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I´m almost 19 and I haven´t ever been in a relationship or kissed a girl. Every time I´ve tried they ignored me or avoid it. I´m skinny and my face is ok, but I´m getting bald. For some reason today I´ve had that strong feeling of fear of dying alone, because all my friends have a relation and a good job and I´m stucked in my life. I´m not asking of how to flirt with girls, but just wants to know how to get away that feeling.
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Anxiety and Weed

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So I've been thinking of trying weed again, but after doing more research and reflecting on some negative experiences, I'm not sure if I should, or how I should go about it if I am going to smoke again.

I've had two bad experiences with weed. At first I felt pretty well. A very bodily high both times. Sensations felt heightened, forces pulling at my body. But after a while a negative thought would enter my head and I'd get stuck in a spiral of racing, negative thoughts. I would get extremely self-conscious and feel like I would never get out of this situation. I'm pretty sure I smoked some kind of sativa those times and quite a lot of it too. Having said that, I've had postive experiences where I just smoked on my own, and only smoked a little bit.

I could attribute these experiences to just having smoked too much, or sativa not being my thing, but I'm wondering if weed is right for me in the first place.

I'm mentally stable except for a slight anxiety problem and occasional periods where I lack motivation for things. For a while I was scared of the idea of psychosis and schizophrenia, but I don't have any reason to believe I'm genitically predisposed to it.

So I'm just wondering how people with similar experiences or reactions have delt with this and whether there are any things I should keep in mind if I do try weed again.
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relationship autist here
what happens if I confess my feelings to a grill(she's from my class), can anything good come out of it or is it a spergy thing to do?
I've really liked her for 3ish years but it's never escalated to anything more than joking around and talking a few times a day, I'd hardly even say we're friends.
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Joining the Military

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Alright guys so I need some advice. I'm currently 1.5 years into my major at a community college. They now have a bachelor's program in cyber security. I tried engineering but failed. This means I only have something like 65 credits left in my degree to get a bachelor's. Right now my grades aren't the strongest but I'm working on them. I really want to go into the military and it has always been a dream of mine. I'm trying to decide what to do and which plan to take. Plan A is to finish college where I'm at now in 2.5 years and do the reserves while in. Get some military experience and finish college at the same time. Plan B is to somehow go to the university here and join the ROTC and get in that way. Problem is I don't have enough money to attend the university and my profile is not strong enough to win a scholarship. I have to work in order to pay for stuff. I'm currently working in retail and I have just feeling so trapped these last few months. Plan C is to go active duty and then come out and finish a degree from the gi bill. Do anyone have any advice on what I should do?

>Inb4 no inb4s
>Inb4 kill urself OP
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Where does someone go to have fun if he has literally zero ftiends? Please help me, I haven't been outside in months.
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Going Karaoke Sunday with strangers and i'm terrified

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So my friends birthday is Sunday and he really wants to go Karaoke. All my friends agreed and i've said i'd come. I can't sing for shit and if it was just me him and our three main friends all would be good.

But he's invited a bunch of people he knows (of course) so now i'm going to be singing in front of 10 strangers...and i'm terrified.
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internet addiction

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I need to stop wasting all my day on here. How do I restrict myself bros?
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GIOYC -- Get It Off Your Chest

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Write those letters you will never send, vent your frustrations, confess your deepest darkest sins
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she hasnt said a word to me in 2 weeks

me and my gf were just hanging out like usual and then after i dropped her off at home i never heard from her again since that day. shes been posting on instagram still so i know shes alive. ive sent 3 texts since that day. it says theyve been seen. sometimes when shes sad she wont reply or whatever but thats normal but this is on a new level. im sad and confused. im pretty sure this is her breaking up with me but im shocked she wont even say anything. we havent been dating for a super long time but long enough to where this is really strange. i dont know what to do??? is there even anything i can do???

my chest aches from the stress
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My endocrinologist just told me that I will not grow anymore (technically, a centimeter tops, so might as well). Basically, this means that I will forever remain a 1.61.

>tfw not even on the chart

So, what do I do now? I'm not going to get any bigger and any attempts do to so will only make me look bigger than 1.61, which really isn't much and probably not worth the effort. There's no hope for me, is there?
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