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Long distance relationship

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Hi /adv/. So, im in a LDR with a girl I met online and we cant meet soon because of circumstances. How do I keep the relationship going? Because sometimes we dont have much to say to each other and it gets boring especially when we are from different countries.
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Videogames make me happy. Why do women expect I give up what makes me happy and become miserable to cater to their wishes?
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I feel like a douche

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>Going to a club at night with friends
>Everything is cool, until a girl told me that her friend wanted to talk me
>Talked to that girl, and in a few moments started to make out with her
>Found out that she was way older than me, but I didn't care. I love them milfs. I invited her some drinks
>Hours passed and my friends were going to their homes, they were giving me ride back to mine. I had to go
> I told the women that I was leaving in a minute, and she went mad and sad, and she went away
>Tried to follow her but she was gone...

I hate to make people bad. I just wanted to have fun for a night and I thought she wanted too...

Don't take me wrong, I didn't even sweet talk to her, because I don't like to fool women. I even told her that I was just looking for a moment, I´m not looking anything serious for now and her friend agreed.

What happened /adv/? I feel really like shit, should I stop doing this?
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Do girls look down on a guy if he makes her cum but he's not able to cum for whatever reason? I've heard they sometimes feel bad like they weren't good enough but do they often think of him as less of a man or something?
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Just another typical weekend coming up

>wake up and clean room and go to gym (weak due to coffee ruining sleep) and eat
>drink coffee at my favourite train station while browsing 4chan and feeling sad about life
>go to a museum and feel like a fraud at how I'm going for the pseudointellectual cred
>feel awful after seeing 50 attractive women who consider me a disgusting beta while they have 5000 tinder matches with Chads
>go to my second favourite station to drink coffee, repeat
>go home and waste all my time on the internet or read some books I only read for the pseud cred
>go to sleep
>sunday passes with even less happening but with museums closed so I feel locked out the social sphere and have a vague sense that I should have woken up early on Saturday to make the most of it
>coffee ruined sleep too much to make the gym worthwhile but I'll give it up after Monday...
>would feel sad about going to work on Monday but I barely work

>aged 26
>no friends or social life since 18
>no female attention ever
>went through university with zero social experiences
>became the loner nobody talks to within two days of my current job
>never been to pub, club, or party
>missed out on all the 16 - 22 formative social experiences that people look back on fondly (teen crushes, school prom, school dances, university fresher's week, any sort of relationships at all)
>know that women all have 5000 tinder matches and think the average male is ugly
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Fining someone after Barcelona terrorist attack

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Hello /adv/, it's been a while since I posted here. I am turning to you since at the moment I have no other idea who to ask.

Somebody I care about has moved to Barcelona couple of years ago, and after some time she just stopped using social networks and pretty much went under radar. From some sources I've heard that everything is fine and that it's just a choice she made.

Fast forward to today.
After the Barcelona terrorist attack that happened two days ago, media reported that one female citizen from the country I'm from was injured in the attack. No other info except that was given.

My question is: Do you have any idea, is there any way to find out the name of the injured person? Is contacting an embassy of my country in Spain a good start? Mind you that I have no other regular way of finding out this info, and that I do not want to contact the person, I just want to sleep peacefully.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm an alpha who has his eyes on a 9/10
qt3.14 but she's dating some fag name caf or some shit like. that I'm much more good looking than him. what do I do /adv/ (guy in the pic is me)
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i recently tried smoking because im an adult and i never tried it and i wanted to know what makes smoking so good that people get addicted to it
I did it a coupl times and i was hit with this intense sense of relaxtion and then i realize im never relax and its not like i havent tried healthy ways of dealing with anxiety like taking a big long walk or reducing sugar and caffeine or keeping a healthy sleeping schelude, i mean all that helped but it never brought my anxety to a manageable level.
Smoking isnt really a long term solution to this so what can i do beyond what im alredy doing to reduce anxietty and please don say meditation because i tried meditation and its not for me
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Regarding a girl

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so, I've recently been talking with a filipina girl I met on a dating app, we hit it off immediately and added each other on facebook
not long after that she started introducing me to her language and teaching me words that mean "my love" and some other cheesy lovey dovey stuff
I feel really strongly toward this girl, but it seemed too good to be true, so I did some research regarding these women
as it turns out a lot of them use foreign men, specifically white americans, to get them a green card so they can pay for their family and/or kid

what I'm wondering is: should I confront her about this and ask if her if she is genuinely interested in a real relationship?
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Maximizing 20 vs 30s, how to?

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How do I maximize my enjoyment in my 20s?

I don't give a fuck what people say, you're an old fuck when you're 31,32,33+ By then your body is breaking down, some cunt has managed to wriggle her way into marriage with you thus ending your life, and then you're a shmuck with a miserable fat wife, possibly children and the rest of your 9-5 wagecuck life.

I'm planning on killing myself on my 30th birthday. People always tell me

"go to grad school, it'll pay off massively in your 30s" Who fucking cares? Your basically dead at 40.
"your 20s are for building up to your 30s" Virtually every single person in their 30s I've met is fucking miserable who wish they were younger.

people were not meant to live this long. how do i make the most of my 20s? do i spread my seed?
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