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legal advide? i dont know man i just need a second opinion im shitting balls right now

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First post on 4chan, very scared. I live in England. I'm 19 turning 20. I'm a second year student at my university (will remain unnamed). I locked myself out of my room (you need a key to get in), and upon realising that, I kicked the wall next to me in frustration. Not the wisest decision, no excuse. The wall was in fact not brick, but drywall (or plaster, I don't know the difference). There is now a hole. It's a wide as a 1L bottle of Evian water, not very large. According to the internet a hole that size costs between £10-£100 to fix. There was a camera in that same corridor which saw everything.

Regardless, I was still locked out and had to go to the reception office to get a security guard to let me back into my room. On the way there we passed the hole in question. They did not ask me how it happened or when it was made. I said nothing. He took a picture, let me into my room, left, and that was that.

For clarification, here's a link to a video detailing the layout of this corridor:

This is the link to my Tenancy Agreement:

This is the link to my Booking Terms and Conditions:

(I don't know if providing these links violate any sub rules, apologies if they do)

Clauses 4.8.3, 4.10, 4.15.13, and 8.7 of the Tenancy Agreement are the ones that worry me especially.

Is it bad that I didn't fess up about this mistake at the first given opportunity? I'm absolutely fine with paying for damages, I am just scared that I could be kicked out from this. But I can't afford to say "yeah it'll be fine".

Any help is greatly appreciated. Just copied my post from reddit and put it here I'm sorry I don't know how this site works
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Depression and eating

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holy fuck I'm living on my own for the first time now at college and how the fuck am I supposed to manage caloric intake when I'm depressed? I'm 6'5 so I need roughly 3000 calories a day just to maintain weight and over my last three weeks of depression I literally ate at MOST one meal a day. I never have any food and when I do I'm too fucked up to prepare it. I've lost 30 FUCKING POUNDS. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO? PLEASE HELP.
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>Parents are dead, rest of family lives far away and not close at all
>Only gf died
>Ptsd and constant guilt over it
>Autism, paralyzing anxiety
>No friends
>Dropped out of college because mental illness got too bad
How do I unfuck my life
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Should I shave my head?

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I've always wanted to shave my head but I've received pressure to keep my hair. My girlfriend and parents both say my hair looks good but I just want to try it out. Yes I'm an adult but I'm a bit afraid they'll think I'm weird or something. So I guess the question is, do I shave it or keep it?
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cheapest ways to fix broken hairline

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i use alpecin shampoo but don't see any effects.
hair transplant is too expensive.
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This is the lowest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I honestly have no self worth it has been absolutely abolished. 1 abusive relationship and 1 relationship where I was used later and I don’t want to live anymore but I don’t want to kill myself so I just fill the void where my self esteem was with meaningless sex that makes me feel even more useless and used. How do I start to build up my self esteem again?
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I have nothing to lose, take this story and guide my next few life decisions.
Kinda long but idc.
> Been with girl since beginning of high school
> Basically all four years
> Literally in love
> College starting soon
> We break up with emotional conversation
> Says I'm not there for her enough (which was true at the time) and briefly said she wants to "try something new"

Instantaneously filled with suspicion but never acted on it

> Few weeks pass and long time "buddy" comes in to town.
> Not really a friend but not the worst person I've met.
> He stays with recently ex-gf
> Didn't think much of it because she'd never been the type to fuck around.

Few weeks later

> Reunite with gf
> Been normal, like nothing changed
> Says she loves me and can't go without me.
> Enjoy life once again

2 Years later

> Currently living with gf
> Says "can we talk?"
> "When we were broken up I was seeing buddy"
> "Oh ok, if you were just talking that's fine, the way you brought it up sounded like you fucked him or something."

That day I saw the deepest look of sorrow and regret I have ever seen with my own two eyes. I've only ever seen it on anyone else once before and it was under the exact same circumstances.
The next two days were the longest few days of my life filled with her crying and self-harming and me being stuck in my brain unable to talk because I guess I'm just nonfunctional in emotional situations. I was just there think about last few years of my life and how I basically grew up with her. I've talked to her and expressed my emotions and how I don't want it to end like this. Things are somewhat okay right now.
I just can't stop thinking about the idea of her with someone else. The thoughts are infecting my brain every hour of the day and I'm in visible pain no matter where I'm at.
The thought of it won't leave my head. I really love her, but don't know what path I need to walk here.
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Wat do?

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>be me
>pretty good looking
>have $$$
>go on dating site
>no pics of me doing stuff, just awkward selfies where I don’t smile
>no friends
>I realize am probably autistic
>hate travelling and have crippling anxiety disorder
>0 matches
What can I do? Do I have any hope?
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How to be a normie?

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I have diagnosed Schizophrenia and struggle to be normal. I want to make friends but find it impossible to understand them. I have homicidal tendencies and have not talked to another human in person in 3 years. I’m completely socially inept and can barely cope with my mental illness as it is. I play videogames and try to practice on voice chat but people usually become uncomfortable or say that I’m weird. What do?
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Why am I hated for existing?
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