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For the first time in my life I have found myself without friends. I cannot take pleasure in videogames which has been my sole escape since I was twelve because there is no point without having people to play with. What should I do?
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Future Career

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Hi everybody. Im 21 yo and I cant decide what career I should chose for myself. Lets start from beginning. Since I was a kid I really enjoyed constructing stuff with my hands and I did it pretty well. I started attending an art school at 8 y.o. and graduated at age of 16 as one of the best students. People around me thought that I'm really talented, because at that age I could draw better than 25 y.o. fellas with a lot of experience. When I was about 17 my family moved to USA and in 2 ears i graduated school. Knowing that I have such skill set I decided that I probably want to be a dentist, but first I wanted to try myself in that field, so I went to school for dental assisting just to get an idea of what it is. Graduated, worked for 8 months, didn't like that 7-5 life. After that I went to community college and started taking a general classes. Recently, my psychology teacher give me an Idea to consider becoming a surgeon. I did some research about it and I think that's not for me. I'm really stuck rn. Does anybody have an idea about careers that may work?
Here's couple things to consider:
-dont want to be a designer, they dont make enough money to satisfy my ambitions
-can't stand an office work and all that paperwork bullshit
-opportunity for career growth is important
-don't really like to work with people
-again, really love constructing/ building stuff and drawing
I will appreciate any feedback. thank you!
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How do i get more securely in my personality in general? Im currently 22 and have been insecure for my whole life, but started to do something against it recently. I already partly overcame social anxiety and am constantly going out now. I know that i just have to express myself and provoke criticism by others, but i still lack the ideas to do so, that arent too hardcore.
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I am having some pain near my ear but also my upper jaw. I'm worried it's an ear infection. I will go the doctor tomorrow, but is there anything preventative I can do tonight?
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Need advice,

My family passed away so I’m spending x mas with a friends family.

There’s all chatting right now but I have none of the social skills. I’d love to join but how can I learn to participate well?
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Should i catfish my boyfriends friend???

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Roast me all you want. i know it's fucked up, But i can't stop thinking about him i really need to see if i like him or not. i need to know if there is anything there, But I'd rather not sabotage my relationship just to find out me & the other guy aren't even compatible. Then i just ruined my relationship over NOTHING. What if it was just lust all along playing tricks on me. If all goes good ill message him find out i don't really like him after chatting with him after getting to know him a bit. ill find something i dislike & it will clear my mind of him. I can't be thinking of two guys! i need this other guy out of the way!! I'm just not willing to risk what i have for it though. Catfishing is so wrong but my friend recommended it to me & I think it might be the only way to do this without getting dirt on my hands. If i do this i'll use someone uglier than me so if it ever escalates my appearances are not a disappointment to him. I know lying will be disappointing though.

He's really goofy which is what draws me to him, I've hung out with him & the boys several occasions & he is so funny & just doesn't care how goofy he looks, hes just himself. Like free i'm not even sure how to explain it. I'm a VERY shy girl so i think that what draws me to him so much. I think i really look up to him. I wish i had the balls to be myself around people.

I'm in a two year relationship with his friend, I'm 20 & he's 22 & everything is okay, but lately i feel unhappy. i know this because ive opened my eyes to notice other guys. Which i've never done before. I still love him so so so soooo much though!! We have a lot of problems he's very physical with me & i never know why, he just gets so angry.. I can't help but look at other guys & wonder if they would do that to me or be nice to me.

Anyways the golden question is what would you do??

Btw, im not a 4chan user, i'm sorry if everything is thrown together really sloppy.
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I need the truth /adv/, are traps gay?
And if yes, is that a problem?
Askkng because my husband has fucked two traps before we met and still watches trap porn almost daily. We have two kids. How high are the chances that that's just a fetish and he's not actually going to leave me for a man one day?
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Reading Fb messages

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Does anyone have experience hacking an ex's social media? Been wondering is there any legit way to view someone's messages on either Facebook or whatsapp, been wondering who my ex has been talking to lately and what she's said about me to her friends, are all those software hacks that you can download bullshit or do they actually work
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20 year old virgin

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I'm 20 (F) and I've never had a bf, never kissed anyone, obviously still a virgin. I have terrible anxiety and it's about 200x worse around attractive men. I'd say I'm attractive so that's not the issue, it's how to go about it when I know no one. All I do is go to the gym and I work from home so can't meet people from work.

It's time to get this over and done with, how do I lose my virginity without catching herpes? Don't care if I have to have a one night stand, I want it done so I can stop being so awkward around the topic. I feel like shit reading about young love and watching 16 year olds hold hands in the street. Fuck I'm so late to the game
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Just a reminder to everyone struggling here: God loves you.
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