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Recommend me some good books on how to stop hating myself so much
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can i sue friends if they go around spreading rumors of me being gay or bi or insist that i am? im 32 so people tend to believe in this as you get older and i do believe it affects dating overall thus actually causing stress and happiness in getting needs met.

i also have people just straight up trying to connect dots on everything as if they want vindication over speculation.

holy shit i need new friends or move away. this place was toxic from the beginning. why cant hookers be legal.
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Is it possible to give oneself cancer in 5 years or so?

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As opposed to smoking cigarettes and getting it in 20-30.
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what should I do when I am extremely angry or upset? someone's pissing me off right now and I can't bear it honestly
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Is their any legal advice on this board?
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Can therapists snitch on you for crimes you commited in the past?
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I want to fix my teeth. What do?

>missing lower k9 tooth (pic related)
>Teeth are pretty yellow with weird marbling of white, yellow, and transparent blotches.
>I still need to get my wisdom teeth removed
>I'm 19
>I have 30k of disposable income
>I live in Canada

I went to an orthodontist and he said I could go with braces or invisalign (liners). He also told me I wouldn't have to replace my missing k9. also:
>braces cost $6000 and will take between 1.5 - 2 years to finish their job.
>he told me that if I did want to get a prosthetic tooth, it would cost me an extra $4000.

My questions are:
>should I get my wisdom teeth taken out before or after I get my braces
>should I get a new k9 implanted? Or just let it be?
>Should I go with braces or invisalign?
>Any way I can get braces for less than 6k?
>how do i get my teeth whitened?

Advice will be greatly appreciated.
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It's been 6 months since I dumped my ex. We go to the same college. Today, after class, I found a coffee had been thrown at my car. It might seem a bit rash to assume it was her, but I have no enemies, and I am not extremely social to begin with because I'm usually too busy with schoolwork to go out. I also am aware that she was parking pretty close to me on a side-street near the school, and probably saw my car several times when she was leaving. In addition, this has happened before, in the exact same parking spot, and after I dumped her she egged my car.

I want her to fuck off already and move on with her life. She got one of her dumb friends to wave at me the other day and then wrote a blog about how much seeing me in the hall traumatized her so much she had to go to her car and start drinking. I'm pretty sure this stuff qualifies as harassment but even if it doesn't it's extremely creepy. What do? pic unrelated
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Arguing with women

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I'm honestly giving up on dating women unless they drop the whole

>I lost an argument so now i'm going to get emotional and cry on purpose

Literally every girlfriend i've had has learnt to cry on command. Every friend I have has a girlfriend, that even when she's dead wrong, will give him the silent treatment.
Better get on your hands and knees to apologize, otherwise she'll make a fool out of you in public bro!

I tried something different with my last girlfriend where I would talk as calmly and slowly as possible about the issue, and nothing outside of it. That never worked, she always said

>Anon stop trying to antagonize me. I hate it when you talk to me like im a child

Am I being a fucking idiot? Am I doing this wrong?
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So, hs is almost ending for me and I am pretty interested in law. More specifically, I could see myself doing mostly criminal law, since it's the most interesting IMO. But will this be a good career choice, with a good paying job? I'm worried that a degree could be worthless and I'll have some difficulties finding a job. Also, my public speaking skills aren't the best, but I can work on that. I could pretty much only see myself going into law as the realistic route for me. And I know this may sound too ambitious or stupid, but I would also want to go into politics after a career in law.