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Only enjoy things If I share It them with people

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I noticed that I can't enjoy most things(movies, anime, games) If I don't also have friends who are interested in said hobbies. What do?
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I hate social interactions and speaking in general to people but if i don't do it I crave it so much.

How do I cope without social interactions and be ok ?
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So I dated this girl like the whole summer and was genuinely happy, but then a week or two before school started she broke up with me. We got back together for about a week at the beginning of school but then She broke up with me again she’s kind of been hinting that she still likes me and I still like her, but don’t want it to just end like the last two relationships

>what do
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I have a tooth on the left side of my jaw that's under the gum, and it feels like its crooked towards the nerve, and I've had a toothache for the past few days. I got my wisdom teeth removed, so what gives? What is this?
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Potential interest?

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>Haven't seen this guy in 4 years
>We hang out obviously wants to get in my pants
>We catch up on everything thats happened to him in the mean time
>Tells me how he wants to settle and be happy
>Talks about past relationships
>Tells me how he makes good money has own home and car
>Tells me he appreciates I never used him
>We're relaxing listening to mellow music
>He leans over and kisses me
>Bam full blown makeout session
>On the drive back to drop me off. Ask if we can watch a movie together.

I'm mixed between if he wants a friend, a fun time, or some to actually be with? Advice on this.
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How do I make my drunk time better?
Sometimes I will drink and be like "This is awesome, I wanna keep this going" and then I will drink more and just get tired and bored. How do you guys do it to just maximize good drunk time?
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Showing no desire

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Are woman attracted by (good looking) guys who don't desire them and aren't afraid of insulting them? Any advice and theories on this?
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Girlfriend cheated twice, I don't know if I want to continue

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I have been dating her since late december last year. We started talking on November and just immediately clicked. We don't have much in common though.

So around chrismas, we werent official yet. We were exclusive to eachother but werent official. Somewere around 21-25th she cheated. She slept with her best friend who lived a row behind her. She sneaked back into her house.

What stings is I was staying up to talk to her. And while she was having sex with him, she would take breaks and would talk to me then, basically talking to me during breaks.

She said she did this because she wasn't serious and was playing around. So fast forward and we made it official on new years. The first few weeks was great. We talked and talked and knew more about eachother. Then, early February she was diagnosed with lupus (SLE, autoimmune disease) and was bleak. She said that she realized that she had feelings for me and she didnt want that. So she went to the same guy, and fucked him.

This was during Valentines. At night ofcourse. What stings is she posted on her instagram "Happy Valentines my love" with a picture of me after coming back home from his place.

Ever since then, every month she'd just tell she wants to break up. I refused and begged her to stay to work this out.

This goes on until about august, when she told me.

Anon, I've never felt so broken in my life. This hurts more than finding out that my dad died and I didn't even know he was dying. I've never felt so dead

She begged me to stay and I asked her for space. My friends, who before this have already asked me to leave told me to break it off. This relationship was toxic. And I stayed because I was adamant on fixing this and I wanted to. I wanted to be with her anon.

In october we broke up. She asked for it over a petty matter. I decided it was time. I didn't even feel a thing when it happened anon. But she kept talking to me. I wasnt in love with her.
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finding a career

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How do you discover your passion and find a career?

I'm 22 and have been working a dead-end job for the last year. I feel that now is the time to start living my life and find my dream career but I have no idea what that is or how to get there. I'm unsure of my strengths and weaknesses and don't know everything I want out of a job.
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Hey /adv/,
I am having a hard time making a decision.

I've been living in Japan for the last year, and am attending a college in Tokyo. I've been dating a very obsessive Japanese girl who has made me her one and only hobby.

Should I break up with my live in girlfriend of 7 months who I get along with well enough but and forced to spend all my free time with?
Should I suck it up and deal with it?

She hates cheating as I would assume any sane female would, but that is one of the few things I just can't give in to. Up until about a month ago everything was okay, but then I fucked some girl and I awoke, so to speak.

I have been involving myself with a few other women to help deal with the stress of this relationship, and from being away from family and friends in a foreign country.

Yesterday I took the virginity of a 26 year old I met on a dating site, but that is a totally different story. I followed that up with making out with my girlfriend's best friend in a karaoke box. I came home to a long fight over how I disabled the location tracking on my phone so she couldn't follow my every move, and her saying she wanted to break up over it.

Honestly, I like her but her feelings are heavy and her actions are erratic, and I don't think I'll be able to settle down with just a single girl in the near future.
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