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Hey /adv/, I could really use your help.

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I've completely fallen in love with a fictional cartoon character (pic related). I started getting interested in her about a week ago, watching all the episodes and media she's in etc. and now I just can't get my mind off her. Harley Quinn, to me, seems like the literal perfect girl and I don't know how to deal with these feelings. She's my first though when I wake up and the last thought when I fall asleep.

I was thinking of traveling to New Jersey and finding a girl exactly like her but I want to first know how I can, if I can, stop my infatuation for her.
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Does penis size actually matter?

I'm a virgin with a pretty small dick and I've read a bit on the topic and most women say they can't cum from smaller dicks at all. I'm fine with giving oral but knowing I'm so flawed the only way to pleasure a girl is in a way that doesn't involve my sick at al is awful.
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I've found myself becoming more and more dissociative recently and I'm not really sure what to do about it
Shit will be fine one minute then the next ill feel like I'm out of body watching myself move
Should i talk to a doctor? Go back to my therapist?
I've had cool OBEs before but this is strange and scary to me
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I'm a jew in western Maryland, is being scared shitless right now a rational fear?

Inb4 find a white gentile to hide in their attic and start a journal
inb4 gys
inb4 Masada sudoku
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What to do if you know a serial killer

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This guy ansree sowin is planning to shoot up a public place and told me wtf should I do?
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How do I eat pussy better? I have honestly no idea what to do. I love the idea of just diving in and sticking my face in a girl's pussy but I'm not sure what my lips and tongue are supposed to be doing and I hear that's the most important part. Usually I just lick and suck but I can never tell if the girl really likes it because i can't see her face or hear whatever noise she's making, I'm all the way down there! Also, I find it hard to get past that sharp, irony taste that pussies seem to have.

Please help a brother out /adv/, I would like to pleasure the women in my life.
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I cum too quickly during sex.

I can go about a minute of hard pumping before I blow my load. However, if I use a condom then I can last a long time. The issue is my wife doesn't like it when I use condoms because she says they dry her out (i use magnum thin skin if that offers any info about this). Going slow isn't an option as she likes it when I fuck her rough. Can anyone recommend some condoms that work well for her pleasure or a lube that will numb my dick so I can keep going?
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please help, i am mentally distressed.

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I was 11 years old when i first saw a girl and fell in love with her, her house was just behind mine and i went to play with her and my other friends. She knew that i liked her, so ddid my friends but i never asked how she felt about me.

Now I reached 18 years of age at 12th this month. She left her house last year and now lives in a posh neighbourhood. 2 days before my birthday i suddenly started missing her and since then she's been all that i am thinking about except at a few occasions.

I have been thinking about her health but the most troubling thought that i have is, has she got a boyfriend already? This thought has been troubling me since almost a week ago.

I cant stop thinking about her and i have been feeling dread because of it, I was about to cry on the first day and even today, and i've become quite short tempered too.

How can i stop it from affecting me so adversely? And i also want to know if anybody else has gone through similar event in life like dreading over a girl?
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I feel absolutely devastated.
I met this guy and we immediately clicked on. We kept on texting all day and we eventually went on two dates. Dates were amazing.
He said he wasn't mentally stable enough for a relationship though, and I told him that I understood that and that I'd wait for him to be ready. That made him feel pressure and ultimately upset him to the point of saying he's not interested in me anymore and won't talk to me for a while.
I have been crying since then. I want him back but I don't know what to do.
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