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Can I be a successful engineer even if I'm not very smart?
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How unusual is it for a stripper to give a free lap dance? Went to a strip joint for the first time during a department get together. She took me back there for a few songs, led me back to my seat, and chatted with me when I was on the way out. She made some advances about taking it elsewhere after the shop closed up, though work was early the next morning and she was pretty aggressive for my idea of a first time. I have a reason to believe a coworker may of paid her up front, but when Google's answer is either an empty wallet or broken kneecaps I'm interested in other peoples experiences.
With this, what are some other general ideas you should keep in mind when going out to a club?
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Too much dog feces.

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I live with my girlfriend in her mom's house. Her mom has too many dogs for the size of the house.

The dogs poop and pee everywhere inside the house, even the shower. There is also a tortoise that sometimes wanders around smudging the combo of crap and pee around. Cats are not an issue, they ask to be let go outside.

The dogs have no backyard to go to, and the owner doesn't really walk or pick after them.

One of the dog eats the poop.

My girlfriend knows this is an issue, the rest of the family knows this is an issue. The mom knows too, but when asked about finding another home for the dogs, she avoids the issue and becomes frustrated.

I think it was very irresponsible when they adopted a third and fourth one.

I cannot be cleaning up after the dogs, as this could be enabling them to avoid the issue. They need vet attention, but I cannot afford it, and they just don't do it.

I feel this is animal cruelty. I think I should do something even if this creates issues towards me. Reason doesn't seem to help much, the owners seem to be in deep denial and avoidance.

Just going away myself or living somewhere else is not really a solution for the pets.

Help please. We all deserve a healthy home.
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Experimenting sexually

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Does anyone here have stories about experimenting sexually and if you regret it? Specifically hooking up with the same sex. Or stories about trying it out, deciding it's not for you, but being okay with it?

I have a crossdressing fetish and have considered hooking up with a guy while doing it. But there aren't many guys I ever see where I'm like "hey that person looks sexually appealing," I'm always attracted to women.

Should I try it before it's too late or am I always going to be scarred by it?
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Can anyone give me some advice

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I'm just about to graduate from high school and i dont know what to do to reach my goals.I don't have to worry about money for a while because I still live with my family.But all I want to do is go fuck off to the alaskan wilderness with at lest 3k saved up. Any advice anons?
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Need advice from fellow Christians. Where can I find a pious young woman who would be a good wife and mother?
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What’s the point of living if you have a sub-120 IQ but you also spent the first 18 years of your life thinking you were an intelligent superautist so you’re also not a normalfag either.
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I'm completely socially inept. Can someone tell me if this is strange behaviour or not?

>Girl rarely messages me
>But is happy to see me in real life, often we split off from the rest
>The conversation almost always turns to her problems, especially when she's a bit drunk
>We never bring up those conversations again. I'm afraid of making her uncomfortable, or that she was assuming I can't remember them anyway. She doesn't ever say thank you for listening.
>Don't think she even talks to anyone about her problems, because she is too scared of complaining about her friends / bf

That's most of our communication summarised. But there's also this:
>At some point she had a picture of me and her boyfriend goofing off as her phone wallpaper (??)
>Once, when she was betrayed by a close friend and I supported her through it, later that day she uploaded an instagram picture of just me and her, no caption
>When I was drunk, kept confusing her with my girlfriend and calling her baby, she seemed to enjoy that, and yet never mentioned that incident again
>When I admitted to her that I used to like her, she seemed upset, the first thing she asked being "Oh, well, you don't like me anymore right, so its okay?"
>When I tried to invite her to meet up alone, she didn't get the hint and wanted to bring friends along
>But recently she uploaded an instagram caption containing an inside joke between us noone else would get

So..... What am I meant to think here?
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Why do people say weed worsen their depression? Its been a few days after i smoked a bunch and i swear i feel like somethings been lifted off my shoulders. I feel better but not like the way heroin or speed makes you feel better. I feel better more personalized - i was a blank slate mess and after i smoked weed one night i feel like im ‘back’ now
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Do I have any business going to college?
I'm 21 and have been out of school for a few years. Got the offer to go college this fall completely free. I'm not super autistic but I cheated through most of high school and I'm not sure now well I'd do. Kinda just wanna go for the social aspects and the prospect of getting laid. Literally no fucking idea what to major in. My main aspirations have been film making and standup comedy and I know a liberal arts degree is suicide. Advice?