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Theres this girl in my class that I have a crush on but I never really talked to her what should I do were also in a group together for a project but I am kinda shy until I know what to talk about.
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My kid's instagram is fucking ridiculous

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Albeit she's barely a kid anymore, but the other day her uncle(My best friend since 16) asked me if she'd ever shown it to me or my wife.

Needless to say, I asked how the fuck he even knew my kid had instagram and he said his daughter showed him a picture from it.

The problem?

Even I found myself staring. She's nearly got more followers than I have pounds sterling in my account and near every picture was magazine-spread levels of clothes scarcity.

Now, of course, I'm happy that she's confident in her skin. But Jesus Christ. It's one thing to be confident, its another to pose in sneakers and underwear.

Needless to say, I'm kind of questioning myself now. Her friends seemed to be up to similar antics but I didn't delve too deep into that.

Is this normal? Is this just what the next generation do?

All I can think to do is dad it up and embarrass her out of it, but I feel a bit out of my depth. I haven't spoken to my wife about it, as I know it'd freak her the fuck out. She's always been protective about this stuff and its usually me who gives the green light on dresses, clothes and outfits(Some of which even found their way onto her instagram) after my wife's shot it down.

Have I fucked up as a dad?
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Background Check: Past Addresses

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How important are your past addresses? I was kicked out a couple of years ago and have no way to ask my parents or anything and I dont have any documents with the addresses on them except for one from a couple of years ago

Is it really necessary? I mean, I was completely dependent then and haven't paid my own bills before my current address, besides my mom using my ss to pay bills or something when I was a kid

Should I just keep looking or can I just put up my current?
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God burned California for this faggotry

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>Legitimately tested IQ of 128 (97th percentile)
>Live in America
>No car
>No cell phone
>Live with mom
>Can't even get a job at a supermarket working minimum wage (only job in walking distance of me)
>Can't get a job anywhere else because I have no car
>Not eligible for any form of government welfare

Mom makes $70k a year, and despite making more than 80% of American workers, she never has money because of immense debt from over a decade of retarded financial decisions, like living off credit cards, taking out a second mortgage, not selling the house and moving somewhere cheaper, and not accepting government welfare she was eligible for, which has led to a bankruptcy. Her bi-weekly paycheck is instantly sucked up by bills and debt payments, she often goes over a week with literally $0, not being able to even buy food.

Sure you can say it's her fault for making these decisions, but she's just a woman, they took advantage of her like a child, it's these rich piece of shit Jews that trick dumb people into accepting loans with insane interest, knowing they can't pay them, and creating a never-ending stream of amortizations. You might end up paying $80,000 on that original $20,000 of debt.

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How do I get my life back?

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I've been stuck in a nasty place for a long time now, eating away at the best years of my life, and I have no idea how to go forwards.

I'm 25 years old and still stuck at home living with my mother and two younger siblings, not through choice but because she takes 100% of what I earn which she claims is needed to keep our family home. I've been diagnosed with Aspergers (initially only mild, likely much worse now) and suffer from severe panic attacks (buzzing in ears, loss of balance and temporary blindness) and severe depression. The latter has made it impossible for me to hold down any job that involves working with other people, while both these problems have killed my relationships and any form of a social life. And since I don't have a full time job anymore I've turned to payday loans just to meet the insane demands of my mother, which has reached the point where I am in some serious financial shit. Not a smart move, but what choice did I have?

And in the end, I've been left a former shell of myself. Lonely, penniless, stuck in a life that's gone nowhere in years and trapped in a house with a cruel selfish woman with all the relatives that could control her long dead, and I'm now on the verge of bankruptcy. I'm not suicidal, but I'm absolutely at breaking point. Where can I go from here?
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there's a girl who works at starbucks who I think is incredibly attractive.
I want to ask her out, but it's obviously incredibly busy in starbucks so I feel like I wouldn't even get the chance even if I wanted to.
What do? Should I even try?
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>gave one friend ride to the airport
>drive is over an hour one way
>now sometime later friend asking if i can take her other friend to airport
>she knows i have no life, so i can't use "I'm busy"
>car is new so can't pretend it broke down

What do? I want to be friends with them both, and driving her to the airport isn't a big deal for me, but i feel kinda like a doormat if i agree...
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IBS I guess?

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I'm having issues with BO like serious issues, I fart all the time and the smell is putrid. It's gotten to the point where I can't hold in my farts and a lot of times I can't tell when I'm doing it, I just get this burning gurgling feeling in my stomach. When I'm not farting I sometimes get this acidic vinegary smell excreting from my pores and a horrible taste in my mouth like I've just thrown up. It's pretty much wrecked my quality of life I can't interact with people anymore and I've become a nervous wreck. It's causing my mental health to suffer as well. I want to get better I want to start living life again but don't know where to start
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It has been a month since I had a terrible LSD trip. It was horrifying, like nothing I've experienced before.

For weeks I have been having nightmares from which I wake up sweating and stressed out.

Any anons experienced this, or have advice for overcoming it?

I have been struggling a lot with sleep as a result. Can't get to sleep, when I do I can't stay asleep for long.

It has started to affect my ability to perform at work, and to enjoy my free time.
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Friends with Benefits?

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Is it a good idea for me to be friends with benefits with a girl? What are your opinions on it?