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I have borderline personality disorder (BPD) and I do shit i college. i started with 5 classes this semester, i dopped outof 2 and failed another one due to absences.i dont know if ill pass the remaining 2. I'm worried about my future. what can i do?
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Asians (Filipinos) GTFIH

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>Pure Asian male
>Dating this white girl for a bit
>Mom is furious as fuck saying I *should just* date a Filipina girl (notice; just) or any other Asian girl
>Meanwhile in Asia people celebrate Asian females with white dudes

What the fuck. What do? I am trying to explain to her over and ever again that its not a big deal but she just wont listen!

She is being fucking racist and its annoying af
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Will my wife from an arranged marriage (not forced) who'll be marrying me 2 years from now care if I have a good body.

She is going to be a SAHM and I come from a culture where most women have hang ups about sex.

Please tell me it is going to be worth it in the end. I have a lot of money and I feel she is doing it for my money. I started working out to deflect her attraction to me from my money to my body (Sorry if this sounds retarded).

Somebody hit me up with some science or shit to make me feel better
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Alright, I don't know if this is the right board for this, but I need to talk to someone about this. What should I do on my birthday? I'm going to be turning 18; problem is, I haven't had a friend since I was 12. I'm so tired of being lonely on my birthday, and I want to do something with my family to take my mind off it. Thing is, I'm gonna be turning 18. I mean, growing up you're taught that this is supposed to be a big milestone of some kind, like you're finally going to become a man, do some crazy shit with the lads. But this one is shaping up to be just another year. Wake up, family says happy birthday, do nothing all day, open the gifts you already knew about, eat the cake you had for the last six years, fall asleep. Just another day. I've had this hollow feeling in me for the last week and a half, knowing that this birthday is gonna be the exact same. How do I change it? What can I do?
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Getting bullied by my boss

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God this is gonna be a depressing post.

So I work in security, it's easy as shit. I literally sit in an office all night and watch movies.

Anyway, my boss, who I've known for about 2 years, was staying a little late(Over his shift, during my shift) because he forgot to take a lunch.

So me and him have always been cool, and I actually voluntarily worked 16 hour shifts for an entire week to cover him when his mom died.

Anyway, he's sitting in the office with me and FaceTimed this girl.

He starts like laying into, just talking shit about me and everything, and I was jus sitting there on my laptop, replying lazily and talking shit back but not as bad as he was. The whole time he and this girl were laughing at the shit he said, and I just sat there.

I'm honestly pissed, at myself for not saying anything because I'm a big bitch, and at him for actually doing it.

1) What do I do now?

2) How do I stop being such a mega bitch and start standing up for myself?
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Older women

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/adv/ I'm 25 and basically a virgin compared to others and I just hooked a 40 year old amazingly attractive woman. I didn't know she was 40 I legit thought she was like 28. All the signs zipped by my ignorant ass.

I really like her but im so intimidated now that I know! It shouldn't bother me, the fact that she's interested in me should be enough for me to just chill out. The reason she was interested was probably because her age didnt faze me and I just kept smiling and flirting.

I'm not sure she knows that I'm so young. I'm pretty attractive and I've always delt with older women hitting on me but I was just so caught off guard!

We have a date Sunday and she's super excited! I figure ill just be me, there's no reason to lie about my age, I already feel awkward about this so fuck lying. I'm not sure! I don't know what she wants! Is she just looking for sex? She seams so sweet, I'm super lost.

/adv/ how do I ignore the intimidating factor of going out with an older woman?!
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Hey /adv/, I got 5 pills of xanx and wanted some info. I'm a complete newbie with them and I don't know much about them. I'm taking them with some friends this weekend. a few questions

- We've never done them before, will we have a good time if we split a pill between two? I also want to avoid blackouts

- how much is in theses pills (roughly)

- general tips whilst taking them

Thanks a lot, hope you all have a nice day/night
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My bf eats me out for almost an hour every day. Then he pumps for 5 minutes.

I recently brought this up since I thought it was unfair he gets only 5 minutes of enjoyment from me ( Not that I don't enjoy PiV) while I get upto an hour. (Not that I am complaining)

I tried offering him a bj but he says no. He is not gay but has very low self esteem. He is not doing anybody else since he is basically a shut in. Can somebody explain this meme? Can men be givers more than receivers too?
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I'm a 6.8/10 femanon of 24 years old , dating a guy of 19

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Dating this guy for 5 months. Started talking each other at work and realized that he was living under a rock, he didn't like to hang around and don't have any general culture like in books, movies, videogames or anything, he told me that he was always locked in his room, watching YouTube videos and drawing, sometimes skateboarding or smoking pot, anyways we get along pretty good and I started hanging around with him, watching movies going to museums etc.
We were pretty good friends and later on I was terribly attracted to him. He is a super skinny guy with curly hair and a 7/10 face, we started to talk about the type of girl he was attracted to, he said petite girls (I am a thicc girl, with big boobs) so I felt insecure about that, later on he asked me out and the first time I said no because of the age gap, later on I said yes... I was very happy, he quited Marijuana and now we discuss about books, movies, music etc. he told me that he was never like this with anyone and told me that he loved me, we had sex and he didn't climax (he was a virgin) it didn't happened to me before, I finished him with a hand job. Now I think that maybe he isn't attracted to me, that's why he didn't cum even though he was a virgin, I'm very insecure now about my body and my relationship with him because of that... Now when we go out and I see he turns his head to other direction I think that he is seeing other girls and now I feel that he doesn't want me... talked with him about this, and he said he doesn't want to leave me and that he loves me. I've had many other relationships and this have never happened to me before, now I'm going crazy...
What the hell is wrong with me, /adv/?
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Movie stream

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Does anyone know any websites where I can stream movies I was using go movies .to but it doesn't work anymore please and thank you