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/adv/, I'm getting these inclinations that I'm not meant to be with any partner in my life.I don't know what to do with them or whether it's normal.

Me and my gf are 25 and going on two years together; she just moved in with me. However, I feel this... pressure with another force in my life that I can't ignore. I'm very introverted and used to live my life as freewheeling as I could, since I tended to just go on instinct and it helped me jive with people when I did have to interact. But with my gf in my life, it's felt like there's this big weight on me, having to always be considering her, and that stresses me the hell out. It's just so wildly against my old tendencies, and I'm starting to miss being alone. If that's normal, then what am I supposed to do with it? How do people handle it?

My gf's a bit of a needy person, and she's apologized for being a bit o a control freak, but we've talked about this, so I spend enough time with her to make her happy and she understands I need to recharge. I don't know if this feeling is necessarily because of her or just the stark difference in my life of having someone around, but regardless of the cause I worry about bearing this weight for the rest of my life. I just don't feel like I'm all I can be in my life with this pressure. Am I not meant to be with anyone?

I can't imagine what having a child will feel like, I'll go insane...
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What do you do when you have so many emotions bottled up, so many thoughts running through your mind--good and bad--and society teaches you that nobody cares, that nobody will listen, that nobody wants to listen? How do you get over feeling so insignificant and let those feelings out? How do you get over those feelings when they even pervade into what you feel is cathartic, your everyday and escape?
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Thinking about joining the military

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I might join the Air Force. I'm smart enough to get A's in college but I'm just so fucking lazy that I keep failing classes. I'm a loser but I'm tired of being one. I think the military might get me the discipline I need and some money to help pay tuition fees. Are there any vets who know if this will help me or not?
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What's wrong with my tinder profile?

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I have been on tinder for a few months now and am not getting any matches with ladies I like. Why? I used to be oogled and gawked by girls in high school but am completely ignored on tinder. For reference, I used to look like pic related(and tried out this photo until someone told me I looked sleepy). Is it my photo game? If so, can you guys show me how to take a good photo? Here is what my profile looks like:
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How can I start loving myself?

I come from the east. My wife is a homemaker. I arrived early from my office yesterday and overheard her saying that she only married me and continues to remain married for my money over the phone.

It was an arranged marriage (not forced) where both parties had to day yes. I am pretty much devastated right now. Tbh I do knoe that I don't really have any redeeming qualities apart from my money but to hear it from my wife pretty much killed me inside. We are married for 4 years and we never fought. I am not even making this up. She is always so nice in front of me.

I unironically have aspergers and am a very quite person. I don't want to confront her about this because it is the truth anyways and I don't want to put her in an uncomfortable position. How do I learn to deal with this.
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Hey is there a way to jizz without making a mess, and without having to use tissues, towels, or cups ?
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Just ignore girls/women untill you've turned yourself into a 'Chad' ?

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i wont be here in a few days ask me anything

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Hey anons first let me begin by thanking you guys for making my days brighter, i truly feel that there are more people that care on this board than anywhere in my life. Perhaps im made a few bad decisions perhaps not. but at the end of the day i made them and im at the end of my rope

the decision i regret most ever is keeping my mouth shut. if theres one thing i ever learned is that your better off shitting yourself than being constipated. Please Anons Speak your mind regardless if you think the other person will listen never hold it in or bottle it inside of you. i lost my soulmate because i was too young and simple couldent tell her how much a cared even though she was in love with me.

At times the options of how to commit suicide are soo difficult that one continues living on with the pain and burden for years and years.

If anyone is interested i found a very cheap easy way to do it and i am willing to share if anyone is looking for a way out.
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Massive crush on male college physics professor

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Hi I barely know how 4chan works but a friend suggested it so here goes. I have a huge crush on my physics professor and it's really really frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it. He's max early 30s and I'm early 20s. I don't think he's what most people consider traditionally attractive... kinda overweight and what people probably think of when they picture a "neckbeard". Sorry if you take offense to that but maybe you shouldn't because I find him so goddamn attractive. He has a great smile and his voice is awesome. Dank af too we look at memes during office hours sometimes.

The situation is frustrating because there's basically nothing I can do about it. What's the chance anything could happen? Probably zero, if he was even remotely interested he could lose his job and stuff. How do I cope with this??? What do I do?

On the bright side it makes class way better and I've aced the first two exams but seriously all I want is the D.