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My father once told me there must always be a /GIOYC/ thread in winterfell.
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How do I kill myself painlessly? I am basically done with life and I want to die already. My parents abandoned me and I have nobody to care about. I am ready for life to be over. I've heard helium works well.
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How do I improve focus?

this essay is already overdue but i just cannot will myself to keep working
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self harm scars

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What do I do about deep self harm scars on my arm? I am really mad at myself for doing it about 3 years ago. I'm sick of wearing long sleeved shirts when it's hot out.
I have heard you can get a skin graft for this but I have no idea where to start or whom I need to contact.
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So my friends girlfriend and I have become better friends since my she and my friend started dating. They've been dating for about a year now, but we've only started talking a bit more recently. We're both really mushy-gushy people and talk a lot about our feelings, getting really deep into how we're feeling. It's mostly me helping her, she has a lot of problems and doesn't really know how to solve them. I often feel like a big brother to her in a lot of ways, giving advice, comforting her when she's sad, etc. She even calls me onii-chan.

Recently she and my friend have been going through a rough patch, they've been getting increasingly angrier at each other about various things. It started out as fairly mundane nonsense, stuff I had no stake in and could help her with freely. Problem is, I've been dragged to the center of it. I am one of the reasons they fight, he's jealous that she shares her feelings with me more than him (and really that we talk as much as we do). Meanwhile, this tears apart his girlfriend who is already very emotional so she is always coming to me for advice about what to do. My friend hasn't told me about any of this directly, it's all coming from her. He is worried that she'll start liking me more than him, she hates that he's controlling her. All I want is for my two friends to be happy. I try my best to remain neutral, and to try and patch things over as best as I can, but it's getting harder.

To top it all off, recently she has (I think) started to develop feelings for me instead. My friends worst fears were realized. She say's really lovey-dovey music reminds her of me (and get's really flustered when I ask why), she says she wishes her boyfriend was more like me, etc. She's even started to chose spending time with me over spending time with her boyfriend. My other friend, who I view as an expert on these sorts of things, even said it looked pretty bad. I'm conflicted, confused, and want advice.
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about a week ago i made a shitty one-off joke towards someone in discord. the joke was pretty mean if taken the wrong way and i think he did
i've been reading him typing in the discord. he's actually pretty cool. we have a similar taste in music and i realized he even has my waifu as his avatar. i feel really bad

would apologizing for something this trivial at this point be weird at all?
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Im in trouble.

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Hi, my name is Jake I'm 32 years old. Today I went to work like every other day, I work for a software company. Today in my office I did what I usually do I open my bdsm porn before other employees show up and I masturbate aggressively. Today I forgot that my boss was coming in early to prepare for a presentation. For I removed my pants completely for comfortability. I heard the elevator *ding* I was so fucking scared I threw up while reaching for my keyboard to close the porn, I then heard him walking towards my office, I missed the X in panic then reached for my pants, he fucking saw the porn he fucking saw me naked and it was really creepy porn, blood and gore on my 4k screen. I had my Christian cross on too omg. When we made eye contact he almost fainted, he then walked away saying FUCK. I put my pants on and ran to my car with the porn account still logged in and vomiting all over. I QUIT my job, I can never show my face again. My phone has been off all day, I'm fucking scared. What will I do? I even had an elastic around my balls... seriously need advice.
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I have been having bad headaches for the past 3 years. Whenever I lie down or bend over I get really bad pressure in my head and it doesn't go away unless I stand up straight for a while. This makes it very difficult to sleep, since the pressure gets worse the longer I lie down. When trying to sleep, I eventually have to stand up make it feel better. Eventually the pressure decreases enough that I can fall asleep, but it usually takes at least an hour of intermittently standing up and lying down. When I get the pressure in my head, I can't sleep no matter how tired I am.
These headaches made the last 2 years of high school hell because I slept less than 6 hours most days while taking AP and many honors classes.
I had to leave college after last semester because I had classes early every morning and I was so tired that I could barely function at all. I withdrew from most of my classes because I was failing them and I only finished 2 classes.
My mom was kind of mad at me, but my parents let me come home and now I'm taking online classes.
The headache got progressively worse last semester to the point where I have the pressure (and pain) almost all day every day. It is unbearable. I have to spend hours standing because even sitting makes it worse now.
I wasn't able to finish all of the work for my first online class because of the headaches, so I got a B when I could have easily gotten an A. I have another class starting Monday. I told my parents I don't think I can do this next class because it is harder than the last so there's no way I can finish all the work in time.
This made my mom very angry and she just yells at me and says I have to do it and I'm just being lazy. I think my dad is more understanding but he won't let me drop it because my mom would be furious and he never stands up to her no matter how crazy she acts.
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Is it worth pursuing a long-distance relationship with a girl if we already have a decent bond of understanding and I can't find many other girls quite like her?

Several years ago we lived in the same city and dated on-and-off for a couple of years. We became very close but were ultimately torn apart due to reasons beyond our control. We lost contact afterwards and since then she's moved a couple of states away. A few months ago I got back in touch with her over Facebook and we've been talking on-and-off since then, and she expressed great joy in speaking to me again. She explained the circumstances of her move and why we were torn apart (which I won't disclose here for privacy's sake) which cleared up not only a lot of confusion on my part, but also any reasonable doubts I had about her. We've been getting along since then, and i'm seriously considering pursuing another relationship with her, despite the restriction of long-distance.

As for my own dating life, it's not exactly a lucky one. I've spoken with lots of girls and gone on plenty of dates, but the last truly substantial relationship I had was, well, with this same girl a few years ago. I'm 23 years old and still a virgin. At this point I couldn't care less about losing my virginity. The only thing i'm seeking anymore is a genuine connection, and the virginity issue will of course, naturally resolve itself when that happens.

Would it be a good idea to pursue another relationship with this girl who I already have a bond with despite the restrictions of long distance, or should I hold out longer in the hopes of finding a local girl that I can achieve the same connection with?
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How do you kill anxiety/social anxiety for good?
Its the main reason i cant get a gf
Exposure doesnt cure it. Im still nervous seeing the same co workers everyday. Im sick of my brain being retarded and scared for no reason. Phenibut doesnt cure it since you cant use it everyday.