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Pimple scars

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So a few weeks ago I popped a pimple near my eye, and now its gone but it left this kind of scar that doesn't seem to heal, is there any way to make it go away or "heal" it? I don't know any tips or tricks because I barely get pimples
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What are the perfect size breasts to attract men?

Will I stick out with D cups?
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Need shaving advice.

I am a dude and have gone through many types of shaving. im talking from cheap disposables to straight razors.

I guess my overall issue is razor burn. I know you aren't supposed to go against the grain but man.. when you go against the grain and it works out the shave is so fucking smooth.

whats your favorite way to shave? for me I get the best results with either a 5 blade system or a straight razor. only issue is the straight razor is like a whole ritual and takes forever, plus if i want to shave my balls and do some grooming down below its not gonna happen. im not putting a straight razor down there, no fucking way. and the 5 blade systems are great for everything but god damn expensive when compared to everything else.

what do you do?
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Will I be successful?

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Hey /adv/, I'm a freshman in college, Bio major, looking to go into medicine. I had a 3.5 GPA in highschool, but i already have a C in English and a B in math (pre calc, first college math course). i know i'm overthinking, but i feel like i'm not going to do very well in college. Any words of wisdom, tips, etc on what to do to succeed, and whether or not being a doctor is even realistic with a 3.0 + GPA? I'm in CC right now, looking to transfer to uni in two years. Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarity on my situation
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I have it, and I'm not here to say I'm the special snowflake that's different than the rest. I've been battling this for years but it's been worse in recent years (I'm 16) and I don't know how to cope. This leads to me not knowing how to handle my own emotions, let alone keeping friendships and relationships. This also translates to me not making happy relationships because quite simply, I'm just a fucking pussy about everything. I'm afraid of denial. Ask me anything, I'll respond and see if anyone can help. Thanks in advance, I've asked 4chan shit before and I don't believe you guys will let me down.
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Bdsm/kinky people

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Where do I go to meet people who are interested in bdsm and other kinky stuff? I've tried joining groups on kik but they just ask for pics to "verify" and start talking about their day and shit like that. Is there a way to meet kinky people? Do they meet up or something and if so how do I find/join these meetups? No one I talk to seems to be into it, plus I live in a rural area (in Australia) which I assume makes it more difficult. Pls help.
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Help me stop my random panic attacks. The only thing that has really made a difference is making myself as busy as possible so i don't have time to think, but even then I'm having anxiety. I fear being alone, abandoned, failure, death, and fear itself. I'm on 60mg of Prozac and it doesn't seem to be doing enough.
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