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How do I get along w/ coworkers?

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Just a little back story here.

I make a rule of not socializing with coworkers, and I should not have broken it. This may take 2 posts, it was THAT bad.

6 coworkers met at someone's house under the pretense of "Irish stew". I grudgingly accepted the invitation and arrived at 2 pm (when I was told to come). I brought traditional soda bread that had to be baked first. The host made a bit of a stink about using the oven when he had other things in there, but I told him I wanted it fresh.

The stew was still cooking and the host was already drinking alcohol at this time. In the middle of a conversation with a member of the opposite sex, the host tells me, "Please, no talk about politics. PLEASE not today". I said if more people talked about politics we would be in a better country, and he got very argumentative so I just dropped it.

I was drinking apple juice that I brought over and the host kept trying to get me to have a beer. He was obviously intoxicated and starting saying how maybe I would be relaxed and "cooler" if I had some alcohol. It was pathetic, like peer pressure from a high school TV show.

Anyway, at that point I became withdrawn and went for a walk. I came back right before dinner, and that is when the fun started.

He made "Irish stew" with beef, carrots, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, hot sauce, oregano, tomato, and various ingredients. I started telling others that proper Irish stew should only contain mutton, potato, onion, and water, and that beef, tomato, black pepper, hot sauce, and other ingredients would not be available then and therefore it was a modern stew, not Irish stew.

We started eating and someone asked me about what I had said about real Irish stew. The host looked annoyed so I told him. He turned red and told me if I didn't like it I could "get the fuck out and take my apple juice with me".
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I'm 21, and I really like a girl who is 17. Is this bad? I think she's kind of into me too. I really think we could have a lasting relationship together.

We've know each other for like, six years, but I haven't been attracted to her all that time.
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Answer The Following Question...

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Why the hell is there an Advice thread on 4chan, of all places?!
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>literally can't stop thinking about my future wife who I don't even know having random hook ups or being assaulted
>can't even enjoy acting slutty because of I

What do
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Is my song funny?

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I wrote a song...Its supposed to be a joke... is it funny?
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Are women wired to cheat?

Today I learned a girl I completely thought was "not like that", did it.

It completely crushed my expectations about women.

Is it something men need to understand? Or fidelity is indeed a hard to find gem?
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can the police in the uk search your phone to investigate a crime and bring up an unrelated thing? for example texts for weed when there is no weed investigation.
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Disenfranchised myself

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Pic very related.
I constantly seek out truth, and how the world works under the surface of fake news being fed to the sheep on a daily bases. All known news spew out their own agenda, and I am constantly seeking out the real facts which baffle me and make me lose faith in humanity.

How do I end this constant search for truth? How do I go back to being an ignorant but happy normie? I want off the ride, but it seems like I'm stuck here forever. Even if I block out /pol/ I will still be jaded because of facts that depress me. I have no friends left because my viewpoints don't suit their emotions, thus they ostracize me and I cut them off as well, because I see how ignorant they are about the world, while being hedonistic degenerates that think they solve shit by being vegan and feminists.

Please help. It makes me not want to have kids brought to this world and numbs my needs to do stuff deemed important in the real world because I have no faith in the future.

>tl;dr I can barely function anymore because I have become so good at debates and psyops on 4chan that it cuts me off from the normie world which doesn't care for such things and I can't go back to "doing my own shit and not caring" while the world is on fire
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