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I used to smoke pot pretty often. I cut back now because my gums are deteriorating and I think im acting different. I feel slower in my mind and I feel like my memory is fading. I could just be delusional but I think I type differently now too. Plus the things I used to like doing dont feel the same. I used to be in the gym and was serious about exercising, now I cant stand the gym. Now I dont look anything like I used to a year ago.

Im wallowing in my own self pity and now that I cant use drugs I dont know where to go from here. Im lost, and most of all this "harmless" substance put me in a worse spot than where I left off.

What can I do to feel normal if thats possible anymore? I think this is the end, my brain doesnt even work like a normal functioning human. I feel like because of this ill never be treated as such.