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Why were we even put here in the first place just to watch everyone we love fucking die.
I mean wtf even is all this? Where the fuck even are we? Is this even all real? What the fuck even is any of existence or reality or the universe? How and why did it come to be and where even is it and why the fuck did we have to be born into it? This is all so fucking twisted we could've just been one of the trillions of motes of space dust floating around but instead we're here just to suffer. Fuck all of this I should get it over with and kill myself now.
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Imposter syndrome

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I'm a lazy unproductive untalkative work from home intern that doesn't fucking deserve the internship I got. My boss is the most wonderful patient guy in the world, and the other interns are 3000% more productive and motivated than I am. I've spent entire days on end basically doing nothing and messaging no one.
How do I even fix myself at this point? I want to turn this around but I don't even know how to do it.
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Anyone else looking for a mostly sexless relationship?

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I'm lonely as hell and need companionship. I'm heterosexual, but my libido is weak and intermittent. It's not testosterone; I've been tested recently. I think I have an inkling of what the problem is, but I won't bore you with the details.

Are there women out there who would be okay with having sex once in a while?
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Severely fucked exams

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I’ve done 2/4 Uni exams so far and I’ve severely fucked them.

I did one yesterday and I think I might have failed and I just did another then and ran out of time and wasn’t able to answer 3 of 10 questions equating to about 30% of my mark and was only able to partially answer another two so I’m on the fence if I’ll actually pass or fail this one.

I’ve got two 3 hour exams back to back tomorrow as well that I’m completely unprepared for as well and I know that I’m gonna wanna kms after. My only saving grace is that I’m on 70’s to 80’s atm for my subjects and passing the exams isn’t a requirement to pass the courses as as I know. So I might be able to pass if I get at least 30% in my exams.

I know I’ve been too lazy this semester but I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad. I’m so angry with myself. I feel like roping whenever Uni is involved I swear to god. I just want to graduate and work.

I got a letter from the Dean last semester and this time around I may fail every subject ffs.

Is there anything I can do at this point to salvage? I’ve only been getting about 3-4 hours of sleep over the past couple of nights and I suppose I’ll have to do the same today but I’m so tired. My heart feels like it’s about to explode from the coffee.
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Just Be Confident!

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Why do normies tell you to be confident? Why would I be confident when there is nothing to be confident about?
They act like "confidence" is just something you can turn on and off. Not something that is built for years with achievements, positive feedback and just being genetically superior.
Why would I be confident when I have never achieved anything in 2 decades of life, had mostly negative feedback growing up and is objectively inferior for genetically determined reasons that I cannot change without (future) genetic engineering or invasive surgeries? It just makes no sense
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how can i stop using alcohol or drugs to cope with embarrassment and shame, the sadness isnt so bad but when i feel inadequate cant help but get fucked up
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>date multiple girls
>still develop oneitis
>Fail with her
Fuck i can't win
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Wendy's regular became my lover and then left me

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how do I get her back?

>be me
>work at Wendy’s
>regular named Mark comes in on most weekdays at lunch wearing a red shirt and jeans and orders the same thing, been making this for years.
>curry bean burger, plain baked potato, medium Fanta
>no one and I mean NO ONE else orders the curry bean burger
>we are friends now. He calls me “my man” and asks me how my day is going all the time. I give him his food and call him “my man”
>2 months ago, he comes in, and we are out of stock on the curry bean burger
>I ask if he would like a baconator instead and offer it to him for free. Tell him it’s my favorite thing on the menu
>he accepts and tells me it’s the first non-vegetarian thing he’s eaten in 10 years, but he will do it for me
>woman the same height as Mark comes in the next day, wearing red shirt and jeans. Looks exactly like Mark
>orders a baconator, asks me how my day is, calls me “my man”
>baconator is ready, about to give it to fe-Mark, fuck what do I say when I give it to her?
>”my woman, here is your burger”
>fe-Mark thanks me, stares into my eyes lovingly, tells me she is Mary now
>get off my shift, see Mary standing in the parking lot waiting for me
>Mary asks me on a date, I accept
>we get along, move in together, Mary explains how eating the baconator changed her perspective on everything, made her want to change everything
>we are getting engaged
>come home from work and Mary is gone. Note on the counter says she went back to eating curry bean burgers
>”thanks for everything, my man”- signed, “Mark”

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My gf doesn't like the fact that I'm attracted sexually to any good looking woman. She also doesn't like my jerking off to other females. When I asked her if she's going to forbid me to masturbate to other girls, she said she isn't because she knows I'll keep doing it anyway

I feel super horny rn and wanna masturbate to my ex. I had this same desire in the morning but I stayed strong and, even though I didn't really want to, masturbated to my current gf.

How do I stop being horny and masturbating to other girls? I don't want to make the love of my life sad. Why do we need to feel attraction to other women even when we are already in a relationship?
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Should I leave my wife for a woman at work?

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My wife has grown to hate sex. Last time I even attempted it was 4 months ago, she laid there like a corpse and wanted me to stop after ten minutes. Ended like it always does, in an argument then me going to the bathroom to jerk off. Been that way for years now. Also we barely even talk anymore. We have a kid though who I love very much and spend all my free time with.

Enter into this situation probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in real life. So incredible to behold I get choked up and can barely even speak or think straight when she enters the room, I just stammer and stutter, and I'm generally fine/comfortable around women. For some bizarre reason, she has singled me out and made her interest in my painfully clear.

The idea of getting a divorce and only being able to see my kid on weekends kills me, but the idea of turning down this woman feels like turning down a billion dollars, she's everything I always dreamed of in a woman since I was a kid.

Be with my kid every day, or get the woman of my dreams but only see my kid on weekends?
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