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I can't take the ridicule and people's false perceptions of me anymore. Since I can't change their opinion of me, and people keep implying that I am a burden on society, I've decided to rid myself of the gene pool. I'm sure many of you will applaud this decision. Working on a suicide note, some last projects, etc., which will probably fall on deaf ears, but whatevs. I suppose what I'm asking of you guys is some help in discovering where exactly I went wrong or what I stand accused of, so I can make an attempt to clarify any misconception and partially-exonerate myself. I know I've fucked up many times but, somewhere along the line, shit got twisted around, blown out-of-proportion, and taken out-of-context. I am but a humble librarian with a drug problem and slew of mental health ailments who is trying to right various wrongs in vain. If there is no salvation, fear not, I will be gone soon. Until I finally bid thee adieu, however, please help a dying man gain some closure.
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Anyone here recovered from crazy? How do you recover from crazy? Are you normal people now?
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What's the ideal thinness for a woman?

I hear sometimes that women are 'too' thin and don't have curves/are too bony, and then I hear about women being slightly too pudgy and it would be better if they lost 10 or so pounds

Could someone post a pic of the sweet spot? What's the non-plastic surgery ideal? I can't afford to get butt implants and fat grafting to my hips so that they become round, they are naturally square.
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My girlfriend and i are both virgins We don't lewd that much, but today i wanted to lose my virginity. However i could not get hard. She also tried to get me off but she could not.
I don't have an erectile disfunction as far as i know, and she is not ugly at all. Why does this even happen?
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can a sex addict ever settle down for an asexual
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Ya bois going to jail?

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Hey /adv/

I live in a state with legalized weed and my dog at a 10mg tablet. Panicked, I called the ASPCA poison control hotline, and they said that my dog would be fine.

My question is, are they going to call the cops? Is this animal abuse? Did I done fuck up or is not a big deal?

They charged me a consultation fee and took my mailing address. Halp?
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Kissing General

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What are some tips for being a good kisser? I've started dating again after being in a long term relationship. However, I got so used to the way me and the bf kissed that I'm not sure how to do it with other people. Advice from both men and women is welcome
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I'm 21, and I really like a girl who is 17. Is this bad? I think she's kind of into me too. I really think we could have a lasting relationship together.

We've know each other for like, six years, but I haven't been attracted to her all that time.
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What is the fastest way to lose weight with no excercise, I dont care if its dangerous/unhealthy. I'm around 6ft and 210 pounds, I would like to lose around 10 pounds in about 4 or 5 weeks, I know it's unlikely.
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A while ago I was with a girl. I am generally pretty insightful into the people's psyche, and I suspected her of being not necessarily unfaithful, but of liking somebody else. All friends said it can't be true, that she's not "like that". Her sister said she'll never talk to her if she did that to me. I didn't wanna believe it, but we broke off. She told me it was because of this and that, but I always knew it was about that other guy.
Never wanted to believe it.

Today it's been confirmed it was true all along.

How do I, basically, not go on a murder spree? I'm drunk and smoked to all shit.
She lied all, me, lied me to my very face. In my face she told she can't be in a relationship because this and that. And now this?