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>Be 22 years old
>Grew up poor in California
>Get a 'good job' last year, 40+ hrs/week at $17.45/hr
>Never moved out of my parent's house
>Saved up $10,000 living off of my parents who don't make me pay for anything except my mom's car insurance usually, sometimes food

What should I do, /pol/? I have no idea how to get my life going forward
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>haven't had sex in six years
>cry about it all the time

>friend is 28 and a virgin
>doesn't care because he's tall and handsome
>when girls approach, he goes full Be Gone Thot

How do I be like him? I am 5'2" with bad teeth.
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I am a CE student who wants to have at least an intern this holiday and I've got my linkedin profile ready for job hunting but I'm struggling with writing a good headline to gain more attention.
I'm fairly experienced in POSIX administration and programming especially Node.js and I've got commercial experience and I'm a volunteer in two organisations as a IT guy. I do want to find a job that's related with DevOps/SysOps than a developer position.
What my headline should look like? Examples I searched for showed me only people who already have a job and Google gives me examples not for IT.
Help will be appreciated.
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>meet a guy
>become friends with him
>talk about personal stuff
>he opens up to me
>we discuss stuff usually couples discuss
>start flirting
>he compliments my looks and other stuff
>tell him I think I like him
>he stops talking to me
what went wrong? He is not like these playboy guys who chat up many girls and break hearts. Infact he is a bit strange socially, may be aspergers or autism but highly functioning or maybe just it is his strange character. But anyhow I need you guys to help me to figure what went wrong and how to fix it. Its been months since we talked irl or online and I still miss him.

pic unrelated.
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Moving to the USA

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I went to the USA on vacation a few weeks ago (eurofag) and I really loved it. I don't know what made me so enthusiastic exactly, but I do know that I'd like to live there.
I'm white and speak english flawlessly to the extent that everyone I spoke to thought I was American myself.

What are my options if I want to move to the US? I'm drawn to smaller towns, not huge cities like NYC. I'm not very ambitious, I like a predictable and modest routine, but I don't want to live precariously either.
I'm qualified to work in IT or as a software dev, but I only have a two-year degree.
From what I understand I'd need an H1-B but they seem very difficult to obtain.

Could I get some general advice?
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walked out on my gf after argument

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Hey guys, need to re-evaluate my actions from 3rd perspective a bit

Me and my gf are seeing each other for 1.5 year now, unfortunately since we are both working in different town, we usually only see each other during weekends. This is my second longer relationship, the first one lasted 4 years and I am 27 yo

Last week my gf said that I am being overly sensitive, after I got mad that she passively aggressively remarked that I was leaving too early to go back to my place (I went back from a work trip and was very busy that weekend)
So I accepted it and re-evaluated my positions

This weekend unfortunately, we got into an argument about some stupid bullshit in the movie and she spouted out on me pretty horendously and I told her that I dont like the way she talk to me. She replied that she is being like that to everybody (she is being kinda bitch and it annoys me whenever we are out with friends) and again stated that I am just being super-sensitive and cant bare criticism etc... Which got me super angry and after trying to cool it down a litle for 10 mins I said to her, that I am leaving for home. She didnt say a word but obviosuly was upset.

I left for home and we didnt contact each other since (two days now)

Now I feel bad for walking out on her and am worried to have hurt her.
On the other hand I feel like I am realy being overly sensitive with her and she is using it to walk all over me thus I had a bit of right to make a statement (and now act butthurt)

What do you suggest adv? should I call her and say that I am sorry?
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I need help with a relationship. I honestly don't know where else to turn to, I heard about this board on another social media and none of my friends can help me with this.

A bit of context, I'm a girl, underage(not that much, but it still held me back considerably from posting here), which means I still live with my parents and live most of my life at school. I've had this "friend" for about 3 years, he's a weeb, pervert, depressed, all that jazz, I'm actually surprised he doesn't browse 4chan.

Recently he's realized he's in love with me and confessed to me. I really don't return his feelings at all and he knows it - one of the reasons being that I'm possibly a lesbian. Yesterday he said that his new life goal would be to make me realize im bisexual so I could be with him. He actually has a whole written out plan to "turn me into a bisexual". I could be straight as a line and still wouldn't like him back, but I didn't answer that as to not make him go depressed again. To make it worse, his physical problems make it so that if he's too sad he'll actually need to skip classes/go to the hospital.

If I actually explicitly turn him down he'll be depressed for weeks/months, and since everyone I know IRL knows him they'd probably think it's my fault and blame me, and I'm trying to avoid that. If I waited until he inevitably realizes that he'll never achieve his goal, the results would probably be the same, but with more depression on his part. Actually giving him a chance is not an option.

I know I sound like a bitch, and I probably am, but I really can't take this much longer. In the end it all comes down to HOW I'm going to turn him down without ruining all my other relationships,my reputation, or making his life much worse than it already is. Help?

TL;DR please give me advice on how to turn down a depressed guy without looking like an asshole to everyone else and making him consider suicide
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How do I become more sexual?

I'm a 25 yo virgin making huge improvements in social life. My self esteem is much better, I'm trying to improve in everything and I talk to loads of people now. I have no issues making people laugh either, and looking at myself I think I have a lot to offer.

But I feel like girls don't really look at me sexually. Simply put I can see myself talking to people, being fun and stuff but I can't see myself actually being sexually desired and I think that's the last hurdle I have to get past. Any help with this.?