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How do you know that you're in love ?

If I'm asking myself the question and that I'm not sure of the awnser, does it mean that I'm in love or does in mean I'm not ?
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How do you avoid getting angry or annoyed when girls shit test you? Not about the particular shit test, but in general. It’s kinda demoralizing on an abstract level.

>She says something something snide or rude or iffy
>I flip it back on her, ignore it, or make a joke
>Panties goosh

I wish I didn’t have to play these dumb little mindgames in the first place, even with nice girls
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What can you even do if you're 100 % convinced that things won't get better?
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28 year old alcoholic cyborg here.

Feeling stuck and unhappy.

Let me preface this by saying I have always been immensely anti-social. Outside of family I like and a very select few friends that I see maybe a handful of times a year, I do not like people at all and I mostly just want to be alone or with my girlfriend.

I quit drinking 4 months ago, quit weed 1 month ago. All I do is smoke cigarettes now. I work a full time job ( after 5 years at a dead end part time job). At my old jobs, I followed the "be yourself" thing. The problem is I'm a weird introvert that compensates by cracking jokes, making references, and being honest that I'm an introvert. Fellow employees grew to love me (no, really), but managers likely saw me as immature, odd, and unserious.

Fast forward to now. At my new job I have a completely different, made up persona. I'm outgoing. I take initiative. I talk to people and I network. The bad news is that it's already slowly breaking me. It seems I can either have a shitty easy job that I stay at forever that doesn't pay enough to move out from my parents' or I can be a big boy but at the cost of my own happiness? I feel like neither one of these options are sustainable for long until the bubble bursts.

The real issue with all of this is my very very long time gf is no doubt expecting me to pop the question this year and we're supposed to start a family soon. I genuinely want this more than anything, but I feel like it's all going to come tumbling down because of my weapons-grade anti-social tendencies.

I guess what I'm asking is what am I supposed to do? I feel like I'm going to end up unhappy no matter what I do. I don't feel suicidal, but I also feel like I don't belong wherever I go. I'm not even close to relapsing, but this time sober has opened my eyes. I was getting wasted to run away from this reality, but I just get the feeling like this is all going to end very badly.
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How do I become an informed voter?
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Guys what the FUCK do I do

Ever since this man died I've been nothing but fucking sad and depressed, I looked up to him not as the actor that he was, but as the very real human.

Im sure some of you will think I'm joking but I'm not, I have been absolutely ripped apart on the inside because of him passing, what do I do

Please, I want to stop crying.
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I keep having dreams where I cry, what does this mean /adv/?
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Is there any supplement that could make me more sad? Nothing risky in any way please.
I like stories that make me cry, but it's really unsatisfying when I'm stuck on the edge.
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I am super into a girl, I'm friends with her on steam and shes really into games with cheese cake.

what are some good ones? she likes playing as a super sexy female character.

My thread was insta deleted on /v/
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I can't sleep and I feel alone.

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All of my friends are asleep.

My girlfriend is asleep.

I want to talk to her about something important. I feel anxious to show her something. So I can't sleep.

Does anyone else feel alone when they stay up late without company like this? I feel alone.