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Why does it seem like no one is interested in me?
>See girl
>Make eye contact and smile
>Either she looks away quickly or doesn't smile back

I'm not ugly, nor am I fat.

>Have no real way of talking to women (I rarely get out of the house, mainly because there's nothing to do around where I live)
>Usually to nervous to walk up to a random girl I see in public and talk to her.
>If I do, she usually slides in a "I have a husband/Bf" somewhere in the conversation
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So I hate everyone.
Not in a way I can't control, I bare with people, I can enjoy time with them and have fun. Small talk is a good break from work and all as well. And it's not like I have uncontrollable anger. It's just a simmering annoyance and disdain for them which eventually boils over.

But there is no-one I can get along with for prolonged periods of time. Be it people with similar hobbies or just random people and coworkers. I hate them all and being around them annoys me.
More so if they actually share hobbies with me because I always see the worst of that community in them and it bothers me that people who like the same things I do are actually such shitty representations of it.

Is there any way to not hate everyone? I do like talking about my hobbies with people and one of the reasons I love 4chan is I can anonymously do so and not have to deal with learning about others and hating their existence.
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>gone to bible study in friend's home for 3 years
>new girl starts attending like a year ago
>kinda cute but wasn't particularly interested in getting to know her
>starts commenting on what I say during bible study
>"that's really insightful"
>"wow anon I never thought about it that way before"
>starts going to my church
>starts sitting in my pew
>starts sitting at my table at potluck
>even when i'm the only one at the table
>she's actually pretty smart and has a nice personality
>has a decent job, trying to get into medical school
>talk about science & math (i'm an engineer)
>"wow maybe i should take those classes, you make them sound so interesting"
>starting to think this girl likes me
Think there's something to this, /adv/, or do I just have a big ego?
I'm independent, have degrees, my own apartment and a good job, pretty fat though but I'm told I'm fun to talk to and have a decent personality.
I'm single right now, not in any rush, but like I said she is pretty cute.
I haven't asked her out but I did set up a group hike and she came along. Planning a couple others as an excuse to get to know her better. I figure worst case she's just being friendly which all in all is not a bad situation.
Pic related, sort of looks like her (not that much hair though)
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>tfw gf tries to kill you

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So i met this pretty interesting girl about a week ago and we got on fabulously from the start, lots of really dope times were had throughout the entire short span of knowing her.
Problem is, shes absolutely fucking insane. Not in the sense that guys usually talk about like, "i had a dream where you cheated on me and I'm gonna be pissed all day for it" I mean legitimately mentally unstable. Firstly, throughout the entire time I've known her I've gotten maybe 6 hours total of sleep. This bitch never sleeps and is always cranked up to 11 on a mix of amphetamines, caffiene, nicotine, all the "ine"s. At first I partook in these cocktails of stims as a sort of fun thing to experience together, but now it's an absolute nessecity just to be able to keep up with her. She also has these crazy mood swings where she's either totally bubbly and energetic, or completely suicidal and violent. Just yesterday she stabbed me in the shoulder with a coloured pencil completely out of nowhere, we were just laying next to each other, she was drawing and I was fucking around on my phone. No words were exchanged, we were listening to trance through the same set of earbuds, totally calm and nothing provoking. Even though i had her pinned and asking "wtf is this? Chill the fuck out! She continued to struggle, seemingly blinded by pure rage. Feeling a bit nervous of the situation I saw no other really viable option than to subdue her via choking. When she woke up she was all apologetic, complete with crying and shit and went home. Havent said anything to her since.
Like 4 or 5 similar stories could be shared, but none up to this point resulted in any actual harm. The stab itself was sort of a glancing blow and didn't really penetrate, just an itchy little cut, but she was going absolutely apeshit and I was convinced she was trying to murder me.

What do? I honestly really like her and shes an absolute joy to be around but im at the end of my rope.
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My gf admitted to me that she only gets off on gore videos. She's deeply sadistic and I'm concerned that she's headed into a spiral of darkness. Nothing else turns her on, she used to watch porn but it got boring for her, does nothing for her anymore. BDSM does nothing because it's not real. She has been like this as far as she can remember. What the fuck do I do?
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>match with chick on tinder
>she's really into me
>gives me her snap and phone number without me asking
>calls me 'babe' and 'daddy' within the first week of texting
>were supposed to fuck that same week but a situation came up
>end of week 2
>we have an argument over the most retarded thing possible
>cancel a meet up cause of awkwardness
>stop talking as much for a few days
>end of week 3
>start talking regularly-ish again
>stop talking as much mid-way through week 4
>sends me at least 1 snap every single day
>didn't send me a single one yesterday for the first time
>still haven't fucked yet

Is it over? Should I just drop her and move on?
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CS or Physics

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What's the better path /adv/?
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Why does it feel like height is everything?

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I was just watching porn and I see all these 6'2" dudes fucking small girls and here I'm being 5'11" 180 cm 67 kg and I feel like I will never get a gf cus I'm a fucking pussyboy... :(
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Being tall fucking sucks. I'm a 6'4 tall guy and it's a fucking curse because I'm taller than anyone I know. It doesn't look sympathetic to me and I'd rather be fucking 5'7 than this. At every pic I stand above everyone and I feel like a freak. The thing is that I like petite girls and it just feels fucking awkward when I'm with some and we are not sitting down. You can't do nothing about it, as much as you can't with your short height, it's a fucking curse. I know tons of guys that are short and have no problem in finding a gf. But it's not about the height.

Manletism is a meme and I hate being tall.
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