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What do I do? Am I heartless?

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>Been pursuing a dream career of mine for 3 years

>It's been working out incredibly well recently.

>My work is being shared/bought by people and certain people I've idolized for quite a while.

>Might be able to make a full-time job out of it and stop what I'm doing now if I manage to keep going.


>Mother's brother has leukemia.

>Lives in another country

>I hardly know this man at all. He has forgotten my name more than once, but no harm done.

>Don't feel much towards the situation, because he's a person I don't know at all

>Mom is trying to force me to leave what I'm doing and go see him, despite not knowing/caring because he's family.

>If I leave, it'll fuck up my progress and growth and will take some time to recover.

What would you guys do in a situation like this?

I feel awful that I can't feel anything towards this. I don't know if my depression has anything to do with it, but I feel nothing when it comes to this situation. I'm sad that any human has to deal with what he's dealing with. I'm obviously sad for my mother and will probably go for her, despite not being able to show much support. I've never been a fan of family obligations.I don't know the man. He didn't take any time to know me either. I hold nothing against him.

My "dream career" is composing, by the way. I'm composing for a few projects and also posting music/music videos to youtube. It's recently been going really well, but the only way to keep it growing at this rate is to keep putting out content. I might be able to drop my job (or at least find something part-time) and compose for a living, which my parents fully support.
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Settle a debate, Anons

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>married for 10 years
>have 6 children under 7
>be extremely blessed financially to the point where we will likely be paying cash on our second home
>be a tech genius with zero education and a stay at home mother with doctoral degree

His perspective: She gets to stay at home and play all day. Our house is trashed and there are never any groceries in the fridge. She never leaves the house and gets everything delivered to her. She literally does nothing all day but then constantly forwards me groupons for European vacations.

Her perspective: I do clean - I clean all day! But it just isn't enough to keep up. He's right that the house is trashed but we are living in a tiny house when we could afford something 3x bigger if he would just get a mortgage instead of insisting on paying for everything in cash. Also, I've asked for help with housekeeping but he doesn't believe he should have to pay for maid service when he has a wife (also doesn't believe he should have to clean up after himself or the kids since he is working and I'm not). It's also really hard to spend 10-16 hours a day alone because he is too cheap to insure a second vehicle (of our 6 vehicles) so that I can get stuff done while he is working (and he does work 10-16 hours a day, but that's okay because it makes him happy and he's good at what he does) because when it was insured I would only use the car once or twice a week. Also, we haven't had a night without kids for over a year because babysitting is "too expensive." Also, I more or less manage his business relationships and then discuss how every interaction went afterword, which doesn't sound like a lot but it actually takes up a lot of time and energy to research people and prep him on them plus it adds a lot of stress.

Rebuttal (him): I just have to add that rich people don't get that way by having extravagant lifestyles. Being "cheap" is part of the package.

Who is right, Anons?
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Should I cut my mother out of my life?

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I don't mean 100% but perhaps never talk to her about anything of substance.

Recently I found out my mother talks behind my back and has been doing it for years.
She also always sides with my sister and her long term bum boyfriend.
Literally I can "do no right".
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Can someone please tell me to stop being a pussy and get a job
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New mom

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How do I know if I'm going through postpartum or if I'm just still sad at the same things I was before? I feel like crying all the time and just taking off for a drive for a really long time or something. But those are things I used to feel before and during my pregnancy.
Am I just a pathetic sad girl or are my hormones being out of wack really to blame? How do I know?
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How do i convince my dad im not addicted to weed

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So I went on a trip to korea a month ago and left my only supply of weed at my apartment. The supply consisted of a tin of 5 weed gummies and my roommate's glass pipe that he left in my drawer. The day before i left for korea was the first time i had ever tried weed (i ate a weed gummy).

The day of the plane ride to korea, my dad asked for my apartment keys to "make sure i didnt lose them in korea". I agreed and he then proceeded to snoop around my apartment, found my weed and then stole it. Following this discovery, he proceeded to destroy my pc that i spent $800 on and my bike for "revenge" and then non-stop call me and text me for multiple days. When i returned from Korea to start my internship, he told me he found my weed and that we would "talk" about it.

Ive since heard from my mother and brother that he has already assumed im addicted to weed, that im a bum and will drop out of my job in order to smoke weed all day. He thinks im a loser and a immoral child that cannot be saved: the typical republican boomer opinion. My dad is notorious for not changing his opinion unless it is absolutely obvious he is wrong. He will constantly discount my arguments by saying "oh thats just what an addict would say" or that im "immature so he shouldnt trust anything i say".

What is at stake if i lose this argument is my college funding. My dad has told both my brother and mother that he will not uphold his promise of paying for the last year of my undergraduate degree, after i upheld my promise to my dad of funding the other 3 years and maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or above. So it is critical that i make it clear that im not addicted to weed or else i lose funding.

Knowing this, how can i convince my dad that im not addicted to weed?
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>Got a great offer for work, but its an internship and I won't be paid for a while
>I'll make pretty good money if/when they hire me
>Essentially broke right now
>Got a second job working at movie theater
>Have girlfriend of a year who wants to move in together and I would love to, but I don't have the money
>Even though I love girlfriend to death, I really just want to die every day

That took a turn, right? Anyways, I'm fucking struggling bros. Everyday I just think about finishing it, and the only thing that keeps me from doing so is my girlfriend.

I'm overworked, broke, depressed, list goes on. The only good thing I have going, is I'm not in debt.

How do you guys slog through the shit that is life? There is never a time where 5 minutes have gone by and I haven't thought about just ending myself. I'm completely fucking miserable, except for when I'm with her, and I feel like I'm just going to continue being miserable forever.
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Do likable people find it easy to be likable?

As a generally unliked person, I know I'm accountable for my behavior. I use my insecurities and the like as an excuse to attention whore, be confrontational, and do all sorts of things that people generally find annoying but often keep to themselves about.

Here's the thing, if I know these are my flaws, why do I do them? Well, it's extremely challenging. I am a very undisciplined person, as if I have ADHD or some shit, I find trying to be well-mannered and behaved while also not being a tryhard extremely difficult. Generally, I find myself criticizing my actions after I've done them, or after it's too late. In addition to that, I tend to feel compelled to be the center of attention. I troll waaaaaaay too often in social circles, usually because I decide to put my focus on the shit that barely matters and will make me seem right instead of actually trying to understand what the other person is saying. Despite knowing that still, it's a challenge to humble myself and let my ego down.

Now, this might make me sound like I'm making excuses, but I genuinely have to ask:

Do likable and respectable people have a hard time with this? Does their discipline and their ability to charm others come naturally? Am I just unlucky and I've been rolled a really shit build where I have to put more effort into things that others can do easily, or am I and other people equally challenged with this, and I'm just a shitty person who gave up?
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So I don't want to live but I don't want to die anyone else know how it feels. Its just so goddamn boring.
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trivial subject

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how to deal with a woman that is certainly intelligent, redpilled and phylosophically not inept.
but is basically roots and very lightly dressed.
her attention span is not so bad but i cannot measure it properly yet she's basically speaking out of emotion, while this is not entirely bad, i woud like on instaure a bit of zenitude and as goal wisdom. this obviously need longer and more structured patterns of language and longer attention spans and refrain from interrupting. i think active body language first is the key and the enexplain the why's of the issue
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