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i keep feeling a phone vibrate but my phone is turned off. Ive been feeling this shit randomly around me for the past day. Help
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How to handle weird people?

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Today at work there was literally one spot to sit during break, there happened to be a girl there. There was nothing else to it I just wanted to sit down for a little bit, I asked her if it was cool and she said yes.

I just drank an energy drink and played with my phone for a few minutes and took off. The rest of the day I see her watching out for me like I did something wrong to her, I hear her telling the guy I’m working with things about me, and every time I ended up near her area she would leave and hang out somewhere else until I left.

This made me feel embarrassed even though I didn’t do anything, she probably told people I was trying to hit on her or something and I literally only spoke one sentence to her.
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How do I grow up? I feel like my interests haven't matured beyond that of an edgy 12 year old boy.
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I will live for the rest of my days with the intention, the obligation to hunt you down, and exterminate you. My will is not yours to toy with and it never will be. Your days are numbered.

This is a promise to every individual that thinks they can intimidate me with subtle remarks, your vile intrusions, your "nonchalance" and your cowardice.

You know my name, you will know my face. Heed this, I will raise hell on Earth. I will bring ruin, and let it mark the beginning of my retribution.

Do not interpret this as indiscriminate, I will discriminate. God will not judge you, I will, as you have. In the end, you are not the tormentors, I am.
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My girlfriend wont leave her shit job

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it's as the title says. ive talked with her and told her to find a new job because the one she works at is doodoo. the only benefit is that she's payed $19 but i can physically see it taking a toll on her. they are short staffed, her coworkers are lazy and dont do anything, and because of this management has her coming in and doing overtime because of it. though she is a manager no one respects/ acknowledges her as such. she has insurance, but that shit sucks as well. when she complains to her higher ups about the problems in her department they practically push her to the side with an empty promise of fixing it. when ive discussed it with her and asked why she's still there it is one of the following:
1. its close to home and i save on gas
2. I dont want to leave the other employee there alone because i know she will be overworked
3. I dont know

i dont understand why someone would stay at such a horrible job, especially when the physical toll on someone is noticeable. she doesnt even want to transfer to a different location. i dont understand.
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How do I learn to man up and never talk about my feelings? Any tricks? How do you do it?
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My best friend tried to kill himself and now hes stuck in a psyche ward for 3 weeks and i cant see or talk to him. What should I say to him when he gets back? i really miss him..
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Why does my dick hurt?

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Everytime I jizz my urethra stings & feels very uncomfortable for 30 mins after. I can only alleviate the pain by having a hot shower. When I shoot the rope it feels fine, but 10 mins later if feels like my jizz was made of acid or salt and cut a little on the way out. I clean my dick daily, only ever had 1 partner, had a urine test that showed I have no STDs. It hurts most if I don’t use lube and least if I’m in the shower, I might jack it 5 times a week. Why does my dick hurt? How do I fix it?
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Sus black friend..

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I met this girl I really like but there's one thing about her that creeps me out. And that is that she's a white girl with a black male best friend, is that normal to have? She said she knew him since childhood. Idk if he's in the friend zone or what but I never encountered this in my life.
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How am I supposed to feel like living when this is my side profile. No guy wants to date a girl with a plank of wood body. I spend so much of my time thing about how much I hate my body it makes me wanna die. Guys how harshly do you judge girls bodies?