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I don't know how to make friends
I'm not anxious or anything, I don't think I'm boring, people just don't like me
I can be alone pretty well but my girlfriend has way too much domain over my life when I'm socially isolated
She can have me whenever she wants and it's annoying. I feel unique rejection when she's busy and doesn't respond.
I want to have people to go to dinner with as well. My girlfriend is poor and doesn't go out. I don't want to set a precedent of paying for her.
Overall I need at least one friend, but I've forgotten how to socialize. Is there anything I can do at this point, or am I isolated and fated to wait for someone equally awkward, niche, and desperate to come along and befriend me?
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Girl told me she was raped so I dumped her

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I was seeing a girl for ~half a year when she told me that 3 years ago, she was raped in college.

I was understanding at first, but it's too much baggage for me to deal with, and I've read too much shit about rape victims having arousals and being fucked in the head from orgasming during rape for me to deal with that so the next week i told her I can't see her anymore, didn't give a reason just said I wasn't feeling it.

I was then called an asshole, selfish prick, her friends texted me saying I was a selfish asshole, so I blocked their numbers and Facebook adds.

Am i in the wrong for not wanting to date a rape victim? I've been doing a lot of thinking- if I had a wife and she got raped I don't think I'd be able to be with her afterwards. Am I a shitty person for putting myself first?
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The situation:
Asked my bf for his phone to watch a movie since mine just died about to type in the movie amd ive just noticed that his suggested/recent prefill words are cuck and cuck hold so i go to him tell him i love him and all sorts of truths hoping bringing this up wont embarrass or upset him and just told him what i saw and he says he just saw something on reddit about cuckolds and he was just looking it up but he isnt into it. AND THENNN instead of being a decent person and keeping out of his stuff i ending up having a look at his browser. Just curious cos i was thinking whatever stuff hes checkin out we could try it lol im keen. Might turn out fun or just retarded and funny(i feel terrible for snooping and it uncovering something he didnt want to share yet).

Heres the thing though, theres just the cuckold thing and grindr (other than just stuff we already do and regular things yanno).

I have not told him about what i did and what was there and yes i had no right but i had no ill intentions (like using it against him or embarrassing him) i was just wondering whats on his mind lately so i could cater to his needs.

I dont want people just telling me leave him hes not into you or anything like that i understand he MAY POSSIBLY be bisexual or homosexual and would like to know of ways to bring this up in a very sensitive way as in making sure he knows i love him and i ultimately just want him to be happy and feel free to be himself because he really is an amazing man and deserves whatever hes into. Its pretty heavy though we've been together over 2 years and i would love to be in a romantic relationship with him but if hes left missing out thats just not right and its breaking my heart :/ Really scared of having this conversation if it turns out how it looks im sure it may not be the easiest topics to discuss for him so how can i make him more comfortable and feel supported and loved ?
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I got a 6.5/10 on an assignment in poli sci that's worth 10%, as marked by my TA. My classmates who had different TAs all had better marks than I did. Im pretty torn since I started on the assignment from day one and thought it would be at least an A-. Is it worth going to the prof and telling her that he marked too hard and risk souring our relations, or should I go to him in person, discuss it, and accept the outcome....
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I need help AZanons. I don't know how to meet people in this damn state. I've never had a gf and I'm sick of being alone, I want to talk to someone my own age and feel something. But this state has been changing my whole life and it's turning into New California. Everyone seems vapid and turned off by the idea of someone interacting with them.

I don't know if I want use something like Tinder to find someone to bond with. It seems like it's mostly a pump and dump kind of thing. I don't want that. I want to share a bond with someone but I have no idea where to start to meet people and where I do meet people it ends up as the following:

I try to find clubs.
I meet and get along with girls at local comm. college. Get their numbers
>Ghosted or already has bf

Basically I want to know how to meet someone in this wasteland.
I'm so tired of being alone. I want to feel something. I want to feel human.
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Now I know there’s no cure for stupid, but this dumbass teenager keeps whining about how depressed she is, even contemplating cutting to get her mind of it.
How can I fix her /adv/? Is she a lost cause?
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pic related, busty beyond DD femanons I need adv.

My world isn't coming to an end or anything, but it would sure make things better.

My long GF (likely to be wife) is built full like pic and wears an American I-cup, 4-hooker. I freakin love her figure, but she doesn't like her boobs at all. She finds no appeal in them, or appeal for others in them, no v-neck tshirts, dresses always high cut, buttondowns are buttoned up. We're good and open sexually, but she doesn't . . ."use" her body on me like she could to get a reaction.

How can I make her feel more comfortable or even appreciative about at least this one aspect of her body? ( i know I can't make her anything, but just roll with it for the discussion) My interest is for her and also me, cuz she's really hot to me and I want her to feel appreciation, and I also want her to offer me stimulation of that kind too.
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I've been a giant pushover all my life. I'm always bending over backwards for people and barely doing anything for myself. I never stick up for myself when people treat me like shit, and I'm too shy to talk to most people in the first place. I always try to say what others want me to say instead of what I actually think, and I'm submissive as fuck. It feels like I'm always being stepped all over by other people, and I'm sick of conforming to what everyone else wants me to be instead of being myself.

How do I stop being such a motherfucking pussy?
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>Try out Tinder for kicks and some low-pressure ego boost
>Get like half a dozen swipes before I run into a woman who is a friend of a friend.
>Bit of a QT
>Tried chatting her up at a barbecue a while back and she almost had a nervous breakdown on the spot.

How the fuck do I swipe this? Seems like a lose/lose.
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How to deal with anger and hate?

I'm a very impulsive person and I live in a place I hate after my parents decided to move out of my fatherland. I hate the local language and everything that comes with it and my hatred stops me from learning it.

I walk around angry as fuck. I don't talk to anyone except a couple of friends and whenever I speak with somebody else I either seem very impolite and uninterested or too nice, when I try to seem a little bit humane.

How do I deal with this? I'm stuck here for at least two more years. I live a week to week life, go to the gym, meet with people, read books. But while my friends learn the language and pick up local girls/find themselves girlfriends it seems unimportant to me. I just fucking hate Spanish, I'm sorry. I wish I didn't.

I'm slowly reaching the state of a robot living weekend to weekend, a robot who does not care about his surroundings and can't interact with people, because he either comes off as a nice pussy or an angsty edgelord.

What do I do, help