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/adv/ gives anon creative ideas how to make money...
Maybe $500 dollars per month.. at least
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question: big age difference between spouses

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Just asking if any guys (40+ yr. old) have experience being married to a girl who's 20+ years younger. Like she's early 20s.

Please, no answers about dating or "hooking up" with young girls. I'm done with that, not interested anymore. Just want to know what it's like to marry a girl who's really younger than you. Like 20 yrs +
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I've been with a handful of people and never really had to use condoms. I had this one girlfriend who didn't have any form of birth control so I did have to use condoms for about a year.

Is it wrong to look for a partner with an IUD so I don't have to wrap my junk up?

After having sex without condoms for so long it's like sex with a condom isn't even sex. It's literally the same thing as jacking off to me.
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Hey guys Im in a bit of a pickle
>my ex gf called me hysterical, wanted me to drive 4 hours to visit her upstate
>talked to my therapist and psychiatrist about it
>they tell me they dont think its a good idea and they wants to tell my family because theyre concerned for my safety
>I only ever consented to her talking to my sister
>she looks through my information to find my fathers phone number which i gave them bc im on his insurance
>psychiatrist calls my dad
>tells him everything
>fast forward, im driving upstate to visit her
>get phone call from dad
>hes bugging out at me
>realize hipaa laws are violated
>when hes done freaking out i call the clinic i go to
>the social worker dismisses my complaint
>i call back and ask to speak to the psychiatrist
>psychiatrist apologizes and offers a meeting with the clinic director
Anyways, its been three days since I drove upstate and my dad hasnt spoken to me since. My treatment team broke NYS HIPAA laws and ruined my relationship with my father (my dad and I usually started talking again after a day or two but now he seems like hes given up). My question is, even though theres no real financial damages, can I still sue them in New York? Or is the best I can do just file s complaint with the justice department?
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How do i make this work?

I fucked this chick from my old school at a party a couple weeks ago and the condom broke, she said not to worry shes on the pill anyway. I thought "oh sweet" and thought nothing more of it.

Today she messaged me saying shes pregnant and it might be mine? What do?

On the bright side the kid will be great

>aryan (8-9/10 - nazi heratage)
>not severely depressed
>rich family

>1/4 abo, niggerdick, niggersperm,
>i dont look a scratch abo, just fairly tan and slightly bigger lips than average
>1/4 scottish - highlander purity (also my abo tribe is from mountains too)
>idk the rest, i look kinda itallian i think, and others think so too.
>6"2 - no manlets on either side of family

It will be a great kid if its mine, but i dont want it.

How do i convince her to keep it but not make me pay for it?

Pic unrelated.
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I see a lot of threads here about how to attract women and such.

I want to start off by saying that I have never been what some people might call a "dominant alpha male" (I've always been chubby, don't lift, don't even exercise, barely have any good skills)

All around I am sort of a weird guy. BUT I am a weird guy with very high standards. So I only date girls that I think are smoking hot. This does not conform with conventional attractiveness, which I actually do not enjoy. Conventional attractiveness to me looks like you're an NPC. Basically just an artificially created character to walk around in malls while I'm being the main character going shopping.

One thing I noticed is that, these girls that gravitated towards me, that inevitably hooked up with and had long relationships with (since I'm not a fan of casual sex,) I had a lot in common with their father.

Every single girl I've had a lasting relationship with. I met their dad, or saw pictures of their dad, and there was a lot there that reminded me of myself. Taste, mannerisms, general body shape, looks.

You chances have a lot more to do with your natural imprints. Which is why the normie npcs (they all look the same) have no problem, there are way more people who fit the imprint.

Checkmate atheists.
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So my bi gf texted me I'm gonna num on your fingers and started freaking out saying wrong person i ment to send it my ex (which is a female) that, i assumed auto correct took cum to num and i asked her what she ment and she said she's emo and num means numing on her body and life I'm freaked
Am I being cucked by a lesbian fellas ??
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I am 23 and have no social media whatsoever. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Is this off putting / a red flag among other people my age?
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18, khv, how do i get a girlfriend in college?
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What's the most effective way of studying?