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>got caught masturbating in public again
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Getting bullied by old woman

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I look despressed asf I couldnt maintain a smile and I look sad at default. At work (office job) most coworkers are supportive. Some leaves and avoids me as soon as I am in their presence, but this old, Serbian cleaner annoys me to no end. She would say 'nice replies' but the hidden meaning is like a slap to the face.

The first time I spoke to her was when I first started working here. She would pretty much ignore my replies and turn whatever I said to be wrong. She talks in a fake british accent and acts nice to everyone. I dont say anything anymore, but theres no way I could avoid her when I have to walk past her often. She probably talks behind my back

I really shouldnt felt burden about this. Im doing pretty good in life desu but Im just depressed and anxiety written. It pains to hear when an older co worker asks if I was born here because of my panicky speech and bad grammar.
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For 2019 i put my penis inside the vagina of the girl I like and adopted a pupper and now I'm pretty happy

Who would've thought it was so easy?
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Losing someone

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Just a fucked up fembot writing about her life atm
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yo, my dick is like really black for a white guy. like you would think im black if u saw my dick, and my dick is big. so can i go around saying i have a bbc?
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Am I a bad person if I felt a tiny bit disappointed that my first kid is going to be a girl? It’s just my preference but I’d rather have sons than daughters
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>be me
>19 years old
>started smoking and got addicted to opiates around 15/15
>finally off dope
>finally off all stimulants and meds
>still addicted to nicotine

Any tips for quitting anons? I've been using a salt-nic vape thing with 50mg/ml juice this past year and I think it's even worse than cigs because I've been consuming a stupid amount of nicotine 24/7. I usually fill a 3ml pod twice a day so that's like 300mg nicotine/day. I just wanna be totally free from all substances. At the moment I'm chewing nicorette and just trying to space it out longer and chew it for less time as time goes by. Any tips from someone who quit? Any good substances? I find slightly stimulating things can keep me from wanting to smoke but as soon as its recreational I compulsively smoke so it's a fine line. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Should I quit my shitty job for a better one?

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Should I quit my job? I’m already sick of it after a week and I know I can probably do better if I get into tutoring (and it’s stiill the first few weeks of the semester, so clientele is aplenty, but even though it’s a minimum wage job rhat pays biweekly, it still pays and I need money for going back to college in the summer and finishing school up which I know I can do doing this job bit not sure of if I tutor. Runon sentence aside, should I do it?
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tl;dr How do I start meditating? Any protips? Is it worth?

In my past thread someone pointed out that I sound like I would have huge benefits from it, is it actually true?
I mean, I still have some insecurities regarding trust towards to other people especially in relationships after breaking up from abusive relationship with narcisstic, cheating gf about 1.5 year ago, just lost one relationship 1 month ago because of that. I can't focus on doing anything unless it's already after the deadline and it's about to fuck my life seriously if I don't finish that. I do actually have clinically diagnosed minor depression and I'm taking meds for this. Everyday I'm focusing my mind on overthinking and overanalysing things that shouldn't be bothering me anymore or are just little things, especially in regards of any sort of relationships with others, including the one with my most recent ex etc.