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advice on finding job fast

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Hey /adv/, need an advice. I live in London, migrated here about 5 years ago, finished secondary education here as well as sixth-form, but letter went pretty badly, I've got only 2 A-levels, C and D in History and Politics respectively. GCSEs are OK, A in maths and B in english and english Lit, rest are mostly B-Cs

I've been applying for a waiter jobs but can't get hired. I mostly send out my CV on indeed, about 20-30 a day, get some replies, few interviews and on rare occasion, trials.

Basically, am I doing something wrong? at this point, I am ok with anything other than cleaning. What's the fastest way to get hired?

TL;DR: Shit grades, cant find job, where to look?
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Hi /adv/
Long story short I asked out a girl in my same college club and I got rejected.

I've been rejected and I get really depressed. But if I continue to go to this club while she's there, I'm going to get more and more depressed because I have to directly interact with her.

I told the pres of club I think I need to quit.

Am I being too rash? Should I reconsider?
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This Hole

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I want out of the hole
It's been too long
Since i had to move, my lifelong friend is now a hundred miles away
my parents are old now and fixing to kick the bucket
i cant keep a promise to even myself
i keep on trying but i just keep failing
i cant keep doing this weed shit, i cant keep smoking cigarettes, but i turn every time shit gets to fucking hard on me . i bust my ass all day helping my parents do basic human processes, work, remodeling.
im just so alone and i have no motivation anymore
i just want to blow my fucking brains out and end it all, but i cant.
there are days where i feel like im going to lose it. im so alone and just so tired, and not the sleepy kind
and the hole is deep, and nobody is around to throw down a rope
the only way out is to dig upwards, little by little. but how? how do i keep myself from doing the same fucking thing over and over again?
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>My best friend had cancer
>I was very close with him in his last days
>he died
>this shocked me
>depression hit me hard
>a lot of bs thoughts
>my girlfriend left me
>I realy like her
>I couldnt realy respond when she left me
>after 2 months without talking
>I texted her
>me: Hi
> Who?
>me: (my name)
>what do you want?
>ps: I was reading berserk at the time so
r9k what do I do?
I know there is a topic for depression
Should I go after her?
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New girl at work (kinda)

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There's a new girl at my work who is pretty cute. She works in the same overall part of the organization that I do, but isn't part of my team, and even works in different offices. Sometimes we overlap on calls and projects, and she comes by my offices at least a few times every two weeks or so.

Yesterday she stopped by my office to say hi, but I don't know much about her besides her name and position. The best thing I can think of to do is to ask her boss, who is my pal, if we can all go do a happy hour sometime.

Any other suggestions to warm up to this girl? Or is it too close to shitting where I eat?
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sad soyfag won’t talk to me anymore

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>chick breaks up with dude
>dude immediately contacts me
>we hang out for a few weeks
>get along great
>we did while he was dating the chick too, but we never really hung out
>he’s always complimenting me, he tells me he likes me, I like him too
>chick unblocks him and messages him
>dude ghosts me, blocks me on everything
>they’re def not dating, she has a new cow to milk

What the fuck happened?
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Got a double sided issue.
Twice in the last week I have gone home with a two girls, they have wanted to have sex and Ive been unable to get it up. While i was pretty drunk for both of them, it still feels emasculating. My erections have been weaker over the last week and a half and I wanna know how to fix that.

Secondly, I feel a shit ton of regret about it. Im not the best with girls but ive pulled twice in a week and both times gone to waste. It honestly feels like God is playing a cruel joke on me. How to recover from that?
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how the fuck do people live with a 9-5

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just started my first 9-5, fresh out of school. even though i had a few casual positions during hs, this is getting me completely fucking down. it's not that i hate the job, it's fine and doable, but i've suddenly become acutely aware of how much time it's sucking up. i feel like i'm on the clock every time i get home; even my time for relaxation now feels taxing bc i'm watching the seconds count down. it makes me rly sad realising how much of my life i'll miss out on. so 9-5 anons, is this a feeling that you just kind of get used to over time? or is it one you just need to quash, day in, day out? did you guys ever even have this feeling? what are ways you've dealt with it?

as of now, the two best things for my mind atm have been remembering that almost every schmuck on the planet does the same daily slog, and also that if i work at it, i can potentially land a job that i will not just be able to tolerate, but actively enjoy working.
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I'm a wreck

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>turning 29 in a month
>midlife crisis hit me like a train
>feel like I wasted my life trying to become an artist (failed miserably)

>want to ask out a girl who lives five hours from me
>losing my job because the company is going bankrupt

If anyone has advice for nay of this, please help.
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Can anyone tell me how a hairtsyle like this is called, or how I can get it?