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if i swipe to max each day on tinder, what is a reasonable amount of likes to get over a week?

at the moment i get 1 or 2
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How do i get one? Little background info I have sever anxiety and depression, so I end up fucking everything up. I have delt with abuse and have trobble trusting people. I have tried getting out of my bubble but the people are really mean, I have tried changing myself but then I want to kill myself more. People usally end up minipulating me and or just becoming like a staker. I don't know how to have a fun healthy ok stable friendship. I just dont know how to have friends. Can someone help me? If not, totally understandable.
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How fucked am I in college?

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>Friend wants to meet at LGBT office in my college.
>I'm not gay, male, athletic, and albino white.
>Pretty popular, know just about everyone on my campus. Make friends fast and mean well.
>I think it's an odd place to meet but eh, I'll talk with whoever don't discriminate.
>Walk into the office to wait, see guy in kippah I went to High School with.
>Try to be friendly he doesn't respond much oh well.
>See an attractive secretary, I make a dumb joke about the condoms they have on the table.
>She laughs, we talk, find out she's from my hometown.
>Talk about weird shit we saw as kids.
>Make corny jokes and discuss odd fetishes we've seen on the web, she seems chill.
>Friend gets there, we talk he comes out of the closet, no judge, I support him. We joke a bit.
>Months later...
>"The Office of Equality wants to meet with you regarding concerns."
>Everyone there thought I was some pervert making jokes about fetishes and condoms.
>Rumors spread about me saying "suggestive" comments.

So yeah, apparently I have this meeting coming up. How screwed am I? Is my reputation done for? Nobody said a word to me while I was in there, so nobody spoke up!
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Hello friends. How do I succ my own dicc??
CHALLENGE MODE: I don't actually have a dick I'm female.
Yes this is basically a ban system test since I'm bored af and haven't been banned in a while.

This was the thread that inspired me >>>/s4s/5364185
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When I enter her it feels like I hit a "wall" and my member feels like it bends up the the right.

What is going on? I don't think I'm particularly deep inside.
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whenever sperm gets inside my vagina it fucks up the ph and results in god damn ugly smell. my vagina smells perfectly fine otherwise. the smell stays for about a day, even if i use gels to get the ph back to normal. i hate it and it makes me feel selfconscious and disgusted.
is it rude to ask my bf to mostly not cum inside me because of that?
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>be me
>21 year old loser college dropout with drug problems and no social skills
>go to summer slaughter tour alone because my few friends don't like metal
>stand in a corner alone
>incredible qt3.14 grill comes up to me and starts a conversation
>somehow don't drop my spaghetti
>make plans to hang out next week b/c she lives an hour away
>next week comes, we hang out and it goes amazingly, we have all the same taste in music and vidya and movies
>somehow find myself in a relationship with this 10/10 Latina babe
>months go by, we practically live together and eventually do move in together
>life is fucking great, I drop my bad habits and start trying to actually be a person
>she suggests the army, she's a vet and said it's what forced her to grow up, plus dem benefits
>few months later I'm on a plane to Georgia for basic training
>it sucks ass but I get through it, the only comfort is her letters and rare phone calls
>eventually get my phone back just before graduation, get to start talking to her regularly again
>she tells me the distance is getting to her, asks for an open relationship so she can get laid
>fuckno.png I'm no cuck
>fight for a few days, start to see that things are probably over
>she tells me that our lives are on two different paths now
>then tells me about the guy that she met at work that's exactly like me but has his shit together already
>hang up, start crying like a faggot
>and now I'm here

Idk wat do. this was the first time I've ever been in love and now I just feel empty. I still have too much will to live to an hero but since I'm still stuck at BCT awaiting graduation I don't have any kind of outlet. I feel lost. Pic related, it's the show we met at. I reposted this from /b/ because I'm still sad and want more attention.
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Another "boohoo muh feewings thread, but hear me out /adv/.

I've met this girl on tinder months ago, we've been regularly having sex, talking, cuddling up, she'd make me food sometimes, all that jazz. Gradually I developed feelings for her.

Asked her if she was up for hanging out this week, turns out she started properly seeing someone.

Got really upset but just told her that was okay, deleted her from all social media, been heavy working out for the past two days and trying not to think about her.

However, I feel like I need some closure to fully move on, should I contact her one last time to ask her what the other guy had that I didn't/what I did wrong? I feel it will help me to properly move one but I'm not sure about whether it's a good idea?

Help me out please.
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Normalfag problems

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So I know this seems a little mundane and dumb to be coming here for, especially with folks that have far bigger problems. But I really just need some kinda advice.

I was hanging out with a friend on the porch of my house. He's 18, i'm about a year younger. He was having a smoke, and I was puffing at this cigar I picked up from a gas station the night before. I don't smoke to often, and I had never really touched a cigar, but I figured there's a first time for everything.

But anyways, we got back inside, and my grandmother who lives there with me and my mom and stuff was standing there, I guess to get some water or something. She's 67, and overall has her shit together. We exchanged greetings and all that, but as I was grabbing some water, she said she smelled smoke. I brushed it off and told her it was my bud.

She didn't know, but didn't seem to off put by it. I could sorta tell that things weren't steady. We went back in my room, and about five minutes later, I went back out to wish her goodnight.

She said goodnight, and said she was going out to watch TV in the living room. I told her alright, before she stopped me and told me I had been smoking. I knew i'd been caught, but I attempted a sort of last resort method of telling her it was marijuana (legal in my state, and she's hard-core liberal, so she's on board with the weed being safer with tobacco thing.)

She didn't fall for it, and told me that she couldn't trust me, and that she was stunned that I could lie straight to her face. Normally, something like this wouldn't overly bother me, but she has always been a big role model in my life, and really one of the few folks I genuinely hate upsetting. We talked for a bit, and she said she didn't know how she felt, and that she was going to bed. She promised to keep it confidential, and we talked a bit before she turned in.

I know what I did was wrong, and I just feel generally scummy about it. What should I do? Try and keep responses serious and all.