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4chan Fatigue

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I don't understand this place anymore. I mean it was always kind of shit but there was usually break periods where something stupid or funny would get posted.

these days all the popular boards argue about bullshit for entire days and complain about things that they supposedly hate but watch or read anyway. Then 2011 ended, the election happened and everybody is constantly at each others throats.

What's the point? I can't deal with the chan lifestyle anymore. It stresses me out to no end. I used to love this place.

Not sure where to post this so if I'm on the wrong board sorry.

Does anyone else feel like this?
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>New chick shows up at work
>Asks me if I have a girlfriend in the evening
>I say no
>She says I must be a virgin then
>I ask if she's fucking joking right now
>She says well I could be gay too

Can I sue?
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So I asked a girl from my class out. We exchanged numbers. Now, I want to text her to take her to see a movie; however, I don't know If I even passed the class we were both in and grades only go up on Tuesday. It would be weird to even try dating a girl who will be a class above you if I fail a class (although I'm relatively confident about passing it. I'm just not 100% sure).
Should I wait til Tuesday when the grades are available or should I text her today/tomorrow to go out sometime this week? I understand that one/two days don't make much difference but I just want to know how others would act based on my situation with class.
Thank you.
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Anyone here a waiter? I got a job at O'Charleys, and I was wondering what should I be expecting on an average day for tips? I'm in a pretty white area in knoxville, and there is cash in the area. Thoughts on this?

Also, tips on being a new server?
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Is there a way to lose most of my fat from my thighs and belly in like 6 weeks?
I don't want to build muscle just lose fat.
Idc if the way is unhealthy or something I dont want to feel insecure on Summer
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Vape problems

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New to vaping, running into some issues. Pic below is the mod I got (smok alien 220w) and the spot is what appears when I use the tissue as a filter. I also swab the inside of the mouth piece and the liquid is the same color as it is on the tissue. This isn't supposed to happen, right? It burns my throat, makes me cough, and I get some of the juice in my mouth. The setting on pic is how I run it. I've tried turning up the watts, tightening all the components, nothing seems to help. Coil is a baby t8 and I'm using Naked ejuice. Any idea how I can fix this?
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Should I tell this girl how I feel?

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I met her at work two or three months ago and I fell in love. I've been pretty clear with my intentions and I think she probably knows I'm romantically interested. The thing is, I'm almost sure these feelings are not reciprocated. I don't think she avoids me or dislikes company, but I've noticed very few signs of genuine interest, and I'm always the one inviting her to everything. Sure, she's shy, not very outgoing and doesn't has many male friends, but overall I think things are looking pretty hopeless...I could provide more details but long story short, a month ago she made it kind of clear that she wasn't particularly interested in a relationship with me.

But the thing is, it's been a long time since I last felt like this for a girl. Call it oneitis/limerence if you want, but I can't stop thinking about her. Is it a bad idea to casually tell her that I like her? I already "accepted" rejection, so that's not a problem. I think I would be more at ease if I could hear a "no" from her mouth, to drown every last bit of hope I possibly could have. It's either that or wait it out until my feelings for her start dwindling.
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Hi guys,

I need your advice about how to deal with noisy neighbors. No matter how many times I've talked with these family or police or the landlord, they still make the same noise without any stop.

- They do not know how to close a door.
- They do not know how to speak.
- They watch TV with full volume.
- They play football in the house.
- They wake up around 7:00 in the morning and start making noise until 23:00 at night. They wake me up at the same time.
- Their food smells like shit but I can't say don't cook your traditional food. So, this one is out.

I bought a nice headset, but still I can hear them even listening music. Even I can't hear time to time, I still can scare with their door close. They mostly smash the door with full force.

I desperately need your advice about noise cancelling, isolation, how to cope with these kind of families, other suggesstions etc.
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Is it weird to use tinder to make friends?

I just want to talk to girls not have sex with them or date them
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>too socially retarded to debate, banter, or have decent conversation
How do you make social gains, /fit/?