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Hey, are there any lawyer anons or HR anons that can answer a question. I work for he Mouse at Mouseland and there is a shitstorm brewing over some drama. A friend of mine just got fired, the reason, online bullying and harassment. The catch, the account that did that bullying was not hers. She does not even have a Twitter and the person who did make that account is the person who got bullied. The company instantly took the side of the person being “harassed” but everyone knows she is off her rocker and has done stuff like this before. My friend is bringing her lawyer in and she has proof that she never even had a Twitter but the company won’t hear it. Any advice?
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Why do I get off on emotionally breaking women?

I don't hit females or anything physical, I choke em during sex n shit if they're down but I have a habit of getting to know girls, making them think I'm really interested in them, fucking em and then leaving em - ghosting them.

Something inside me gets off on reading they're messages after like I'll copy the most recent one I got

"Dude what the fuck
You fucked me, said you wanted to make more time for me and then ignored me for a week.. like you just got what u wanted and left."

Idk why i just like doing this. Any insight?
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Can there be legal/criminal repercussions for what I am about to do?

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>know engaged couple. Both 25. Have been together since highschool (10 years).
>wedding is this July. Everything is planned out.
>know that the girl has cheated multiple times. I know this for a fact. I also know he has no idea. Genuinely feel sorry for the dude. He is naive and very innocent.
>Thinking about making a Facebook account with fake name and messaging the girl telling her I know she's cheated many times, that it's wrong to marry someone you supposedly love yet lie to. Ask her politely to talk to her fiance about it or else I will talk to him and his sister (who is very invovled with the wedding and things) and give them proof of her cheating.

Can this come back to fuck me over? I am not blackmailing, not asking for money, I have no explotive photos of her or anything like that at all.

Pic unrelated just what I have on my phone.

I want to do this either today or tomorrow. Any input is appreciated.
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I'm in a long distance relationship with a boy and have been for about a week now
We're both touch-starved and autistic
I often think about touching my boyfriend romantically/sexually, and the fact that I can only talk to him is infuriating.
Can someone help ease my pain? I lie awake thinking about him, masturbation barely helps, and initiating conversation is difficult for both of us.
>if you're going to comment "retard" or "faggot", go back to /pol/. i only want real help.
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Finding a life partner at University

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Sup guys,
Well to keep it short, I'm staring with university soon and wanted to know how likely it is to find a life partner/ relationship/ someone marriable at University.
Until now I never cared about relationships or finding that someone special to spent the rest of my life with but now that topic is becoming more and more serious for me and I'm really,, worrying'' about the future
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Too much shame and embarrassment in regards to dating

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I feel too much shame in regards to dating and talking to women in a more than friends kind of way. I am really REALLY preoccupied with trying to not come off as creepy when talking to most women I would like to date. I feel that I am a creepy dude but I am not malicious. Basically, I am quiet and don't really have much to say but what I think bothers people is my general okayness with there being a silence or lull in the conversation. One thing I have problems with is expressing to a woman that I like her in such a way that isn't autistic overt or doormat passive. So I usually don't ever tell women I like them. It also feels very shameful to me to tell a woman that I like her because it always feels like I am forcing something on her.

Like if I go up to a woman in a book store and say "Hey, that was a good book! Wait until you get to chapter 8!" That to me seems to overt and it actually feels like I am forcing her to interact with me in SOME way by making a comment. I don't like forcing people to do anything with me. I hate doing that.

What is the proper way of expressing these feelings so I don't look retarded, autistic, or creepy. I have tried online dating and I have gotten a couple likes but the only women liking me are the obese ones(I say that with as much respect as I possibly can). I have nothing personal against these women but I do not prefer MUCH heavier women. I don't mind chunkier girls I guess but obese-to morbidly obese is a bit too much for me. I feel the need to apologize right now which is weird.
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My past self fucked me over

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>Girlfriend and I were using the Playstation web browser for YouTube because don’t want to update
>I haven’t used the web browser for a fucking while. Last time was before we met
>Last time I did I watched porn.
>ended up scrolling through the different pages because we lost our YouTube page
>landed right on a page where a huge white ass showed riding a dick for the thumbnail.
>gf won’t talk to me and just turned the other way and took a nap.
>I’m to autistic to even try explaining it was from way back.
>she probably won’t believe me anyways.

What do I do now
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My boyfriend is extremely ring winged and a nationalist socialist. I don’t really care about his political opinions but they’re starting to scare me. He doesnt believe in race-mixing (I’m asian, he’s white) and I do fee sightly upset. Should I have the merit to be or am I just overreacting?
(Pic unrelated)
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I love this show and I have Prime. How the fuck do I extract these elsewhere so I can see this when I want to?
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