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"Nice ___, faggot!"

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How do you deal with drive-by insults? Do you just accept that they got a cheap laugh at you with their friends and they'll sleep soundly that night?
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I know I’m gonna get made fun of for this post but hear me out
When I was 7, my mom was raped infront of me, then I was molested myself a few months later, both unrelated to eachother.
My parents brought me to build a bear workshop and I got a teddy bear after this. I loved him so much.
I’m 21 now, and while I was away for evacuation due to hurricane, my dad had a fucking crackhead “clean out” my room and he threw away my teddy bear
I am devastated, as I wanted to have it until I was old and could maybe even give it to my kids
I now can’t stop thinking about it and crying that it’s lying in a dump somewhere abandoned. I almost saw it as a pet and miss him.
His name was Mr. Snuggles :(
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How are you supposed to respond to a girl complimenting you?

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I autistically panic every time and change the subject without acknowledging it.
How are you supposed to respond in such a situation?
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Losing interest when people tell me to hang out

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I am not a very outgoing type, but I enjoy enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to parties etc.
Problem is that when they tell me to go for a drink or to a party, I immediately become bored, even if 30 minutes earlier I wanted to go out. And when we start drinking/smoking I enjoy it and say to myself <<oh, I like going out, going to bars etc>>. Two completely different moods.
How can I change that? I want to say yes without second thoughts.
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When I go to work somewhere (physical, because it's the easiest to get), they always tell me that I learn too slowly, I work too slowly and I'm not smart enough. I'm trying my best. And what now?
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Extreme mood swings

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I have some crazy mood swings that has only been worse as I have gotten older.

I can in one day go from being the most happy person ever to total depression and suicidal thoughts.

I have had a pretty rough past and have an extremely hard time reconcile with it. Dunno if that has anything to do with it.

The depression phases usually are longer than the good phases.

Should I see a psychiatrist?
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How did you get over your childhood physical and emotional and parental abuse?
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Should I declare I have a disability?

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When I apply for jobs, they often ask if I have a disability.
Technically I do, not a physical one but I'm diagnosed with autism. Should I declare this? I'm the type of autist where it's not always obvious to others but after spending a lot of time with me people can tell I'm retarded. It definitely makes getting a job harder, in several ways. I mean, aren't only a small fraction of us employed? It'd be nice to get a job on my own merit but then again I'm obviously at a disadvantage.
Would it fuck up my chances of getting the job, or help? If I get the job, would they be nicer to me?
I'm in the UK if that matters.
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>Quit drinking cold turkey
>Don't miss alcohol or being drunk but life gets 500% more miserable
How the fuck do I enjoy life sober ? I've lost absolutely all motivation for doing my job, I can't be assed about finding a gf anymore and I don't even have plans for the future. I just want to fuck off to the ass-end of nowhere to pursue my hobbies and not have to deal with people anymore. Advice to deal with this ?
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How do i stop giving a shit about w*men? As in how do i stop being distracted by my hate of them

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To clarify, this isn't typical incel shit, i already don't desire sex or relationships anymore, i've gradually become basically asexual; But even then i'll admit w*men still live rent free in my head because they're everywhere; So i can't stop being reminded of them, of how evil and irresponsible they are and how they continually worsen society by encouraging and empowering corrupt authorities, it's a matter of morals, i will NOT abandon my morals, but at the same time it's painful and distracting to always be surrounded by evil unvirtuous people and unable to have quiet. It's uncomfortable as fuck to live with the implications of that. How do i calm my indignation and make it less distracting?