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Big nose problem

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This is my funny shitty story
When I was 5 years old I used to watch HxH with my brothers and they started calling me Tonpa because of my nose like Tonpa's nose...
My friends make fun of it...
One time when I was in a bus stop a guy asked me that If I pay for two seats on bus for me and my nose
I hate my nose, I hate my face... I hate people and I hate getting out now
There any advices for this fucking problem we because I don't have money for surgery
Ps: I'm a girl
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Met a girl on tinder a few months ago. Things progressed slowly since we both were inexperienced but it seemed good.
After 4 months we tried having sex for the first time but I couldn't get it up due to nerves.
We also met each others parents and I spent christmas at her parents house. I felt fine and was happy since it seemed we were getting closer.
Since we both love skiing we talked about taking a trip together. I was looking forward to spending a whole week together.
Fast forward to last night and she tells me she would rather just be friends. A week ago she told me she loves me. I don't fucking get it and i'm hurt and really confused. I feel lied to and lead on. She doesn't seem to see it that way. Says she is so used to being alone that she can't open up to people. Now i'm sitting here in the hotel room after she took the train back home. Crying and feeling like absolute dogshit. No idea what I'll do now. She told me to contact her if I want. She didn't even touch me once while I was crying my eyes out in front of her. How can she be so cold?
tl,dr: So called girlfriend dumped me during the second day of a skiing vacation out of nowhere. Feeling like shit and need to get this out somewhere. No idea what i'll do now. I just want to talk to her and be close to her. It hurts so much
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>gf of two years
>she was a virgin
>She has immense insecurity about my past sex life
>gets triggered by things like college settings because it's where I did most of it
>when this happens she starts desperately wanting to have sex with other people to even things out
>Believes it will put an end to her grief once and for all
>This comes up every month at least once
>Always shut her down
Can someone please give me the materials I need to straighten out this retard
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is it normal for guys early adulthood at collage age to have messy rooms and are just too dam lazy to make it nice?
i live with my dad while i'm going to collage and the internet router is in my bedroom and he came to fix it and complained that i don't clean my room unless he nags me
i know i'm almost an adult but i really don't have the motivation to care about it because i usually lock myself in there anyway and don't have visitors anyway except my dad when there's internet problems
this is the messiest part since i moved it aside for my dad to get through
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Joining the National Guard

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Hello /adv! I've been considering joining the National Guard for a few months now. It's been a seesaw of yes and no. But I feel it necessary to serve out of a sense of duty. I am looking at joining the Combat Engineers and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions, stories (good or bad), and advice (obviously). I'm 24, physically fit from my job as a fisherman, and am single.

I just thought that this place would be a decent one to come to, to see what otherwise unknown information I can glean about the National Guard.
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how do i know if deep down i'm really just a misogynist piece of shit?
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How to deal with gf on her period
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What can I do to get a job as quickly as possible? Advice?
>BS in Human Resource Development
>4 years of experience as a secretary
>shitty unpaid summer internship
>school workstudy job/misc retail jobs aside from those
The thing is that I fucking hate being a secretary and I have math issues to where I can't be a cashier/handle money in a fast-paced environment. I've become a shutin over the past year and a half, been unemployed since May 2018, have only two professional references, and no passion for anything. I don't even like Human Resources, I just did it because my parents said they'd kick me out if I dropped out before finishing school. Now I finished and I can't get past the first interview anywhere- I'm applying to HR assistant jobs, data entry jobs, office clerk jobs, no one fucking wants me. What should I do? Is there a job search method I should be using that I'm not? Is there a field I should go into I'm not considering? What should I fucking do? I need a job really badly, so badly, I need one YESTERDAY