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So I have a long-term goal to write every day until I have 80,000 words. I've scheduled it out, so it's quantifiable and I can hold myself accountable. But I barely stuck to it for a weak, and now I'm not doing it anymore...almost at all. For this task, and in general, how do I develop disciplined routines?
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How do I get over the fear of being sexual with girls?

It has come to a point where a girl is pushing herself in my arms, and I don't mind that at all. Sometimes they'll give sexual indications too but I can't return them.

I'm afraid to put my hand on them, even though I want to (because I don't want to make them uncomfortable?), but it seems like that's all they're waiting for.

I want to become intrusive but why can't I? Am I respecting their personal space too much?
Flirting is not a problem for me, it's just these shitty touches.

How do I stop being such a pussy and put my hand on their knee for example.

Help an anon out, /adv/.
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I'm 25, I am a pharmacist. I work in a hospital. I like the intellectual part of my job but I feel like I'm not doing any good for people. I make far more money than I can spend. I have some great friends who take care of me and are there for me. I pretty much have anhedonia, I used to play video games many hours a day. I just stopped one day and now I don't really get happy doing anything. I work tons of hours (60+ a week). I go in to work on the days I'm not even working just because I have nothing to do. When I go out with my friends we mostly just drink. What should I do with my life. I feel like I used to be shut in due to self consciousness, but now I just don't care, about anything.
Sometimes I just drive around in my car at night to do something. I let go of the steering wheel and close my eyes on a country road and just try to let go.
How do I change this. What do I do to buy back in to life.
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Dealing with harsh rejection

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So i just got regected by a girl very harshly earlier, what should I do to try to get over it?
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How do I pull myself out of a dark place, and stop pushing people away when they get too close to me? I'm sad and angry but I don't know why. I'm lonely yet I don't want to be around others.

Everyone I interact with can see the stress and sadness in my eyes even if I'm smiling, please help
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>20 and female
>abused physically until 18 and emotionally till recently
>cat out of the bag with family, attack me first now trying to pretend nothing happened
>tried to quit weed but spiraling mentally, can’t really afford it either
>afraid to see doctor about this due to medical trauma
>been more asleep than awake since Friday, can’t keep myself together unless I’m working
>husband clueless on how to help, makes things worse sometimes due to panicking when i go mute
>have tried killing myself multiple times but have resisted for several years, occasional drug and alcohol binge when i feel that way

not really sure what to do anons, im on my last leg and cant stand my mind and how often i shut down. it scares me, exhausts me, everyday i try to plan how ill destroy myself. i don’t want this for myself but i can’t take the flashbacks, bad thoughts, and the doubt i have in myself from constant gaslighting. i just want to be free from my past. free from the people that were supposed to care for me . i have so many stress related medical problems with lots of bills attached. i don’t know what i did to deserve how they treated me, i wish i knew how to cope outside of weed. any sort of guidance and uplifting words would be appreciated
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Is there a way for someone like me to get a hold of a handgun whose only income is SSI?

I have my reasons, but will provide if necessary.
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Why is he ghosting me?

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>met on tinder
>went to a concert together
>hooked up
>his alarm went off on his phone so i turned it off
>made breakfast for him
>drove him to his morning class
> I've been texting him and he hasn't been responding for a week
>did i do something wrong?
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What drugs should I try aside from LSD (from darknet markets)? Must be dorm-friendly.
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Resources for homebuying?

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I'm way past due but it seems so daunting, in terms of complexity.
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