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How do I recover my will to live?

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I don't even have fun anymore.
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Should I get a hooker

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I am a 22 year old virgin. Is it worth it?
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How can I stop being pic related?
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Tips to save battery life?

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I have a phone from 2018 (Galaxy Note 8), still in fine condition, but I am kinda concerned on battery life. The battery lasts a pretty decent amount of time, but I know that soon the battery will drain faster.
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Officially decided I might just end it

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will drinking alcohol and a shitload of sleeping pills do the job? I was thinking of buying 3 or 4 bottles of sleeping pills and then downing enough alcohol to become blackout drunk and just slip away.
I would do sodium nitrite but it'll take too long to deliver so I really don't know
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Hello, /adv/. My parents are about to find out I flunked out of college last year and I'm at a loss as to what to say. To keep things short, I didn't give a shit Fall semester of 2020, lost my loan, appealed, sort of 'tried' Spring, but ultimately didn't care in one class even though I passed others, lost loan again, and I can't get it back. My parents believe I've been taking online classes since the beginning of summer, and that I'll be starting classes on campus in a few days. What do I do?
Previous thread: >>24988875
I know I got suggestions, and I feel like it seems like I'm disregarding them for attention, but I'm not. Sorry for the spam, too, I'm just paralyzed right now. I have no idea how to word this, or even approach them. Can you guys help me out?
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Man man man

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Maaaan, I'm speaking to this blonde chick she's pretty hot and seems really into me, we're like mid 20s now so the next girl could be 'the one'.. problem is she has no tits at all and her arse isn't particularly good either. I fucking love tits in my face and this is really fucking me up.

What do guys??? I feel like if I ever got with her I'd be staring at big titty girls with envy
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Is it wrong that my adoptive brother has romantic feelings for me?
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How do I help myself out of this rut? I cannot fucking socialize anymore. I am physically unable to make eye-contact. How fucked am I? I try to be social with people, but I am too tired inside of me something is not right anymore, and I am unable to do it. Any advice? What have you done in this situation? I am too absorbed in my inner world of hell to get out of it.
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My girlfriend's boss bought a new car and showed her inside at work. Is this weird? I feel like its a bit weird but want other opinions.
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