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Its the day of my 18th birthday, I'm going to be enlisted in a little under 2 months.

How do I get laid?

I am the oldest of my friend group, they're all 17 and can't go to the club with me.

How do I go to the club by myself?
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The hooker I love

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So, I am sleeping with a hooker for 2 monthes. I already spent quite a large sum of money on her. I fell in love in her almost the day I saw her. She is gorgeous.
She is also smart and very pleasant person to talk to. She understand and laughs at my jokes.
I tried to convince her to meet me on her free time, and I finally did it. She gave me her number (real number, not the one she uses for work) and we will meet tomorrow and have a walk in the park.
I like her. I am afraid to screw up. When we fuck or lying completely naked - i feel confidence, and it is very easy for me to talk with her, to make her laugh. But I am afraid, I'll act like retarded autist when we meet like ordinary people. Awkward pauses and stuff like that...
I also want kiss her, but I am not sure this is the right thing to do, because she doesn't let me kiss her while fucking. She says "i don't kiss with clients". But I won't be a client tomorrow.
How should I act myself on this meeting?
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About a week ago I got my medical cannabis license, and a decent amount of a low-THC, high-CBD strain. I used it twice a day for about 3 days, but I haven't used it in about 48 hours because I noticed some weird things were happening. Specifically, there are times where I'll just be doing my normal thing, then suddenly my body will "jolt" a bit and I'll completely forget where I am and what I'm doing. Yesterday this happened while I was walking down my front steps, and next thing I knew I was on the pavement with the shit scraped out of my arm.

I haven't used it in about 48 hours but I'm still having these symptoms. Is this something I should be worried about?
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Is volunteering a valid alternative to part time work while in university? I've been volunteering weekly at a local museum for the past year now, and I'm coming up to the final year of my undergraduate history course. Once I'm thrown into the real world would my volunteering experience have a similar amount of weight to genuine part time work experience?
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How do I get pussy?
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Should I upgrade?

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I've been with this cute and sexy South American girl for half a year, she's an 8/10 without makeup and a 9/10 with it on, and she's absolutely obsessed with me. She wants to marry me even though she's 17. When we're out, she does get attention from other guys but nobody attempts any shit. I like to make beta cucks jealous of what I have, and I'm wondering if I should upgrade, and I know I have the looks and confidence to do so.

I consider myself a 10/10 (just accept this as if I am a 10, for argument's sake. Yes I have NPD but that's besides the point). Should I look to upgrade for a girl who is a 9 or a 10/10? Yes, I am shallow as fuck, but I'm young so I have plenty of years ahead of me to browse and trial before I make the purchase.

Other info:
Current gf's personality is maybe a 6/10. Really annoying and selfish at times, but loving and funny when she's in a good mood.
There's also some issues around trusting her, she's done some minor shit in the past that causes me not to trust her.
Her family is rich as fuck.
I love foreign girls, especially dark and cute ones like her (she is my type to a tee).
She's 17, I'm 20.
I'm a fucking stud.
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Good Saturday afternoon everyone (Belgiumfag).

Here I lie in my sofa, my gf just got up and went back to bed. There was a thing in our past where she cheated on me and is trying to make up for it.
Although lately I lost the spark I had for her. She gets mad all the time for shit like "leaving the toothpaste tube on the sink instead of placing it back in the cupboard".
I'm bored and I don't want to be with her anymore.

Any ideas on how to quit this relationship without looking like an asshole too much?

>talk to her
No, I'm too much of a pussy, I just want her to end it
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It's possible to have serious relationship with a woman if i have no job?
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I need some relationship advice: So I've been dating 4 girls for a while now and now the two of them I like most both want to be exclusive.

Girl 1 is really attractive, competes in pageants and has worked as a ring girl, studies Social Science for a degree, has great morals and is intelligent. I look slightly above average but I'm ripped, I feel like I punched above my weight with her and I'm not sure I could land someone that attractive again.

Girl 2 is overweight but still kinda chubby cute. She studies computer science for degree and most of our hanging out has just been cuddling together and watching anime. I think she views me in the same way I view girl 1 in terms of punching above their weight. She's just a really bubbly person to be around and I can just describe it as wholesome, the sex is pretty bad though(girl 1 is way better). I think that if I didn't go with her it would hurt her a lot
and that might be affecting my thought process.

I don't know what to do and would welcome advice.
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Wrong to dump friend?

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So we're both 27, I've working at a bank since I graduated college. I'm moving up in the company ladder and I'm happy with where my career is.

My friend is 27 and hasn't had a full time since graduating. He's working the same part time job he's done since high school and hasn't really made a step anywhere in life since he was 16.

I'm just frustrated by his lack of motivation to do anything. I come late a night from work and he has to hit me up about how he's played video games all day and smoked a ton of weed. It's just annoying. I want to end it with him but people said it's elitist and I'm snobby for thinking so.
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