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Radiation/surgery, or not?

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Hi beautiful peoples,

Any honest advice or opinions are appreciated on this, as I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do..

I was recently told that I have a growth/lesion in the left side of my brain within the petrous apex bone. This is deep inside the brain. To even perform a biopsy would be major and invasive surgery. As in, drilling through my ear or cutting open my skull.
I was told that the best course of action would be to monitor it. This entails a cat scan monthly for at least a year. However, each cat scan is the equivalent of two years' worth of radiation. So, at the minimum, I would have 24 years' of radiation beamed at my brain. I do not want to do this.
I was told that, if one of the cat scans shows the lesion to be growing, that they would definitely need to go in and biopsy it.
So really, this is a shit or diarrhea situation. I am truly damned if I do and damned if I don't.
My symptoms are getting worse, in some ways: my vision is blurry, my hearing goes out in my left ear at times, my gait is wonky sometimes and I hear a popping/snapping sound in my brain on occasion that makes me jump.
But it's obviously also just the mental stress of it all that is hindering my quality of life. I meditate, breathe, try to stay as positive as possible. I am not afraid of dying and if this is my time, then I thank Creator for the life I have lived. It's just... I don't know what to do.
So my question to you all is:
What would you do?
Would you ask for a biopsy right away? Or take the cat scans and the radiation and hope that the lesion doesn't grow? Would you simply do nothing? Would you even have the surgery at all?
Thank you for any and all replies and I hope we are all having a wonderful evening :)
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>Is contacting old high school friends that you haven't spoke to in like; four years seen as needy
I have little friends; very little. After high school I sort of fell in with the wrong crowd and it took me a while to realise this.

Fast forward to today; now I have practically no friends and all of the friends I do have honestly don't seem worth the effort because whenever I contact them to ask if they want to do something I either get no reply at all; or ''no not really''.

So if I got a hold of a bunch of old friends and said ''hey do you want to hang out again'' is it going to seem weird and or desperate? I just want to go out and have fun again and nobody I know seems to actually want to; is too busy or has moved on from that. Life is just so fucking boring and I'm only 25; but I feel like I'm 30. Sick of spending my spare time looking at a screen; or exercising by myself.
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How do I get over my attraction to teens in middle and high school? I never got to fuck girls in middle/high school and it pisses me off.
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IDK why, but I'm really good at killing conversations, and I hate it. I'd like to have a long conversation with my friends, especially with girls. Any advice?
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It's been 4 months since she broke up with me on very amicable terms. She loved my dearly, but it was my lack of movement in my life that held me back.

I've changed completely since then, with an incredible spurt of life growth and success. I'm fitter, happier and more confident.

Should I reach out, or just maintain no contact? The last contact we had was her texting me at the end of August.
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>be me
>10 years old
>I have two older siblings, 13 year old sister and 15 year old brother
>they decide to play a prank on me one night
>they tell me our parents had just died in a car wreck and showed me a Photoshopped picture of a wreck where the victims had been decapitated, with our mom and dad's face over that of the actual victims
>I react more strongly than they expected
>go quiet for a few minutes before I collapse to the ground screaming and eventually vomiting
>lie there on the floor trembling for a while - 10, 20 minutes maybe? - while they tell me over and over again it was just a joke
>I bring up the incident today while hanging out with them
>I just think it's a cute story from our childhood; our parents are still alive and in excellent health
>they laugh for half a second and give the most strained of smiles
>room goes cold
>things go back to normal, or so they seem
>a few hours later my sister suddenly starts crying
>she tells me she's sorry for what they did to me when I was little
>I tell her as many times as I can that it's okay, but I don't think I got through to her
>my brother also seemed grim and I think maybe teary-eyed

Fuck. How do I make them stop feeling guilty about that whole incident? I just laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing looking back.
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Hey /adv/
It's been a while. Wanted to ask:
Girlfriend of 5 years (getting married next year) asked if we could have an open relationship. She says she wants to try being with other people, and that this is a core part of her being. I'm really not fine with that.
She hasn't been with any other people since we got together, and we have great communication - she's brought it up very fairly and matter-of-factly. I'm now struggling with the idea - I feel no compulsion or need to sleep with other people, and I'm sort of saddened that this is a thing for her.

For now I've told her that it's not really on my radar, and we've left it at that. Anyone have any experiences like this, and how did you deal with it?
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Erasing someone from your life

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I really need help on cutting someone out of my life.

It's a long story but in short its about an ex who I loved a lot that used me as a rebound to get back with her ex, or at least this is what it seems like.

I want her gone from my life. I want to delete her pics, her music playlist and her insta, fb etc

But I just can't, I have this thought in the corner of my mind that she will still be mine in the future and that the things she told me were true. I just want to be over her. Just seeing a picture of her makes my heart skip a beat and my body melt.
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I live with my mom, she survived cancer twice now and it’s mostly me paying for things at the moment while I also do the student thing.

She filed for bankruptcy as she had too much credit card debt due to a botched startup business she tried to do-

Are people gonna storm our home and take my workstation away? I built it for like 900 bucks in highschool years ago so probably not, but art commissions is my primary source of income, plus I have a webcomic/animations I’m working on, so yeah that’d be a pretty big loss for me.

If anybody has tips that’d be great, right now I’m just trying to keep my mom’s head above water mentally so worrying about my computer is something I just don’t need right now.