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Where do I find a wife?

I've been to bars, church, work, hikes, dating sites, and even parties with friends.

I can't seem to find a person I want to marry and have as a spouse.
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>Become interested in something
>A week later don't care anymore
>Feel bad that I don't care but still don't care
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Skelly probs

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What's up, /adv/isors,

I'm a 20 y/o make and I'm kinda concerned about how underweight I am. Idk if this place or /fit/ would be a better place to ask about this but here goes.

I've always had a high metabolism and I've never been able to gain much weight. I also frequently struggle to eat very much in one sitting compared to other people. Since I went to college family and friends will frequently tell me it looks like I lost weight. The last time I stepped on the scale I weighed <110 lbs, which I'm pretty sure is not healthy.

I don't have a vehicle and I don't live anywhere near a grocery store, so I struggle to get decent food. But I also don't want to eat like shit and go to the nearer fast food places that are around. I'm certain I'm not getting enough calories per day, and it's probably a big part of why I feel tired and anxious all the time. It's like 7 pm here and I haven't eaten anything yet today. What are some good foods someone like myself should stock up on? Any other advice?

This doesn't seem to be as common of a problem as trying to lose weight. Everybody I know is struggling to eat less and I'm over here trying to figure out how to eat more than a couple bowls of oatmeal and a package of peanuts per day for half of the month.
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How do you use a tripcode, and how do you use a "secure," tripcode?

Been here for years. Literally never tried it once. From my understanding you type out what you want your name to be, and then a #

So if I wanted to be fuckheadmcdickbutt I would enter
Fuckheadmcdickbutt# in the name field, correct? How do passwords work or secure trips?
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Getting back on my feet

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I had a lot of stuff go down about a year ago, and I had to leave my job (combo of family issues, breaking my ankle etc).

I eventually depleted my bank account and did odd jobs for cash. Haven't touched my account since May 2017.

When the family issues resolved themselves and I became completely mobile again (January of this year), I went out to the workforce again and got me a full-time job.

Got my first check but wasn't able to deposit it in time. I really needed the money now and my bank was closed for the weekend, so I went to Walmart to cash my check instead.

They couldn't cash it because I somehow got flagged by the system. After investigating what it could be, I realized that I likely got declined or overdrew the last time I used my bank and completely forgot about it because I'm a fucking fool and was using cash to live over the past year. I'm assuming this is what happened, but my bank has yet to contact me.

Is it likely my bank would give me a second chance if I promised to pay them back? It is a small local credit union so...

>likely overdrew account slightly
>bunch of shit happened in my life so I didn't touch the account when the amount in it dwindled
>got a new job, got my first paycheck
>can't cash it at Walmart likely due to my debt to my bank
>will bank accept me back?
>how to get my money in the meantime to survive if they reject me?
>inb4 "you're an irresponsible idiot" yes I know that and hate myself.
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hello /adv/
Im kind of at my wits end here. I graduated college about a year ago after completing a major I realized I fucking hate and now I'm stuck in this shitty job. And I dont have a single clue on how to fix this. My experience within my major was terrible and its like what the fuck do I do now? Do I start a whole new major? Go to grad school? my whole existence for the last four years revolved around my major, I dont really know much of my options outside of it.

My problem is compounded by the fact that I'm a retard and I havent really liked anything I've seen so far. I dont get how this is so easy for everyone else. Has anyone else gotten themselves out of such a shitty situation like this? Because I'm not seeing much hope.
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How do I ask a girl out who has a boyfriend? Her sister and all her friends dislike him and are totally in favor of her dating me but she can't seem to work up the nerve to give her current bf the boot, or so I am lead to believe.
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I stole an abuse cat?

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I've lived in "the bad part of town" for 7 years across from an illegal daycare and drug den. The block is all section 8 and white trash. I'm actually physically disabled and on section 8 too, but the rest are cliché welfare queens and no one works (except for me a couple days a week).

That should give you an idea of my area. Last month one of the queens in the apartment unit of the drug den and daycare got a cat. The kids were outside choking it and trying to hang it until my neighbor and I stepped in. We threatened to call the cops and they begged us not to. I took pictures of the incident and they said they'd never hurt the cat again.

This meant they just threw the cat outside and basically abandoned it. It has been living in my yard and I've been feeding it. A couple days ago there was a terrible snow and ice storm. Cat was literally clawing at my window to get in, and I let it inside. I've had it in for 3 nights now. Today the owner went around asking if anyone has seen her cat... Though skipping my door for some reason... I don't know why (maybe bc I have those photos).

I've been the few people I know if they would like to take the cat, but no one can. I'd love to keep him as he's such a sweetie, but I don't think I can handle the anxiety and fear of my neighbors and their kids possibly seeing the cat in my windows and retaliating as they are NOT good people... I also own my own 2 cats andbI couldn't bear it if they broke in and did anything to them or something. (Though I do have privacy protection film over each window but it doesn't work at night.)

I'm also really stressing about the social media factor. If I did bring the cat to a shelter or found a friend who can take it, I'm fearing pictures being posted of it on Facebook or a shelter website and someone who knows someone who knows the welfare queen could recognize the cat.

I have no idea what to do.

Pic unrelated
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Should I date an obese woman in the hopes that she will lose weight?
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Male Morning After Pill?

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So I made a big mistake. Last night I had unprotected sex after drinking heavily. I wasn't too worried until I talked to a friend and found out she refuses to use the pill because she doesn't like the side effects? So I messaged her and asked if she would take the morning after pill, and she said no.

I know it's the night after and all, but is there a male equivalent I can take which would lower the odds of pregnancy? I'm a little desperate here. Should I just take a regular morning after pill and hope for the best? I'm a little freaked out.
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