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Is it possible to become an concept artist or a comic artist

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or should i just choose something more stable and more likely to earn me a job ?
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Hi guys,

student here, I really need an advice. I'm studying full time, considering that, please help me to choose between two jobs, they're not really related to each other in any way, and they're not related to my career as well. i just have to work because i need to support myself.

job #1 is full time, pays more, is 10x more fun, time-wise is not flexible, has potential to make huge amount of money if I succeed, but also a bit risky cuz i have goals to do every month (its a sales job)

#2 pays less, is super flexible(i can do it from my laptop whenever i want), is super boring and repetitive, a bit less stable(like work that i do may simply run out for some time, though its unlikely)

what do? I've been doing both for some time but I notice that its becoming impossible, I have to choose one.
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>tfw his ex still has pics of them

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>be me
>get bf
>been dating for a month now
>end up finding his ex's fb
>tons and tons of pictures of the both of them kissing and handholding and mushyshit
>literally feel like i've been cucked right then and there
they're not even friends with each other on fb anymore but why would she still keep up all those pictures of him if they're over i mean is this something normies do because i always thought they burned everything that even reminded them of an ex

know i shouldn't think too much on this and maybe she keeps it up because she's still attached or whatever but fuck anons it really hurts to think she might try to get back with him or other shit which'll cuck me in the end pls give advice
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I just want a blowjob.

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So I'm dating someone who's a minor (2 year difference and he needs another year in order for us to have sex) and I have sexual needs.. so how do I know if a Asian massage parlor offers happy endings? Is there a way I can ask without being so blunt?
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Wife cheating with a lesbian at work?

>Wife works with suspected lesbian.
>Be me. Notice wife gets strange text from her.

"Anon's wife, I wish you were coming in early. I did my makup and straightened my hair".

>I met her later the same day.

Damn son...

>Wife is acting weird like she is really into this chick.
>They walk off and leave me standing there.

Inb4 "Consider yourself lucky" Im not into degenerate bullshit.
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Help keeping in contact with a woman I like after she left for a new job.

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We're both 18 and worked at McDonalds until she left yesterday. She left for the same reason I want to: it's a shit job with an unreasonable amount of work expected for such little pay. I was wondering how I can keep in touch with her because we only talked to each other during work and now she's gone but I really like her and don't want to just give up on her. I want to start by messenging her (unless there's a better idea) but my biggest problems are when and what to message her to start developing conversations. She doesn't have a Facebook account (only a messenger one) and when you look her up on messenger she doesn't show up so the only way to view her account is through the McDonalds group chat but the restaurant manager will probably remove her soon as she's left which means I can't talk to her if that happens. I don't know what to do and I know it's a bit of a unique problem but do have any advice or solutions to help me please?