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A few months ago I let me boyfriend talk me into a sexual act. While I had fun and would do it again, it's all he talks about. Whenever we start getting intimate he talks about when we're doing it again, when he texts me throughout the day, he talks about it, it's a constant in our relationship. I just can't take it anymore, I love him and won't leave him but I just want him to cool down with it. I have told him again and again I don't wanna talk about it, but then he gets upset. When we do talk about it I feel like I'm only encouraging him to talk about it more. How can I make him stop talking about it all the time!?
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I have this rich relative whom said that he'll put me in a job with him that'll make rich too only if I finish high school
>Time travel 9 years ago
My rich uncle became rich, everyone now loves him
Cousin didn't pass highschool cause too dumb, his mom cried her ass so my uncle put him in a job, he did, cousins fucks up, goes to jail, now uncle hates him
>Time travel 8 years forward
I'm old enough to realize this is the best future ever
1month before beginning of the last year of highschool
Uncle decided to trust cousin again
Probably this time he won't fuck up
Which makes uncle love cousin more than he will to me
My guesses to the future
>Time travel two years later
Me done last year
Going to uncle
Uncle tells cousin to show me
Now cousin can freely steal my money, slave me, tell me to do hard work
I kinda shy in front of everyone but with him n dam I kinda have angery issues so that's bad
My cousin is an animal thinker like he drains his money all of it just to love the day, he'd probably have a better place in my uncle's company than I will
Uncle not planning to marry cause too many thots so guess whom the money going to
Unless you guys help me I'm gonnah try to kill my cousin and make it look natural
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Completely forgettable

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Just realized that I'm nothing but a tag along for friends when they need an extra guy. I'm quite when in a group I participate in discussions and start my own.

But I'm never called to just hang out, I often have to reach forward and force to include myself so that they can remember me. It seems they only call when they need one last guy.
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Getting over not being my lover's first

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She's the loveliest fucking thing. I'm not gonna go list off all the qualities that make her one of the best damn things in my life. Just trust that she is. I don't have a wandering eye, not looking to find an excuse to stray. I just want to stop getting hung up that I wasn't her first and she was mine. We perform roleplays where I am her first, initiated by her no less, and it's fucking amazing. But it only furthers my feeling hours later that I wasn't her first.
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Well /adv/ Shit has hit the fan.
>Be me
>20 y/o virgin
>friends have forced me to go to a hooker tonight
>what do?
>choices are: overcome irrational fear of women fuck the hooker or be called a faggot
P.S. Also any advice on what to look out for when with a hooker.
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How to not be normie?

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New here, how do I not be a normie
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I feel like I'm slowly dying. I am young and probably healthy, but that's what makes it even worse because this feeling destroy my will of achievieng anything. If I die my efforts would not matter at all. I kinda accepted my fate but part of me just want to live normal life, also I'm affraid of death.
Pickle unrelated.
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Am I ugly

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I legitimately think I am ugly. I can't stand pictures of myself. It has been a very long time since I have gotten a compliment on anything other then my hair.

Please tell me the truth and be serious, am I ugly?

I will try to add more pics to give a better idea.
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>date girl for a year and a half
>we have a few problems along way regarding how I handle certain situations involving her depression/mental issues (not comforting her properly)
>we break up 2 times over the course of 4 months, with the first time being around march
>we decide to take a break for the summer in may with the intent to try to come back together and fix what we have since we're so compatible
>after the summer ends she tells me that she simply doesn't love me anymore and can't see me romantically even though I've fixed a lot of things with my personality
>she still wants to be friends and says "who knows what could happen in the future"

what am I supposed to do here? I still love her and I still have hopes that she'll come around but being around her is very painful, talking to her is painful. just flat out now having her in my life seems even more painful, I feel trapped

sorry if the situation isn't clear
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Social skills general

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>no social skills, don't know what to talk about with people
>boring, no hobbies
>always at home on my computer or lifting
>no friends to do things with
how do i get an exciting and interesting life? how do i get stories or funny anecdotes to tell others of things that happened to me or someone i know?

how do i be funny?

help /fit/

pic related, if i saw them at a bar and i was by myself, what would i say to them to make them interested in me
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