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Movie stream

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Does anyone know any websites where I can stream movies I was using go movies .to but it doesn't work anymore please and thank you
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She keeps messaging me even though I ignore her?

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>Be 6 months ago, match with girl on tinder
>Break up a month ago because I found out slowly that she is too immature (Barely knows how to do anything for herself, can't handle a lot of social things, gets upset and frustrated easily.) And from a traumatic past, she had too many intimacy issues for me to deal with.
>Also found out she had mental problems, suicidal thoughts.
>I break up with her over the phone because I can't take it anymore and I'm not going to drive an hour and a half one way just to do it in person.
>I make it sound like I have too much on my plate right now in my life, because I'm not gonna tell a suicidal girl that she false-advertised her qualities on Tinder (Said she played piano for six years, but only knows two or three elementary school jingles, that's one example) and she's a 13 year old in the body of an 18 year old. I figured that would be easy.
>She messaged me once, I had to tell her that we aren't going to start stuff up again when she gets to my town (She's coming here for campus)
>She continues to message me, has made it seem to others that I myself was suicidal
>She told me she's harmed herself, thought about checking in to an institute but hasn't done it
>Messages me with random things
I constantly leave it unread
>menial shit like "They played your favorite movie at work today and it made me think of you."

It's not even a huge inconvenience on my life because I know I can just block her if need be, and it's probably dumb to ask this about an unstable person, known for being unpredictable, but WHY does she continue to message me? And what do I do if she tries consistently communicating with me on campus this fall?
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How do people just know how to get sex/intimacy?

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I genuinely do not understand how some guys just radiate sexuality and attract women. I don't get how people just know when to touch someone, or be sexual, or how to make a sexual move.

I've been told I'm pretty attractive and athletic despite self confidence issues, but I've only had sex once after this girl basically begged me for it. If I'm attractive shouldn't girls around me be seeking me out in obvious ways? I don't mean that in an entitled way. New people tell me I'm quiet and I've definitely passed up some perfect opportunities to get laid out of shyness.

I'm afraid of misreading girls just being nice or just checking me out as signs of romantic/sexual attraction because I've had that happen a lot in the past so I don't know when/how to act on it.
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How ot help my boyfriend get over my slutty past

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I recently told my boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years about my sexual history as I felt he deserved to know the extent of what I did in my younger years. I suffered chronic depression and my outlet was sex and alchohol, to the extent that I engaged in two threesomes, one with a girl and guy, and another with two guys.

After telling him, he seemed understanding and sympathetic, but I definitely noticed a change. He seemed less eager to be intimate, when I try to flirt with him he doesn't reciprocate with the same intensity, and just recently he has asked in indirect ways if I would engage in any of my slutty past with him in the present. I know it's coming from insecurity about my past experience, but I never wanted to do those things and am happy with what we have now. I was depressed and suicidal and looking for any outlet to keep me from ending my life. I want him to understand that, but it just seems so hard to convince him.

Any advice?
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Am I wasting my time

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New to 4chan, might be doing this wrong let me know
>be me, 14 years old, semi-popular in school (I'm friends with a lot of cool, popular people, but I'm kinda weird and low on the totem pole in these social circles)
> Haven't had a girlfriend in months
> Meet really cute girl
> we hit it off
>we text everyday for a few weeks
>flirt heavily, we both really like eachother
> I'm scrolling through her instagram one day and see that she has a boyfriend
> I confront her about this, she says she wants to dump him but he has nude photos of her and she's afraid he'll spread them if she ends things

this was about a month ago when she told me this, and we still text all the time and still like eachother, but I'm worried I'm just wasting my time or I'll be stuck as the side dude forever. Someone tell me wtf to do in this situation.
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I am like a 5/10, maybe a 6/10 dressed up.
I have a job, a car and an education.
I am 24 years old.
I take good care of myself, I am not fat and I groom myself daily.
I'm financially independent and stable.
I am a good listener, and my friends often turn to me for advice. They also enjoy discussing books with me.

There has to be at least ONE girl out there that would at least tolerate me and let me just love her. Yet there isn't.

How can this be? What is so deeply wrong with me? Is it me being boring? Do I just have an aura that makes me utterly repulsive to women?
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Hey /adv/, how do you make friends?
I already know that I don't have any common interest with other people, but I want to make friends and pretend to be interested in their lifes.
How do you do that?
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Download encrypted videos

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Hi, recently i found the need to download some videos from some websites. I tried using mozilla, some weir programs that download, websites that download if you give them url but nothing works. I try to get the video url but doesn`t work, try to work out google chrome options but nothing seems to work.

The question is: How can i download a video the is encrypted or can`t be downloaded so easily?

Thanks in advance
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What the fuck is wrong with me

>gf of 2 years now
>legit a 9/10 to me both face and body
>was a virgin before meeting me
>has the same views on life as me, supports me in all my aspirations (even the autistic manchild ones)
>have the same common end goals
>does everything she can to make me feel loved and I do the same in return
>sex is amazing, I'm incredibly turned on by her
>want to marry this girl in the near future

Here's where things get fucked
>before I met my gf, I used to talk to this girl
>isn't even attractive, I was just desperate for a gf at the time
>she's just landwhale with oversized tits (pic very related, 90% what she looks like)
>she was also admittedly a virgin
>went on 1 date with her (just saw a movie together)
>never really got serious
>despite this things get very saucy over texts, start sharing lewds over snapchat
>start making vague plans on meeting up for sex
>before I could meet with fat girl, I meet my gf and stop talking to the fat girl
>she'd still message me despite telling her explicitly that I have to break off whatever I had with her
>would constantly beg me to break up with my gf
>before cutting off all contact, she says to contact her if I ever break up with my gf because she wants to give herself to me
>despite a perfect relationship with my dream girl, every night the gf isn't sleeping over, I'm lusting over that landwhale
>jerk off to pornstars that look like her/facebook pictures
>I immediately feel disgusted with myself after I finish jerking off
>repeat the same thing the next night if gf isn't sleeping over

I would never cheat on my gf, that's out of the question. Yet I'm addicted to fantasizing about fucking this unattractive fat girl that I barely have anything in common with (aside the fact she's desperately infatuated with me). I don't want to dump my gf either, she's legit the best thing that ever happened to me.

How do I stop being such a degenerate?
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So you want a more stable relstionship...

Arguments are unavoidable. We all know it. Anyone who says they never argue with their SO is a liar or in denial. I have developed a way to mitigate and lessen the impact of arguments with my own wife and will share with you what works for us. Though this advice is from the perspective of a man in a traditional marriage it can be applied to many relationships. As always, take any advice from a stranger with a grain of salt and understand that this information will not cover all instances of relationship difficulties. Specific advice is almost impossible to give because everyone has different experiences in life. That being said, if you want to draw from my experience of being married to a strong willed woman for ten years I am prepared to share a little of what I have learned.
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