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Is it possible to make a living doing something that you actually enjoy?
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Been lurking here for 8+ more yrs.
Story short: been in love with one single girlf for over 6 years & never been with "her" only as friends nor gifts nor anything helped.
Even when was in relationship with other girl thought of her all the time yet it ended 3 years after and all seemed somewhat Ok.
But now this thing just popped again, how to fucking live now again I have no idea this shit became paranoidal for me.
Even when we are together at parties or like so everyone says as it was ment for us to be together, yet it is not. She has changed bf's multiple times, not including me.
And that fucking feeling like you feel that this is your person is just killing you, any adviced anons?

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Lost all interest in my university degree

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2 years ago I started studying physics in a very prestigious uni and ever since I was a little kid I had big dreams of going to grad school for applied physics and eventually do research and contribute to the advancement of the human race by creating and developing new technology, and I would like it all to culminate with me starting a business around some great new technological innovation like nuclear fusion, space propulsion, AI, genetic modification or something along those lines. Basically be an Elon Musk type character. Of course I know that's extremely unlikely so in practicality I would've been happy achieving just a small portion of success compared to him or any of the other great innovators.

Anyways, things didn't pan out. First of all I'm not as smart as I thought. I'm actually pretty average as far as physics students at my uni goes. Second, and most worrying, I've lost almost all interest and passion for the field. The constant grind of going to lectures, devouring 3000+ pages of heavy math and physics per semester, an endless barrage of problem sets, labs, reports etc. etc. I don't mind working hard in general, in fact if I get really into something I'll work on it nonstop and sometimes forget to eat lol, but the problem is I'm not getting excited about anything we're learning anymore. It's all just "something I gotta get through". It doesn't help either that all my peers are super autistic about everything we're learning and will literally read the fucking quantum mechanics text book on a Saturday night for fun.
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I found out recently that my job in the Air Force will be Ground Crytologic Language Analyst. Anybody have advice for tech school at DLI or anything air force related in general? I hear the school is hard, but I already have a bachelor's degree in Music, so I guess I'm asking if it will be harder than regular undergrad programs? Thanks in advance.
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So my boyfriend feels like he's about to be fired from his job of two years, and I need your help /adv/, he feels devastated.

He says new management has made the work environment very (for lack of a better term) toxic, that the new manager has fired several people to bump up profit, which looks good on paper but they're severely understaffed, very disorganized and mean-spirited.

On new years eve I was meant to pick him up at 11:30 to go celebrate, I left my house a little earlier than usual so I could drive slowly in case of drunk drivers, I got there at 11 (thirty minutes before he got off) and so I was waiting in the lobby when his manager told him I couldn't just sit there and that I had to leave, so it feels very personal and vindictive.

My question is, should he quit before he gets fired?
What are his options? What can I do? I feel so unable to do anything.

I wish I could just contact the company and let them know what's going on but they probably hold the manager in high regard so they'd probably just dismiss my complaint.

Thanks for reading all that, I really appreciate your help.

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General Advice

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Ive been told i give good advice on a wide range of things so why not help some people out?

Come to me with any situation in the world and ill try my best to give you the best advice for each situation.

Nothing is taboo so ask away
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There's a rat under my stairs. It's hiding amongst construction rocks, so there is no way I can reach out and grab it. It also means that it WILL notice when I'm moving off the rocks and go hide elsewhere.
My mother wants me to either collapse the rocks on top of it or poison it. But because I'm not a faggot, I don't want to do such a thing to a creature that was merely hiding from the cold.
So I was planing on trapping it with orange and bananas on a bucket, what do you think?
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I played contact sports for 10 years.

I read on the red pill that you're a bitch if you don't know how to fight. That the confidence that comes knowing you can fuck someone up if they test you is invaluable.

So I took up BJJ for a year and boxing for another- but I'm fucking bored with them and have much more fun just hitting the gym and playing my other sports.

I'm thinking of quitting combat sports al together but I feel like I need it to be alpha and a man, plus bjj is expensive as tits

what should i do
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I can't stay interested in things

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ever since I was 9, I have a habit of reading a wiki or Wikipedia instead of watching a show, game or anine. I tell myself it's too hard to obtain it, or stay interested. even then, I can easily lose interest in things.
is that normal? I don't like reading wikis, browsing 4chan, and scrolling facebook, but my life has a lot of that.
is that normal for an 18 year old? am I depressed?
how do I tell myself that things won't be uninteresting or bad when I try it?