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Virgin and ugly after 30

How do I avoid kms? I think the only thing keeping me from doing it is the fact that I'm a coward.
I can't believe it. I can't. I did everything right. I worked on myself, I studied, I got a good job. It's all worthless anyway, I'm over 30 and I still didn't have the most important experiencies a human being can have. No intimacy. No laying in bed together.
People half my age are having sex and fun every day. Why do I have to keep on waiting? What is the point of living like this? Everything is a waste of time when you're ugly. Should have done when I was 10 and realized I was ugly. I don't know how I still function.
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I mumble a ton. How do you know when it is time to go to speech therapy? As a side note, I am unable to breathe out of my nose due to allergies.

Is there a cheap way around this?
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Where should I get this tattooed on my body?
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for Software development, is there still any companies in a high rate requires a degree to hire you no matter how Chady your portfolio is? Or this shit happens rarely?
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I'm (F, 20) in love with one of my (M, 20s) managers at work...He's always so kind to me, and telling me how much he loves working with me and how great I'm doing. He's married with kids, but I learned today his marriage is failing. Do I have a chance?
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its friday night. why are you here?
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Butthole tats on dating apps

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TWO girls in the last year have had butthole tats. Out of 5 i met and had sex with. One tattoo was a butterfly centered on the asshole. The other tattoo used the butthole as one of the eyes of a vampire looking creature's head.

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? Line in a big city in New Jersey for the record.
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Positivity thread

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I see lots of negative shit on 4chan but what you guys all need is some positive reinforcement.

Examples of what to post here:
- some good quality/skills you have
- what achievements you made in the past years and how you improved yourself
- How you came out ontop of a certain situation

Also congratulate anons above you on their deeds (excluding me because it would be pretty gay to create a thread for anons to suck my dick)

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My dad is abusive and ruined the lives of all his children. This weekend he is driving me to a new city where I got a place to stay. It’s a 5h drive, and it’s nice of him (he is nice sometimes), but he knows he’ll never see me again. He’s completely accepted the fact that he was so terrible to me that we won’t have a relationship anymore. Should i say something? Should I tell him how much i hate him, do i insult him? Fuck am I supposed to say?
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>Brother in law Who I've known for almost a decade just straight up died today at work
>Heart stopped, No breathing everything
>They brought him back but nows he's in a coma
>I feel nothing
Why do I feel nothing? He's like a brother to me but I have no emotion towards this.
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