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Wasn't really sure where to post this, but please help a guy out.
So I get rashes on my face and other areas when the bathroom towels get dirty - after two or three days. Our bathroom only has one window which is shut half the time.
I google why our towels don't air dry etc and get moldy after such short time, and this page I'm looking at says they need to be washed in really high heat, sometimes with extra cleaning products because the residual bacteria just starts growing again otherwise.

Now I ask one of my parents: "hey do you mind if we leave our towels in the front patio area as it heats up a lot during the day"
5 minutes later and I'm called every name under the sun, told to fuck myself etc go buy my own washing machine.

Surely someone here has had problems with their bathroom towels and bacteria growth? I can treat the rash straight away but obv would love to not have it appear at all.
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Combating Depression Boredom

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I've had 3 jobs, and all three made my depression hit me really hard. After the first 2 hours or so, I get incredibly bored and sluggish. Since I've only ever done really low expectation entry level work, I just seem like another lazy minimum wage employee.

I'm almost certified to get my first non entry level job, and I'm concerned that I'll be a terrible worker.
Any tips on managing this?
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How do I quit being so slothful?
I have so much I want to do, but always get a headache when I feel like actually doing stuff
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need help

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hello im not sure what to write or even how to process all of this, not long ago me and my ex broke up. ive been happy focusing on myself and enjoying my life. then about 2 months ago i started recieving threats to my email and phonecalls. i thought nothing of it as the internet, then two guys broke into my flat while i was sleeping and proceeded to beat the living hell out of me in my own bed i didnt even realise what was going on untill i woke up in hospital missing 6 teeth broken ribs, fingers and a fractured skull. police got involved but nothing could be linked to my ex even tho the emails showed they were doing it because she told them. still recovering last month i was cooking myself dinner just some soup and 6 guys busted through my door and proceeded to beat me to the point i still have blood stains in the gaps in my kitchen tiles, after beating me 3 of the guys took turns raping me while the other three pinned me down. i didnt have alot of fight in me as i wasnt even fully recovered. my next door neighbour found me as my door had been broken and after the previous beating he knew something was wrong. the police got involved but again couldnt link anything. one guy has been arrested but i know this wont be the end of it. im writing this to ask if there is anyone out there that can help me. my ex refuses to reply to me or my family im not looking for revenge or anything like that im not that sort of person im asking because i just want to speak to her find out why she is doing this to me so i can have closure and resolve this with her so im not scared to be at home alone. i havent been outside since the first attack im only now able to bend my fingers again enough to type. im seeing a therapist and trying to get the strength to leave my flat. i have tried my best to seek any help but no one has shown any willing to help as her family has alot of cash im sure the police are just being paid off or something.
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can barely feel my penis inside her when I have sex

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So I've been seeing this girl for a month or so and every time we get hot and heavy it great up until the point were I stick it in her. It's like the reverse of the 'is it in meme' bc she can very clearly feel it but i have no idea if im thrusting inside her or against her leg

Have years of violent masturbation ruined my sensitivity?
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How can I cut my femoral artery more easily. I can't even locate the fucker visually.
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Hear me out, people. I have two scenarios, please help me choosing wisely.

1. I am the son of an important person in a company. With the connection of my dad, I can just get into the company easily and compete with others in climbing the career ladder without having to take the tests etc. I got the job, and my boss (who was inferior to my dad) said that I can get out anytime. But my dad is also offering to pay for my Master’s Degree in order to climb the career ladder even easier. I have a bright future in the palm of my hand, handed on to me by someone I dislike. But the thing is, this makes me feel not proud of anything, and I really don't like the working culture here. Anything that excites everyone here, doesn't excite me. I don't grow careness about anything here, except for things that was appointed to me.

2. I am really aspired to be a writer. I feel that my habitat is in the writing world. This makes me work hard to build my writing portfolio. And I have a pretty okay-ish writing portfolio already, for a non-writing fresh grad. I applied to a lot companies. I can already imagine the fun life I will have, as a writer surrounded by writers. But the thing is, this is a low income job. For a person who wishes to build a family, I don’t think this is the wise choice, if the other alternative is easier and brings much more money in the future. But also, I can imagine how psychologically exhausted I would be, if I walk on the path of the other alternative. This is not a hobby. I don't write for fun, but I want to have writing or editing as a career in the future.

what do you think?
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ITT: Self-Improvement resources / Personalized advice

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Hey anon!

Life’s pretty rough sometimes, huh? I hope you find a thread to whatever’s bothering you, or maybe get some good advice on the one you started. Some advice here for you, too:

> Things happen for a reason; if its out of your control, don't waste time being sad for the sake of being sad.
> Mistakes fade over time! And don't act like nobody would forgive you if you said you were sorry.
> All life can ever ask of you is this: Wake up a better person than who you were yesterday. Do that for a year, and you'll be 365 steps a better person than who you once were.

In addition to this, I study eastern philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, therapy, and medicine. I'm not an expert in anyway, but, I'm happy to give you some advice should you ask for it! Feel free to lurk, too, as I'll be dumping some resource/general advice as well.

I love you, just for not giving up.

If you’re still feeling down, and need a friend, We can talk about anime, music, or geopolitical crises, I’m pretty easy-going. Be as private or personal as you’d like:
> Discord: ml26285#0365
I'm also hoping to start a community for you, and anyone else among the wonderful people I've met. The intent being clichéd self-improvement advice and personal growth through study, art, and good company. Feel free to share your inspirations, your obstacles, achievements, and goals.

(I hope the mods don’t mind threads like this).

tl;dr: I'm going to be dumping self-improvement/personal growth resources ITT, and I'll be available to give personalized advice.
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>so movies?
>sounds good
>hm what about we go to the park instead?
>oh and you can bring your (much more attractive) friend (who I'm clearly interested in) and I can bring my (excuse to distract you while I hang out with the guy I'm actually interested) friend
Should I still try? For months it's been like this. I feel like I finally gain in inch with her and boom suddenly it's about him. But giving her up means much more to me than just losing a girl. The guy she's interested in and me like the same things but he's much better at them than I am. I feel obsolete, and giving her up feels like accepting my place at the bottom of the food chain, which might be the best option. On top of this, I felt like she pretty much got me out of this huge depression I was in, which is also a huge reason why I don't want to give it up just yet. I just don't know /adv/, is it worth it? I know I'll likely get crushed once I see them together, but if I give her up now I'll feel like it's my fault for giving, and if I don't give her up and she still ends with him it'll be even worse.
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>you did this thing a year ago
>"that's not how it happened"

Is there anything worse than a woman with entry-level knowledge of psychology