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Does anyone regress to being a child for a few hours or so sometimes? How can I stop this? Not in the way that I want to play and stuff, but I feel like I get overtaken by a wave of innocence. I’ll start thinking about how I’m so weak, how I’m too sensitive to fit in with society, how I want to go back to being a kid and being protected. I can’t even walk past toys in a store anymore without getting this feeling in my chest. Usually I’m rather harsh, serious and cynical and I go back to being this way after a while so I don’t know why it happens. I’m almost 19 if that helps.
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Be honest.
At what age is it weird to still be a virgin?
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What are some good reasons to live if I have autism? They diagnosed me with it recently and it's depressing to know it's not curable and that I'll probably never be able to connect with people the way I want to.
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I have $30,000 in my bank account. What do I spend it on? All of my needs are met and I'm not in debt.
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How am I supposed to find a gf if I don't have social media?

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I'm trying to avoid temptation because I have a porn addiction and if I have instagram I could fall back into it again so it's best for me to abstain

My hobbies don't help either since I do them alone (language learning, playing the bass, reading etc...) so idk how can I meet girls at this point
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How do I get over feelings for my ex girlfriend? She blocked me on her facebook and my number, so I have been finding other old accounts such as her twitter, instagram and pinterest that she doesn't use anymore and just stalking them despite them being inactive. It happen about 2 months ago and I still feel the same.
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Am I Ugly

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Am I Ugly?

if so how fucked am I & what can I do to make myself look better.

Need advice
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Growing up in a rough small town where I was physically assaulted for simply existing always has me thinking that anyone could just Rob and kill me without consequence. I don’t know if I should be divulging this information with my therapist because I know how crazy it sounds. It just feels like J can’t fight back in this world. If this world is out to kill me, then why the fuck was I brought into this world?
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>Asks to be exclusive after a month of dating
>Says they want more time to get to know each other first

Am I stupid for agreeing to wait?
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My father said he'd kill my bf if he saw him

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My father is Muslim, he said he'd do this because he'd rather go to jail than hell. I am not a believer and I don't plan to end my relationship. What should I do (seriously)?
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