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Should I pay for private schooling my children, or is public schooling good enough?
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How do I let a girl down easy?

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Basically here's the story:

>met a girl online
>chatted for a while, agreed to hang out
>when I meet her I realise that's she's quite a bit different from her profile
>I'm pretty sure she's IH or at least a bit slow
>she constantly texts me and if I don't reply immediately she sends a whole bunch of question marks
>there's no connection or spark whatsoever but she obviously doesn't realise it

How do I ease out of this? I don't wanna be a dick and block her because she's talked about a suicide attempt in the past and I wouldn't want that on my conscience
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weed give me weed i want weed just need to feel not depressed. I thought quitting weed over the break from uni would make it easier. Boy was I wrong, all I want to do is smoke. Ive been watching netflix so much, I feel like im apart of the fucking tv. All my friends want to do is play Smash and MarioKart, like holy shit Im not 12 anymore. My cranky ass cant sleep until 8am cus I just play ex girlfriend arguments in my head from three years ago. I know Im not depressed enough to feel suicidal because I'm graduating in Spring. I just can't help but feel complete dissatisfaction in life. God damn it people how do you do this. I just want to sit, chill, and enjoy my break. I'd get a girlfriend, but im scared i'd drag her down with me. Should I hook up with someone on Tinder? I havent fucked in a year and 1/2.
TLDR: Ive dragged myself through 5 years of Computer Science by smoking weed and avoiding any emotional attachment. Now I feel like a born again virgin that can't seek pleasure in life.
>Pic related
>Yes I know I looked like a depressed jew hippy
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Is my boyfriend masturbating to porn bad?

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When my boyfriend masturbates he usually watches porn. He says he watches porn for a bit and then when he is about to cum he thinks about me. I've told him I don't like him masturbating to porn because he is thinking about other people while masturbating (doing something sexual). He then tells me it is hard to masturbate with just imagination because he doesn't really have one and can't empathize with how I feel because I have a vagina. It really bothers me that he does this. Am I in the wrong here or is there a logical reasoning into what is he doing is wrong (and also not healthy for the relationship)?
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>me and my wife have been married for 2 years
>we only dated for 8 months before we got married due to citizenship issues(shes from china and is a MD resident) and so that i could use my GI bill to help pay off some college loans.
>she recently completed he residency and is now a internal medicine physcician and now that her income dwarfs mine (rad tech making almost a third of what she makes) she is basically making me a bitch.
>She took her job and made me move with her, made the decision on our house with little to no input from me, and even started leasing a brand new Alfa romeo without even having me there (while im in my 10y/o civic si)
>Also because shes the lowest on the totem pole shes on call alot and is working a ton, and usually it to tired or worn out from work for sex (its been 3 weeks)
>ive tried to bring problems up and she brushes them off starting off defensive then apologizing, ive brought up maybe gling to consuling but she says shes either too busy or we dont have real problems or anything big to talk about.
Now im freezing my ass off in the northern midwest away from all my friends and family (debating on flying down for xmas but she will have to work) wtf do i do?
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Hey guys I'm looking for legitimate advice on my YouTube channel, mainly to do with my audio, and growing my channel, I've ordered a pop filter but does anyone have any tips on how to "professionally" mix audio or how to go about learning it? And how do I get my channel out there more? Like is there a way to trip the algorithm and get into more suggestions? Ty in advance
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This guy wants me to let him fuck me in his office, and he says that he hates dating (which I think is a hint that he's not interested in anything romantic?)

Anyway I've never had a guy want me romantically, only sexually. I promised myself that I would never have casual sex again because of how worthless it makes me feel (plus I don't even enjoy it, I only used to do it for validation)

Should I have sex with this guy, seeing as I haven't had sex in two years? But I promised myself that I would only have sex with someone who had feelings for me, even if it meant not having sex for the rest of my life

What do you think I should do? I'm 25, for those who are going to ask for my age.
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sup dudes

Did one of you ever turn a fwb into a relationship?
If yes post stories.

Also oppinions on why it wouldn't work i guess.
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Heartbreak kill me pls

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My wife left me after 6 weeks of marriage
We were together 11 years
HSSHs , exchanged v cards.

Things fell apart in the last two years a little after we got engaged.
She was depressed, and I couldn't seem to connect with her
I came home one day 2 years ago, and she was gone. I called her and she came back home telling me she had a bag packed because she needed to think about her feelings for her supervisor(Eric) that she's known for two weeks , that the banter they have made her think they could have a perfect relationship where they never fight, always have perfect banter and her parents would love him more than me.

I told her that sounds naive to me but I hope the best for her. She talked a bit about what she feels isn't working and I'd point out how I'd been reaching out to her and doing everything I can with what she's been telling me. She realizes she's being stupid, begs to stay, I kick her out to let her think for a while.

She begs to come back, I tell her okay if she's not friends with Eric, she agrees.

As the year progresses she starts hanging with her coworkers as a group, she asks me if she can go, I let her because she literally has ZERO friends, but I tell her I'm kind of uncomfortable. This eventually progresses to her hanging with Eric and two other people. I tell her I can't deal with that anymore, it’s too intimate. at this point she says it's too late and they're friends now, so I just must deal with it.

This causes fights for 6 months till I can't take it and I give her an ultimatum - me or Eric.
She tells me I can't control who she's friends with and tells me I can walk. I back down and say just don't invite him to the wedding - she agrees.

A little later she ends up having an emotional affair with a guy (let’s call him Greg) she met gaming and would chat with him day and night. I told her to cut this off because it’s an emotional affair. She ends up chatting less and less but still games with him on occasion.
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To gf or not

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My long distance best friend and I have also been fwb on and off for a while, but I dont know if I can take it to an actual relationship. I’m into her, but I feel like I’d need to see her irl more often for it to work, and I’m pretty awful at relationships regardless... But I dont know what to do or if I’m stupid for not wifing up a girl that has been wanting me for going on 5 years now. Help

pic related. She bought me a switch with 3 games for christmas and I feel really fucking guilty over it and dont know what to say back
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