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Sex still hurts

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After how many times after losing your virginity does vaginal penetration stop hurting? I've had vaginal sex maybe 15 times right now and it's still slightly uncomfortable. How long did it take for other femanons to get fully comfortable taking dick?
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Can porn be considered a hobby?

As in
>collecting of porn
>watching of porn
>contributing to the collecting/watching of porn with others
>and of course fapping to the porn
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I was treated with azithromycin for Chlamydia 10 days. It still burns a bit when I pee and it still itches. Google says it should be gone within a week. Should I be worried I still have it? How long before I can retest?
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does this seem like trauma or a toe infection?

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the side of my foot has also started to hurt :/
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Are there any significant downsides to dating a 30+ year old woman?

I've met a woman who is gorgeous, funny, very compatible with me etc, but she is 31. I'm 27, so not exactly young either.

But why can a woman like this still be single at that age without some serious flaws?
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Should I study abroad in the U.K. or South Korea? I am going to do an exchange program with my university here in the states but can't decide which one to do. I pay the same tuition as my home university. I can take classes in English in Korea. Would I be able to buy more with the same amount of money there? Which has the lower Big Mac index?
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Austin attractions

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What should I do in Austin for the day? Is it just the meme it appears to be
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Ok, this is my story.
I was with one girl for six years. We broke. Six months passed and I'm still alone - it's kinda hard to go out there and try to find anyone.
I had few chances with women, but every single one went wrong.
Now, there's one girl and I'm really confused about. I saw her two months ago for the first time - I was little bit drunk, but I can still control myself. She was sitting next to me whole evening and she was hugging me and stuff. To be honest, I was kinda scared, because she was behaving like little whore and I'm not interested in women like this.
She is working at that pub. She wanted to see me on the next day, I came. We were talking.
After that, silence. I wrote her and she invited me again. Got response in seconds. I went there and we spent together few hours - few of her friends came there, so we weren't alone.
After that I went to see my parents for week. She never wrote first. So I did and she invited me to that pub again. Same scenario.
One day I went there by my own, she had there her friends and she wanted them to leave asap, because I was there.
Silence again. I wrote her and after all this, she starting writing me... finally. But only for two days. I travelled from town to see my parents again, seven days of silence. I wrote her when I was going home and invited her outside. She responded when she is working there and I can go and see her.

And this is my main problem.
She gave me so many hints that she is interested, but everything is so slow and she acts like she doesn't care. I'm really tired of messaging her first and after few sentences, only silence.
I'm now sitting here and thinking if I should invite she outside or not. What should I do?
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Dating a girl with a kid

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Girl I've been seeing who is in her late 20's revealed to me she has a kid already who is just a little over a year old.

It's been about 3 months since I've known her. She said her circumstances for the birth was that her former husband (now divorce) was impotent and that she had the kid via IVF.

I don't know if I want to be a stepdad really...this girl has been something else though and has been the most no-nonsense person I've ever dated and has said that she wants more kids (which I want).

I'm not sure how to handle this though. Should I just go ahead and agree to be a stepdad? Is it unreasonable to say I want the kid to think I'm the father? I don't want people in public to think I'm some fool raising another's kid. I worry I'm going to hate that it's from a different dad in the long run especially when it starts to question who its real father is..for reference I'm a hispanic guy with brown eyes and she's a white/blonde woman and the kid looks the same with green eyes.
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A few months ago I let me boyfriend talk me into a sexual act. While I had fun and would do it again, it's all he talks about. Whenever we start getting intimate he talks about when we're doing it again, when he texts me throughout the day, he talks about it, it's a constant in our relationship. I just can't take it anymore, I love him and won't leave him but I just want him to cool down with it. I have told him again and again I don't wanna talk about it, but then he gets upset. When we do talk about it I feel like I'm only encouraging him to talk about it more. How can I make him stop talking about it all the time!?
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