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Video Interview

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Hey adv

So I recently applied for an apprenticeship at BT in IT. Today I got an email saying that I passed the situational strengths test and that the next phase of the process was a video interview. This is my first real interview so could you guys give me advice on how to tackle questions such as:

>Why did you choose BT?
>Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
>What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Like I said, this is my first ever interview so any help here would greatly be appreciated.
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I couldn't get hard

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Tell me stories about how you couldn't so I could feel better about myself and any tips.

[spoiler:lit]eventually I did get hard but it was still embarrassing
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Hey guys how do I stop being angry at women? I notice it especially with girls my own age (not quite so much with older ones) that I just have some kind of weird defensiveness/nervousness/anger when I talk to them, especially when I meet them the first time.

I always feel like they're just going to see me as some nice little boy and not take me seriously and so I have to act mean or something to get them to take me seriously, but I think that's really bullshit and probably makes it much more difficult to connect with people.

Apologies for the slightly rambling post.
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I would like to convince my boyfriend to allow me to have a girlfriend on the side. My argument is that lesbian sex isn't genuine sex and I cannot romantically be interested in women. Would a normie guy go for this?

No, he can't have sex with her.
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>be me
>buying a guitar
>learn to play
>could play a little bit of this and a little bit of that
>a string snap
>thought to myself string isn't really hard to change
>see the string
>it's fucking short
>can't push it out
>impale the tip of my finger
How do I get this out /adv/
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Enjoy your Youth

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What does it mean to "enjoy your youth?"

Literally every baby boomer, even people older than them, says that to those who are in their teens and twenties. It's supposed to be encouraging, but for me? Constantly thinking about my fleeting youth and life nearly send me into a panic attack.

I'm turning 26 in June (male, I don't consider 30 old, maybe 40+ or so), but I've felt like an old man since I was 19, which I think started when I started college a year late. On top of that, I started balding at 18, and I had to start shaving my head when I was 21. My bald crown, which reaches to the back of my scalp, became noticeable when I was 22, along with other treasures like back hair and a gross mustache I have to shave off whenever I can.

The reason I bring this up is because I feel like my "best years" were taken from me before they even started.

What am I supposed to be doing with my youth? Go skydiving, mountain climbing, hitting bars and going to orgies? I don't plan on getting married or having children, so if that's what people refer to when they say "you won't know how valuable your youth is until it's gone."

Am I alone in thinking there's too much pressure in enjoying your body and life before you get wrinkles or whatever, or does it only apply to normies who go to the beach every weekend and have wild sex parties before settling down with a wife, kids and an office job?
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what antivirus /adv/ use?
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Banking related advice question,

I deposited a paycheck into my account yesterday first thing when the bank opened, I even got the check cashed, took 100 of it, and put the remaining cash into my checking account. A few hours later I checked my account and saw my funds had been added to my account.

Skip forward to today, I'm at the gas station, taking out cash to get gas and check out some garage sales. I go to take out 40 dollars and my card comes back declined saying insufficient funds, on the receipt it says Balance Unavailable. Immediately I go to my mobile banking app and see that all my funds are still there, the money I had in the account prior to my deposit and the deposit included.

I have not traveled out of my banks' local area, I haven't had any transactions to exceed my spending limit, there has never been any fraudulent activity on my account, and I entered my pin correctly.

My question is, wtf is going on and can I hold my bank responsible for the inconvenience I've been presented with? My bank app shows my funds, atms and pos machines claim I have no funds. I even tried using my wife's card that is associated with the same account and still declined. It's as if my banks pos system is broken but their mobile banking site is not. So I am completely locked out of spending any money today, with no reason to validate it.

Tldr; bank account is locked out for no apparent reason, mobile bank app shows funds available, atm says balance unavailable, pos purchases decline. Can I hold my bank responsible for denying me access to MY funds with no reason?

Ty for any advice or course of action

Pic unrelated, I'm about to start reading it.
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Any dermatology anons or medfags here to tell me what these fuckers are on my nose? Its really hurting my already 3/10 looks. What can I do to get them to fuck off?
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I need some fucking help guys

>Be me
>19y/o in college
>Economics major
>I've been talking with an 8/10 girl, lets call her Jane
>Super sweet and nice
>My heart melts whenever I see her
>We get close
>I find out she has a boyfriend named Jake (not real name)
>Seems like trailer park trash
>Apparently her parents knew his family so they wanted her to have a relationship with him
>Sometimes she comes into class with bruises
>She tells me she fell down the stairs or tripped or something like that
>Her happiness starts to become faint
>One we were eating lunch after class and she broke down
>Told me all the stuff Jake did
>Everyone's concerned
>Rumor gets around
>Jake finds out
>Jane is too afraid to break up with him
>I start hanging out more near her house
>I want to be there in case Jake shows up
>Normally just do hw in my car
>One day I see Jake pull in to her driveway
>He's steaming mad
>I try to duck down
>I spill my drink all over the car seat
>Completely stained
>Tried bleach, didn't work

How do I fix this? Is it a lost cause?
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