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Should I lie about my virginity status?

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My newish friends are starting to talk about sexual stuff and I just kinda laugh along like I can relate to what they’re talking about.

They quite frequently also joke about how I probably get a lot of pussy.
If the situation arises, should I tell them that i’m a KHHV subhuman failure or should I lie? Will they see me as a lesser being, given that I don’t know them that well.
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How do I cope missing out on love?
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Am I too old to get a gf at 31 years old?
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I feel intese anger towards women

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It's something I find increasingly difficult to control.

Even seeing attractive women at a bus stop who are clearly dressed in their "night out" outfits makes me furious to the point I clench my fists and show other physical signs of discomfort without realizing.
I take the bus home from college so I see this daily.

There's one cute girl in my compsci class and whenever I even see her talking to other guys, I want to go over and beat them up. It's such an unbearable feeling of hopelessness.
I might have to drop out because of her. I hate her.
I have never spoken to her before but I would gladly watch her get ripped apart by a rabid Pit Bull.
I can't stop looking over at her and imagine having sex with her though.

I fucking hate women. I want to never see one again. That's clearly not possible though. What else can I do?
I'm a 21 year old incel.
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Does anyone else diagree with the blackpill?

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I've been on incel forums since 2018 and eventually I couldn't help but realize that my IRL experiences aren't what incels describe at all.

The way they describe "Chad's" experiences, is what I see normies getting IRL.
It's baffling how much women worship and give up their pussies for 5/10, bland, 5'9 skinnyfat, boneless men.

The normie advice of "just be confident bro" is unironically the real blackpill.
There's really only one thing women hate and it's beta autists. Once you're 5/10 in looks, preferably aren't Indian and you're not a complete sperg, pussy is super attainable from my observations.

And before any of you ask, yes I am a 21 year old incel.
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My girlfriend doesn’t like sex. I’ve had sex with other girls and it was always a blast, but I’ve been dating this girl for a couple years and she never really seems interested. We’ve gone months without sex before and I know she isn’t getting it anywhere else. Is it something I’m doing wrong? Do some people just not put value on it at all? It’s kinda depressing desu. Not sure what to do.
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How to keep myself healthy, or atleast alive until ~60year old, without doing exercise? I really don't want to do that crap in my free time anymore, but I also don't want to shorten my lifespan
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Retire before 30

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How? I'm 18 right now
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Out of my league

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What do you do when you think a women is beyond beautiful but you know for a 100 percent fact that she's out of your league in every way?
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