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Pimple inside my eye

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How do I get this out of there (see pic)
It hurts a little bit and my fingers are working. Mommy is asleep already I really don’t want to wake her up if it’s not entirely necessary. I don’t want to loose GBP by waking her up and dad is pissed at me already because of my NEET situation. I’m 20 btw.
But I digress, how do I get this out of there?
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How do you dance with women in a non-sexual, friendly way?

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I'm pretty good at dancing and not bad at conversating with girls, but whenever it comes to dancing with them, I just have no clue what to do. Even if a thottie comes up to me I most of the time just ignore and dance away from her, unless I'm on molly. Do you have any tips on how to dance with a girl in a non-offensive and casual way, without looking like a douche?
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I want to become a physician.
Specifically, a pulmonologist. Should I settle for a D.O. school if I'm unable to get accepted into an M.D. program?

I'm not sure how much it would affect specializing. I'm only worried due to the potential MCAT score being low.
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Do I even have a chance of finding a girlfriend, much less maintaining a long-term relationship with a women if I'm adamantly childfree, find vaginas to be kind of gross (I'd never in a million years go down on a girl), and have a low libido?

I'll be 25 next month, and I haven't had a relationship in 5 years. I'm not overweight or bad looking. I have a college degree and am working on grad school. I've gotten attention from women in the past, but rarely from ones that interest me. My one ex broke up with me after 2 months for being too passive. Apparently when a women asks if you want to do anything else when making out, "no, I'm fine" is not a good answer. I was perfectly content with making out and wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

I just want a good friend to spend time with that shares some of my interests (film and literature), someone I can be intimate with, and who I can split the bills with. Am I out of luck?
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I fucked up

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I fucked up, /adv/.
I was on /b/ and i was dared to do a fap roulette
I rolled dice instead of using the ID since its always random
I was forced to consume my own fucking cum

Everything tastes salty now, what do?
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I need a girlfriend

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I really need a girlfriend guys, I'm starting to go crazy.
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Guys, how do I stop a fetish from taking over my life? It’s getting out of hand. I’ve been visiting anonymous chat sites and stuff to get my fill. It’s not even satisfying, it’s just become a compulsion at this point. There’s a couple of other ways it’s affecting me too. I know this wasn’t something I was born with, because I didn’t have it until a few years ago. Please, please, please help me out guys. I can’t take it anymore.
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Alpha vs autist

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I’m in class. My backpack is on the ground and someone hits my backpack with their shoe as they pass by. They could easily go around it or over it, but their shoe brushes alongside my backpack. This happened twice with the same person. Should I be angry when this happens and call them out or is that just a “who gives a fuck” moment?
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