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someone i know is making me very mad, but its just how they act. they have like phases where theyre an edgy scene kid that doesnt care at all about what i think or feel, and then they go back to being a normal person. usually happens like 4-5 times a year.

this person is my best friend/temporary roommate when he's not at college, but god he is making me so mad right now. what are some ways i can channel my anger and just tough it out until he acts normal again.

if youre wondering what he does that makes me mad: he doesnt text me, ignores my texts, declines invites to things with the excuse "i dont want to do that", doesnt invite me to anything anymore, complains about his college roommate if he does talk to me and thats literally it, and has told me he doesnt care what im saying nonstop
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>/adv/: becoming friends with a girl is how you start a relationship
>most women I know: dating your friend is one of the worst things you can do, and I really can't stress that enough.
What gives?
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Daddy fetish

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What is the psychology behind of/the cause of softcore "daddy" kinks? My libido is low, I don't watch much porn, so I have no clue how'd I develop the thing.

>Inb4 you're "born" with the kink, it's "natural"
No. Stop.
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>how to not get friendzoned
>how to impress her
>how to get a girlfriend
>how to be alpha
>how to flirt properly
>how to make her chase you
>just be yourself

I have a question, did people who actually have a girlfriend go through all this?
Do I have to learn all these things to get a girlfriend?????

PS: I have a date tomorrow.
I'm so nervous cause she is a really good one maybe..
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To all femanons

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What does a guy need to have or do for you to be attracted to him or consider having a serious relationship with him?
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Complicated relationship with a girl

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This one is a real doozy and it’s gonna take way more than the word limit so buckle up and prepare to read a lot. This has been weighing heavily on me over he past few months and I would really appreciate it if someone would actually read everything and help me here.

This story is about a girl who I love and I believe has feelings for me although she doesn’t realize it and currently has a crush on another guy

I’m a senior and she’s a junior both in high school(obviously). I’ve known her for 4 years and over the years we have progressively grown closer. We’re both swimmers and that’s how we spend most of our time together. I’m 5’10” and I’m jacked (so I’m not gross it’s not a physical thing). This story really starts in October of 2018. It was the night of the Homecoming dance and senior night for boys and girls soccer, she had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship months before (I’m going to refer to her as girl A). I went to go see the soccer game with my friend and Girl A was there we were good friends at the time so we sat together. My friend Girl A and I went out for pizza Between 2 games and my friend and I asked confronted her about her suspected feelings for another good friend of mine Guy he had just gotten out of a long and terrible relationship with a girl (At this point I didn’t have feelings for her yet). My friend and I decided that we were going to try to set Girl A up with Guy A. During the game my one friend left so it was Girl A another friend of mine and me hanging out. This other friend of mine suggested at the game that Girl A and I had chemistry and I tried to dismiss the idea in my head because Girl A and I were just good friends. After the game we went to the other friends house for a party and I invited Guy A. I spent the night pushing them together and it didn’t work. Somehow I ended sharing a one seat couch with girl A while we were watching a movie and by the end of the night my arm was around her.
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Femenons, I want to write a letter to a girl I like. A proper pen and paper letter.
We dated for a while, but then had to split up due to something that was outside of our control. Now I feel like we can make it work since I fixed it. I know for sure that she's still single and when we were breaking up, she swore up and down that she loves me, with tears and everything.
So I ask you, is it a romantic gesture or a major creep move?
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GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest

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Vent or write letters here.
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I forgot to go to work today.
I have to go in tomorrow.
Usually you're supposed to call, but I completely forgot I even had a job so I didn't even do that.
Should I just tell the truth?
Or come up with some sort of excuse to cover my ass?
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How do you properly smoke a cigarette? I'm 21 and only recently tried to smoke just out of interest to understand why some people are hooked on it.

I'm unsure whether I should be inhaling the smoke directly into my lungs (which makes it burn like a bitch), or should I first inhale the smoke in my mouth and then inhale it into the lungs?
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