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>Me and GF at bus stop
>She suddenly nearly feints
>tells me she went blind momentarily
>won't get checked out
Is she going to die?
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hey /adv/

what's gonna be the winning numbers for the powerball tomorrow?
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I frequently have extremely violent fantasies including rape and murder. They started here and there but as of late, they're all I can think about. I've detailed how I would kill someone in my diary several times and sometimes I will go to the park and stalk people for practice.

Can you offer me any advice on how I can suppress these urges without actually going through with it? I also was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 6 months ago
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How to Deal With a Horrible Reddit Mod

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Shadowrun is a universe I genuinely love, unfortunately it's not a very well known game so there are few places to discuss it.

My favorite has always been the Shadowrun subreddit, just a good community, but there's been one persistent problem.

A mod by the name of Bamce, he's just an awful mod, he doesn't moderate anything, hell he starts fires, but there's shit you can do about it.

All he does is complain when people wanna play the game in a way he doesn't agree with and bitch about Catlyst.

He shouldn't have any power, so what should I do? I can't just ignore him because he follows you (I made a character that he just had to complain about, I ignore him yet he still talked back about why he's right).

Even when you use his own logic to make him wrong, he's still right, he refuses to accept being wrong.

So what am I supposed to do?
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So I have been dating my current gf for about 6 months now and everything was going good until now. I travel a lot with my job and can leave with notice from anywhere between 4 days to a month in advance. I explained that to her before we got together and she said she would be ok with it.

Fast forward to now and she's freaking out because my work is making me miss going to see the eclipse with her because they went back on giving me the day off. She was pissed about that and hasnt been acting the same since. I tried talking with her, but its usually just short one word answers like ok and stuff, and she doesnt really try to engage in conversation with me anymore like she used to. This has been going on all week and i've tried talking with her about it. Eventually she'll open up and tell me what she's actually mad about, but the next day its right back to her being cold again.

Basically what im getting is its boiling down to her feeling like I'll never be able to make plans with her when I told her thats not the case its just I happened to get screwed over this time. I honestly dont know what to do at this point.
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Does it matter if I lost my virginty to a brothel if I am going to have a serious relationship?
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Is it too late to circumcise late 20s?

I'm in my sexual prime, but have had awkward experience because my tip has been sheltered this whole time and it's overly sensitive to outside things.

Also, outside of the foreskin it looks like a beautiful penis.
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Living with parent?

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1. Age/sex/country
2. Do you still live with a parent? If yes, why?
3. Is that normal in your country?

>yes I live with my mother. I have a good paying job, but I'm using most of my paychecks for school. Cost of living is ridiculous where I live, so it would be hard to pay for both..
>no it's not normal. I feel pretty guilty since I have a well paying job. I still take care of myself 100%, I pay all my bills and buy and cook my own meals. I just don't pay for rent.
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