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Sick of being sad and lonely

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I'm an oldfag who's never had a girlfriend. It's soul-destroying at times just how lonely I am. I don't want to be one of those mgtow copers. However, I don't know what else I can do? Yeah, sometimes it's obvious what women are attracted to, but then you see some couples that completely boggle the mind. How come *that* guy was able to find a gf and I'm not? Maybe there is just some indefinable vibe that some men are born with or develop at a young age that others like me lack.
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Am I too old to get a gf at 31 years old?
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Am I balding? Or just overthinking it?
>17 vs 21
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How immoral is meeting an 18 year old for sex as a 26 year old?

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Matched a lot of 18/19 year olds I'd love to fuck but I can't help thinking theyre living at home with parents and asking permission to go out
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How do I cope missing out on love?
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I stopped using toilet paper and instead use Clorox wipes to wipe my dirty butt. It burned at first but after a week I am starting to hear loud voices inside my head! Could the chemicals have something to do with this?
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Which is more painful?

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>Staying a kissless virgin past your teens and into adulthood and never experiencing love/romance


>Breaking up with someone you loved very much

Personally I never experienced the latter but my friend was with a girl who he truly believed was the one and broke up with her and it still haunts him years later. I am however still a KHV despite getting a few chances in my younger years and it fucking hurts.
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Weird FWB behavior

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>have fwb who lives quite far
>she's quite cool, we're actually friends. she texts me almost every day, I'm fine with that. I actually enjoy talking to her
>the other day she was on a night out, texted me "hello daddy" out of nowhere
>I told her to send me racy pics, she does
>we sext a bit, then convo switches to other things
>then she comes back to "I'm so horny"
>I tell her to rub one out in the toilet and send me a video
>couple hours later she says "wait a sec"
>I says "ok"
>she says "damn I'm going home and I couldn't get a good video"
>I say "do one from home"
>she says "ok but you may be asleep by the time I get there" and then turns off her phone data or something bc my reply stays on delivered for about 12 hours
>I'm like whatever
>I know the horniness is bc she's ovulating so she might as well be fucking someone who lives closer. I legit don't care
>next day, she texts me "I was too tired when I got home :("
>I just say "tease"
>few hours later she sents me a picture of something unrelated
>I reply normally next morning
>she replies terse hours later
Her little tease thing legit turned me off but it's no big deal honestly. Would be a dumb reason for starting a "who gives less of a fuck" game, which seems to be how she's taking it.
Should I just resume contact normally?
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She likes to cuddle and is always touching me and wants me to hold her waist. We haven't kissed yet but both expressed that we have an interest to do so. I told her this because she told me that she has physical and mental attraction towards me. Problem is - she is engaged to a girl and she starts losing feelings for her. That is why we do not cross the line of kissing. She thinks that engagement was a mistake because she is still young. She is 23, I am 29. She told me that she doesn't want me to be a patch or a rebound. What did she really mean by this and what should I do? I told her to fix or abandon her relationship if she sees it as a correct move, as I don't want to be in the mix.
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Why does everyone on this board seem to have such vitriol and hate for people suffering from BPD?

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