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>be 8 weeks in clinic because of depression
>feel much better at the end, happy to go back home
>now I'm home for one day and feel like absolute shit

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Are these things really helpful?

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Want to Grow Shrooms

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What should I do if I want to grow magic mushrooms in NY USA? Are mycelium kits legal? They seem like the easiest way.

Can I grow them in a dorm?
What strain?(I've never done any drugs except alcohol before)
Anything I should know about?
Do the kits/materials come in a discreet package (that I could get mailed to a dorm mailbox)?
Thanks in advance
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How easy is too easy..?

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Well as it goes, I have not had sex in the last 2+ years. 26 now. Between my job and life, it just was something that just ended up happening. I was admittedly so busy that it wasn't something that really was able to phase me as I simply did not have the time or ability to dwell on it, let alone even try and pursue a relationship.

See, that's the thing. I've only ever had relationships. Nothing ever too crazy mind you. The Longest relationship I've ever had has been 9 months.

I've never really had any kind of meaningful relationships honestly. They have all been very parasitic, passive aggressive girls in hindsight.

So fast forward to now and this dry spell has caught up to me. I downloaded tinder and swiped away until I saw girl with a little puzzle in her bio.

I solved it . I mean it was simple. Basically it said she is super into anal.

I won't lie. I've always wanted to give it a shot but I've never been with a girl who would be into it.

I got to texting with her and honestly, all signs are pointing she wants to meet up right away.

All signs are pointing to that she is going to be the easiest girl I have ever had sex with.

Every girl I've ever been with... just getting her to be willing to have sex with me was this kind of grand puzzle that I had to navigate/negotiate through that looking back after having solved it I am still not sure how I really did it.

I'd be super ready to hook up with this girl though.. She is amazingly hot and I don't know, the little word puzzle she embedded in her little blurb there was amusing so she might even have a decent personality...


what's your thoughts /adv/ ?

Should I go for it?
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some sob stories

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> gf constantly starts drama cuz jealous
> wants to stay in contact 24/7 and chat all day everyday

> friday afternoon
> girlfriend just cancelled our theme park trip we agrreed on having tomorrow
> says she doesnt know what to do
> i propose to do nothing on saturday and shift it to sunday
> hangs up
> gives me silent treatment for 24 hours

> have one single male friend
> see him once in two months for dinner or movies (2 to 3 hours)
>gf gets mad everytime

> gf claims im chatting with other girls
> requests phonelog and chatlog
> gf receives phonelog and chatlog
> gf satisfied but wont ever apologize for the drama

> female colleague calls to go eat during lunch break
> no one else in the office
> decline offer because i dont want to be seen with her alone (fear of gf getting jealous)
> decline offer though im hungry
> at home get jealousy of some weird online times of mine
> tell gf to control her jealousy
> tell her about lunch incident (i declined because of fear of jealousy
> gf twists my words claiming i said she holds me back to chat with that female colleague
>gf breaks up

is stuff like this normal or is she just too clingy and jealous
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Any dental fags out there?
I have pretty bad receding gums, pic related, it's worst on my canines to the point that it hurts. Periodontist quotes me $12500 to fix using new and less painful gum grafting surgery that seems pretty legitimate. I have insurance through job which will likely cover up to 80 percent. Still hefty.
Is there a better way to treat receding gums than grafting donor tissue?
Is a deep cleaning for your gums a valid alternative?
On that note does that tissue ever really grow back or is surgery the only way to bring it back?
I was told eating would be difficult for a few months and I keep thinking surgery ya okay but I gotta eat still.
Decisions or lack of?
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Help with Compromise

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I argue with someone very close to me pretty frequently on and off, and we have different views on things but whenever we argue it always seems to come out with them on top and me caving into what they want. I recently realized this and became adamant about holding my side in a recent argument. The recent argument wasn't that big of a deal but I didn't want to give in because of what I recently realized and the other person wouldn't budge either....

I don't really know what to do because neither of us will budge and the other person just wants their way and won't try to go in the middle of it or anything. I was willing to go in half way but they wanted 100% their way.

I tried to bring the fact that I always do whatever they want to their attention but they didn't seem to care that much, I just really don't know how to handle this and make them see that they need to compromise...
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My girlfriend just now told me that she feels herself "emotionally distancing" from me. She says she still loves me, but she just gets irrational annoyed at me and avoids loving contact, even though she longs for me and her having loving contact. Those were all her own words and estimations of the situation. She doesn't know what exactly it is; what exactly she wants; what exactly she wants changed.

Guess i'm fucked, huh?

I really do love her guys. Very much. I don't want to lose her. Has anyone of you experienced a similar situation? Did you guys ever overcome a deep emotional issue within your relationship? Does anyone have experience with couples therapy?
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Anyone else feel like they don't have a good grip of their self image?
What I mean is, I can look in the mirror and find myself attractive, but the moment I look it's like I'm that person anymore.
Any advice on dealing with this shit? How do I imprint in my brain that the fucker in the mirror is me?