in the next post.
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Im a 22 year old with a horrible body. big chest and SKINNY ASS ARMS NO MUSCLE AT ALL. im skinny fat and i hate it. i want to build muslce but i heard being skinny fat takes even longer to grow. /adv/ what do?
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>friend tries hard to act tough and strong for years, builds a personality around it
>they're actually a huge softy with a hearty laughter and wouldn't seriously be able to muster the strength to harm another person, and it's obvious to anyone after a short while
How do I convince my friend to embrace his soft side?
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Hello /adv/.
I don't really come here often, but I need help with a decision I'm trying to make. There is a group of people I hang out with regularly. Normally people would consider people like that friends, but that's the problem. It seems like I don't really matter to any of them except for two select people. I'm always asking how they are doing and how they feel about certain situations, and tell them I'm there to help them if they ever need it. I never get the same thing back. I hardly ever get any of them trying to even talk to me on a regular basis. They never wait for me to go do things and just assume I don't mind being present only a part of the time. The last time I tried to vocalize this, they gave me a bunch of excuses as to why, and that I was just being sensitive, but I know a friendship is a two way road, and a friend is suppose to give back what they get from their friend when it comes to the friendship, and it normally is not like that. I need help deciding whether or not I should try and find new friends, and stop hanging out with this group of people altogether. Any advice anybody can give me?
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My gf was a virgin before me so she's incredibly prude, can't do dirty talking (even the most vanilla shit). Can't even talk about sex without freezing up. Claims to have no fetishes and doesn't watch porn.

How do I get my gf to do kinky fetish stuff with me? I have a long list of lewd shit I want to do with her.
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