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How do stop fapping?

It always feels pointless at the end
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I need some serious anger management help

To be blunt I'm one of those people that, when I get mad, I just try to not act on it. I try to act like everything's fine, never direct anger at the person that's made me mad. All that jazz. I think that's a good thing to do.

But the problem is I have all this pent up rage now. Like, I want to snap at the nearest person and need to calm myself down before chatting with some people. How do I fix this? Half the people I get angry with do literally nothing wrong. I just get mad because I have pent up rage over family and people that actually have wronged me.

How do I either let go of anger or find a good outlet?
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Female friend...acting clingy

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Long story short I've known this girl for about a year and a half (We are both in grad school together), and recently she hasn't left me alone.

>For the past 3 weeks she has spent all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at my apartment. About 12 hours each day.
>Everyday she texts me asking to get dinner with her

Here is the thing...she has a boyfriend who lives about an hour away.

I asked her why she hasn't been hanging around her best female friend (Who she almost exclusively hung out with until about a month ago), and got sort of a perplexing response.
>Shes acting jealous and selfish that I'm in a relationship and she is not.

That's great, I understand competition between females and shes mad some guy is into you and not her. Ok great, so why is she hanging out so much with me. Why does she text me everyday of the week asking to get dinner with me, why does she spend 12 hour a day on the weekend at my place watching television.
>She has a boyfriend who lives a short hour car ride away, why doesn't she just go hangout with him?

It wouldn't bug me so much, but I'm going to be honest...I want to bang this girl.

I'm just a bit confused
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Realistically speaking, is a 3.1 GPA from college that poor to the point you won't be able to get a job? I have 2 internships under my belt with the federal government, but I failed 1 class that I need to retake. If my calculcations are correct, I can graduate with a 3.1 GPA and be done with school. But if I retake that class, that 3.1 can potentially be a 3.4.

I am looking for a career in law enforcement in which 2 of my internships were with law enforcement agencies.

In order to retake that class, I'd have to take three (3) summer courses and 5 in the fall in order to graduate in December. By not retaking, I only have to take 2 in the summer. Having so many classes in a 6 week span could actually hurt me even more and the work load is ridiculous.

tl;dr is 3.1 THAT bad if you have internships/years of work experience? Majoring in Criminal Justice (Switched from accounting where I failed 1 acct course.)
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Itt: ask an Arab girl anything
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>want to talk to this girl
>had the chance to sit next to her in class last semester
>talked to her once
>never talked to her again out of not finding opportunity
>add her on facebook a few months ago
>still wanna talk to her
>being afraid of rejection

I've been crushing on this girl since October. She's nice and shit but I never had good luck with women. They either don't talk to me at all or I do something to fuck it all up. So my question is this I guess, I wanna talk to her but what should I do? We don't have classes together anymore so its a bust for talking to her in person.I've been meaning to talk to her on Facebook but I think it would just be odd. Where could I go from here? We don't have any mutual friends either. Is it a done deal?
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ITT: Help a brotha out

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Old thread 404'd but I suspect foul play.

Regardless, this is an "Ask a black guy anything thread," anything goes.

But I have a problem I need help with.
I got into university, but its in an entirely different (and vastly smaller city) and I know absolutely nobody there. How do you meet people in situations like these?
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Reposted from r9k
>Volunteer with inner city teens that have been flagged by their school
>We teach them how to dress correctly and talk to them about drugs (I'm a former addict)
>One girl is a rape victim who's mother was killed by her father by burning down her house when they were in it
>She's 12 I think
>She's been coming onto me and tells me deeply personal shit out of nowhere like how she got the scars on her arm from slitting her wrist vertically multiple times with a razor

How do I tell her to stop? I don't want to hurt her feelings. I also know that if I try to keep connecting with her on a personal level she'll have a bigger crush on me. If she tries anything I'll have to tell the supervisor and I don't want her to get terminated from the program and I don't want to leave

>inb4 loli
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I found out gf was raped as a kid and now I find her repulsive what's a good way to dump her without looking like a jerk?
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can't leave her

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ok, I'll keep it short and simple

>be friends with her for the past 9-10 years
>kinda like bff, she tells me EVERYTHING...n i do too...
>3 yrs ago, told her that I've always loved her
>she gets all mad n upset, tells me that she could never see me like that
>a week later, we were again talking like before, like nothing happened between us
>and she falls in love with another guy
>tells her numerous times that I'm in love with her
>a week of fight, then back on bff track
>she's getting married to that fucker
>she really knows that every single cell in my body craves her
>she still calls me EVERY SINGLE DAY, tells me stuff (mostly about that fucker and her marriage or if she's having a fight with him (yes, and i have to solve the issues!))
>everyday I'm getting more and more attached to her
> every calls, every texts, everything is pulling me even closer to her
>I don't know how to walk away
>deep down,I don't even want to walk away
>I don't want to miss her
>i love her no matter what.... I'd still love her even if she's married to someone else

how fucked up am i?
how the fuck will I survive this situation?

[Don't tell me to find another girl, cus i cant get this girl out of my mind in the first place... literally i spend hours thinking about her every single day.... just got too attached]
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