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I'm having irrational fears, how to deal with them?

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Like I don't drink energy drinks cus I think they will make me ugly etc.... what to do?
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19/y Anon here, Girlfriend of 6 months cheated on me last night with a random guy in a bar. Came in crying the next day saying she regretted it and wanted the relationship to continue.

Is their any way for it too work out or is it doomed to fail?
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I have been with my girlfriend on and off for about 2.5 years however recently I've met a girl at uni who has really caught my eye and we have really good chemistry and seem to get on pretty well. I can't help but feel attracted to her and want to see where it leads.

I do love my girlfriend and she thinks the world of me but we tend to argue a lot over stupid shit and there is a lot of toxic times as well as good times.

I definitely will not cheat on her and if I have to put myself in a position where I have to make a decision I will try and be open and honest, but I find myself thinking about this new girl in a way I don't really think about my girlfriend anymore.

What should I do? Is it wrong to keep talking to this new girl and seeing how our chemistry progresses?

It would honestly break my heart to dump my girlfriend if it came to that though
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Is never experiencing teenage love a big loss? What's it like?

I fell in love with a guy for the first time at 24, about 8 months ago. He's 29 and he had a couple of girlfriends before. We've been together for 6 months now and I'm very happy, but all my friends experienced the whole teenage romance stuff. A lot of them have been saying I wasted my teenage years not experimenting and "living life" and that it's pretty late for me to just have my first boyfriend. What have I been missing?
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Fake it ‘till you make it?

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I have been living in Taiwan as an expat for almost 5 years now and because I can now speak Chinese I got hired at a travel agency as a tour guide for foreigners and a leader for weekend English field trips.

I have been in this office for almost 3 months, and in that time I feel like I have not done enough and I’m just a burden on the company. Some days I speak Chinese really poorly, I don’t know if I’m leaving the office on time or too early, I have prepared all of my tours over the past months and now I need to sell them. But I have never worked in sales before so I’m just posting in Facebook groups and I’m going to spread some flyers out.

But I get this nagging feeling like my boss is losing patience with me. Do I come forward and tell him that I feel lost or do I just continue to keep my ears open and my mouth shut?
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Do girls with boyfriends get jealous of guys they know getting with other girls?

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Pretty much just the title, a girl I know seems really attention seeking after she finds out I got with girls.

Is this normal?
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tech advice HALP

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Is this good enough to play Rust?

CPU : AMD A10 9600P (3.3 GHz)
GPU : R8 M445DX 2GB
RAM : 8GB แบบ DDR4 (Dual Chanal)
HDD : 1TB 5400 RPM

>pic related
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If I kill myself, will I still fail college?
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Bathroom Etiquite

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Hey all!

I am 27 years old and I share a bathroom with a 33 year old male.

Every time he is done in there there is hair everywhere in the bathtub on the shower curtains on the floor on the toilet seat and in the sink and on the counter.

Also there is a mildew like smell that comes from his room and I can smell it from my room as we share the same hallway.

She also puts his dirty laundry in the dryer before washing it.

I don't know how to bring up these issues with him as he seems like he might be kind of autistic and on top of that he has terrible vision and wears very thick glasses.

Also we've been living together for almost a year and it seems too late to bring up these issues now but the problems are getting progressively worse.

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So, I have a girlfriend. I love her, we get along great, the sex is getting better and better and so is our communication.
Recently we met up, went to see a show then we ate dinner, talked. I had no condoms on me, but I remembered she had two left in a pack at her place, I didn't have much luck with them before, they numbed my penis and made me go flaccid so we did it raw, but since neither of us want kids I said that she still has the ones in her drawer.
She said she didn't. I said I'm sure she did have two left last time i saw the pack. She claimed she had none. The conversation got awkward, because I got suspicious. I rationalized that she probably didn't want me to get soft with them again so she threw them away or something but I can't shake the feeling she's been having sex with someone else. Nothing in her behavior changed, she still hugged, kissed, talked and looked at me like she did before.
What do? It's my first relationship, 22yo.
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