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I have a decent amount of dried blood on my stitches and I'm supposed to get them removed in 2 days. They're on my lower back and I've had them for almost a week.

Should I try cleaning it off myself, or just leave it there and wait for them to be removed. I don't want to risk making it bleed just because it looks dirty.
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>invite bf to work event on our city's local island, where everything is free
>we have a good time at first
>bf runs out of his smokes
>starts getting cranky
>apparently island doesn't sell cigarettes
>mfw he had plenty of time to buy a pack before he got to the island and knew the exact times the island is open and closed for us
>he keeps complaining he wants a cigarette, and no one would give him one
>mfw there's nothing I can do, I just hope he can hold off until we get on a couple rides at the amusement park
>he rips up his wrist band ticket that gave free admittance to the amusement park rides and wants to leave
>I tell him he can leave by himself but he waits for me to leave too and acts like an ass to my friends trying to have fun
>friends and coworkers clearly feel the tension and I feel too awkward now to stay
>we're home now and not talking

He's acting like it's my fault for not responding to his "needs" and why the day had to end the way it did.

I don't even know what to say but I'm so embarrassed and pissed off. What should I say or do?

Even if dumping/kicking him out was an option, I can't just do that. He's new to the city and has no where else to go and he just started this random part time job as a fruit loader or something.
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Should I get circumcised? I've read a lot of girls saying uncut is disgusting and i feel a bit insecure about it.
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I might be an Pedophile...?

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So, I'm 15 years old and currently in high school. My problem is that since I got in school in general, I was always atracted to much younger girls than me, or atracted to small sized girls, that made them look younger to me idk.

At first, like two years back, I thought it was Ok, since the age gap was nothing that extraordinary. Now that I am fifteen and I still get atracted towards these younger girls, I think I might be an pedophile.

Is this normal? Being fifteen and liking girls that are eleven or less? Should I seek treatment?

(Sorry for grammatical errors, english is not my first language)
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Weed in NZ

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I'm in a tiny town in the south island and I really want some weed but i have no contacts.

What is the best way to acquire some? There's literally no where to go to find it
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What should I do now ? I don't even know.

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I'm a 22yo pathetic and neurotic virgin and it's all my fault. It's kind of a long story but I needed to share this with someone. Am I a failed normie or a robot ? I don't know, really. But what is clear is that I can't complain about it, it's litteraly my fault. I had more than twenty occasions to lose my virginity, start a normal relationship with a women, and became a normie already. And I somehow managed to fuck it all up. Prepare yourself for a long wall of text of maximum cringe. I'm french, so excuse me for the grammatical errors or some weird formulations, it's actually the first time I try to write something this long in english.

It all began with books. Because I was a homeschooled until twelve, I didn't really have friends as a kid. I had, instead, a strong and autistic fascination for anything knight-related. I read all the arthurian legends, the quest of the holy grail and things like that. I dreamed about adventures, about discovering sacred places and foreign undiscovered lands, I dreamed about fighting with dragons and powerfull enemies, and mostly, I dreamed about beautiful princesses. I actually thought that more or less everyone was feeling that way, and thus when I enter into public school the first time, I naivly spoke about all of this with everyone. Not in the same infantile way of course, I wasn't exactly a child, I started to be a pre-teen, so it was a little more subtle. Like talking about doing adventures and things like that. Though, as you can imagine it, it was enoughly weird for the normies to consider me a definite weirdo and never talk to me again. Well, after some years of loneliness in school, I managed to befriend the asocial/geek kids. In France and at that time the " geek culture " wasn't already popularized, so the kind of guys that played WoW all day were legit asocials that nobody wanted to talk to.They tolerated me at first. They tolerated anyone to be honnest since they were at the bottom of the social hierarchy.
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Networking advice?

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Hey guys, so I'm going to a video game convention today and a lot of local game developers are gonna be there.

I'm hoping to do some networking and ask companies if they're looking to hire for any creative positions. I'm an artist who used to work for a mobile slot machine game company. My job there was converting the slot games that you see at casinos and put them on mobile and Facebook. I would resize the graphics, arrange the graphics to fit the templates for facebook/mobile and adjust the placement of said graphics with xml on y and x axis. Unfortunately I was laid off from this job early this year and have been unemployed since.

My dream job is producing the actual art for a game company, whether it's concept art, UI, storyboarding, etc. But I'm more than happy to find a job similar to what I did.

My question is, how does one approach a game company's booth and ask about job openings? I'm socially anxious so I'm not sure how to approach or even the first thing to say. I don't want to just walk up to an employee and say "hey your games are really cool, can I work for you?"
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Concert buddy?

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How do I find a concert buddy? There's so much cool music in the area but I have no one to go with. My friends are usually all busy. Help?
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Ive grown up as the typical r9k dude

Im not completely hopeless, im 19, not a virgin and have gad gf's before.

Although i still spend most of my time alone

i have this deep seeded worry of being a pathetic looser the rest of my life and a fear ill be missing out on my youth if i dont do something with it

Ive been considering doing things i never really waned to do/thought of doing in order to become more sociable and likeable. (drinking, drugs, lifiting)

Is this a good path to go down? People tell me you should just "do what makes you happy" and ive been doing that for the last 19 years of my life and clearly that didn't do anything for me.
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>currently sitting alone in a London train station on a Friday night in London, seeing everyone enjoying their youth

I've previously tried walking around to try and get some sort of cathartic feeling by being so near the happy attractive normies that see me as ugly scum, but no epiphany ever appears. I'll probably just go home and fall asleep.

Life is worthless trash as an ugly friendless loser. My main pleasure in life is putting no effort in to my job without any guilt.

>aged 26
>no friends or social life since 18
>no female attention ever
>went through university with zero social experiences
>became the loner nobody talks to within two days of my current job
>never been to pub, club, or party
>missed out on all the 16 - 22 formative social experiences that people look back on fondly (teen crushes, school prom, school dances, university fresher's week, any sort of relationships at all)
>know that women all have 5000 tinder matches and think the average male is ugly
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