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Is having no money a good enough reason to kill yourself?

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I literally have none left I’m completely broke and have none coming. No valuables except this device I’m on and I can’t get loans either. I don’t want to work either as it makes me wish I was dead I’ve tried it. Has my time on this earth finally run out?
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Who goes without porn

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Serious answers only (I wish, I know what site i'm on). I keep quitting the visual stimulation of pictures of beautiful women that i've downloaded, and just focus on the feeling and it's super intense, but then I relapse eventually. But a big plus is that nobody can find my porn if it's completely gone. I always come back to and re-download EVERYTHING from /s/ and /wg/ and (believe it or not) /b/ has a few good threads where someone keeps posting the best nudes that I haven't seen in so many years. It's like an addiction or craving that must be satisfied. Who here goes completely without porn, and how? What do you focus on? What steps did you take? Do you still have imaginative fantasies related to porn or something you saw on the internet in the past? Because that would technically be watching porn in your mind, right?
I envy women that can have a full body orgasm. I sometimes think I don't love myself enough to do what women do on their own.
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Why does everyone on this board seem to have such vitriol and hate for people suffering from BPD?

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I am a very tense, very anxious person. How can I basically force my muscles to relax, especially my jaw, shoulders, neck, and pecs? Preferably something I can do at any time, but I'll take anything. I figure I have to basically make myself relax over and over until it becomes natural.
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>be me
>be 18
>be in uni
>teacher's female friend smiles at me
>flirt with her
>tell her I was going to see a movie later and wanted to bring her with me
>she smiles, says she's working today but then gives me her contact without me asking
>later I find out shes 26 and dates one of my teachers
Do I have any chance with this woman?
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Should I buy a doll

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I’m seriously considering spending money on a doll, hair to reroot the doll, and handmade etsy clothes to dress her in. Any reasons why I shouldn’t do this?
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how to not be a pussy

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I want to be able to stand my ground, act accordingly when someone slaps my gf ass. I've been hitting the gym for about a year now and am at a point where I have a strong and capable body. I just don't know how to stand my ground or show my limits (I think it's because I got raised by a single mom). Any advice on leveling up and finally become a man? 18 btw
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/HTGWG/ #14 - How to get Women General 14 Just Make Out with Her Edition

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HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah.

Topics discussed:
>Dating apps and texting
>Fucking and getting to that point
>Reading signals
>Getting and maintaining gf

>Read this new posters
New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her.

In this Edition, just go in for the kiss at the end of the date. Dont pussy out

>How to ask for advice
Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like, and you'll most likely be called a retard. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible:
>Experience with women/social skills
>Context ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc)

>Thread Template:

>Previous Thread:
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Why are men like this? Reposted.

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>e-boy I had a flirting relationship with blocks me
>He makes me pay for a unblock if I want to talk to him again
>former fren of mine and still a fren of his finds out and blocks him for it
>Former fren pretends he's against it and "defends me" as my fren
>he goes back to simping for him, tells him things like 'i love you fren" "don't worry fren you're Always my fren" and adds him back as a fren
>Plays video games with him again like they usually do
>E-boy gets no consequences and basically gets a bigger simp after he manipulated me
>Former fren demonizes me and regularly bans me from a server the owner lets me be in

Ladies, don't trust men.
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Furry wife

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What do I actually do? To get a furry wife, I have set up a Telegram account and joined multiple furry dating groups there. What do I do now? In the groups, people just talk about normal stuff. I can't find a way to insert myself into a conversation, and I don't know how to start one myself. How do I actually find a female furry (female) and talk to her in DMs?