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need advice

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>be me 19
>average looking
>i'm in college now but i'm still had a huge crush with my classmate in highschool
>didn't see her in years
>i really want to though
>how do i message her what should i say
>shoul i man up?
>to afraid of rejection
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I've been rejected from college. Instead of being sad and moping around for months, I've decided to go to the gym, work work work, and learn a new language.

So, /adv/, where does one get started with learning Japanese? Are there good courses on Udemy I can take or are there so,me better videos elsewhere?
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Viagra for performance anxiety

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I cant seem to get over anxiety while trying to have sex and it makes it very hard for me to get it up. I was thinking of buying some viagra online (cant get a prescription) but i'm not sure how safe it would be or if I should just "talk it out" with the girl i'm seeing.

I'd also considered trying to micro-dose an edible or having a drink before sex but I'm also not sure if that be counter productive.

Anyone have advice for dealing with performance anxiety?
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So I have a fairly strong foot fetish. I'm okay with it, and also each partner I had. However nobody else knows about this, especially relatives.

I find it extremely awkward when they go barefoot or with sandals. Do anyone else ever experiences this?
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whats the best way to get an asian girlfriend?, is the gender imbalance in places like china making it harder to find asian girls?
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Write a letter to someone who might read it
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I'm addicted to the meme where you grossly pervert Trump's name. Its gotten to the point where I spend most of the day just sticking random phonemes together and giggling to myself.

>Presebolf Bloomalf
>Pretzlebow Blimbo Bloob.
>Shronald Shrumpf
>Klonald klumpf
>Bronald Blumpf
>Jonald Jrumpf
>Lanald Lumpf
>Qlonald Qrumpf
>Wanald Wrumpf
>Zonald Zlumpf
>Tronald Crumpf

agh, I can't stop. Please send help.
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I'm a slav living in slavland with around 20k USD in savings. How do I go about legally migrating into an English-speaking country (I don't know any other foreign languages except English) and becoming a decent member of society? How much more money do I need to pull it off, if it's even possible nowadays?

I've looked at enrolling as an international student in some colleges in US, England, New Zealand, Austarlia and Canada, and all of them have exorbitant tuition fees and living costs. Is it really as hopeless as it seems unless the person looking to migrate is a billionaire?
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Deleting Tinder and all 500 of my matches. I cannot live like a pussy addict anymore. Rehab will be difficult and I can’t promise that I won’t relapse. Please wish me luck adv
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