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What alternative is there to smoking? Drugs that aren't too hard or something that will pass the time. I've come to the point where I'm desperate I need to lessen.
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>got my first job, an office job in I.T., 4 months ago
>I sit in a desk of 3, the guy on my left is awesome, another guy sitting close behind me is also great, and it's the most social part of the office
>job is sometimes relaxed, sometimes very stressful but these guys around me make it bearable
>I get to have nice conversations with these guys every few hours, so I actually like my job
>I have depression but feel like I'm sort of recovering thanks to them
>they took in a new guy 1 month ago
>today they said someone from my desk had to switch seats with him
>I didn't want to and joked that I wanted to quit the job if I had to change
>the dude on my right didn't want to change either, because he has a stupid wall with a stupid shelf to put shit on next to where he's at
>so I changed places myself because I'm a doormat
>now I'm too far away from my friends and there's a wall behind me and only one guy next to me (he's okay but it's not the same)
What can I do? I'm very emotionally dependent, I know I have to fix that. I'm also afraid that winter is coming and I have bad seasonal depression. I feel like I won't make it. I want to quit but it will be seen as a retarded reason (also getting a new job will be hard). Idk if I should pester them to have the other dude switch seats but I will be seen like an idiot crybaby now that we've changed the computers around and everything.
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hi, i'm a hs senior, and i'm constantly being made fun of because of my appearance, height, and interests. this has an impact on every aspect of my life. for example, it makes getting up from the bed to go to school really hard, and it has a big impact on my academical performance, since i feel, that i'm not worthy of this kind of education (i'm in a prestigious school), and for the past 8 years i haven't been able to maintain any kind of a social relationship, and i think it's because i'm doing something wrong, but i have no idea what it is that i'm doing wrong, because if i ask anybody why they are being mean to me, or if anything that i'm doing is not okay with them, but i usually laughed at without any reason whatsoever. this makes me want to kil myself or leave this school and just give up on life... i have no idea what to do, please help
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I have recently acquired ten of these.
What should I do with them?
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OTC drugs comparable to Adderall.

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I've been looking for OTC drugs comparable to Adderall but I'm not sure what to look for. I can read countless reviews online about different ones but I won't know for sure if it works until I try it. Do you lads know of any good products that are comparable to adderall?
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I have been hanging out with this girl for a few months now and I feel like she is into me. The problem is that there has been no intimacy between us. I thought it would pass and kept trying but she kept rejecting my advances, but still wanted to hang out with me. I coped with thinking it was because she is inexperienced.

Yesterday I decided to just ask her if she wants to just be friends (because I want to move on). She said she didn't want to talk about it on the phone and asked me if I wanted more. I said yes (probably stupid) and she suggested we talk about it when we meet up next time.

Should I meet up with her? We have known each other for 4 months and met up several times, but nothing ever happened. I feel like she is going to give me some bullshit like I'm not ready. But why would she want to meet up just for telling me that? Do you think I should go? Is it looking good or bad for me? I honestly feel like I would be happier if she just said no at this point so I could forget about her.
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I wanna get laid, but she's a virgin

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I feel like if I try to make moves, it would be wrong. She's so innocent. She's a virgin. Even if I did try, I don't know how she'd take it. We kind of both made it clear to each other that we aren't going to have sex any time soon, but I feel like I need it. I don't want to cheat, but it seems like the only way. What do I do?????
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i'm committed to trying to help people out :) ask me, the meat baby!
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How do I get my family to clean up after themselves? I've grown tired of living in filth and I've recently made an effort to clean the house.
The problem is I can't force them to keep tidy and all my reminders go unheeded.
Pic related is how I feel after someone leaves a mess on the table I just cleaned 10 minutes ago.