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Is there a point to being friends after a relationship fails?

Because I just don't see a valid reason, apart from her missing me and wanting attention.

I feel like I would get nothing positive out of the friendship.

Logic tells me no, don't do it. Emotion tells me there might be a chance to fix things. But given the past, I don't think anything will change.

Should I stick to my guns and say no?
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So I have been a massive fucking spazz lately. Overdosed because my boyfriend and I had a fight where I stole his car and drove home and packed all of his shit into a bag because I found something on his phone and misunderstood it. I cannot stop going off my head. Like seriously, whether it's an argument or just a noise, I get this dizzy spell and blurred vision and just explode and yell the shit out of my boyfriend and I need to stop.
Background: 21 years old, female, diagnosed depression, anxiety, OCD, borderline or bipolar 2 (not confirmed which).
I guess I just want to know if anyone has experienced such severe anger and mood swings, how you dealt with it, and ways to calm down in this situation before snapping. I know this sounds extremely immature but it's an actual psychological problem and the physical symptoms are excruxiating.
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>about to turn 28
>zero achievements or good qualities

Be honest. Should I kill myself?
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why are all the hotties never single?
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Hey anons, how do i make sure my bf loves me forever and never stops?
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I wanna meet new people online but im only 17 and i dont know where to look. Like i want a boyfriend or maybe just a really good friend that sends me dank memes. I dont want any fuck boys or boring people
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Just Wanted To Say

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I just want you all to know, that you're going to be okay. We all make mistakes, nobody has ever not made a mistake. Accept the fact that you are flawed and your life is finite. Remember, that despite your shortcomings, your life is worth a great deal to those around you. Even if you spend your time on 4Chan, you matter. Thank you and I wish you wellness and happiness.
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Any way to recover from degenerate look?

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My initial post was lost to a glitch or error. I don't feel like redoing it but here is the gist. Underachiever. I fucked up my appearance during a phase when I worked in the tattoo industry. My tattoos that I can't hide are on my head and are enormous. People think they are satanic or related to white power but they aren't. My life was headed towards so much more before this. Now I have been relegated to the bottom of the barrel jobs. I'm in my mid-30s now and went back to school and learned a trade (welding) but can't apply it because of arthritis in my hands although I'm willing to work through that. I can't get my foot int he door anywhere because of the way I look. I've considered laser removal but it's still kind of expensive and is a long process. I've become withdrawn because I can't take the judgment and the jobs I've worked are mental drudgery. Is there any way to turn things around? Is anyone in a similar situation? I have people depending on me and I don't know what to do anymore. I have always lived life assuming things would be better but I'm getting older and don't compare to my peers. I'm starting to realize the sun is setting on opportunities and I feel more desperate.
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Why won't my boyfriend get down on me?

We have been together for a year and he hasn't even attempted doing that. Says he finds it disgusting (but expects me to blow him anyway).

I feel like there's something wrong with me, though I wouldn't go to bed with him unclean or without wax.

I'm his first girlfriend btw.
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First the story this year
>trouble adjusting to new school and new environment
>started skipping lectures and abusing weed. Yes I know i fucked up
>didnt go to a single lec this semester for this music history course

I have a 1500 word essay due on monday and rn (sat night) i have no idea wtf to do. I am thinking of just dropping the course cause i got a 50 on the midterm and my attendance mark for the tutorials is prob also somewhere near that. I have cut back on smoking and gotten my shit back together but i feel i got myself way behind so i am thinking of dropping it and taking it again next year. But if that is the case i will be in a new class with all if the connections i made this year a year ahead of me. This is a first year course and if i take it next year i will be in 3rd year.

Im not sure if i should drop or cram this essay and hope god shines light on me.
Wat do?