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>too socially retarded to debate, banter, or have decent conversation
How do you make social gains, /fit/?
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Need Help Sleeping

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This will be extremely unorthodox but I need help fast. Every night I can't seem to sleep without a fan. I understand white noise and how some people can't sleep without some sort of sound but how can I wing myself off of using a fan for sleep. I'm leaving soon for basic training and I can't afford to not get sleep in that time so I need any advice or help I can get to go cold turkey. Thanks.
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Anyone who has any experience with breast cancer, medfags? I have had a dull pain in my right breast for days. I think I have a lump but I believe it is moveable. I know that most of the time breast cancer is painless and immobile. Can I just wait this out or do I have to see a doctor? I'm not sure if it's a lump like doctors describe when you are supposed to check yourself. I'm not sure of anything but I've never hand any weird sensations or pain in my breast before.

Sorry about posting in someone elses thread. Fucking mobile is killing me.
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I'm prepping a Business Card for Kekistan to release by next week, but it's low quality and I only want to use one side for text with the other with the Kekistani flag.
Feedback and Criticism Welcomed.
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For a career

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/adv/ pls help me. There are auditions on tv in my country for stand up comedy contest and forever in my life that is my ultimate dream, to do stand up in front of people. I have written material and have prepared a short act. The problem is I don't have the BALLS to go to the network station and audition for reals. I feel like I'm gonna do something stupid. I usually do more suprisingly stupid things and not feel this feeling of stupidity but NOW, I feel it like it's a really stupid idea. Pls convince me that I can do it anons. Or give me advice whether this is a good decision or not :(
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Thinking about getting a nuru massage off of backpage, have any of you ever gotten one? How was your experience?
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When should i give up

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Cant tell if this girl ive been texting is interested in me or not. We have mutual friends and hangout together sometimes. However its been hard to get her to go out with me, she either tries to bring other friends or flakes out (cant tell if her excuses are real)

Note: she doesnt initiate texts with me but does carry the convos on

Should i continue persuing?
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another girl advice thread

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I have found myself in a weird scenario and don`t know how to approach it. I met this girl from the workplace that I like (and know she feels the same about me). Its been very brief as she is moving, so she no longer works at the same job. She has stated she lives with a guy and his parents (but never used the term bf) and I am unsure if this will be the case when she moves. I assume she didnt keep in touch because of societal standards (men initiate).

I want to keep in touch with her but cant just walk up to some dude and his families house to talk to her (just INCASE he is her bf). She has lots of social media (which doesnt clarify anything) but feel adding her comes off as creepy and a similar scenario in case she is in a relationship. On the other hand not contacting her means I will never know.

She may be single. She may not. I am not trying to cheat but simply want to keep in touch somehow. How would you approach this.

Also please do not suggest other women, doing nothing or dating sites.