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How did 4chan get tamer than reddit?
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First day of grad school today

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What am I in for?
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Grill Talkin'

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Alright lads I need a lil bit of advice regarding a qt. Both of us are college sophomores and currently have a class in common that meets every week day and we've been sitting next to each other but neither of us have really talked to each other (or that much in general). Here's some shit I've noticed that COULD be interpreted as her being interested in me (and yeah im aware these aren't sure thing signs but still)
>Has laughed at a couple things I said to myself even though they weren't very funny (at least to me)
>i THINK I can see her glancing at me and looking away but I can't really tell that well
>Prof was passing an attendance sheet up and down rows, she was sitting adjacent to me, skipped the rest of the people in her row to quickly pass the sheet to me.

What do you guys think? Is it worth trying to engage with her? What's a good way to do that without coming across as a creepy fuck.

Pic unrelated
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Tinder Chad: Profile Pic Edition

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Sup /adv, It’s the titty man himself. Recently posted a couple threads on some success I was having on Tinder and a few anons had dropped in to ask for advice on their picture section. Here are the threads for anyone who missed:



I crossed my face simply because I don’t like the thought of it immortalized on this degen website, but I’d like to give some tips based off of what I have going and why you can’t just have any random pictures on your profile.

So here we go:

#1 Girls are constantly swiping and I have under a second maybe a split second to make a first impression. Eye catching and interesting. Hookah in a pool is both. Think of something very creative. If you are 10/10 Chad you don’t need to do any of this, it only applies to average guys like myself.

#2 I’ve got their interest, now they want to see what else I have to offer. The jet skiing pic shows I like to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. I’m from Ohio and this pic was taken in Florida, so it could also show I travel every so often.

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How do i make new friends rather than just acquaintances?

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It's really starting to frustrate me. I've been in college for 3 years and I've met countless people from going to class/parties/clubs/the gym etc.

But all of these new people i meet become nothing more than just acquaintances. I feel like my social life consists of 100's of acquaintances and only 1 person whom i would consider a real 'friend'. A guy I've known for way back in middle school. I want to make new friends who i can honestly call friends because i barely have any.
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should i learn korean?, i think its a nice language. should i get a penpal?, if so, how do i talk to a korean?
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Please Help

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Can in the name of God someone please explain me what the hell i've left on earth.

Seriously I'm so highly confused and it constantly feels like a million knifes that are being pushed through my chest. Not only because the love of my life decided to break up with me once more, before my birthday and on new year, but of how everything turned out

Please for the love of god. Someone just needs to tell me what i should do to not kill myself
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25, recovering shut-in formet NEET here. Friendless, virgin, etc the whole package.
I recently went back to college to try and make something of myself, but it's killing me.
I had made peace with the fact I'll never have friends and I'll never be romantically involved with a female. I understood I had missed the train on these things, I had accepeted that while I was a shut-in.
But ever since I started college, it's like having a first-row seat to the things I can never have.
How do I deal with this? I don't want it affecting my studies, but it does.
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Hey guys, I need your advice on this one

Last year around summer I confessed my feelings to my best friend. She told me she felt the same so we started dating. But from the very beginning she was extremely weird. She would cancel dates, never initiate them and never had time for me (which is not true but whatever). We had a few fights because of this because I wanted to see her but she didnt. Usually I would just cut it there but she seemed genuine when she said she loved me. It went on for a few months and we would barely see each other and at one point I just wanted to break up because it seemed like she simply doesnt want to see me. Then she told me why that happened. First of all, shes a virgin and has no experience whatsoever. So she said that shes overwhelmed when shes around me. That I make nervous and that she starts shaking when we kiss and cant control herself. I said that its fine by me if she needs some sort of distance in the relationship, but I also told her that Im a very loving person and I cant stand not seeing her for longer periods. Then I backed up and didnt initiate any dates. Its been almost a month and she didnt either and im starting to get really upset. I can understand how she feels but at this point it just sounds like bullshit to me. Meeting takes quite some time because I live a bit further away and she has family issues going on and isnt even allowed to have a bf, but these are no reasons not to see each other at least once a month. Im honest with you, she probably does love me but not in the same way I love her. We discussed this already so I dont really want to talk to her about it. But I cant continue like this either. Should I break up? Should I just accept it and go with her pace? Give me your thoughts on this please
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Did your parents ever teach you to be confident and happy with yourself if so how?
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