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I need help with a relationship. I honestly don't know where else to turn to, I heard about this board on another social media and none of my friends can help me with this.

A bit of context, I'm a girl, underage(not that much, but it still held me back considerably from posting here), which means I still live with my parents and live most of my life at school. I've had this "friend" for about 3 years, he's a weeb, pervert, depressed, all that jazz, I'm actually surprised he doesn't browse 4chan.

Recently he's realized he's in love with me and confessed to me. I really don't return his feelings at all and he knows it - one of the reasons being that I'm possibly a lesbian. Yesterday he said that his new life goal would be to make me realize im bisexual so I could be with him. He actually has a whole written out plan to "turn me into a bisexual". I could be straight as a line and still wouldn't like him back, but I didn't answer that as to not make him go depressed again. To make it worse, his physical problems make it so that if he's too sad he'll actually need to skip classes/go to the hospital.

If I actually explicitly turn him down he'll be depressed for weeks/months, and since everyone I know IRL knows him they'd probably think it's my fault and blame me, and I'm trying to avoid that. If I waited until he inevitably realizes that he'll never achieve his goal, the results would probably be the same, but with more depression on his part. Actually giving him a chance is not an option.

I know I sound like a bitch, and I probably am, but I really can't take this much longer. In the end it all comes down to HOW I'm going to turn him down without ruining all my other relationships,my reputation, or making his life much worse than it already is. Help?

TL;DR please give me advice on how to turn down a depressed guy without looking like an asshole to everyone else and making him consider suicide
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How do I become more sexual?

I'm a 25 yo virgin making huge improvements in social life. My self esteem is much better, I'm trying to improve in everything and I talk to loads of people now. I have no issues making people laugh either, and looking at myself I think I have a lot to offer.

But I feel like girls don't really look at me sexually. Simply put I can see myself talking to people, being fun and stuff but I can't see myself actually being sexually desired and I think that's the last hurdle I have to get past. Any help with this.?
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Anxious about my boyfriend

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I’m having a panic attack. Please don’t berate me. Just don’t respond if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

I found out from a friend that a girl (Girl X) used to send him thirst traps (pretty sexually explicit pics but not actual nudes) last year. Some of this overlapped with the time during which he was dating his ex (Girl Y). He never responded to Girl X, according to both him and my friend, but I’m anxious because he never blocked her either. Wouldn’t you block someone who sent you explicit photos while you were in a relationship? Not only this, but Girl X also told him she loved him. When my boyfriend started talking to me, Girl X messaged ME and asked me about the nature of our relationship even though we were just friends at the time.

My boyfriend blocked Girl X when we started dating, and she leaves him alone. I’m just anxious because what does it say about him that he didn’t block her during his last relationship? Girl Y is completely oblivious. Should I tell her? What do I do?

My boyfriend also watched pornography while he was in a relationship with Girl Y but stopped watching it before he started dating me.
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Awful sex experiences

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So, I was a virgin before 20, and then had one hook up. It was really awful, I didn't feel good at all, and I still blame that disaster on the lack of attraction. I started dating one girl recently. She's charming, and I like her a lot. Yesterday we've had sex for the first time. During fucking I didn't want to come because I somehow felt that it would feel bad. When she came 2 times, she started to suck me off, but I told her not to, and she looked surprised. I told her I just wanted to chill, she went along with it, and after a movie she started to suck me off again. Well, I went along with it, and it did feel strange. Not much pleasure from coming, and after that I started getting annoyed by my gf. When I was going home, I felt really sad. I don't know why. I like her, maybe it's me who's broken? Or, maybe, I don't like her? How do I feel better about sex? I don't want to have it much anymore.
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Where do you normies find the motivation to improve?
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>tfw ugly
>tfw intp so by definition weird or boring for 99% kf females out there
Give me one reason to not drop all my hopes for interaction with females and just pursue fitness goals
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How can an INFP find happiness in this world?
Everyday I just want to cry and kill myself but I can't, pls help.
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GF sleeping problems

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My 2 year gf has sleeping problems, she is tired and sleepy all day even though she had enough sleep the night before (8/10 hours), she also has problems waking up
Any advice I can give her? She also has depression,is taking antidepressive (she is feeling better with them) and sleeping pills
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chatting with a female

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Made a post about this on the opposite gender thread but I thought I'd throw it out here for visibility
I'm chatting with a girl that I've met a couple of times in the past, trying to get to know her a bit.
While in person she seemed pretty interested in talking, right now it's a pretty one sided conversation, with me trying to initiate and her responding with one liners, no questions or anything.
Now, I understand that it's either that she's not interested (more probable), or maybe there's a whole bunch of other reasons she can't really talk (at work, tired, whatever). My question is, what do I say to throw the ball at her court, have her understand that I'm not interested in conjuring up witty responses to get a few words back, and let her re-initiate the conversation if she wants to at some point in the future?