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ITT you will tell me what I can or can't say

>Be grill, 24
>Have friend that I've known for 8 years now
>We both have very different lives, her parents divorced when she was 6
>Dad left her mom, he had anger issues and was drunk a lot
>When we first met she was never positive about her dad, he was remorseful and wanted to reconnect but he did awful things ofc so I understood
>In the first years of our friendship I only witnessed her answer his calls once, even though he called her almost daily
>They had contact but it was very thin and fragile
>Whenever he wanted to take her out for lunch my friend would ask me to come too because she wanted my company

My impression of the dad:
>A bit of a goofy guy, had bettered his life but still very clumsy
>Wanted to connect with his daughter (my friend) really bad but was completely out of touch with her life, like really clueless
>He would offer to pay things for her constantly and always wanted to spend more time
>To me, it seemed like he seriously regretted the missed time and was making up for it with money and presents
>My friend would always tell me when her dad was away that she would much rather have good memories childhood memories with her father, but since that was impossible now she'd accept the money and the gifts anyway

Flash forward to last year
>She was getting closer with her dad, doing archery together and visiting his house out of town occasionally
>I was abroad around this time, but one day she called me to tell me her dad had died
>His alcoholism from his past left some pretty bad damage, and since he didn't give up drinking completely it caught up to him
>Comfort my friend, she's coming over to visit me abroad so ending up taking care of the entire trip
>Talk a lot, share memories

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Need some perspective anons

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I've been seeing this girl from work now she's a 36/f. I am a 34/m. When I first met her she was talking to and interested in another guy at work. He is also a 34/m who just had a kid with his current gf. I guess one time his kids mother came storming up to our job and looking to beat the girl in questions ass. Also this other guy berates her and blows up at her at work for just talking to another guy. He is well aware now that her and I have been seeing each other for a while, and he has even attacked her for that too making her days miserable. She can't help but think she's the cause for all his problems and believe she "owes him a chance" even though since the beginning with her I have taken her out slept with her a few times and have even met her kids. Which he hasnt done any of it yet.this past Tuesday her and I had a really good time together and she even told me she's ready to pick me to be with. So the following day I left her a little note before I left for deliveries and she was so happy and glowing. But the other guy ended up making her feel bad for what she was doing and her mood and attitude suddenly changed. She ended up cancelling our weekend plans together and at one point was about to let me go so she could be with him. She ended up telling him the truth about her and I and he again attacked her and made her cryceven at work. And after all of it she informed both of us that she needed breathing room and time to think. Currently she is constantly "popping in". As she calls it to check to see how I am. And it is confusing me and also frustrating because here I am trying to give her space to breath and think but she wont stop texting. Problem is I want to talk to her about what matters but I can't because she doesn't want to deal with the pressure so I'm currently almost listening to her and trying to play her off at the same time. It's hard for me though because of the feelings I have built with her.
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I'm a fat fuck and I hate myself for it. I don't go to social events, I hardly go outside, I don't meet anyone. I'm so fucking disgusted with how I look... but I can't fucking stop eating. I don't understand how I can stop this. If I try and moderate myself I get this small screaming unconscious voice and it occupies all my thoughts constantly, 24/7. Nothing I do stops it except for ingesting some shitty food. I go for a walk, I do some house work, I work on the lawn, I watch some TV, play some video games, try writing or painting but I can't focus while doing these because it's like I'm a fucking meth head looking for a fix.

How do I beat this? I can't stand being like this anymore.
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awhile ago maybe like 2 months or so i drank till i puked. now whenever i try to take a shot the smell is so overpowering and i gag every time. ive tried plugging my nose but then i still gag. it's like my body doesnt want alcohol. how can i make it be ok with alcohol.
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Hello adv, this thing has been always bugging me and i don't know where to ask. So, i live in this community where there's a leasing office, and packages are usually dropped off at the said office, what should i say to the receptionist to get her to bring me my parcels? I'm looking for a consice and a not so formal sentence. Thanks in asvance.
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what the FUCK is this. it's not itchy or flaky and it only shows up some days
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Was looking at some pictures with my girlfriend on her phone last night. I noticed a guy had messaged her five times on another tab. She closed out all the recent apps when it showed up.

Anyway, its been on my mind. Im at work now. Should I just ignore this or message her about it? I feel like telling her will convey the message that I dont trust her. Its just weird though because I thought I knew all her friends. Weve been together 3 years.
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What is this feeling?

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Whenever I go outside, like in public I'm always paranoid that people are watching me, judging me.
Like sometimes if I go to a space with a lot of people and I walk past someone and they happen to smile or laugh in my vicinity I default to assuming they're making fun of me or something.
I know that this might all be in my head, but I can't shake the feeling.
Even when I step out to go get mail or something in my neighborhood I always feel like maybe someone is watching me do that from their window.
It makes me feel really uncomfortable and paranoid.
Is this a serious problem? Have any of you had this happen to you before?
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lost in self

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i'm getting tired of girls really quickly. i think it's because i'm extremely boring, and trying to impress a girl becomes an overwhelming task after 30 minutes or so. say i really like a girl, but i know i won't interest her in any way if i don't try and charm her nonstop. i say charm because just talking about anything seems redundant to me. all my thoughts i keep to myself and i don't see a point in discussing them with others. if i am left to myself i can go without talking to anyone for days (that excludes the necessary discussions at uni), and it doesn't inconvenience me in any way. but sometimes i feel a need for intimacy, for love, for assurance that someone is always there for me (family doesn't count since i can't stick my dick in them). the problem is, how can i manage to combine my love for isolation and my boring personality with having a girlfriend of whom i will probably get bored of in a few months. it's harder and harder to open up to new girls to start conversations since i feel like i've done this before, why should i do the same fucking thing over and over again, seems like i'm wasting time. i don't know if it's worth it sometimes, getting wasted once a week by myself to forget about this haunting thoughts seems to be the current solution.
thoughts, advices, personal experiences - all welcome.
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Help dealing with antidepressants

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Basically, I started this shit a few days ago, and I didn't expect the first couple weeks to be so rough. I'm old enough so that I won't experience the more severe side effects, but getting anxiety attacks over relatively little shit is getting to be a real hassle.
Luckily, that and tiredness seem to be the only two side effects I got, but anyone got anything to help me out? I usually just play games to keep my mind off shit like this but even that's not very effective right now.