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Why are women like this. I just want a nice girl.
>be me in New dorm. People are supposed to move in throughout the week. I'm second one there, first was this tiny black girl.
>day 2, still the only 2 there, get into arguement already.
>shit gets heated. She ends up punching me in the gut. Actually kinda hurt.
>lose my shit, grab her by her hair and throw her down. Tell her to never touch me again
>she staring at me wide eyed. I can't believe I did that. Feel really bad but don't show it. She walks away toward her room.
>freak out that she's calling the police or something.
>later she comes back says sorry. Says something about me being a "real man"
>is this bitch serious.jpg I feel like this is some weird joke. How could she actually like that.
>talk a bit then invite her to my room. Figure she's prob down to fuck.
>Chicken out and dont make a move
>"well I thought you called me in here to do something..."
>fuck it. End up fucking and then I take her out to get something to eat.
So this chick is obviously damaged goods in some way, but the sex was great. Anyone have any experience in this kind of relationship. She's really submissive now and let's me do whatever I want. I'm pretty sure if I was into it I could just spit in her face during sex and she'd love it. I'm liking what we have right now but i don't know what kind of long term. I feel like if I just hit and quit she could fuck my shit up with some kind of police report or telling the other roommates what happened. And I kinda want to see where this goes.
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closure date

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So me and my gf broke up a few weeks back, because we were having an argument and I said "Maybe I should just delete you from my life" when she asked me for time.
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I need to cheat on my online algebra course. Two entire chapters of homework due tomorrow night. What’s the best online source for plugging in equations?
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Hey guys just took 10 5mg laxatives because I thought they would work faster. It's been 5 hours and I don't feel a thing. What am I in for? Will this shitstorm hurt?
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>Be me
>Was madly in love with a girl through my highschool career
>End up becoming her best friend 2 years in
>I was always on my best game when it came to being around her
>Everything I sad was calm and calculated, just trying to make progress
>At one point it stopped being because I was in love with her but because I was in love with the idea of achieving what I had set out to accomplish
>The only reason I got out of bed in the morning was to try and make some progress
>It became just a giant game to me
>It was also an addiction
>I recognized this and tried to get her to formally reject me
>No luck
>Senior year roles up
>Within the first month, exponential progress
>By the second month, all her friends are telling me to ask her to homecoming
>I feel on par with god, like the king of the world, extremely manic
>Ask her, it's a yes
>She puts a pic of us on instagram with hearts and shit
>Egomania ensues, recognize and compensate though
>I asked her on a friday, there would be parties tonight
>She invites me out to one
>Trim up the pubes, wash the ol foreskin good and clean
>After a night of laughter and fun me and her make love
>Fall asleep holding her hand murmuring that I was a god
>Wake up, take her out
>Everything is well
>I think I have accomplished my goal
>She says she likes me and wants to date me
>next day
>text her
>Nothing back
>See her again by monday, she is obviously trying to distance herself
>Throughout the rest of the month she completely distances herself to the point where she won't even make eye contact with me
>Try to reel her back but she's to far gone
>End up going to homecoming with the shell of the woman I had invested so much time and emotional energy into
>Ever since then, I have only felt complete emptiness
>Hanging out with friends doesn't seem to help
>Thought I could get back at her for doing this to me by fucking her sister
>Didn't help
>Have no drive or motivation
>Not depressed, just empty
How do I give myself purpose once again
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How do you deal with being sad or depressed?

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My eyes are heavy, my whole body hurts. There are just some days where i can't do it anymore and just want to break down and cry.
My friend is going through the same thing right now and i can't seem to do enough to support him, which just makes me more sad and want to breakdown even more. I just don't know anymore.

I have no one to talk to about or can't really be very open about all of this. I feel like just posting this here will make me feel better. Writing this and just feel like i'm about to burst into tears.
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How do you get a girlfriend like this?
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Girl ignored my text

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I have a lot in common with this girl who I spoke to a few times. She is super outgoing/talkative but she would act the opposite around me. She would act pretty shy, like pretending not to look at me but she'd be looking at me with her periphery vision when we were in close proximity but with our separate friends. I remember pretty vividly us looking at each other from across a room and we both did one of those genuine eye pulling smiles. I invited her to have lunch but didn't hear back. Feels bad.
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How to get myself ready for new relationships

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Won't bore you all with the details, but months ago I had a really messy breakup. Got written a Dear John, person now hates me, etc.

This is still fucking me up now. I can't hear her name and some places where I live bring back really bad memories. I had depression at the start of the relationship and it's just gotten worse since then. I'm trying to date again but my confidence is totally shot.

How do I unfuck myself? I've been working out every day for 3-4 hours a day since shit fell apart and I'm trying to make new relationships but I don't feel myself moving forward at all.