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Just Wanted To Say

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I just want you all to know, that you're going to be okay. We all make mistakes, nobody has ever not made a mistake. Accept the fact that you are flawed and your life is finite. Remember, that despite your shortcomings, your life is worth a great deal to those around you. Even if you spend your time on 4Chan, you matter. Thank you and I wish you wellness and happiness.
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Any way to recover from degenerate look?

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My initial post was lost to a glitch or error. I don't feel like redoing it but here is the gist. Underachiever. I fucked up my appearance during a phase when I worked in the tattoo industry. My tattoos that I can't hide are on my head and are enormous. People think they are satanic or related to white power but they aren't. My life was headed towards so much more before this. Now I have been relegated to the bottom of the barrel jobs. I'm in my mid-30s now and went back to school and learned a trade (welding) but can't apply it because of arthritis in my hands although I'm willing to work through that. I can't get my foot int he door anywhere because of the way I look. I've considered laser removal but it's still kind of expensive and is a long process. I've become withdrawn because I can't take the judgment and the jobs I've worked are mental drudgery. Is there any way to turn things around? Is anyone in a similar situation? I have people depending on me and I don't know what to do anymore. I have always lived life assuming things would be better but I'm getting older and don't compare to my peers. I'm starting to realize the sun is setting on opportunities and I feel more desperate.
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Why won't my boyfriend get down on me?

We have been together for a year and he hasn't even attempted doing that. Says he finds it disgusting (but expects me to blow him anyway).

I feel like there's something wrong with me, though I wouldn't go to bed with him unclean or without wax.

I'm his first girlfriend btw.
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First the story this year
>trouble adjusting to new school and new environment
>started skipping lectures and abusing weed. Yes I know i fucked up
>didnt go to a single lec this semester for this music history course

I have a 1500 word essay due on monday and rn (sat night) i have no idea wtf to do. I am thinking of just dropping the course cause i got a 50 on the midterm and my attendance mark for the tutorials is prob also somewhere near that. I have cut back on smoking and gotten my shit back together but i feel i got myself way behind so i am thinking of dropping it and taking it again next year. But if that is the case i will be in a new class with all if the connections i made this year a year ahead of me. This is a first year course and if i take it next year i will be in 3rd year.

Im not sure if i should drop or cram this essay and hope god shines light on me.
Wat do?
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Strange Goo

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Hey guys, I recently scraped a new metal bowl of mine. Below the screen I found this dark brown goo. It smells like cannabis, and is extremely sticky. What is it, is it safe to smoke?
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Am I a homosexual?

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I like girls with short hair and flat/small chests, and also aren't really grossed out by dicks. They can be pretty aesthetic desu. Occasionally I think I wouldn't mind sucking one. But I don't want one inside me, and I still like women and not men.
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Rejoning society as a NEET

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Hikikomori of two years here and I just don't know what to fucking do anymore.

>be 18
>finished school two years ago
>lost contact with almost everyone
>living off neetbux
>spend 12 hours upwards in front of a monitor all day
>no job
>no irl friends
>no hobbies
>everyday I wasted on 4chan and discord
>social anxiety
>beta male

I'm tired of living like this. It was comfy at first but then it got too comfy, so comfy that I became detached from society completely. How can I work my way towards becoming a contributing member of society again? It's been so long since I went outside on a regular basis, so I really need to take things one step at a time.
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What is the best software (free and not free) that I can use to hide folders on an external hard drive? Looking for something discreet. It would be ideal if all I had to do was search a "password" in the search bar on the hard drive and find the hidden folder, but I'm not sure how exactly programs like that work.
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yo gang, quick tidbit help, virgin here who with some self improvement and detirmination wont be one for much longer.

usually jerk off once a day; is this good or should i cut down? thinking of going every 8/9 days?? thoughts???
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I can't make meaningful connections with people. Or, I don't gain anything from the relationships that I make. I don't gain any energy, I just lose energy.

All of my friends are nice, and some art smart, some are funny. I just feel no return, but the catch is I get lonely without friends but I don't care about the ones I make.

I am just so tired. It has been like this for 10 years or so. I just feel nothing, everyone and everything is grey. I have to act like I care because when its obvious that I don't feel anything my life is much more difficult as people cause problems with me, but acting is such a huge effort as well and I end up hating how fake it is.

I've seen a therapist, been on meds, nothing has worked and frankly I hate the idea of being on medication anyhow as it feels dishonest to who I am and the side effects dull me.

What's worse, the only relationship that ever meant anything ended with them essentially expressing how little they cared for me. Every time I think of trying I think of how they acted, ending our friendship without getting my perspective on things, without even trying to fix things. I hate it.

I'm tired, I am getting stranger and the ability to just pass as normal is getting worse and its stressful. I just can't care about anything I am supposed to care about, and I don't get energy from any of the people or things I should.
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