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I really need some relationship help, this is going to be a long post, sorry in advance...
>met a guy online and had ldr for about a year
>met during hardest time in my life, recently left a toxic relationship, was in therapy, and severely depressed and suicidal. wasn't entirely ready for a new one, but really loved him and didn't want to lose him. He was single for 6 years and counting and at times was obsessed with me
>guy has own issues and was often manipulative and verbally abusive, would either highly idealize me or ruthlessly insult me and put me down
>really messed me up, made me lose a year of my life by causing me to sink further into my depression
>had good and bad times, fought often (always started by him)
>he's out one night at a bar with classmates/coworker and meets girl who was 2 months out of a relationship
>Fucking breaks up with me, says it's due to choosing his career over me but I feel like there's more to it.
>After we break up I get really upset, angry, regrettably called him names and said mean things that hurt him deeply Said "no one will ever love him as much as I did". Stopped talking to him for almost a week
>He rebounds with that girl
>I eventually talk to him again
>Find out about girl, reasonably upset
>He constantly talks to me about her and their relationship

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So I badly want therapy. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just know that something is deeply wrong. The thing is, my healthcare providers will not set up an appointment with a therapist until I get referred by my doctor. Who is a meat doctor and not a mind doctor. I don't want to spill my guts to this dude, I hate him and he stares at me without blinking like a fucking reptile. What magic words do I say to him to get therapy?

"Well you see doc, I can't tell you what's wrong with me because I don't have a diagnosis from a trained and accredited professional. Perhaps you can arrange a meeting with one. A FUCKING THERAPIST YOU BUEREAUCRATIC CHODES JUST LET ME MAKE AN APPOINTMENt " - that probably won't go so well. It's already going to be hard to tell an actual therapist that I'm lonely every day and fantasize about vanishing into the mountains and swallowing oxycodone so I can die and get eaten by bears. It's going to be humiliating and impossible to tell some 23 year old prick fresh out of med school with no mental health training.
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How to fix my attention span?

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How do I increase my attention span? I have ADHD and I always find my mind wandering and unable to focus on mentally stimulating tasks. I always find myself seeking something pleasurable. What's wrong with me? How do I fix my brain? It's making my life a living hell.
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Started NoFap 2 days ago and today i went out to buy groceries and ended up recording 3 long videos of girls asses on the street. I have done videos from time to time, but not 3 in a day, and certainly not within a very narrow time frame.

Am i doing this right?
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>a girl that I think has a crush on me posts a photo of us on her instagram
>she later shows me that she got a message from some guy she knows who was probably into her
>"you're very pretty but you have a horrible boyfriend [I'm not her boyfriend but whatever], I thought you had better taste
I tried to advise her on what to do but inside I felt like shit. how to deal
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there's this shy girl i want to talk to.

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I've been keeping my eye on this one girl at my school, I have absolutley no classes with her but I really want to become friends with her and become her bf. She"s timid and shy about 5,5 has scruffy, medium sized black hair and is very reserved to herself. she's got a group of people she sits with but never really talks amongst them. I have a handfull of friends in her classes who give me information about her but all I get from them is "she's shy and doesn't talk much"

my summer ends june 5th and last friday I was hyping myself up to talk to her but I just froze up when I got near her. there is one moment a day when shes alone, the cafiteria llne we both take the same line and our classes are next to each other so we just stand next to each other for a solid 2 minuites. My original idea was to ask her if she wanted to hang out but most of my friends said that she'll say no since she's shy and that its too soon. So I really want to become friends with her and exchange contact info before summer,

what i'm lacking in is confidence and what to tell her
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Does this guy look guy..

Part of me
Wonders if my bf is gay. And sometimes I think his friends are. I know it’s not a lot to judge but does one of
His friends he hangs with a lot look gay?
It’s jsut weird cuz he spends a lot of time w them, seen movies w them etc...

I found a Snapchat this guy took on his phone once a short clip of my bf ans another one of their friends “fighting “ each other and he captioned it as homosexual couple something something I forget the rest he said it was a joke but I’m starting to think it’s red flags

He also jokes with his friends A LOT about gay dtuff and call each other homos and he said it’s jokes but it seems weird

Someone pls help me
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Well help identify me I guess

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Im a straight male but I also like the look of guys and the thought of a little sexual activity like a blow job and hand job but I’m not romantically attracted to guys so how do I tell people my sexuality?
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Guys help.

I got really desperate and found a fat girl on Tinder and said to the hell with it. She sucked me off and I fucked her tits. Now she wants me to come over next week to fuck her for real but I'm not into it. I'd rather just jerk off. Do I tell her I'm just not interested or just unmatch on Tinder without a word.