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I've been away from my hometown for a few years (2-3) and am now back for 3 months or so before I go away for another 9 months, after which I return for good. There's a girl I'm friendly with here who I'd like to ask out, but I've only seen her once since getting back. I'm seeing her again soon and considering asking her then, but I feel it might be a little soon or something- but I also realise that spending time in a non-date setting a third time in quick succession probably feels a bit weird.
I think the best way is probably just to ask her out/tell her my feelings this next time, but I'm a little reluctant to since we do have a good friendship even though we don't see each other often which I don't want to ruin. I guess I'm asking if dating for a distance for a while is possible and if so how soon is it to try and ask someone out after not seeing each other for a fairly long time
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Take some apologies in advance: for my poor english, for the problem is very common, for you may feel contempt for me.

It is really common. I've broken up with girl. She was so kind to me. She loved me, was always ready to help, to take care of me. But my stupid nature, my weakness have ruined it all. We have had a quarrel during which I had shouted at her, said to leave my house in anger. It wasn't first time that i lost control. Previous times she pardoned me, but this time after i wrote that i'm sorry no answer came. My language possession level won't let me to describe properly the darkest condition i now found myself in. It's very frustrated, depressed, hopeless. I've lost the ground, which always was unstable, totally now. Have nothing to rely on. I have no job, no friends, no good health (both physical and mental), no will and reason to get up from bed. Have failed twice two job interviews in last month to which i spent a lot of time preparing. I can continue the list but it's pointless. I just needed to speak out.

Once again, sorry for bothering you with such a common situation.
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Accidentally trespassed on someone's apartment

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How fucked am I if I accidentally walked into someone's apartment, while intoxicated, while my actual friend apartment was 2 doors over. I live in California, btw. Am I pretty much fucked, and if so, what can I do to remedy the situation? I walked pretty far in, to their living room, and no one was in there, so I walked out.
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My younger brother is taller than me and it makes me self conscious

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I’m a 21 year old male, my brother is 19. I’m 5’10-11 and he’s 6’2”-3. It’s embarsssing and makes me feel ashamed because everytime I’m with him and we meet people they always compliment his height and it makes me feel like a fucking manlet. Sometimes they even think he’s the older one simply because or his height,

How did he become magically tall when my dad is 5’8 and my mom is 5’6? It makes no sense.

It makes me so self conscious and depressed because he gets all this attention and has been told random times that he should “be a model”.

This type of shit kills me on the inside and I feel pathetic. Is there any chance I can still grow?

Hell I’ll be satisfied even if I reach 6’0-1.,
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>be me
>sitting next to qt3.14 in college class
>gradual increase in conversation and flirting
>qt says: you know, you should add me on snaptchat
>added her but didn't snap right away cause didn't make a deal out of it
>few days later
>walking with her and her friend(also a qt) to the parking lot
>qt giggles with her friend and says to me
>"you know, you should actually snapchat me instead of just adding me. You look like you want to"
>i totally wanted to
>i did
>so obviously hitting it off with each other that any assburgers kid would see it.
>remembered the testimonials of guys who waited too long to ask and lost their chance with a girl and spent the next year wallowing about her
>"crap I gotta ask this girl out"
>first attempt got cockblocked by her besty
>second attempt: "hey you wanna do something later...."
>meeting up with her in about 2 hours to get coffee

Now that I made it this far, what the fuck do I do now?
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How do I stop feeling like I'm wasting my youth on being extremely online and other trite activities that aren't really making me grow as a person or at least make me feel like I'm living life? I'm 21 years old and feel like my golden ages are slipping right through my fingers and I have no idea what to do about it. I'm not even sociable to begin with and I feel like I'm behind my peers by several years. It's making me really melancholic and sentimental.
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My little sister turned 18 yesterday and she's started a lewd Instagram. Am I slut shaming if I tell her to stop?
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I'm at a dead end right now. 20 and I'm wondering if there's a way to get income without working a full time job? I've got a lot of other things to do- and I don't know what job I'd like to go for. If it's full time, that'd mean I won't have enough time to do my other studies, which are essentially my top priorities. My current skillset consists of 3D modeling and programming. I'm planning to learn illustration right now, but I'm supposed to get an income source at this age. I have no idea what to do. I wanted to go freelance, but that front doesn't look that great(correct me if I'm wrong). I've also thought about starting a business but I have no idea how to do it or if it's gonna make me busy.
Basically I want to keep learning stuff for prolonged amounts of time, and working on a full time job won't let me.
What's the best thing to do here?
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How do I except the fact that I shouldn’t exist?
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