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I'm in community college in my mid 20's and don't know what to do with my life so I'm just getting my associate's degree. What should I study for safe bets on making money? I have no real skills but I do work hard, my gpa will be 4.0 this spring if I don't slip.
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Had a really great first date, but she blocked me after

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I went on a great date yesterday, we had dinner and etc, really fun. Totally hit it off. She called me cute and we kissed, I was totally into her. She seemed to really like me and kissed me a lot. As I dropped her off she said she hoped this wouldn't be the only time we went on a date. Up to this morning she was still calling me cute and said we should hang out soon. A little while ago I looked at my phone and saw a few deleted messages, I opened it and just saw them deleted. She saw that I opened the empty messages and blocked me less than a minute later. This sucks. At least it helps that she was going to move in a few months to a different state so I would probably never see her after that. What do I do? I guess just get over it. Any advice?
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So I want to make game emulators as a hobby and as a project to put on my resume. Problem is I'm only a first year CS major and don't have the prerequisite knowledge to work on this.
What do I need to learn before jumping into making emulators? I could just wait a couple years and I'll know from classes but by that time it'll be too late to help for internships. I want something to put on my resume for next summer internships.
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Chad AMA

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Previous thread got nuked before for whatever gay reason
>27M married to love of my life
>racked up a body count of 30 from age 17-20 when I started dating my wife
>serial womanizer
>excellent wingman
>no I don’t cheat on my wife
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Approaching a Girl Who Just Wants Something Casual

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I matched with a girl on a dating app who only wants something short term, and some of her profile prompts show that she's not shy to talk about sexual topics. I'm not really interested in anything long-term at the moment, so I want to pursue this, but I'm not sure how. I don't really have a lot of experience talking to girls who are openly sexual, and I usually get dates by just talking about mutual interests or making jokes, with maybe some very light flirting before we ever actually meet up. Part of me wonders if I should just be upfront / flirty from the get-go, but I have some lingering self-esteem issues from adolescence (I was the fat nerdy kid growing up) that makes the idea of being openly flirty/sexual with a relative stranger extremely mortifying to me. I'd rather not come off as a pervert to someone even if they're signaling they're a pervert.

Anyone who has found themselves in similar casual relationships through dating apps have any advice on how to pursue a girl like this?
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Women broke my confidence so much I now have a sissy fetish. Should I just became a fucking faggot Im not getting a gf anyways why not become one
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How to Get a Girlfriend

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I'm 23. I have zero qualifications or money, still live at home, virgin, no friends, etc. Where do I go from here? Is uni actually a viable option? From what I looked up it would take me years to get the required qualifications and then I'd be the 25/26 year old surrounded by 18 year old kids

I already get NEETbux so I dont have a financial need to do any of this however not having a social life/gf has been making me suicidal and retreating into drug addiction recently
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Background: I'm a 19 year old college student for CS. My parents are always on my ass about getting a summer job, maybe justifiably. Every time I get one I think I'm gonna like it and end up hating it. This happened again this summer and I quit the (minimum wage) job I got. I'm also pretty intelligent, I doubt that changes anything though. My friends of a similar intelligence don't hate their jobs like I do.
So what's my problem? I refuse to believe that other people feel the same way while working that I do. Am I just broken? Will this get better if I get a job in SWE? My parents are really mad at me but I can't deal with the depression that comes with working for me. Has anyone here been through anything similar?
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I did not consent to being born. How do I cope with this?
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