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How do I pull myself out of a dark place, and stop pushing people away when they get too close to me? I'm sad and angry but I don't know why. I'm lonely yet I don't want to be around others.

Everyone I interact with can see the stress and sadness in my eyes even if I'm smiling, please help
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Is it better to be alone?

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I'm in a bit of a bind.

I have this girl that I'm friends with and I have had the feeling that she likes me for a while now. She made this apparent at a house party a month ago but made out with me by force and in front of all of our friends. I am a very private and reserved person normally and this really bothered me, I talked to her about it after and she said she was sorry for putting me on the spot...but that she had just been drunk and didn't really like me. She knows I've struggled with finding girls and so this cut me a little, but I was thankful because her love of alcohol seriously bothered me.

It's been a month since that incident and we got to talking again(during this time I learned that she'd cheated on her ex) and I was wary of her. She said that she actually did like me and wanted to be with me. I told her I liked her as well(we were friends first at a distance through a mutual friend) but that I wanted to know her better first.

So I decided to make dinner for us and made beef wellington with risotto and red velvet cake. I forgot the wine for the risotto though and asked her to pick some up on her way from work. She agreed and promised she'd be there in I started cooking and she showed up an hour and a half later, stumbled through the door in a heap and laughed. I asked her what happened and she said she'd met up with a friend at a bar for drinks and forgot about our dinner plans. I was angry but kept calm and just finished the rissoto with stock. While we ate she kept going on about how great the food was and when I told her she was literally repeating the same sentence. She got angry at me and asked if that was a problem.

I've never had a gf. I want one. I'm trying to forgive this girl for her past actions and...addiction to alcohol/partying. But I am scared that she'd going to hurt the hell out of me. Her behaviour that night really bothered me and she's never apologized for it. Is it worth trying to change her? Is it fair?
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Can someone explain to me if there is anyway possible for a zombie outbreak to occur in the future? For example in movies such zombieland and how it all started with some virus inside of a burger??
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>Be me, be 20
>Spent the last 4 years with crippling panic disorder
>See a counselor for to help with grief when grandpa dies
>Start to work through anxiety. Exposure therapy and all
>Meet a girl with social anxiety
>Both virgins, so scared of people to date
>Start seeing her for a the weeks, both attractive people interested in similar things (anime, YouTube, dank memes, etc)
>Get laid
>Start to improve life, go out more
>Continue to see girl
>Be 21
>Move in with a friend after he buys a place to live in a nicer area
>Buy a nice car since I have good credit from always bring anxious about money
>Still seeing girl, things get harder since she is bad at communion
>Be 22
>Steal friends idea about buying a house since renting sucks, buy a duplex with another friend 50/50
>Move in with girl
>Make plans about buying more real estate while she continues to go to school
>Fight often since communication still sucks
>She starts adulting less and less
>Help her with bills since she is going to school and working less
>She makes me feel like a monster when I ask her about paying bills
>Start to be afraid of coming home since she always is mad about something
>Tell her we have to move to a smaller bedroom and rent the master out since I've run out of money
>Invite friends over to look at bedroom since they're looking for a place
>Girl throws a tantrum, knocks things over, screaming, Tris me to be sure to tell friends they'll be looking at her old room, says I never cared about her and laughs in my face when I tell her she's is important to me
>Tell friends that coming over isn't a good idea, they understandably pass on moving in
>Couch surf for a few days
>Tell girl I don't want to be in relationship anymore, since this isn't the first time she has hurt me like this and there is no change in sight
>Talk to her family about where she can stay
>Organize her 21st birthday whole couch surfing and have roommate take credit
>Girl moves out
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old cards?

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What did you guys do with your old trading cards? I was wondering since I found alot of old useless cards. I don't know if selling them is worth it due to shipping fees and stuff. So what did you guys do to yours?
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I was recently at a McDonald's and it was about 12 a.m. ish and I was waiting in line and a lady rear-ended me not hard enough to cause any damage to the bumper but hard enough that I move out of my seat
I Forgave her and let her go
Stupid or was that better than the whole bs of insurance and what not
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I dont love my mother and i dont know how to say it.

See im extremely empathetic, i get that from my dad, he was one of the kindest human beings not just in my life but in everyone he knews life.

But my mum, shes bipolar. I mean reaaaaaly bad. She has never treated me well, i have neglect and abandonment issues now and i blame he for what my stepdad did too, she pretended i diddnt exist, i felt so small and invisible.

But she loves me, i can tell deep down she does, she dosent show it but i can feel amd see how much it hurts her when she has those moments of clarity and understands how much her behavior has damaged me as a person.

But i can never forgive her for what she has done. It has gone so far past forgiveness, i can forgive the first time you lie, steal, manipulate or neglect, i can forgive the second time, hell even the hundredth time, but she still crossed that line a long time ago.

I dont live with her anymore, i moved out when dad died, i couldn't handle it anymore.

I cant stand even the thought of her presence, i turn into an empty monotone husk and it really shows, people comme t on it and i just shrug it off and continue to stare at the wall, not retaining any information, just waiting to forget about mum.

She came to visit today

She wanted to go the the shops and wanted me to come, i said "no mum, you know that wont end well, we dont get along, you know your presence makes me uneasy"

She yelled "god forbid you ever be uneasy anon! Grow up"

Then she left.

I am not a religious person, but i got on my knees and begged god to kill her on the way there.

4 hours pass she hasnt come back and i hope shes fucking dead.

Thats all i wanted to say, thx, just needed to vent.

Pic hopefully related
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Clingy Best Friend?

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My girlfriend and I live an hour apart. As a result we only see each other on weekends. During weekdays I see my best friend Kevin.

Kevin believes it's unfair that I dedicate so much time (Friday night, Saturday, parts of Sunday) to be with Sarah. He accuses me of being neglectful, of dropping my friends for my SO, says that I'm he's only given "scraps" of me because I'm only free on weekdays after work.

I try to be accommodating and see Kevin as much as possible during the weekdays (again, usually 3 times a week between the hours of 6pm - 1am) but he still thinks I'm being neglectful and a bad friend. He's even counted hours I spend with him vs Sarah ("We only hung out 15 hours last week, you spent all weekend with your her..."). It's not like I'm phoning it in either--I took Kevin out for his birthday the other week, we went to a hockey game last week, I helped him move apartments recently.

I should note that Kevin is on a "break" from school and does not have a job. Basically he's free all day, spends his parents money, and waits for me to be be free after work. He has other friends of course, but he hits me up the most.

I'm wondering if he has a point. Am I being neglectful? As long as Sarah and I are long distance, we're going to keep seeing each other on weekends. However, I don't want to ignore my best friend especially if he has a point. All of his accusations hurt because I really am putting an effort in to see everyone I can (including have days for myself), but he sees it from a very different perspective.

Am I being unreasonable? Am I being a bad friend?
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how do i get over this panic attack
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how are you supposed to cope with the fact that your parents will die?

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I have been thinking about my future and realize that my parents won't be here in 20-30 years. They probably will be old and sick too. I want to get married and have kids but I think I would be a shadow of my former self once one of my parents dies.