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How do we secure a sweet virgin christian woman ?

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And be fruitful and multiply ?
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How bad is a 4 inch dick

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>getting with girl that has a high sex drive
>know each other pretty well
>have the same intimate feelings for each other
>dick is 4 inches
>i'm a virgin
>no previous sexual experiences
>shy and have anxiety
>worried my dick will ruin me from getting with this girls

Anons how fucked am I? I never alluded her to thinking I'm good at sex or have a big dick or anything, I'm just worried that she'll think it's not satisfactory enough or some shit.
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>want to die
>leave gf
>tell best friend i love her, hates me now
>write suicide note and such & prepare
>text female friend i lost touch with, had a crush on me
>let her know i feel the same
now its long distance and she calls me baby and stuff like that, but not really dating?
>now empty, depressed, and no friends
>kind of gf is 600 miles away
>what do
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I'm a chronic cyberbully

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I literally have a problem. I never target people or harass anyone in particular. But for some reason I cant help myself when it comes to making fun of people. I almost get malicious about if for no reason also. I grew up on shitty forums and can interact completely nornally in person, but when i get behind a computer screen im fucking autistic. How do I stop lads I feel terrible
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am i wrong to avoiding sex?

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i've started abstaining because
> std stats at my uni and other unis are scary high
> fake rape accusations are fucking real
> accidental pregnancies or crazy bitches stopping their birth control are a real threat

even if you both get tested, regardless if you're dating or casual, she's gonna fuck someone else eventually and it'll likely be impulsive decision and lead to getting and STD that she passes onto you.

am i being crazy or are my point(s) valid?
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how do you fall back in love with someone?

i want to love my boyfriend, i want to be with him, but it's like we're barely even frienda anymore. we just exist together. being with him makes me want to run into traffic, and i feel so trapped and bitter. but sometimes i really enjoy his company. i just don't know how to love him anymore
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I know im not very smart but I tell people I am more stupid then I actually am idk why I do this
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How do I get /asp/ to stop shitting on my favorite wrestler? It keeps pissing me off and they won't stop
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How do I accept that I’m untermensch that doesn’t deserve to breed
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How do you deal with being an NPC?
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