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As the least feminine and least appealing of all sixteen types, how does an INFJ girl find love?
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Finding life pointless

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Not sure what to do in my free time. I go to the gym, I did read a lot but it feels more like a chore now as I ask myself what the point of reading is.

I semi-regularly go out in nature, I try to enjoy it but again I think "what's the point?" and I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.

I think as I've started judging everything by thinking "what's the point?" again & again I've lost my ability to enjoy things that don't give me immediate pleasure, hence I procrastinate heavily when not at the gym (the one thing I do mostly stick to).

Reading Ted K was probably one of the catalysts that got me to where I am now and I'm wondering how to not think like this.
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"Uncle Coomer" I guess D: (35M with 15F update)

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Update on the situation. Convo we had this morning. I can't focus on work for shit, so I'm gonna vent it out in here. Cry me a river.
Obviously not picrel, but pic reminds me of her face.

[ ] = emoji

>Good morning [3 hearts face] [heart]
Hello [smile]
>How u doing?
Fine I guess hehe. U?
>Anxious [worried]
>Are you still gonna see me tomorrow?
If you want it, yeah.
You deserve that we talk about it in person.
>I think I know what you're gonna say already
>But I still want to see you and hear it from you
Yeah. I have a lot to say to you, actually.
>I have things to say to you too
>Even if it doesn't change anything
>But I'll say them anyway
I want to hear it.
>[anime smile]

(47 minutes)

>I'm really sad
I'm really sorry. I wish I wasn't making you go through this.
>It's not your fault
Actually, it is. I shouldn't have allowed that spark to grow into a flame. I'm the adult person.
>I think it just happened, it isn't anybody's fault

(this got me 2 minutes thinking of a reply)

Sorry, I was reflecting upon it.
Maybe. Destiny sometimes is very cruel.
I really wish things were different.
[sad with drop in head]
>Yes. But why can't they be, right? [crying]
That's one of the things I want to talk to you tomorrow. I wish I could see you today so I could get it out of my chest.
But it's just one more day.
>I think I could arrange to see you today, but I understand if you can't
I think it's better if we leave it to tomorrow.
But I'll tell you if this changes.

That was it so far.
I have a heavy heart, but am on my way to "do the right thing". I guess I AM a 12 yo girl after all, like the Anon said in the other thread (it was archived today so I couldn't reply).
Wtf is wrong with me?
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It's been 3 days since I last defecated.

I usually defecate every 3-5 days, and in the time between I feel somewhat uncomfortable sometimes, but I just can't force it

Is this normal? It started happening around 2 years ago.
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I have no clue where to post this but have you ever known a hoarder? Why are they like this?
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Why do dead bedrooms happen?

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I can't understand why a woman wouldn't want to have sex with her man or try new things - I mean I can rationally get that this exists, but in my guts I don't really sympathize. It's not that hard to just have sex, especially if you're a woman or the receptive partner. All you have to do is be present, hopefully wear something sexy that emphasizes your goods, and let the man do most of the work. But apparently many women don't even do that. I always wonder, "he must've pissed her off somehow or turned her off, and she just doesn't want to confront him." Like she might not even consciously know that he disappointed her. She feels the weight of all the years of hurt and disappointment that piled up that she doesn't want to confront, and instead she just buries it under the rug, and sexually and emotionally checks out in the meantime. She doesn't even want to accommodate him, or even touch him.

The guy doesn't understand why she changed, thinks it's on her and nothing that has to do with his own behavior, and then instead of confronting it or leaving, he starts looking elsewhere. Instead of trying to figure out their sex life, the guy thinks there is nothing wrong with seeking elsewhere - they view their wives as something they acquired, like a possession for a means to an end instead of a life partner that they are accountable to. He's with her out of convenience. What he should be doing is do everything in his power to access his wife sexually and make her receptive.

These are the types of people who describe what they love about their partners in very utilitarian terms.

Am I off about this?
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"Kindness Coins"

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Every so often I see some variation of the phrase "women aren't machines you put kindness coins into and sex falls out," or something to that effect about how trying stock niceness isn't how you get a girl. But that just makes me wonder what is then?
Sometimes they say they're not locks you have to crack the code to get into, but isn't that what getting a girl to like you effectively is? Being an approximately correct combination of generally flattering traits that meet whatever standards she has?
I know I'm kinda autistic but I've seriously never understood this and it just feels like a way to say "you're doing it wrong" without explaining why.
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Girlfriend says she wants to talk to me
>Okay, what do you want to talk about
>I love you but I'm not *in* love with you
>What the fuck does this mean? Do you want to break up?
>No I don't want to break up. I want to wait and see what happens.
What the fuck could she mean by this?
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