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Ive been dating this sweet virginal girl for 3 months and we agreed wed take it slow so no sex until this relationship looks like there will be a possibility of a LTR. All my friends have active sex lives and are into casual one night stands who just view sex as a pleasurable activity. Would it be a good idea to introduce my girlfriend to my friends?
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I'm getting married in about two months and my fiancee wants to go to the us (we live in Mexico) for our honeymoon, probably Florida.

thing is she is 16 and looks young and i'm 20. I have read the horror stories of parents getting the cops called on them just by playing with their daughter at the park.

the legal age in most of the us is 18 (?) how does that play with me and her being lawfully married in another country?

what are the chances of someone calling the cops on us, lets say, as we go into our hotel or playing at the beach or something?
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I accidently revealed to my roommate that I've never even touched a girl in a dirty way and she was really mindblown.
Now she makes fun of me and treats me like a kid.
It really hurts somehow, but I don't want to look bad.
I also don't want to just throw away my virginity or so.
I honestly don't know what to do.
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General Advice

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Ive been told i give good advice on a wide range of things so why not help some people out?

Come to me with any situation in the world and ill try my best to give you the best advice for each situation.

Nothing is taboo so ask away
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How do I cope with another lonely weekend at university without alcohol?
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Everyone my age (24) knows how to have fun except for me. On nights out they can laugh and dance and get up to Currrazy antics, but I'm so stiff and boring

I'm not witty, I don't know how to dance, laughter makes me nervous because I was bullied and laughed at a lot as a teenager, I can't be spontaneous and fun

How do I be fun?

Girl btw.
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tl;dr: I have 1 more month left before I become homeless. Currently jobless. How should I best prepare for this?

Longer story:
I graduated with a STEM degree a couple of years ago but because of various mistakes, I have been unable to find a job in the field. Since graduating, I self-studied as a programmer to make it up. I had a random job as a sales guy before I quit a year ago because I hated it. I also got two nonpaid internship roles which are closer to my background which I am hoping to leverage and use for my job search.

Since the start of the month, I've been applying to every junior role open but have not received any interview chances. I'm currently at over 60 places applied.

My funds have dwindled to a point where I have to leave the place I am staying at. By the end of next month, I will be homeless. What can I do now to prepare before this day comes?
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can't leave her

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ok, I'll keep it short and simple

>be friends with her for the past 9-10 years
>kinda like bff, she tells me EVERYTHING...n i do too...
>3 yrs ago, told her that I've always loved her
>she gets all mad n upset, tells me that she could never see me like that
>a week later, we were again talking like before, like nothing happened between us
>and she falls in love with another guy
>tells her numerous times that I'm in love with her
>a week of fight, then back on bff track
>she's getting married to that fucker
>she really knows that every single cell in my body craves her
>she still calls me EVERY SINGLE DAY, tells me stuff (mostly about that fucker and her marriage or if she's having a fight with him (yes, and i have to solve the issues!))
>everyday I'm getting more and more attached to her
> every calls, every texts, everything is pulling me even closer to her
>I don't know how to walk away
>deep down,I don't even want to walk away
>I don't want to miss her
>i love her no matter what.... I'd still love her even if she's married to someone else

how fucked up am i?
how the fuck will I survive this situation?

[Don't tell me to find another girl, cus i cant get this girl out of my mind in the first place... literally i spend hours thinking about her every single day.... just got too attached]
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I played contact sports for 10 years.

I read on the red pill that you're a bitch if you don't know how to fight. That the confidence that comes knowing you can fuck someone up if they test you is invaluable.

So I took up BJJ for a year and boxing for another- but I'm fucking bored with them and have much more fun just hitting the gym and playing my other sports.

I'm thinking of quitting combat sports al together but I feel like I need it to be alpha and a man, plus bjj is expensive as tits

what should i do
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What opportunities do I have as a britbong with a 2:1 degree in international relations and that speaks fluent Spanish and Welsh?