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executive function

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I have so little control over my actions to the point that I wish I had a shock collar for whenever my brain tries to do make me do something stupid or pointless when I already know a better choice. I FEEL LIKE A FUCKING ROBOT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER ANYTHING I FUCKING HATE THIS I FUCKING HATE MY OWN BRAIN I HATE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. There is no single me and every me that isn't me feels like another persons hand beating me to senselessness and casting me to destruction
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School Sucks

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I'm in high school currently. I'm a pretty happy dude but I can't seem put a smile on my face in drivers ed because I'm teacher is kind of an asshole. Everyone has got their own crap going on in life and I'm no different. He literally read absences out to the class and singled me out like he does with everyone. I'm no pussy, this loser bullies everyone and I'm sick of it. Any creative schemes y'all can think of to embarrass this used condom of a man?
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I just drained my checking account, i had over 1k in it, and i wasted it on online shit i didnt even want. Im a college student living with my parents, and im not nearly as financially responsible as i thought. Im thinking of getting an app on my phone to track my card purchases to keep this from happening in the future.
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I want to be loved but something about me causes everyone to always mock me or hate me or whatever and I can't seem to overcome whatever that something is.

How do I get people to love me or does god just want me to be alienated and ostracized from everyone and everything?

I keep going around the internet from community to community, always on the hardcore fringe of things, make the place grow and become more and more active, but then get thrown out and have to find another place because everyone always turns on me.

I need to figure out what's wrong.
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It passed a year since i made a new friend. My olds are getting more and more away from me and i´m starting to become lonier. I feel bad, i just want to make new friends, but i don´t know how to start a conversation even on internet. Someone have some kind of formula about how to do it? I need something to ''broke the ice''
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Taking a break to see other people casually, then getting back together?

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>Been together 5 years (since we were 17)
>Were each other's first/ first serious relationship

We love each other very much, and assuming our relationship continues on its course, I'd very much like to spend the rest of my life with her.

However, she and I have never dated anyone else, and I legitimately think it would be good for our long term future if we took a 1-2 month break to casually date, and then got back together.

>Note: when I say, casually date, I dont mean fuck everything in sight while having my gf to come back to when I'm done. I mean legitimately seeing other people, but without any long term intentions.

My decision ultimately rests on what she thinks of the idea, and if she agrees it would be good for us.

However, I'd like some second opinions before pitching the idea.
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My buddy has this problem: His wife is batshit insane. Ive witnessed her smash up their house when she either came home drunk when I was visiting with my buddy or when me and my buddy come back from hunting and shes at home and shes drunk.

Most recent freakout: My buddy makes two big bottles mixed with ice tea and vodka from a 375ml bottle. We come back from hunting and shes drunk as hell off those two bottles that was mixed and screaming around she couldnt find/he gave away the 375ml bottle. She waited til we got home, with meat that we skinned and needed to freeze to start tearing up his house. Now I was loling and only staying to help my friend(be a witness). Last time she pulled this she got him arrested for 3 months claiming he beat her up, and apparently confessed 'everything' he did to the cops.

I only stay for my buddy, but is it worth it? I dont have to take her shit because she tried accusing me of drinking that bottle(she drank this bottle, but the two mixes) but I also want to be a good friend so he doesnt get locked up because of her alcoholism(again). They are ages 53,50. That woman literally tore the entire house up in front of me and my buddy and screaming at him lol. After i told her i didnt drink the bottle ask my buddy she started going insane, at my buddy. broke everything. i went outside the back and came to the front and knocked and yelled RCMP and she went super quiet and my buddy was playing along and then she came to the door and seen it was me she was quiet for about 15 mins, then started acting up again. She started breaking shit and then my buddy said "You wanna break shit? I'll show u how to break shit" and he started smashing the house too and made her scared(im loling btw). Another 15 mins, same episode, same accusations. I say im going to put on a movie, now were all watching movies. 15 minutes later she does this shit agiain. Lol

I only want to visit my buddy, not deal with this bullshit. Wat do
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Help with strengths.

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I need to write a CV. I've attended some sessions where they talk you through things and they said before you even sit down and start you need to think and note down what your strengths are.

Well I'm sitting here but I've got nothing.

What do?
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I fap to gay porn but I'm not attracted to men at all irl. Should I tell my gf?
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My Mom doesn't want two kittens, although it's healthier to get two instead of just one.

She is fucking stubborn and says she is allergic to the kitten, althought she always hugs and loves it. I dont believe her and dont get me wrong, she loves animals too, but she doesnt want two kittens because she thinks it will be harder to raise two than one and thats not true since both will always be busy playing around.

I kind of understand this, but I said we should try it atleast and I will help her. I just dont want this little nigga (4 months) to stay alone everytime and scratch the furniture, because he always has so much energy left, because he is bored there is not another kitten to play with.

I mean I always take care of him, clean his toilet, feed him, etc. but she just refuses future dialogues with me

What do /adv/
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