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its friday night. why are you here?
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I need help, frens

>be me, 28 yr old guy
>ample experience with females and relationships
>but for several months now I'm totally infatuated with a 20 yr old musician girl from YouTube
>her channel is moderately popular
>wholesome family values stuff so no coomers in her comment sections
>met her once irl briefly and it wasn't terribly uncomfortable
>have only talked a handful of times through social media
>I really want to try talking to her but I'm painfully aware of that "well now it's awkward" line
>as illogical and retarded as this is I still feel strongly about her
>or rather the idea of her that she presents to the internet
>I know no female will ever make my life perfect and fix my problems
>I know I have a problem because I'm making this thread about her right now
>I should be smart enough to know better and yet I simp

what is wrong with me? I'm not horny. if I was, there are 2 girls I know irl (my age) that I could easily go back to and fuck. I'm not desperate. I could easily get on some dating app tonight and have a date with a qt college girl tomorrow night. but I don't want any of that. I just want this stupid internet girl. I can't explain it. my heart just wants her. it all started when I heard her laugh for the first time. and her goddamn smile just turns me inside out.

I'm like addicted to stalking her socials to check up on her. I guess I feel that if I could just break past that initial barrier of "random internet guy" there could be a chance. but I'm so afraid of making her uncomfortable, of being misconstrued, that I don't know what to do. I think I'm just going to mail her a letter to her PO box and then delete all my accounts and disappear from her fan community. no girl has ever made me feel this way. I feel so pathetic. I don't know if I can take it much longer
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To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx?

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Hello /adv/,
I am not vaxxed. I'm not opposed necessarily to it (or to vaxxes in general). I simply want to wait to make sure this is safe, no unknown future health effects etc. Unfortunately, my government has decided to introduce the passport and my job has called me up and implied that there won't be any work for me if I don't. I don't like the idea of being coerced into this but I need a job to live. It's not like there are other jobs that won't be doing this. All of them are already.

So what do?
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>Brother in law Who I've known for almost a decade just straight up died today at work
>Heart stopped, No breathing everything
>They brought him back but nows he's in a coma
>I feel nothing
Why do I feel nothing? He's like a brother to me but I have no emotion towards this.
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Unhealthy Relationship?

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I'm very sadistic with my gf during sex, I often bite, pull her hair, hold her down physically, etc. I really enjoy causing my gf pain during sex. Sometime the penetrative sex get so rough that I make her vagina bleed, she has regular cycle so it's not period blood, and and the doctor said it was light vagina laceration no STD.

My gf said that she don't really mind, since she always great orgasm when having sex with me despite the pains I caused.

Bizarrely, I'm always very gentle and caring with her outside of sex. It's only during sex that I get super sadistic.

Are we in an unhealthy relationship? Need comments and advice.
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Why do men and women have such terrible perceptions of each other?

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What the hell happened? I remember back when *at most* the extent of the gender headbutting was the occasional condescending cliche remark or eyeroll, but everyone involved knew it was really banter and we all liked each other deep down. Fastforward 20 years and now stuff like
>all women are lying attention seeking hypergamous WHORES who just want to emotionally manipulate you
>All men are TRASH and would RAPE AND KILL US if they could get away with it, KILL ALL MEN

All that shit has become mainstream. Some people blame muh internet but the internet just shows people aspects of yourself you wouldnt feel comfortable showing others. Is anyone else horrified by how broken down relations between the genders are? Hand and hand with this is peoples obsession with being
or being

Ive seen grown adults self torture mentally, agonizing about whether their date/boyfriend/girlfriend whatever the hell sees them as more or less than how they see the other. I was talking to a female friend of mine the other day and she went on this 10 minute rant about how "I think john is cute but not fuckable but Im worried he only sees me as fuckable and not girlfriend material but if I can get him to see me as girlfriend material without seeing him as boyfriend material and still fuck him then thats good, right?"

This entire generation is mentally ill and the sheer amount of
>LMAO pathetic incel

posting on this board just reminds me how awful things are now.

Since this is the advice board, what is your advice on the gender war autism?
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I don’t think I can go on

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Hey 4channers. Hope you guys are all doing well tonight. I’ve come here from some advice/insight. I realize I might get a lot of trolls and that’s fine, I need a good laugh. Recently I have basically lost everything. I lost my marriage, my job, what a little support system I had left, and everything else I can think of. I’m not saying I’m 100% innocent and I’m not trying to play the victim here either. There are so many factors that went into what happened this week and it’s a really complex situation. The American healthcare system is shit. I have been trying to get crisis mental health help all week. I even attempted to voluntarily commit myself to a psychiatric ward and they would not take me. This was after two overdose attempts and they still wouldn’t fucking admit me. I don’t know if it’s because of Covid but they seemed to think I was fine to go home. This has been an ongoing battle for a few years. I’ve been trying to find decent psychiatric care for my depression but haven’t had much luck. For four days I have been calling every single psychiatrist, counselor, crisis unit, you name it, with a 500 mile radius. Tonight I just found out my ex hacked my Facebook And took screenshots of conversations that could easily be taken out of context. This was the one person I have ever truly trusted and they took my heart and shattered into 1 million pieces. I know the screenshots of things illegally will probably never have any grounds in court and I don’t understand why it was done. I don’t want to fight anymore. . I’m just wondering if anyone else has been in this position or has any insight. I don’t have access to any firearms and I don’t know if pills are the way to go seeing as how I failed majorly. I have a very sensitive stomach and usually just start puking after the first mouthful of meds. I’m thinking possibly drowning or waiting until the winter and letting the elements take me.
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Is she into me?

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>known this girl for awhile
>we went to the same med school
>kinda had a lil crush on her since then even tho
i was seeing someone
>time skip to January 2021
>we're both studying for our medical licensing exams so we can migrate
>study with her for a week over skype
>feel like we're vibin, we drift off into conversation while studying
>message her and tell her i thought we had chemistry and if she'd like to hang out at some point
>says she doesnt feel the same way and it's not a good time for her to date
>im cool with it, dont want to just completely stop talking to her so send her a cute caracal vid sometime later
>she blocks me

>august 2021
>successfully made it to first world country
>working part time after doing my exam
>hear a familiar voice say "hi"
>turn around
>its her
>awkward as fuck, why is she here working at the same place
>her registration gets rejected
>mine gets accepted
>feel really bad for her, try to help in what little way i can
>we talk on the phone a few times, she opens up a little, can tell she's devastated and trying to keep it together
>still get the feeling that we'd actually be good together
>fuck it
>ask her if she'd like to visit the city's art gallery with me
>she agrees
>thought she might ghost but it actually happens
>we have a really nice time, she even tells me it felt like time went by real quick
>just having fun shopping with her, she asks my opinion about what would look good on her
>tell her that i had a good time and ask her if she'd like to do it again sometime and she says sure
>radio silence for a day
>she messages me today but my phone wasnt with me and she'd called as well
>wanted me to meet up with her again but i was wagin, tell her ill call her later
>plays it cool over the phone
>"Oh I was just in the city and I thought hmm wonder what he's doing"
>we talk for awhile after

I feel like I'm going insane. You can't assume with women but it's not presumptuous of me to think she's at least a little into me, right?
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>be me, find loving gf
>not without her faults, but has a good heart
>wants a family and to have a trusting relationship
>involving myself with her and meeting her in the middle feels like pantomiming 'a good relationship'
>finally find the loving relationship I dreamed of but can't trust it or want it any longer

Is this what everybody does?