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>been single for so long that my family is starting to think i'm gay
what's the fastest way to get a gf? i need to cure this immediately
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A black man’s dilemma

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Ideally I want to marry a black or Afro-descended mixed woman because those are my preferences and I am against miscegenation. But black/mixed girls in my area that are cute, skinny and not ratchet, tend to prefer white and Asian men and have insane standards for black men if they even consider us. They act like how people stereotype Asian women acting towards Asian men basically. The ghetto degenerates appreciate me sometimes because of my looks, being a /fit/ decent looking brown skin with a well kept beard. But as soon as I open my mouth and they realize this is just appearance, and I’m an African nerd, they run away. And desu I tend not to have good chemistry with them anyway.

Normally I should have good chemistry with black girls into animanga and STEM, but these will date an Asian before dating a black man, and a light skin before a dark or brown skin. I know a 2nd gen Ghanaian girl that has dated nothing but Asians and she is really into K-Pop and K-drama. She has had me in the friend zone for almost half a decade. There are so many black girls like that in my area.

What should I do to find a LTR with a decent looking skinny black/mixed girl Id have good chemistry with and with whom I might raise intelligent and athletic children in the future?
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Girls really like talking to me

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One thing I’ve noticed is that girls just talk to me out of the blue. One time at work, my co-worker basically started talking to me for an hour about her life. It’s not only girls now that I think about it. People in general like talking to me, I suppose it’s because I’m really good at making it seem like I’m listening even though 90% of the time I’m zoned out or just letting them speak.
What does that mean? How can I profit from this?
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Chad AMA

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Previous thread got nuked before for whatever gay reason
>27M married to love of my life
>racked up a body count of 30 from age 17-20 when I started dating my wife
>serial womanizer
>excellent wingman
>no I don’t cheat on my wife
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I baked but Aqua ate it
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Girls, what sized penis feels the best?

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Any tips for a white male in the corporate world? i walk the balance between assertiveness and tact. Im somewhat rough around the edges so i laugh and smile to diffuse tension. Feels forced to me, but otherwise i come across as an antisocial sperg. When im asking very technical questions or driving a presentation though i lean into my confidence to great effect. A particular black woman on my current team always brings up basic leftist talking points which is annoying. I like her but often it seems she's trying to bait me (or whoever else) to talk about race, gender, or politics. I never take the bait. Im a peon on the corporate hierarchy so i avoid stepping ln toes, probably too much but I'd rather stay on the safe side
Overall, white collar social relationships feel very feminine to me.
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It's happening again

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Well, I've never posted on 4chan. Never even been on here but here goes nothing.

>Met last ex and former best friend at same time.

>Best friend had lots of issues, did all I could to keep her going, caught feels on the way.

>Relationship fell apart,
Almost had friend about a year later.

>Meet current girlfriend early 2022, things going well.

>Meet new best friend.

>New best friend is a carbon copy of myself, and we click on every conceivable level.

>She also has a lot of issues, more than I'm prepped to handle but I like to think I keep her going.

>Oh no

>It's happening again.

>I love my girlfriend with all my heart but there's a lot of differences between us. She's my first real relationship and I can't imagine losing her but we are so very different.

>Feelings for best friend have been obvious since day one.

>Feelings just keep piling.

>I won't say anything to either of them, how could I?

>I can't say I love her, but I do. It fucking hurts, and she knows this. She doesn't want to ruin what I have. Something is fundamentally wrong with me.

"You can't be there for someone for so long and keep them going without realizing you left a small part of yourself with them."

>'m lost. So very lost.
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How do I cope with being a tryhard?

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I've noticed these few months that I put way too much effort and commitment into what I do, only to be bested by people who dont put as much effort as I do, it sometimes hurt my already low self esteem and it seems like it's not going away anytime soon, any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Sometimes I think people around me dont have to put up with as much bullshit as I do and therefore they do something better than I can, because Im already with my hands full of other things that one single task becomes difficult for me to perform in comparison of others that dont have to worry about anything but the task at hand. Sometimes I think it has to do with my poor organization and management making me struggle with getting things done. Or maybe it's just my perfectionist tendencies making me put a shit ton of brain work just so I can be happy with what I do while others dont worry so much about stuff and manage to make a lot more progress as a result.

What should I do, /adv/?
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I have no idea what I should do with my life.

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COVID made me miss two years of college, I’m 23 and I work IT at a help desk basically earning minimum wage. I’ve made some good strides with my anxiety (both mental and social) but I have no idea what the fuck I should be doing. I met one of my high school classmates a few weeks ago and he basically mogs me in achievements. I’m hoping to use that jealousy to fuel myself into getting a career locked down but even then I have no idea what career I should go into. How can I find out what career suits me?