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I love putting hot sauce in my soup but I don't want to do it because I don't want to offend my girlfriend (she sees it as me saying her soup is flavorless) how do I shut her bitch ass up to stop nagging me about it?
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Why do women hate men?

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I've been coming across a lot of hateful anti-men content, but I don't quite understand what reasons women have to hate men.
Do they hate men because they couldn't date a Chad, and just get pumped and dumped by them instead?
Are they generalizing all men because of what a tiny amount of men do? (ex. "all men are rapists")
Did they get molested and now hate all men?
Someone tell me what's going on here.
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Would reading be a good escapism? I essentially am stuck in a chair and have to use the internet for social interactions and mind distractions which I’m getting very little of and I’m already sick of the stupid levels from this. Incel this, men bad that, politics this, wah wah dumbshit everywhere.

can books be an escapism method? I have one self help book that I have downloaded but I haven’t read in years and have to rebuild brain pathways and kill off the internet addiction side of me to start reading again. Will I get my escapism at some point or be disappointed? I really want to take a break from humans and stupid people for a month or year
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how the fuck do i get over being ghosted?

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the only friend i've ever had blocked me and i still can't get over it. i don't care that it's cringe but i have abandonment issues and it's fucking destroying me. and i feel this crushing guilt all the time for being obsessed because i still can't get over it, and for the way i treated him. i'm so lonely it hurts, i'm a hikikomori so i don't get any human interaction at all and i can't connect with anyone and it's driving me insane. take the piss all you want, i know i'm cringe, but i just don't know how to get over it, i need help.
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How do you make a living with someone from different country?

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I am in a long distance relationship, both of us are still in university, we manage to meet each other at least 4 times a year for few weeks, relationship wise we are doing amazing, we can overcome the feeling of loneliness at times.
My question is, who do I make things work in the future? I don't know how is it getting a job, I need to learn additional language if I want to live in her country. Anybody who had worked in neighboring countries could help me out with a little bit of advice on finding a job and getting a house?
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Should I bother asking my bf if he has any fetishes or will it just cause trouble?
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My boyfriend doesn't like when I wear certain clothes such as leggings, booty shorts, far I've been willing to not wear those things to avoid arguing. Last weekend I went out with a couple of friends to a birthday party and he found out we wore thong bikinis from an IG pic (there was a hot tub) and was legit about to lose it, screaming and throwing chairs(not at me). Is this a valid reason to breakup?
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I've had sex with 45 prostitutes over the last three years. Am I a degenerate for doing this?
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I am a college student in SC with no money. What job should I go for, for some spare income?
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