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Things to do?

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Hey /adv/,
I was wondering if you people have experience with long distance relationships. more pertinently things to do over the internet to keep the relationship healthy. She isn't so much into gaming but will play simple games if I ask her to, So I was looking for 1. game recommendations we could play together 2. other things to do that aren't texting and 3. good things to bring up in our day to day convos that can keep things more interesting than "how was your day today." Like fun things to replace everyday stupid actions like crawling on the floor for no reason or preparing dinner ect ect. appreciate any and all advice you have for me.
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I tend to lose motivation whenever I encounter a hindrance. I can't really put up with hardships, I tend to take the least resistance path whenever possible.

I'm currently attending a high school that only accepts top %0,7 students, I could only get in because I somehow motivated/forced myself into studying back in time.

The thing is, I can't really do that anymore. I can't force myself into studying. My question is, how can I put up with hardships when I am used to slacking off most of the time?
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Hey all, quick question. I go through a small town bank that I now live 3 hours away from. I've got cash that I need to put into my checking account and I have a debit card. So far no ATMs I've used have had a deposit option. Am I able to go into a bank that isn't mine and have them transfer the cash onto my debit card?
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Is getting in cryptocurrency a meme?
Any advice on how to get into it?
European fag reporting in.
Pic semi related.
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GF wore no panties

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New girlfriend wore no panties on last nights movie date.

didn't notice til' we got back to my apt
idk how to react so took photo before she left to show you guys.

>inb4 black man
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My likability is ruining my relationships with my friends, and I have no idea how to stop this.

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It's becoming very hard to maintain my friendships with girls due to having guys talk and brag about me to my own friends. Recently one of my friends has confessed to hating me due to the attention I take from her. Another issue is with hurting people who like me. I am not sure how to turn guys down without hurting them. I am interested in someone already and I'm worried that that may ruin friendships I have with guys who are also interested in me.

So basically, how can I become less desirable? How do I turn someone down the nicest way possible?
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Lawyers of /adv/ plz help:

If a food product has proprietary ingredients, is it required by law to list them on the label?
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I used to be a hardcore stoner. My circle and I used to smoke practically everyday.

However the last two years I've slowed down on it and in turn I kinda lost touch with them.

However two nights ago we came out for a birthday we had good ol smoke sesh and it was fun. But It was a one night thing and I don't intend to go back and smoke daily.

I also want to hang with them more and develop a friendship with them while being sober.

Tl;dr How to develop friendships without drugs
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Birthday gift

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How'd I do /adv/?

I posted on here a few weeks ago but I'm short I wanted to send some birthday gifts to this girl, somewhat famous, turning 13.
So I got
>perfume set
>box of 4 bath bombs and 1 bubble bar (all colorful and shit)

Do you think she'll like it? Any recommendations? What should I say in my note?
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I have a decent amount of dried blood on my stitches and I'm supposed to get them removed in 2 days. They're on my lower back and I've had them for almost a week.

Should I try cleaning it off myself, or just leave it there and wait for them to be removed. I don't want to risk making it bleed just because it looks dirty.