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Girlfriend Severely Depressed.

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I need help. Well, really, it's my girlfriend who needs help.

I love this girl more than anything in the world and she means everything to me. We've been together for over a year and half now. I'm extremely concerned about her mental health lately and I feel useless to her. As of right now, she has the worst case of manic depression I've seen from her and she's essentially on the cusp of suicide. She's currently seeing a counsellor, but not very often because of scheduling conflictions. I'm doing everything in my power to help her with this, but nothing seems to be working. I understand that I can't always be superman and fix every single issue, but I have never been this afraid before. I don't want to lose the love of my life, but I have no idea how to combat this.

If anyone has some advice, anything you think that will help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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So I dated this girl for about two weeks, she never wanted to do anything... like didn't want to go dancing, didn't drink, didn't smoke, I basically had to force her to go for dinner with me but she didn't like it because she didn't like hamburguers (when asked if she wanted to go somewhere else she said it was fine).

Anyway, we usually ended up going to my home because she just didn't like any of my ideas of what to do but since she doesn't like video games nor anime nor weed we literally just stared at each other and I had to come up with shit to say out of thin air because she also didn't like talking about herself.

She also said it was too soon to have sex so one day i just go bored and stoped replying because I decided playing dota was more fun than hanging out with her... today she comes to my work and is like "I came to see you because you didn't reply", at first I was like "ok I got caught" and expected her to complain for cuting her off like that but then she just stood there and I was like "so... anything you want to say? Any questions? Any complains? But she just said she was just passing by because I didn't reply anymore, and after 3 or so minutes of awkwardness she just said she was leaving and... well left.

What the actual fuck? Is that how it feels when guys don't get a hint? Are we that dumb? She came all the way here so I expected her to at least ask why I quit talking to her.
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How do you stop having feelings for someone you know you can never have?
>have FWB met from tinder
>cool guy, laid back, smokes, we go on fun outdoor adventures and talk about shit
> We both agreed to just fucking, nothing serious (he said unless he develops feelings)
>both agree to only fuck each other
>he's a fucking cuck too so it's confusing
>he has a sugar mama/business partner, gets drunk and fucks her one night
>she's a lesbian from Texas?????
>I get super jealous because they spend so much time together
>I start showing my jealous side and he tells me I'm not marriage material
>still talk on the daily and are trying to make time for fucking since he has a busy schedule with work now
Last bit just about murdered me on the inside. But I can't even look at him long anymore without feeling like my chest is caving in. What do?

Pic related, we fucked in the woods.
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Penis Sometimes Gets a Little Red After I had Unprotected Sex.

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Sometimes my penis is a little red. No pain, no discomfort, but a little red around the head of my penis. I was thinking that it could be a yeast infection. What do you think? :| She seemed very clean.
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I want to go nuts.
Anxiety, sadness, and dissatisfaction are all consequences of rational thought. To elimate the former you must eliminate the latter.
I want to live in blissful ignorance. I want a white padded cell so I can bust a gut laughing at nothing all day.
I want my only care in the world to be the terrorists in the ceiling tiles.

I'm told the best way to do this is loads of psychadelics all at once.
But i've got no drug connections. I'd struggle to obtain a barely-illegal drug like marajuana, though I probably could.
Where do I find the real stuff?
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Sun Poisoning

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Does anyone have any experience with this? I got one all over my body last Sunday and absolutely need it healed by the 3rd, and preferably not lobster red by Sunday.
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>have to do 6 months of internship to graduate college
>boss goes into my/his Mac to send a file that he asked me to do
>he sees a whatsapp web conversation of me and my buddy about me looking for weed
>next week he asks me how much time do i have left to end the internship, Tell him 3 weeks
>he then fires me but tells me he was going to sign the internship papers in 3 weeks
>Tell him that i just cant stop going because of my mom asking me why i am there and not at work
>he tells me he was going to talk to his associate about it and tell me
>the day where he was supposed to tell me comes
>he doesnt Tell me, i ask him
>he answers the next day
>tells me she was arriving that day and he was going to see her later
>wait for his answer, he tells me nothing
>ask him today, no answer
>call him two times and he cancelled the call twice

Dunno what to do please help me
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I've been working for this woman who takes care of feral cats for two years. I come every morning and clean from 9am until 12-2pm. I love cats, and I feel a connection to this woman and these specific cats, but I'm getting bored. I have BA in English and I feel like I should be doing something more ambitious with my life, but I can't leave this job because this woman can't take care of all these cats by herself and we don't have anyone else to take over if I leave. I feel like if I left then she would die and all the cats would die and it would be my fault, but I just want to do something else with my life... what do you think, /adv/?
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Legal questions

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I'll make this quick. If someone owes you ~$3,500 for a vet bill, and you have no legal ownership of the pet would you be able to legally take the pet? For this situation assume there was a verbal agreement to pay the vet bill, and they aren't going to willingly pay for it.
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