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Burdened with terrible knowledge.

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When I was a HS freshman, a junior took me under his wing and we've been brother's since. Its now 8 years later and we're roommates with his fiance of 5 years and his college best friend. We share a 4 bed room apartment. Before we all became roommates, we'll call her A, cheated on him with one of my very close HS friends at a party they threw in their apartment. That was a couple years ago. It went on for awhile but none of us knew. Until summer '16 she finally fessed up to him, we'll call him D, and my buddy, we'll call him T, told me. A's story to D was that it was a very intense make out but that's it, T' s story was much much more detailed and had quite the timeline. At least a year long. (We're all in college and D works in our school's town, she works summers back home.) We all thought he was making it out to be more than it was cause he tends to exaggerate a lot. D forgave her on the grounds that she never speak to him again. Things have been better for them, or so we thought. She gave him an ultimatum, couple's counseling or in 3 months it's over. At 1:30 pm yesterday T sent me a screen cap of older conversations from A to him admitting that they did waaaayyyyyy more than an intense make out.

What do? Do I confront her and make her tell him or do I go straght to him bro style?

Pic is reference to her.