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I fuckijg hate women so much that when girls send me nudes sometimes I go online pretending to be them and post their nudes and sometimes it's the only thing that gets me off.

What do i do?
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Hey, I'm going to be a freshman next year. I am unsure and new about scheduling next year. I'm not sure what classes I should take. Basically I know nothing. All I know that can impact classes next year is that I have an above 90% average across all subjects.
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Mother son fetish

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My girlfriend is quite a bit older than me, a very attractive milf so to speak. She likes us to roleplay that I'm her virgin son and she's my mother teaching me how to have sex with my future girlfriends.

I say things like "I like your pussy mummy" and she gets extra horny and she calls me son and asks whether her pussy is good enough for me and I say "Yes mummy I don't even want girlfriends when I have you" and she says "Mmmmmm, fuck mummy's pussy"

How common do you think fetishes like this are?
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>grew up in a small 2-3 day per week school ever since k
>had no friends as everyone else knew eachother through family/church/etc
>only white kid at my texas catholic church and all the mexican kid hated me
>joined a small friend group in 6th grade, by 7th everyone from my friend group had left the school and i foolishly made no effort to keep in touch with them
>am currently in a friend group a grade above mine (junior) viewed as 'social leftovers'
>started lifting, bigger than 95% of people i know, receive compliments fairly often
>17, socially anxious, never had a gf, basically socially retarded
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genealogical traits

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This is driving me insane, I NEED TO KNOW.

Do I biologically share most of my attributes with my grandmother? I suspect her of having autism.

[spoiler:lit]Is there still hope of finding out even if she's been dead for 2 years?[/spoiler:lit]
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Where can OP talk about feelings?

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Where are places where I can talk to people about my shit feelings? I texted a suicide hotline thing a couple times but I don't want to do it again cause theyre probably tired of me already. Any online chat things? Please help
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My gf started birth control only 6 days ago and I straight up just came inside, how fucked am I?

She says it's going to be okay and she's not visibly worried at all.
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I realise that I've caused my father an incredible amount of emotional pain by being cold to him. Along with the pain I caused him is the pain of losing both his parents, being in a loveless marriage, both his siblings not being close with him and not inviting him to things

He has anger problems which is what ruined our relationship

How do I stop feeling guilty about the pain I've caused him?
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So it looks like I'm getting sued.

I haven't been handed any papers yet, but I'm getting a bunch of mail from lawyers saying they could help me file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. I'm apparently getting sued by LVNV Funding, the original debt was from a credit card I had about 2 years ago for about $700.

Not sure what steps I should take in this situation, I could use some advice.
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