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Am I dense with women?

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When a girl is checking you out just on the street or whatever can you tell? I heard my mother say that when I go out to places with my sister, my sister always notices that women will check me out and I'll just be oblivious to it... Am I dense in this way?
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Moving on from a 2 year relationship

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So, I had a serious relationship with this fantastic girl for just a little over 2 years. We met in class during the autumn of 2015 and clicked so goddamn well and fell so goddamn hard for each other. We both just knew. We didn't fight alot, but it happened sometimes, mostly over intellectual things, and a few times over emotional things. She had a very strict family who didn't let me spend the night in their house ever, and they didn't let her spend the night in my home (which she did though, by lying to them and such). A considerable problem, since we rarely woke up next to each other (very hard for me), but it was manageable.

We spent most of our time with each other during the whole school year (Autumn 2015 -
Spring 2016) and we went on a holiday in Prague in the summer. She moved to another city to study one year at another place (Autumn 2016 - Spring 2017). This was the first and sadly a very big blow to our relationship. I had the ability to go to her town at a total of 4 times during that year, and she came back home a few times. During the autumn, along with all of the tight schedules and the fact that we were separated by 160+ miles, she really felt that she didn't get what she needed of me, so she broke up. I managed to mend it together and we went on through last summer (2017).

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someone who can tell me what I have?

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I got pimples on both sides of my neck they never came out and I have not consumed anything unusual
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How obvious is my scent?

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It's my ritual when I fuck sex workers to leave showering until the next morning, so I can enjoy the scents of the women on my body. However, today I had so much fun that I made a miscalculation - I asked for 69 briefly. Now, I was an appointment midway through the working day, and as I should have expected, the pussy was ripe. I knew I couldn't stand it long, so I broke off with a polite excuse and we returned to the awesome things we were doing before.

Now, I can smell a lot of different scents from this woman on my body, and it's a delight, but I am concerned that the strong pussy odor was detectable to my family when I returned home. Will my mom guess what I've been doing? After all, she has a vagina. On the other hand, they've been surrounded by the various aromas of a household all day, so maybe they didn't even catch it, or thought it was themselves. Thoughts please?
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Why do my friends always break their promises with me?
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To Catch a Bangkok Thief

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Hi there - I'm new to this website but saw it's success in messing with Shia Labeouf, particularly in locating the flag.

Anyone have any ideas how to track down the guy below?

See attached passport / travel voucher
According to official at the Indian Embassy, recently converted from Hinduism to Islam
June 2015
Stayed at Here Hostel
Stole laptops, passports, cash, and cameras of other dormitory occupants (~ 6 people)
Manager Palmy immediately recognised his picture and showed me his passport on file. She notified other hostels in Bangkok, including HQ Hostel
At the time, he was using full passport issued in Kuala Lumpur.

September 25, 2015
Stayed at 3Howw Hostel - Sukhumvit 21
Made reservation via
Reservation ID: 513013682
Listed phone number as +971 55 7864 564
Email is masked on confirmation receipt as and the company won't release his actual email without a police report and more info
January 23, 2016
Stayed at Once Again Hostel
Stole laptops, passports, and cash for two guests
January 24, 2016
Checked in at HQ Hostel
Staff had been alerted by friends at Here Hostel to be on the lookout
The hostel staff's behaviour made him aware he was being watched
Snuck out undetected and left a bag behind
Told another guest he was from Saudi Arabia

Indian embassy revoked his passport and issued him a travel voucher that only allows return to India, where he would be arrested
Despite this, seems to have been in Kuala Lumpur as recently as January 22, 2016 according to receipts found in his bag
S.C. Sinha (Second Secretary (Consular and Projects)) is familiar with the case and wants U.S. to assist
Business card in bag left behind is for Sai Siddhi Jewellers, which has previously been implicated in fraud, etc.
Here is the Facebook of the contact, Ankit, listed on the business card
Perhaps responsible for an incident at The Hostel 16 in Sukhumvit
May also be linked to theft at Born Free Hostel
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A girl at work keeps wishing me goodnight when my shifts end. Should I take this as a sign of interest?
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How do I get bitcoins what is the best way to invest in bitcoins?

Also, 1Pjh3KzRXZxjY1cJH5X9ThV9YXbWS2KZvH
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I'm a man and I really hate young hot women. When I see them it makes me so fucking angry. What do?
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How do I become a maneater? Not a slut, but a girl that leaves guys' hearts broken.
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