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How to have fun

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What do you guys do for fun? Please answer with specific things that are accessible or possible to most people
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Bellybutton cancer?

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I just noticed today that my bellybutton feels hard. Not like there's a stone inside it, but like it's in my skin around the hole. Am I a hypochondriac and bellybuttons are supposed to feel like that or is it cause for concern? I'm worried it's a growth on my intestines or something. I know I probably shouldn't have but I used a q-tip to hold it open and shone a light in there and I couldn't see any blockage either. It's kind of sore, but that might be because I've been squeezing and messing with it trying to work out what the problem is.
>Go to the doctor
Tried calling 5 times to get an appointment and they didn't answer.
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I'm a 30 year old man and struggling to meet young women. I'm specifically interested in 14-22 year old women.

Where can I find them, or meet them naturally? I don't want to spend ages getting into a new social circle or becoming friends with some teenagers just for introductions.

I'm not interested in older women as they've had sex with dozens and dozens of men and are used up.

Also how should I approach them? Just as I normally do? And would beta males intervene if they saw me talking to a 15 year old girl even though it's 100% legal to talk to her?
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Why is it that I only match with Asian and black qts on tinder?
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reposting from auspol thread:
shits fucked cunts
im going to be homeless in a few weeks (or days) because im not getting the clot shot and i havent been able to find someone to do it with my medicare card under my name. its going to fuck my whole family and my parents will divorce as a result idk what to do my whole life will be fucked
idk if cenno provides crisis housing idk what to do
i dont have a job i dont have a car and i got thousands of dollars in fucking covid fines i cant afford shit idk im fucked

i live in sydney, im not going to kill myself and i dont want to split my entire family idk what to do
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I'm already lacking behind in my first week of uni bc of my part-time job. My job is 4times 4 hours a week and it's kind of destroying my time for uni bc I also need additional 2 hours of just driving there and back. Afterwards I always feel too tired to still do uni. So I wanted to quit my job, but the period of notice is 4 weeks, so I would have to still work 4 weeks until it's actually quit. But I have the problem with my uni rn and not in 4 weeks. What should I do? Any ideas?
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How to make hanging out with a girl fun?
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What is a good platform for live-streaming a suicide?
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I resent my girlfriend because she has COMPLETELY different values than mine. She doesn’t push anything on me, honestly I’m more likely to do it to her, I just hate that she’s so different. Religion, life experiences, life goals, she’s even a fucking vegan. I don’t know how people can tolerate someone so different from them to have a thriving marriage and family cause I couldn’t do it.

Is it worth even trying? Were 6 months in and I’m ready to just say fuck off, this isn’t working, bye.