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is it possible to forgive someone you dated for 1.5 years if she was naked on FaceTime, sent a couple naked pictures and sexted

I feel so heart and betrayed but I love her so fucking much that I don't want to get of her. I know they didn't have sex because I know of her whereabouts down to the minute. I found about this not from her but from text message dialogues online. She trickle truthed me about the guy before I found out.

I broke up with her and that same night she messaged another guy from her school and did that - even with me calling and texting her back asking to make things right between us. Her excuse is we were broken up if even we were talking. When we got back together, she never told me even when she promised me didn't do anything with anyone whatsoever. Then she broke up with me 4 days later emotionally and asked that guy if he wanted to go on a date that day. The guy blew her off because he didn't want to pay for her more than likely so she slowly started running back to me. This whole time I never knew about this and I was the one saying sorry for being a jerk and then I found out about this... She was crying all day yesterday and today in front of me begging for forgiveness telling me how sorry she is, how much of a mistake, how she wants to earn my trust back etc etc.

Have you any of you ever gone through something similar? Please, I need help. I need someone. I don't have anyone to talk to. All of my friends are morons who are terrible with advice. I love this girl so much but I feel so heartbroken.