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My bf gets upset when I don't want sex. Recently, my sex drive has fallen I used to want to have sex daily or more but now I'm fine if I go a few days without sex. Anyway, my bf now gets super upset when I reject sex he accuses me of not loving him, or cheating on him, or not finding him attractive, etc. The thing is, its not like he has never rejected sex before, he actually used to be the only one to ever reject it up until a month ago. There was actually a time frame of like 5 months when he would only have sex with me once a week or even go longer without it. His sex drive has kinda gone up recently but mine has gone down.

I told him that I've been very stressed/that sex has been painful for me lately due to an underlying health condition. He understands when hes not horny but the second he gets horny he gets really upset. What is his problem? How do I stop him from acting this way when I reject him sexually? Again, I don't reject him often or make him go an outrageous amount of time without sex...but he still seems so upset by it.