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There is competition for 2/10 females

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Even ugly/fat single-mothers have tons of guys competing for them.

Why is female hypergamy so out of control? I lift weights, have a nice physique, and have maximized my looks. I've just accepted the fact that I can't get a girlfriend unless I start making more money.

I'm not motivated to make more money or contribute to society because I'm not guaranteed a gf, and even if I get one, if I want to have children or live with her she's almost guaranteed to eventually cheat or divorce because she is rewarded for divorce. The courts will give her custody of the kids, and destroy me financially.

Not even the highest status males in society are immune from a woman destroying their lives in a divorce. Any man would be terrified to have kids or marry a woman today.

This will lead to the end of civilization. Males will start opting out of society and becoming NEETs, preferring video games and porn.
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Should I bother going to back to school at 27 to help myself feel less of failure and massive disappointment that I am?
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How should I look for a soulmate?
Past relationships used to spark off passion for drawing and scribbling, with the last one being exceptional through the idea of being both familiar in similarities and complimentary in differances. Not only did I learn a lot from them, but came to realise even more what I value in a person. I've had lenghty conversation before, but never were they this engaging, truly wonderous.
Thing is I do not know where and how to look anymore, especially now that I've moved with family to a rural area and having mostly experiance with distant relationships. As if that wasn't enough at this point I'm as lonely as one can get, used have at least the few folks I'd grow fond of but there has been no one in my life for quite some time now and the solitude is getting the better of me. I've even tried looking around chan for some time now but to no avail, I don't know, getting desperate.
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Ask a happy 28 year old virgin anything. (Except how to have sex obviously).
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stuck in an ethnocentric bubble, don't like it

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>be me
>socially retarded
>no friends
>parents are muslim
>they want me to hang out with other muslims my age at the mosque
>they want me to marry the daughters of their friends (who i have nothing in common with)
>want me to hang out with my cousins and extended family

basically i don't like any of these people. don't have anything in common with them and i think islam is dumb, i don't like anyone that's unironically muslim except my parents because they're my parents. how do i get out of this ethnocentric bubble, it feels like all the adults are painfully un-self-aware and stupid while all the young people are mildly tolerable but still pretty annoying esp when they freak out when i say that i don't like islam
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going to court in a few days.


Was denied assistance to legal aid

going to represent self, tips?
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How stupid would it be to decline a job offer in hopes of another job that pays more? I can't negotiate the difference in salary as it's much more than what can normally be negotiated.

>be me, applying for jobs in San Francisco/Seattle because they pay substantially more than the ones in Vancouver (I'm a Canadian)
>Randomly contacted by local company that I don't recall applying for
>Go through interview process with them as I continue to apply for jobs
>Get job offer from local company
>Pay is low compared to what I can potentially make in the USA

I'd essentially be getting an extra $2000 to $3000 per month in net income if I worked in the USA.
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>guy threatens to kick my ass
>I pop out a knife
>guy backs down

Now his friends are saying I escalated things even though nothing came out of it. Who's in the wrong here?
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I'm sure you guys get this all the time, but I am going to be killing myself this Saturday. Will be done via hanging. I don't really have anyone to talk to. Basic reasons why I'm doing it: Tired of being alone, hate my job, I have to travel too much for work, I want to have a job I like where I work fewer hours, no GF, I hate my mom, I hate all women, I hate all muslims and genuinely think they should be exterminated, I'm very alone. AMA?
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>be 8 weeks in clinic because of depression
>feel much better at the end, happy to go back home
>now I'm home for one day and feel like absolute shit