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What is the right way to study?

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I guess anything goes
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College girls fetish

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Is it weird that I have a college girls fetish? It's not about the age though, it's about if she attends college or not.
Like if she is 21 and not attending college meh, but if she attends college then she'll make me dick rocks hard.
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>hot girls that aren’t retarded and are nice
Where to find them?
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i want to die because ill never be a woman, but im too afraid to actually kill myself.why am i this stupid and useless
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Is it bad that I honestly don’t give a single flying shit about climate change? Everyone around me is sperging about it but I just don’t have the energy to care. I understand it’s a serious issue but it’s too depressing for me to contend with so I just don’t bother. Is that bad?
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I am addicted to women, it's been an ongoing thing for my whole life but has severely manifested recently since I met Justina. Justina is married without kids, 29 and Lithuanian. We met in London and we had the most beautiful month together. We were in love! LOVE! A love I've never experienced so strongly or truly until pretty much after one day it all fell to shit. Her truer side came out and she started using and abusing me. It hurt me so much that someone I loved so deeply could do this to me. Now I see it all for what it is, pretty much. I know she is not a good person, and what we experienced was not exactly true.

We've been on and off for another 3 months and I met her again today. I broke it off with her countless times, but I keep coming back and she keeps half taking me back. I looked at her face today while we were speaking amicably. She is ugly. I mean, she is probably of average attractiveness and is not fat, but when I look in her face, even though I am still enamoured by her, I see a true, deep ugliness. Even still, if she would have fucked me tonight, I would have easily obliged.

This last few months has been tough for me. I am using women (not sex so much) more than ever to try to quell my emotional pain. I had enough pain to begin with but this wench tore me heart out and stomped on it. I want to be strong. I want to not need or even want women and all the problems they bring. I want to not drink and be cool and calm and enjoy my life. My addiction to Justina and to women is destroying my life.
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How to cope with the realization that you will never find love and die alone?
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What type of men are Italian women attracted to?
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23 year old guy here, I out with this girl for a couple years, had a great relationship. She’s one of the few non vapid and shallow women left in the 21st century. Unfortunately 9 years of casual porn and social media use age turned me into a coomer and I ended up DMing a bunch of people. She found out and left me. Now 8 months later she tried to give me a second chance and I still fucking ruined it by thinking with my dick. Is there any hope of fixing this? (I ask just to see if anyone had a similar experience.) If so, is there any hope?
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Is it normal to have headaches after a concert?

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I went to a rock/metal concert a couple nights ago, first concert I’ve been to and it was loud as shit. My ears have stopped ringing but I still have a persistent dull headache. Is this normal? If I ask anyone irl they’ll call me a pussy