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How to suggest doing squats to my girlfriend?

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She has a pretty small ass, not much shape to it... She's not fat or chubby but right on the border of pudgy. How can I suggest doing squats and exercising in general to her without sounding like an asshole?
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Unsure if I should seek help

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>be me
>25 year old neet
>started hearing voices several years ago
>became incredibly paranoid
>have left my house twice in the past 5 years
>was incredibly anxious both times, to the point of being physically sick
>haven't had any range of emotion since before I dropped out of high school
>have recently started seeing 3d shadows of cats and owls
I haven't had a complete breakdown yet but the shadow cats are fucking me up. My mother is the only person I've spoken to in person for years. How to bring this up with her without being ostracized?
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Where to live?

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Hi /adv/! My wife and I have been struggling with a decision of where to live.

We both come from the East coast and are currently living in Seattle. We really love the nature, friendliness, and general "feel" of the area. I work in QA Automation, so it's been nice living here where tech jobs have been booming. However, the cost of housing is too high for us to ever afford a good house here. Even with our combined salaries of 130k+, the only houses in our price range (about 300-450K) are either tiny, falling apart, or a 2+ hour drive from the city. Additionally, our families are still living on the east coast (PA and VA) and cannot afford to move/live here either. We miss them and would love to be nearby when we have kids... at least within a 1-day drive.

That said, we are struggling to find any suitable areas on the East Coast. So far we have been mostly considering the Tri-state area. This puts us very close to family, but desu it seems like a real shit hole. We've both been in this area before. It's littered with garbage, unfriendly people, and is missing a lot of the gorgeous nature that we admire here in WA. It also doesn't seem like a good place to raise a family. There are lots of areas with higher crime than here in Seattle, and the public school system isn't as well-developed. In terms of benefits... The cost of living and housing is lower (at least in NJ and PA), it's a decent area for tech jobs, and is of course close to our families.

We've also thought about "The Triangle" (NC). It actually seems to meet most of our criteria. The biggest problem, though, is the lack of Asian population. My wife is Asian, and we most often eat foods she is familiar with. We have scouted out the area on google maps and it looks very scarce.

tl;dr... Is there anywhere on the East coast matching these criteria?
-Close to Mountains, Forest, Water
-Close to city with abundant tech jobs
-Big asian population
-Low housing costs
-Safe friendly and clean
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Does anyone know what the image reflecting off these person glasses, is from?
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Tinder match

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i need help with making a decision. should i have sex with this girl tonight? i matched with her on tinder and she’s coming but i’m having second thoughts. i haven’t been in the US in years so i don’t know anyone. i’m desperate.
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I need some help Anon . Had a gf 3 years ago .Was great . We read the same stuff , play the same vidya , same type of humour , etc... .She motivates me to hope for a better life than what I'd be comfortable with. We still meet sometimes , the way we talk is still like before the breakup .
I set a goal to improve myself as much as I can to be prepared if I ever have a chance to get her back. (Look better , read more , have better grades , etc . ) However I am a weak man. I barely keep up with the uni work because I am lazy. This semester I had sleepless nights just before the deadlines every week. I continuously set schedules for myself and end up breaking them the next days. Worst of all if I mastubate one day it's over for that day. Can't get out of the bed, I miss courses, I feel hopeless and lost. I can abstain from masturbation long periods of time , and I'd do that but I'm extenuated from forcing myself to work , socializing more than I can bear , drinking too much coffee/energy drinks + smoking (I try as much as I can to not drink/smoke , but everyone around me does that and it helps me focus when I need it).
I have no will left to fight fapping. And moments after I do it I am overwhelmed by the feeling that I'm failing . That I'm weak and can't even overcome simple obstacles for what I want. That I prefer short term pleasure that I don't even truly enjoy to ex.
Any way to kill sexual drive ? To be a more decent person with more self control ?

No need to blackpill me . I'm aware that I might not have another chance with the ex but I still want to do my best .
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Girl issues

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>be me
>have crush on coworker
>she has feelings back
>doesn’t want to pursue
Idk what to do bros
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For the past 7 months I've been making the same search query looking for new transit news in my area. The thing is that I know there's never going to be any big projects anytime soon and even if there was I don't need to search it everyday. But I can't stop doing it, I can't go to sleep unless I've had the comfort of knowing that maybe another inkling of transit news in my area must have come up within the past day. Am I autistic? Everything about this seems autistic.