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Quitting porn

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If I stop watching it, will I go back to me being a 7 year old watching women in bikini for the first time and being very happy about that?

How do I deal with morning wood? Its crazy.
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>dating with this girl for over a year and a half, she is a bisexual
>she ask me if i can let her have sex with females because it would be hard for her to give up on girls, and she hadn't been with one since we start dating
>she promise to only do it with females, in exchange I can sleep with other women too
>I say no
>she threatens with breaking up
>I was in love so i cucked
>my friends say this is not cucked because it's only with females (it still made me feel like a cuck)
>2 months later
>i start seeing a different girl
>we go on dates to know each other (not even sex, she likes to take it slow and i respect that)
>she uploads our pictures in social media and tags me (holding hands, sharing a kiss, posing together and hugging)
>my girlfriend FREAK'S OUT and lose her shit
>Remind her she said she said this "open relationship" arrangement meant I can date other women too
>"NO! I meant you could have sex with other girls, but one thing is having sex and something different is doing romantic stuff, I have sex with girls but i don't love them, you on the other side are emotionally cheating"

So in her mind, having sex with other people is ok but holding hands and hugging is "emotional cheating"? Is it going too far? The fuck is wrong with her. You know, ever since we started this arrangement I have slowly lost any shred of love and interest I once had for her. I'm seriously considering dumping her and dating the other girl. How dare she call me a cheater? She is the one sleeping with other people. Meanwhile I only shared some kisses and had a some dates with only one girl.
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Most men who have tried to date me/flirt with me go at it from this really childish teasing angle. Not even cute, endearing teasing, but straight up insulting me and trying to make me visibly angry. The less reaction I show, the harder they try. It feels like boys pulling girls hair on the playground because they "like her", but we're adults and many of these guys are at least a couple years older than me. Is there a kind of girl that's almost universally fun to tease? I need to know so I can be the opposite because this is so tiring to deal with.
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Question for AUS anons, I asked this in another forum but I thought you guys will have good insight. I'm trying to get into cyber security, those working in IT and cyber security, which path should I head down? I can either go to TAFE on campus and get my diploma in this field or go certification online route. Such as comptia, chfi, ejpt etc. I'm really stuck on what to do, there's online courses like upskill would you recommend? but their cyber security pentesting is done with ceh which I hear is only theory and oscp is better. I can do online or campus, I don't plan to get a degree is there another accredit course like upskill for bootcamp or collection I'm missing? Or the comptia, cissp type self pace? Or TAFE? I'm looking at most desirable prospects, and Im a bit concerned with keeping up with a class rather than self pace. Thank you for any advice
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i am 22 and trying to put a life together in maine. is there anything people my age do here? i just don't know what to do. i feel like there's nothing for me here. all i do is sit home every weekend. its miserable and i dont know how much longer i can do this
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Advice needed from men.

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I’ll start by saying that I love my husband a lot, we share a child together and we have been together since I was a teen.

However I’m struggling to deal with feeling so depressed and alone in this marriage. For context I was born into a neglectful and violent family with both parents abusing us kids. I was young for the worst of it so didn’t know the full extent of how bad it was. My husband knew this when we got together. Well, in the last couple of years I’ve been told about how bad it was, even worse then I knew. Told my husband what I found out and that I’m struggling to cope yet he doesn’t really want to hear about it or check in on me. He thinks my parents are shitty and doesn’t condone what happened but doesn’t really want to know and has the attitude that it was in the past and now it’s over so magically I can just move forward somehow. My sister was telling me how supportive her husband has been in this matter and I just thought why couldn’t mine be like that?

I also go to bed alone practically every single night while he stays up, to chill, drink, smoke and work occasionally. I’ve told him I get some nights he wants to stay up and do his own thing but every night going to bed alone?

If we argue about something, it just ends in us not speaking a lot. A week ago we argued over how his family can act towards me, he obviously didn’t want to fix anything so stormed off and we haven’t spoken since, the longest time ever.

Yet a couple of weeks ago he’s telling me that he loves me and wants a second baby with me. Why is he like this? I just don’t understand his mindset. Sorry for my shitty blog post but I literally don’t know what to do anymore. I’m really struggling and I feel like I’m fucked whether I stay or go.
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what are you supposed to do when what little sanity you have withers away? i thought i reached my lowest point when i started to scream on a daily basis but apparently not.
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I can't get proper erections

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It's very rare for me to get a full erection and i'm only 22. It's been like this for years.

Even when my cock feels fully hard, it's like it's RNG where it decides to stop growing. I missed out on sex 2 months ago because I knew it wouldn't get hard.

Yesterday I got two MILFs on Omegle to strip for me and that felt very exciting and new so my cock was the biggest it's been in months. But I know that won't happen again anytime soon.

What do I do?
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Had an amour fou type of fling a year ago.

It became toxic because of external circumstances and we parted ways.

I dated other girls in the meantime but never really could forget her.

Now we're back in touch. We've both apologized for the toxic shit we did to each other and we're meeting again soon.

And I don't know why but I'm not sure I'm feeling it. Literally a month ago I was reminiscing on our times together a few nights a week before sleep. Now the thought stresses me and I'm not even sure I like her all that much. I haven't seen her again yet, my memories with her were some of my fondest, and we're objectively compatible/similar/whatever in a lot of ways, from sex to intellectual interests or sense of humor. But now all of a sudden I feel iffy about it.

What's going on? Wat means? What do?
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wedding speech

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im an autist thats going to a friends wedding, and im while im not best man or anything, my friends are going to prank me by shouting me out to give a damn speech. i only really know the groom, is it acceptable for the speech to just be about him? should i shoutout his family with some sentimental 1 liners?