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The endgame

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> Be me
> Like this gril from a long time ago, an ex-friend's ex
> She says she loves to hang with me
> Said gril stop seeing ex friend, two years pass withouth seeing her
> I encounter her, we hang out.Shitty facebook status of her suggesting theres a chance.I tell her I've always liked her.
> She doesnt reciprocrate, I move on, take it like a man.
> She insist on us hanging out, I made clear why it doesnt make sense and all that.
>Fastfoward a month she keeps writing me like if everything I told her hasn been told.

Whats her endgame? Every fucking time why they do this shit?
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Boyfriend is bored of me

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I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years and its been the best relationship I've ever had. We understand each other on a deeper level, finish each others sentences, have long talks about anything and everything, and we never fight. I love him more than anything.

The problem here comes from our sex life. Over the years we've been experimenting. First he got me my very first vibrator, which was fun but I always prefer his dick to hard plastic. Then we got a restraint system to take turns tying each other up, which was fun, but not a frequent thing. After that was a vibrating cock ring, which is alright but not used often. We got a fleshlight so I can jack him off when I'm on my period. Last year he gave me a beautiful metal collar that I wear at all times, even in the shower. Just last month he bought me a leather leash and an elegant lace mask.

My point in laying all this out is that I feel like our sex life is not boring at all. We have more toys than anyone I know, and I try to keep things exciting by changing it up once in a while. We usually have penetrative sex every other day and he usually gets a blowjob every week.

Well, last night I tried to give him a blowjob. I put on my mask, attached the leash, and knelt in front of him. He was hard when he was watching porn, but as soon as I put him in my mouth he went soft. I'm not bad a blowjobs, I'm enthusiastic, I play with the balls, I touch his abs and chest, I stroke him and lick all over. As far as I understand, having a girl on a leash go crazy on your dick should get you wild, right? But he wasn't. After five minutes of me trying desperately to get him hard, he gave me a sad smile and said he didn't know what was wrong. After that, we cuddled on the couch and I tried to tell him I wasn't upset at him, that I know most men have a time or two where their dick doesn't work, and its okay, really. He seemed both confused and upset. I asked why he thought it might not be working for him.

Continued in next post
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Do i have oneitis? How to solve it

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I am going crazy over a girl, i can't sleep, can't concentrate, lost interest in everything, even though she's way out of my league.
Wat do?
I'm gonna fail my grade if i do nothing
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RIP Heart

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So I fell in love, and I fell hard. We moved in together pretty quickly (rookie mistake I know), and the insecurities, jealousy and suicide threats followed.

It wasnt long till I figured out she had BDP and I thought I could help her. Our arguments were so hurtful and it was the worst communication I've ever had with someone. But fuck I had already fallen in love.

So after I could not take the abuse any more I broke it off. And after a few months we started talking and tried to give it another shot. And guess what? It failed.

Even though I was in 2 long term relationships in the past (5 years and 2.5 years) I had never had my heart broken, even though I was the one that ended it. Oh man its so fucking painful, like its 10 am and I have not slept all night and was recentely looking at her instagram, where some pictures on her feed are the ones I took (yeah I know im a fucking dumbass)

So we broke up, at the time we lived in the same country but now we are both back in our home towns. The last thing she said about a week ago was that she was pregnant from me and was going to have to go through an abortion, but if she decided to go through with this that she would not let me be part of the childs life because "I just want to be on tinder" She had already told me she had one abortion after the first time we broke up. I thought she was being manipulative again and told her I didnt believe her, but that if she was really pregnant that I was gonna be there for my kid, like it or not, but that I did not want anything to do with her. She said thanks for confirming it was all an "illusion" and then blocked me. I was angry so I blocked her and deleted her number.

Why does part of me feel like we can be good together? I've talked about this with others but Im hoping someone can say something different.

We can only blame ourselves, and I am just a witness to this meat suit. Love yourself, love others and get your heart broken. Just enjoy the mother fucking ride.
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choosing a major

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I'm choosing my career path, and can't decide between industrial engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, general business, business management, business administration, international business, finance, economics or law. I have an interest toward all of these things but I've heard differing accounts about the businesses, finance, economics, and law. some say they make more than engineering, others say they make less and it's really hard to find jobs for them. So all I want to know is which ones have the most jobs, highest salaries, which ones are meme majors to avoid, which ones have lots of unemployment and which ones can I be most marketable and successful with, If any of you have any experience with any of these that would be of benefit too if you could share
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I'm a newly real estate licensee. Any tips on what I should put on the back of my business card?

I just want something unique. Something that'll make people think "never seen this before"

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With the woman I'm dating it's always me that initiates messaging. I pointed it out to her. She asked if it was a burden to me. She didn't comment on the part where I said if it's always I that initiate messaging it means she doesn't want to talk. I'm fucking annoyed at this sitation. What should I do? Just stop messaging her?
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Where the fuck do i meet girls?

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23/m virgin. Decent looking, gotten close to losing virginity a few times with some 7-8/10's but never all the way. have friends but they don't go out. Have a freelance job where girls around my age aren't the norm to be around. What do? go out on my own?
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Would you date a woman who had had cold sores sometime in her life but wasn't having a breakout right then?
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Will my brain recover?

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Smoked Weed for 2 years. Quit in March after a few bad experiences with it. Soon after quitting I would experience near constant unwanted intrusive thoughts with some breaks for 2 weeks before coming back. For the last two months they have largely decreased in frequency and intensity but still linger. When will my brain recover?