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Firstly, I'm not a doctor so I can't give you medical advice. Secondly, I've been working in the mental health field for 15 years as a crisis counselor, case manager for the county and program manager for a foster care agency providing supports for 40+ patients. If you have any questions concerning any aspect of mental health in life or relationships I'd be glad to give you my professional opinion.
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How do I not jerk off?
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Girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow... I haven't gotten her anything yet wat do?
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how do i use my wit in the moment?

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When im with people i know i am the life of the party making the whole group laugh. but now everytime I get a new job or meet new people im always chalked up as the quiet guy. I always think of good things to say after iv walked away from the conversation. I know a lot of people have this but how can i learn to use what i know i have in my head in the moment during conversation?
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Mice problem

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I’ve been hearing mice and occasionally been seeing them in my house. I’m too much of a chicken shit to tackle the problem myself or call an exterminator. My family thinks there’s no mice problem at all. Pic related is the hole I’ve found in my closet. What can I do?
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>dumped over two years ago, no contact
>still as in love with her as the day she left
>can't bring myself to date again
>fucked sluts, hit the gym, worked on my hobbies, tried to be a better man, studied
>shit all feels hollow without her to crawl into bed with at night
>cried over her today

How do I unfuck myself at this advanced stage of fuckery? I'm hopeless and I just can't see any way out of this mess without telling her I feel this way and either getting shat on or not.
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Is it true that a relationship will never happen unless both people like each other from the start? I made many threads and the feedback is mostly "move on its a waste of time" "you cant "win her over"" when i put replies like this together it appears as only way for a relationship to work is the latter, is this just 4chan/adv/ being cynical or actual people talking from experience?
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>work in fast food while I pay my way through college
>have a qt coworker
>bant pretty frequently, get along reasonably well
>worked with her last Saturday
>she says there's a pizza party at another one of our store locations, wants to know if I want to crash it with her
>say sure
>she gives me her number on a piece of paper
>put it in my pocket
>not even twenty minutes later
>accidentally throw away the piece of paper with her number on it
>don't realize until later
>can't find it
>completely fucked out of communication for three days
>fast forward to today
>it's my day off
>her shift starts in an hour
>the pizza party is tomorrow

How do I apologize for not communicating for three days and losing her number, while also not coming off as an idiotic waste of flesh?
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I would never, ever cheat on my gf. Probably planning on marrying her. But the thing is, this married girl from my place of work keeps popping in my head. I have dreamed about her a few times, masturbated in the bathroom at work to her 3 times and felt absolutely terribly guilty about it afterward....what would my gf think if she knew? There's definitely been some romantic tension between her and I despite her being married. One time I needed her help with something at my desk, she got really, really close to me to "get a better look at the screen because she cant see" and her arm was resting on mine, her face inches away from mine for a few minutes, I turned to look at her and her face was redder than I ever saw it.

I think the reason is a "grass is greener on the other side" type of thing. That is, she is so different from my gf in many ways...she is a much "warmer" person with a very silky smooth voice where every vowel she speaks warms your heart and relaxes you, where's my gf is well...a bit "grating" when she talks. But there are many other things about my gf I could write a huge essay about as to why I like her...the point is, how can I stop thinking about this married woman at work! To quote Dostoevsky's "The Idiot", the narrator says of the main character "Poor idiot, you cannot love two women!"
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How did you guys figure out what you want to do in life?
Am 20 and still don't know :(
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