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Why does he like me?

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/adv/, I come to you in search of people with similar experiences.

A couple of days ago I went out on a date with a guy. We grabbed a beer and walked a bit on the lakeside. We talked but there were also some awkward silences. He made a good impression on me, he's nice, modest, and also good looking.
It doesn't really feel like I have done anything to impress him, and our conversations weren't that interesting, not to mention that he could EASILY find someone prettier than me. I'm being objective here, although I'm insecure this is the truth of it.

And yet, he seems to be into me more and more everyday. His texts are starting to be really cute and stuff.

The point is that he has never felt attraction for someone before. He dated before but it wasn't really anything serious and no relationships ever came out. It feels like he likes me more because I rapresent the opportunity of having the relationship he longed for more than liking me because of who I am.

Am I being paranoid? Am I underestimating myself too much? It really makes me happy that he likes me but I can't figure out why, so I'm scared that this attraction could fade away as easily as it came if we really get to the serious dates.

Help me out guys
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I want to change myself.
I’m 19, going on to 20 and I want to become a different person. In about half a year I’ll be going off to college, and I want to prepare now.

About me, I’m average height and weight, relatively good looking and good sized dick. However, I can recognize my flaws. Appearance wise, I’ve had bad posture and I don’t think my fashion sense is good (I color coordinate my outfits but that’s about it lol). I’ve also spent my whole life being a timid, nice guy but now I realise the world is fucked. As much as I want to be nice and friendly, there will always be people out there to take advantage of that.

I’m already trying to better myself, but I need to do more. I’ve started to go to the gym to get a fit body and correct my posture. I’ve also began browsing r/malefashionadvice and r/seduction (inb4 “you’re a faggot for using leddit OP”), but I still can’t quite act like a ‘normie’, especially when I’m high and drunk. In a nutshell, I want to appear as a chad to outsiders, while still enjoying the nerdy shit in private/ with close friends. When I’m intoxicated, I’m batshit crazy, but it could be the environment since all the parties and hangouts I attend with are with close friends, so that could be the reason for my actions since I’m so comfortable around them.

Friends are also a problem. All they fucking do day in and day out is get high and drunk in their house. They haven’t gone out for like months and on the verge of becoming neets, and I’ve begun to hang out with them less and less every day. As shitty as it sounds, if they can’t help better/ challenge myself, I have no use for them.

So, any advice I can get? Anything would be helpful really- from how to get new friends to being a fucking alpha, any help is appreciated.
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Am I a weirdo
I haven't been attracted to a girl for years. I have no desire to pursue a girl , not for a relationship not dorm a quick fuck. I masturbate twice a week.
I'm a complete virgin at 20, go to a big party school but always the sober one

I don't know, I'm not sad about it just confused
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How do I meet cute, pure girls? Do I have to resort to online dating/Tinder?
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Which position to apply for?

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A company I heavily want to work for is hiring for two positions - one a manager position, and one an associate manager position (presumably reporting to whoever they hire for the top one).

I am 100% confident that I am qualified for (maybe overqualified), and an extremely strong candidate for, the associate manager role. However, I'm not sure I have the needed experience and ability for the main role... I'd kind of be faking it til I make it.

This is the kind of job where I can't just Google or ask someone for help, or fake it with enthusiasm... and high stakes, since it's one of the biggest companies on the planet.

Should I apply for the one I KNOW I'll be super qualified for, or the one I'd be stretching it with?
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Random fapping question

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It's been a long while that I have masturbated but held the ejaculation with my phimosis so I wouldn't make a mess on my clothes and could easily dispose of it in the bathroom soon after.
The thing is at rare times it feels like the semen get stuck somewhere it shouldn't which makes it itchy, but it gets better soon after another ejaculation or some time.
My question is this act of holding it is unhealthy? It kinda bothers me because I actually cant find another way to keep it clean and pleasant like that.
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What do I do

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So I last year I started to hangout with a girl in my friend group just us two. I liked her alot but she didnt like me past a friend which was fine because I still loved to hangout and talk with her. Anyway I would ask her to hangout about once a week and started to ask more and more, sometimes it was yes and sometimes it was no.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and I asked her again and got like 3 no's from her in a week. I then started to notice I was the only one asking her to hangout even if she said yes or no, and that I asked like 2-3 times a week. I asked her if I was coming off as annoying or making her pissed that I kept asking and she said she rather I wait for her to be ready to hangout and want to then me just asking. I got confused because I was the only one asking and she still said yes at times. So I asked her if all those other times she hungout did she actually feel like it or just say it to shut me up. So then said when we hangout she doesnt think she'd have energy to hangout but when we do its fine. She then said im not gonna placate you here. So I didnt notice it until I said it but I came off like I was pissed at her for not asking at all, so I said I didnt bring this up to make her make me feel better I just wanted to avoid making you pissed or annoyed at me but I think I got that result by asking, then I told her sorry and that was the end of the convo. Two days later she texted two videos to me and I didnt reply, idk why I think I was trying to back off a little and cut my emotions from her but after that its been about 2 weeks since we talked. Now I dont know if I should be the one to break the silence and talk to her first or just wait it out becuase I dont know if shes mad at me or thinks im mad at her or just doesnt care that much to talk with me. If she doesnt care that much I dont want to just start talking to her and she's just like ugh its this kid again. Before this we used to text all the time throughout the day so I am just lost
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How do I become more comfortable with myself when talking to people And especially women. I'm 19, 6'3, good looking, physically fit and all, fairly intelligent and spiritually more advanced than most. I have alot going for me in a sense besides a few things in which I lack, though I acknowledge my lacking. I'm not an insecure person consciously at least, and I would say Im happy with myself most of the time. Nonetheless every time I get in social situation especially with girls I find attractive, my mind goes blank. I can't think of anything to say or how to act so I end up just ignoring people that are blatantly trying to get my attention. Many, Many missed opportunity for pussy, making friends, going and doing things, all because of this anxiety or something I get when in a social situations. Any tips on getting better with this sort of shit?
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>Be best friends with this dude all through middle school and early high school
>We were very close, hung out almost every weekend and told eachother everything
>In freshman year of high school I dated one of his very close friends who he liked. It obviously annoyed him
>In the year following this we talk and hang out less and less, until we just stop talking altogether
>We've both changed a lot and moved on to different social circles. I become a little more popular and better with girls, he's still kind of a geek from what I can tell
>I really have no desire to talk to him at all by the end of Junior Year
>Senior year, haven't talked to him in over a year by now
>Only problem is that he has one of my gaming consoles that I lended to him a while ago, really want it back before I go off to college

How do I approach this without being aspie or a douche? I don't want to open the door to befriend him again, but I also kind of want some closure on why exactly we fell out. My theory could be wrong and we just drifted apart naturally, or I could be right and he hates me for all the reasons I listed. But I just want my shit back, mainly.
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is it ok to fuck your best friends girlfriend(or boyfriend)?
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