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How do people start over?

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How do you accept you've wasted last 10 years of your life?
How do you find a goal to aim for, career-wise?
How do people push themselves to work when they're living just enough to stay alive but not enough to be comfortable?
How can I do this while constantly feeling lonely, anxious and tired? I'm so fucking all of these 3, I just want to catch a breath so I can move forward.
pic somehow related
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Boring IT Internship

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I am 18 years old and working an IT internship for a school district. My work schedule is Monday-Thursday, 7 to 5 (10 hour days).
The work isn't very difficult just imaging computers, organizing computers, setting them up etc. Typical internship job, I get paid ten an hour, so $400 a week.
However, I seem to have a lot of down time with my supervisor telling me to chill, while I wait for more work assignments. Since I finished my previous ones. Or just waiting for stuff to install. So I just am on my phone, or listening to music. My supervisor doesn't really care, which is nice. It very quite since there's no one at the school.
So with all this downtime the day can really drag being 10 hours a day. Just need more suggestions on how to make my day go by faster? Another way to occupy myself, besides podcasts, music, and 4chan.

Thanks in advance Anons.
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Broken heart, how do you deal with it?
I am 30 year old boomer and been through multiple relationship but when I catch feelings and girl doesnt I still feel deep sadness, I thought I would gain some wisdom through experience
What do?
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Goldpilled Thread

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more images like these. life is beautiful, celebrate.

it’s never been more over for blackpillers
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You guys got one of these? Someone recommended one to me for making lunch while driving instead of fast food but I'm afraid I'll burn the car. How's it work? Does the outside get super hot?
Do you have to be parked or it'll spill? How do you keep it from killing the car battery if that's the case?
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>Intro girl, didn't get to see her too much at first, just shy of asking her out then
>she ends up in friend circle due to many mutuals
>finds out she has a bf so I can't make any moves yet
>breaks up with her bf
>In 2 weeks, I was thinking about saying something like "I value you as a friend, but I'm would like to ask if you're down to give dating a try. If not, we can still be friends".
>However the 2 barriers I face are that I was a bit if a "nice guy", and some stuff about a "window of attraction" closing or whatever that means.
>Since she's in my friend group, messing up the friendship may cause some tension.
Do I even stand a shot? I can't say in good faith that I didn't have the intention of getting with her in the back of my mind, while being friends with her. I miss every chance i don't take so I mine as well go for it.
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van life, y/n

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i always thought of living in a really big van and living animal crossing style on a plot of property, where i progressively build a house with as much commission as i can make. i never been a fan of the trad mortgage style of living, i would prefer peace of mind knowing i dont really gotta pay bills and i can live super comfortably in a van while working hard to earn what i can get.

what do you guys think? any success stories in this i can look at?
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Is still possible to have a career in tech?

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I been trying my hardest to really acknowledge the concepts of computer science, algorithms and theories, but is it worth it? I hear stories of people receiving good paying jobs, the next day I hear about fucking code monkeys that know all about big data, machine learning and other hirable skills, they even have a CS degree to add to all of that, and they STILL move back in with their fucking parents because they're unable to find a job. Does anybody have a straight answer? MORE advanced AI is coming out, it's already out to be honest, and I feel like this entire journey to becoming a entry level software engineer is never going to happen. Is it still worth it? Should I just give up and look somewhere else? If not, what area in tech should I pursuit?
I just want a straight answer because this is so fucking annoying. I'm tired of wasting time
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What are good genuine openers for tinder to actually get a response? Usually I say the following with occasional luck
>hey (name) what's your idea of a great weekend