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Nothing but suicidal thoughts the past couple of weeks. I sleep at night literally praying I never wake up. I feel worthless, like I'm just gonna grow up into nothing and be a burden to everyone. I actually already have grown up into exactly that. I'm 20 and I've been failing the vast majority of my classes.

What should I do, /adv/? Overdosing is my ticket out. But I'm still too pussy to do it.
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>tfw you have no idea what it's like to be really good at something

these 25 years have been a waste
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Should I leave college

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>be me
>have a BA in languages (I'm fluent in different ones)
>can't find a job because reasons
>start second BA (tertiary) in Library and Information science because suposedly there's high demand in my third world shithole
>not my vocation, but an OK discipline I could work all my life in it
>still no jobs
>want to leave this shithole (have italian citizenship)
>realize that having more degrees will not help in anything
Well, that's it. My true vocation is arts. But due to reasons I didn't pursue that. I started to learn jewelry and metal work, as well as clock stuff and regularly draw for hobby.

I feek like I'm not achieving shit by studying things that are secondary to me (again, not my vocation) and won't help me to move abroad.

Should I focus more in my art, eveb if kinda late (in my late 20s) and developing a self mantained business that I can run and move with me anywhere?

This would be my last semester, or maybe have another one, but I feel like completing my second degree is of no use. I feel a bit mad about falling for le degree meme and kinda feel like I'm forcing it out of rage (like, I studied a lot, it MUST get me a job), so I feel like going full fuck it and abandoning it (currently missing 4 courses). University is free here, but lifetime seems more worth than money
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Transexual or not?

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I started talking with a girl in OKC, and when planning what to do when going out she suggested going to a club party pretty fast. In her okc questions (not her profile) it looks like she's interested in casual sex, so maybe she just wants no-bullshit hookups, which would be great for me.

But I'm weirded out because I can only see a pic of her, and for whatever reason I'm suspicious of her being a transexual, transvestite or something. The website is filled with them and sometimes they say straight up that they are, or they just mark themselves as women.

>this is her pic, added the eyes thing for a tiny bit of anonimity, i dont like posting people's faces online

i think its mainly because of the jaw... so what do you guys think, is there an elegant way of knowing she's one or not before meeting?
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I feel terrible for something I caused

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Yesterday my parents had a huge fight because of me. Maybe it wasn't entirely my fault, but I still feel pretty shitty. I feel lonely and terrible for causing such a fight, and I don't have anyone to talk to.

I decided to change law's school for English teaching, I'm gonna start classes next week. It's an online course, and I won't start from zero because of credits transference, and it'd take me less than two years to finish (the same time I would end laws).

Of course my father got mad, and told me that either I finish laws or find a job, but as I don't wanna go back to laws cause I don't enjoy it, I told him I'd get a job.

Last night, he had an argument with my mother, because much to his displeasure, she supports me. And it quickly escalated to my mother telling me we're leaving the house, and ended with her throwing dad out of the house. My mother was in tears, and said she had enough of him.

I can't help but feeling like this, I don't know what to do.
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Question for 4channers!

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Hi /adv/!

I am not a usual 4chan user. I have a question that you guys might know!

Pic related is the poster for the famous "unite the right" rally in Charlottesville.

I know the green guys on the left are Pepe the frog. Who are the guys on the right?

I always see this sad face human with Pepe here but I have no idea who he is. How did he get so famous?
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Is it possible to lure a Western guy that is neither ugly or old (28 years max) to marry me and get me out of my shithole?
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Had to watch sex

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So I've been in love with the exchange student this entire time. She's beautiful, but I never had the courage to make a move on her. This summer we went to a festival, and this happens.

- She comes back with a random guy

- They lie down in the spoon position right over my head

- He asks her if he can take off her panties, and she says go ahead

- I get a full view of her pussy and asshole, and then he puts his dick in

- They fuck all night, and when he finally pulls out, she turns her head and notices me.

How do I ever get over this?
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