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so my gf and i want to try anal, but she says it hurts too much

i got an avg dick, not trying to humble brag and anonymously say i got a monster cock

she has butt plugs she's been trying but even the smallest is still uncomfortable for her

what are some other tips besides foreplay, lube, relaxing, etc that might make this easier (for her)?
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Weird Roommate

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So, I have a roommate that I've lived with for almost 5 months. He and I don't see much of each other, mostly hang out in our rooms, and only see each other in passing or when we're both in the kitchen.

A short time after moving in, he said he was on a crusade to better himself and asked me if I would "let" him do all of the chores. He even agreed to pay more in rent. It was definitely weird but I said sure.

As a consequence, I pay $575 and he pays $800, lol. It gets weirder, he later asked me if I'd be willing to let him know when I thought he was slacking on any chores and offered to pay me $5 per complaint I make. Again, I said yes but it's weird.

He keeps the apartment spotless but I've made $5 here and there when I find that my dishes are still in the sink the next day. It feels weird and I don't get it. Is this a fetish? What should I do?
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>staying at my mom's while on break from school
>took my dog to park for walk
>hotter than expected so i cut the walk when i noticed dog getting a little hot
>dog wouldnt drink, so i poured some water on him in the car on the way home
>ac is dead in my car so windows were rolled down for air
>get home
>dog starts walking oddly
>apparently my precautions werent enough
>mom thinks hes having a seizure from being overheated
>we wrap him in towel with cold water and take him to get
>he improves dramatically on the way so we decide to just watch him closely for the rest of day
>dog is totally back to normal now
>ive been fucked up all day since
I think this qualifies as pretty traumatic for me. I didn't stop shaking until several hours after we got home from the vet trip and I can't get the images or the sound of his weird whining out of my head. I can't sleep because I see the dog wrapped in the towel shaking and drooling. Consciously I know I did what I could to prevent it and to treat it during but I feel so fucking guilty that I have trouble looking at my dog.

I know it feels bad because it's fresh in my head, but will this be something I can get over without a therapist or something?
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is to ok to exfoliate ur face twice a day?
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It has happened again

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Hello anons, my lecturer failed me today. Everything has been shitty like this for the last year because I have no true friends and I am really struggling with depression/memory problems coupled with it. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me. Do I not like my major? Am I a sociopath who hates everyone and doesn't want to hang around with anyone?. I am feeling very down and will 100% kill myself If I fail this semester. I am so angry right now that none of my parents bullshit ''advice'' can't seem to do anything. I wanted to see a therapist but my parents are like ITS ALL IN YOU'RE head get over it
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Is it normal to only be able to breathe out of one nostril? I just watched a video on this and the girl said she got a nose job because of this and I noticed that I can only breathe out of one nostril too. It’s never caused me any discomfort before I just noticed it because I tested it out after she said it. I’ve definitely not been happy with the way my nose looks but the process sounds extremely uncomfortable and terrifying. Is not being able to breathe out of a nostril incentive for getting plastic surgery? And are there any alternatives for changing the way your nose looks?
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How to proceed with this girl?

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Been seeing her for a month. 4 times a week. Both have feels, agreed to be exclusive etc and I know she wants a relationship BUT has said she wants to see me with my mates and how I act around them before its official?

Last night she got weird with me after sex and I could tell she wanted to say something to me. I asked her a bit to tell and she said "its too soon" so I made some jokes and we fell asleep.

I have brought up feels talks with her twice so far which she responded equally to but I don't know what to do next. I'll invite her to chill with some mates soon but after that, should I just play it cool and wait for her to initiate the bf/gf talk?

I feel like she wanted to say some mushy shit last night but chickened out. She even was a bit insecure when I first got to her's and was asking what I've been doing and said she feels like I'm hiding something.
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Can't stop chasing highs

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I feel like nothing is ever good enough for me. I get drunk, but all I want to do is drink more; I spend money on games and movies but I can't ever finish them; I spend money on camsites but it's never enough. Do I just have an addictive personality? Can I ever find satisfaction in life? If not, anything that makes that fact easier to cope with?
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hey any medfags about?

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Been feeling pretty unwell for the past couple of days, started out as shoulder pain now I've got a recurring fever, pain on my other shoulder, quickly run out of breathe, been fine until two days ago I was able to jog for 20-30 mins, now I can barely walk down the street without getting winded, family has a history of thyroid issues - only reason I'm asking here is because it's difficult for me to get to the doctors, I live in a small town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, closest doctor is an hours drive and I can't drive because I'm epileptic and have yet to have a good year without a seizure.
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Is it wrong for needing constant validation