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I lost my virginity last night and I cannot fucking forgive myself. I've only been dating the guy for about two months and after wanting to wait for marriage my entire life I just gave it up because my hormones got the best of me. Was raised Christian and my parents really drove home that this was the worst thing I could do. Now I've disappointed God, my parents, and myself. I am fucking ruined and I don't know what to do.
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>have a cool Lego Millennium Falcon a high school ex gave me
>we broke up 6 years ago, but I never threw it away or did anything with it; it's just sitting on a bookshelf in closet
>current gf really bothered I still keep it
>told her I have no sentimental attachment to it (true) and only keep it because it's cool

What should I do? I don't really care if it's gone, but it is a nice piece and I don't want this to be a "he's whipped" thing
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General help thread

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I will answer you question to the best of my abilities, but I'll stop answering when you can't seems to understand a basic answer due to your ego not accepting the truth.

You have nothing to lose, so why not? New perceptive are always interesting.
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How to deal with never receiving unconditional love as a child?
> tried my luck at love but had my heart broken recently
>anxiety of being abandoned emotionally keeps returning
>on the verge of crying during the day
Nice blogpost etc i know but I'm having real problems coping with the prospect of not getting the love I need. How do you "get over it" without becoming a bitter r9k faggot whom no one likes being around.
I literally lost all drive to even talk to girls not because I can't get laid but because the idea of getting intimate with someone seems like a parody of the love i need and love itself out of reach for someone who never knew what it means.
Am I just sexually frustrated or what? Emotionally neglected anons please help
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Can't turn a ho into a housewife?

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Hi adv.

Last year I started seeing a girl that had just dumped a co-worker of mine. She told me he'd been abusive to her and all that, I didn't feel confident about her story, and she wanted me to come into her house and "watch a movie". I politely declined and told her to take time for herself and heal/learn from three break-up. Long story short, she slept with a couple of guys on a road trip with her friend and got a tattoo on her arm. She kept trying to initiate sex and ply me with alcohol, but I hated her behavior(always drinking to drunk and in bars) many times I had to go pick her up from random bars because she'd be wasted and her "friends" nowhere to be found.

I encouraged her to improve, she'd say she got it, but be drinking and chain smoking right after with random guys. Finally she dumped me and said I wasn't there for her(I literally picked her up off the ground many times). I felt that she was lying and found out she'd been sleeping with a guy from the bar by her house.

So my question. Are women like this really a lost cause? My gut told me to bail, my friends told me to bail, but she told me she likes me because I lived a good and stand up life. But if she wanted to change, she would have without me, right? Can having too many partners really be a bad thing for bonding?
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Hey guys. I'm really fucking depressed with my life. I know that's not an original thing to say here, but I don't have anyone to talk to about this shit. Grew up pretty poor with a single mom who didn't give a fuck about giving me or my brother any kind of shot at life. Ended up angry and depressed from a young age and fucked up a lot as a kid doing drugs and blowing off school work. Managed to get an associate's, but just in liberal studies as I had planned to transfer and get a bachelor's when I figured out what I wanted to do. Never figured that out and have been floundering ever since, trying to make a life for myself and my husband. Every time I find myself offered a great opportunity, the door opens just wide enough to slam shut in my face. I decided a couple weeks ago I wanted to look into the military. When I went to meet with the recruiter, he told me to sweep my anxiety and depression under the rug and not tell anyone and I was fine with that... until I found out that could get me jail time and an astronomical fine. Now I don't know what to do. Should I lie still and hope they never find out? If I tell the truth, I'm sure to not get in. And what other options do I really have left?
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>ugly (half face is smaller than the other, big nose)
>shift between thin and bulky due to eating disorder/anxiety/body dysmorphia
>Shy as hell
>Rejected everytime I tried to flirt with girls (including all the seduction advice)

How can somebody in my situation get a girlfriend? At the very least, how can I come to terms with my place in life and just adjust to being lonely?
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Marginalized, depressed, and generally pessimistic people, please help me propose a solution.

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Hello aforementioned, I've been struck with a dilemma that I've dealt with my entire life. I am an optimistic, privileged, and mildly afflicted person surrounded by you my entire life. Being a ready listener that I am, you all come to me with your problems and complaints, only to complain with how I react. If I propose no solutions and be silent or short, you assume I'm not listening as I have nothing to say. If I offer my "shallow optimism,"("It'll get better/it's going to be okay"), I get told that from my position only I could feel that way with my support nets and such. If I provide sound advice, such as to focus on your own needs+rest and/or my educated guess on what to do in a situation, I get scorned for ordering people around when they don't habe the ability or willpower. I'd like to be a better ear for my friends but I don't know what you want from me once I've listened, honestly. What the fuck do you want from me?
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>I'm 18
>lifting for years
>ideal Sam Hyde facial structure
>drive a motorbike
>constantly wear a leather jacket
>never even kissed a girl

How the hell do I get a gf adv? I should have one by now.
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Any medfags alive

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What happens if I use my inhaler before a Pulmonary Function Test? Will the doctor know? I know they use a bronchodilator during the test to see the difference. I need to pass this with flying colors to make my dreams come true.