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How do I find out what's my life calling and become most successful at it and make big money?
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I was on my bike today and this kid passed by me on the grass, and caused me to crash my bike. He stopped riding, came back, and I asked him to help me up, but I wasn't able to get angry. I was slightly annoyed, but I didn't see the point in yelling at him to be more careful, or punching him, or throwing his bike into traffic.

I'm home now, but I only feel slightly upset, mainly because I'm embarrased since this took place in front of a bunch of cars driving past us. I'll get over it tomorrow, but why can't I get angry? Am I a cuck?
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One of my good friends who has recently moved away came back to meet up, but when we did he told me alot of stuff and how he has become involved with alot of parties and drugs (LSD,cocaine,weed) and i don't know how to react, or what to do in this situation would really appreciate any help or tips how to deal with this.
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How do I get my gf to lose weight? We've been together for over 2 years and she's great but I really think she could lose some weight. I just don't know how to bring it up. She's tried on her own without me ever mentioning it but she hasn't really committed to it. She eats healthy food and hits the gym for a bit but then goes back to eating not so healthy food and forgets about the gym.

I don't want to bring this up and make her feel self conscious all the time. She drinks a ton of water and she's on birth control. I've heard these two things can make women gain weight. As for my body, I've always been able to eat like a pig and not gain weight. According to a generic BMI graph I'm close to being underweight. What do I do?
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Emo girl date ideas...
Hello fellas I just recently started seeing this smokin hawt emo/punk girl and I need help with date ideas, never done anything like this before and don’t expect much but it’s always fun to read haha maybe some good suggestions and I’ll send a first idea is to have a pick nick at a local cemetery with good food and a fresh backwood!
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Am I becoming a normie?

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>be me
>kissless virgin, love 4chan and vidya, fuck college
>get banned for a month, bored, depressed
>thought "fuck it" and gave a gorgeous girl I sit next to in class my number
>few days pass, hear nothing from her, decide "fuck it" and hug her goodbye after leaving school, what little chances i had are screwed now
>get text at night from her, immediately ask her out
>see Blade Runner 2049 together, 30 mins in she asks if it's a date and I decide "fuck it" and say yes (A+ film too)
>fast forward a month, no longer kissless virgin, old friends amazed I have stunning gf, invited to parties, have great new clothes, gaining muscle, seem more confident
>only other mate that also loves 4chan gets salty about me having gf, decides to ghost me
>4chan ban expires, here i am
>is it a coincidence all this occured during the ban? and am i becoming a normie?
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Im scared anons. Im going to fail my math final tomorrow (i have a coding one ill probably do ok on). This will be the second time ive failed this math class. I dont think im cut out for comp sci. I dont even enjoy it, i just wanted to do it so one day i could make make video games or something cool.

Ive had an internship, know people in the industry, and i honestly dont think i can do it. I liked Comp Sci because i could maybe make games and i would get a nice salary and secure job but i dont think i care anymore. I've been depressed for awhile, smoking a bunch of pot, crying. I just dont think i can do it.

I want to film stuff, draw, animate, all the things i use to love but i always thought it was dumb to peruse because "muh money".

Is it going to be ok anons? thats all i want to know. I want to do it, i really do. Im tired of being a sad piece of shit i wanna work real hard every day and do something cool anons but im scared that if i take two steps back to radically change my life ill end up a failure.
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Is all fiction pointless?

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Instead of spending precious time on fleeting and inconsequential entertainment like novels, movies, and video games, shouldn’t we devote ourselves to science and philosophy to understand and improve ourselves and our world?
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You know how there are thes gay pride parades and shit where people go around the streets typically wearing very inappropriate clothing and generally looking unappealing? I want to do the same thing, but it's straight pride and everybody wears business suits while carrying brief cases and files, how would I accomplish this fellas?