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So here's the deal.
> Have gay crush on straight guy
> Confess to him, get rejected
> Begin to be uncomfortably clingy to him for weeks after
> Ask him whats wrong. He tells me im making him extremely uncomfortable
> Stopped texting him for a week now
> What should i write to him to stay friends or make him like me?
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have you ever asked your girl if its ok to sleep with other women. is it an instant relationship killer?
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can the police in the uk search your phone to investigate a crime and bring up an unrelated thing? for example texts for weed when there is no weed investigation.
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give me one reason to live
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Is there any chance i could get with my ex girlfriend who says im not her type but she still says she loves me and we hang out alot
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Life advice

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I'm 19 and about to turn 20. I graduated high school at 17. Grades were passing but nothing special. planned to attend two years of state college with a few scholarships and a part time job. worked at first but then I kinda fucked shit up and dropped out. was never going back. realized how stupid that was, went back and got a better job. fucked up again. 1,200 dollars in credit card dept, quit again. I just fucking hate school. now I have an even better job and could afford to go back but I just dont think it's going to work. I hate every degree and certificate available at the state school and I cant afford to attend a university. is there any career that doesnt require a degree, maybe schooling but not a lot that will keep me from blowing my brains out but will still provide enough money for a car, apartment and some spending money?
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How do I get along w/ coworkers?

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Just a little back story here.

I make a rule of not socializing with coworkers, and I should not have broken it. This may take 2 posts, it was THAT bad.

6 coworkers met at someone's house under the pretense of "Irish stew". I grudgingly accepted the invitation and arrived at 2 pm (when I was told to come). I brought traditional soda bread that had to be baked first. The host made a bit of a stink about using the oven when he had other things in there, but I told him I wanted it fresh.

The stew was still cooking and the host was already drinking alcohol at this time. In the middle of a conversation with a member of the opposite sex, the host tells me, "Please, no talk about politics. PLEASE not today". I said if more people talked about politics we would be in a better country, and he got very argumentative so I just dropped it.

I was drinking apple juice that I brought over and the host kept trying to get me to have a beer. He was obviously intoxicated and starting saying how maybe I would be relaxed and "cooler" if I had some alcohol. It was pathetic, like peer pressure from a high school TV show.

Anyway, at that point I became withdrawn and went for a walk. I came back right before dinner, and that is when the fun started.

He made "Irish stew" with beef, carrots, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, hot sauce, oregano, tomato, and various ingredients. I started telling others that proper Irish stew should only contain mutton, potato, onion, and water, and that beef, tomato, black pepper, hot sauce, and other ingredients would not be available then and therefore it was a modern stew, not Irish stew.

We started eating and someone asked me about what I had said about real Irish stew. The host looked annoyed so I told him. He turned red and told me if I didn't like it I could "get the fuck out and take my apple juice with me".
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What's some standard furniture for a bedroom?

I'm asking because I have a pretty medium sized room and all I have is my bed so far and I need to decorate. So far I'm getting a nightstand, a dresser, and I'm considering getting a TV stand with a TV (but that's a month or two out.) What else do I get? Also, what can I do to decorate it?

I'm a 28 year old male.
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I have watched over a dozen hours of footage of pick-up artists working "in the field". The men basically try to be as assholish as humanly possible to any woman, anywhere.

The techniques they use (negging, teasing, vacuum of validation, push-pull, being distracted and ignoring then) seems to be working INCREDIBLY well. All the women they talk to are basically treating them like Greek gods just after 10 minutes of conversation and kissing them and allowing themselves to be groped and are down to have a one-night stand.

Obviously, the fuck-ups and bloopers don't usually make it to the final cut, but if the tactics are successful on 1 out of 5 women, then that's far far better than what I usually get.

So should I become an amateur PUA to satisfy my cravings for women? If I shouldn't do that, what else should I do to get them in bed?

pic related is a female sexually assaulting a PUA because she wants him that badly
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Gotta marry her

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Be me

>A guy who makes six-figures, is astonishingly handsome, very intelligent, and doubts he will ever find "the one"

I've always imagined there are people who fall in "love" and there are those who create unimaginable bonds with each-other to the point of death do they part.

(For instance you survive a zombie apocalypse with some chic it's basically the ultimate test being together)

I want to find this "ultimate test" and I believe it to be starting and running a business. Something you cna build together with somebody, and be able to look back upon where it all began. Something tangible.

The dillema is finding a girl who I could partner with, conquer the ends of the earth with, through hard nad good times we would fight to keep our company growing.

Naturally of course the victory prize for surviving all of this would be to donate our money to orphanages hospitals etc.

The trouble is I highly highly highly doubt a girl like that exists but I am highly highly certain a guy I know like that exists.


>Should I settle for being a loner to focus more on the business myself?