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I realise that I've caused my father an incredible amount of emotional pain by being cold to him. Along with the pain I caused him is the pain of losing both his parents, being in a loveless marriage, both his siblings not being close with him and not inviting him to things

He has anger problems which is what ruined our relationship

How do I stop feeling guilty about the pain I've caused him?
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So it looks like I'm getting sued.

I haven't been handed any papers yet, but I'm getting a bunch of mail from lawyers saying they could help me file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. I'm apparently getting sued by LVNV Funding, the original debt was from a credit card I had about 2 years ago for about $700.

Not sure what steps I should take in this situation, I could use some advice.
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Can't pay my bills

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I am not able to pay my bills and they're piling up.

I'm 9k in credit card debt, owe around 2k in medical bills, and owe 2k in former property fees.

What are my options? Right now, simply just "making more money" is at least going to take to me 3-4 months.

I have no experience with "debt consolidation" but would this be the right option for me?

Would it help if I went into one of my bank's branches to talk to a banker about my inability to pay my bills?
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How do I get a guy to approach me?

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>be confident
>go alone at a concert, dressed nicely and decent
>sit alone at bar and walk around, smiling and open to eye contact and stuff
>do the same when walking on the street
>look like a creep since nobody approaches but stared at a lot

Where to go next and what do? I'm awfully introverted but I want to find a boyfriend, preferably one I share interests with.
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When she said "I love you" I also said it back to her because I was caught up in the moment and wasn't sure about my own feelings.
I soon realized that I lied to her when I did that and that I can't imagine her as my partner.
I know that I made a terrible thing and should've rejected her sooner.
What should I do and how can I hurt her not so much?
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Heart Problems

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>My dads father died from a heart attack when my dad was a teen
>My dads mom just died from a heart attack
>My moms dad died from a heart attack when my mom was a teen
>My dad is currently having health issues related to his heart and might die

Am I screwed? I am pretty healthy right now, I work out a lot and I eat well.
All the men listed above were/are heavy drinkers, and I never plan on drinking in my life.
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How do I learn to actually love myself? I hate the way I look always have. I hate the way I act because of it. I crave compliments to just take the hate away for five minutes but it honestly doesn't work and it's an endless cycle. I just want to accept the way I look.
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So, what I am doing is possibly illegal?

To make a long story short, me and four friends have a sort of stress-relieving 'get together' (basically an orgy) every friday after classes. We've been doing this every friday for about a year and a half and everything has been running smooth until yesterday.

A girl left the 'club' about a month ago because she was going steady in a relationship and didn't want to fuck it up. Great. Although I had reservations as to whether or not she would stay shut, we let her leave. She said she wouldn't tell anybody about us, but of course since she had the power of femininity, she told someone.

Today, I got a text from two other girls in the group (they're all women except for me btw, it's fantastic) saying they've been confronted on campus on the group. Right now, they're frantic because they think they're going to jail, get expelled, etc. The thing is, we have sex off campus and they are all of age, so I don't see the issue here at all.. But they've warped my mind a bit to plant the seed of doubt, perhaps this sort of activity isn't permitted anywhere? There's a reason swinger clubs are super secret.. Are they possibly illegal? Help