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advice on stalking

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Hello /adv/,

Last year I broke up with an ex on semi bad terms (he was an alcoholic) and its been about five months since then. He's been emailing me once a month since then, however the emails are so badly written (or maybe he's trying to write poetry?) that I feel I have to wait a few days to try and understand what he's trying to say before I reply back. The trouble is, I think he's drinking again and somehow made it to my house two weeks ago and I think he attempted to enter my house via garage and may have been looking for a spare key to enter. I should also mention that when this happened, it was around his birthday.

Now the last time I saw him person, I threatened to put a restraining order on him however I never did. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I know he was in a mentally bad place five months ago and maybe he's just having an episode again. He's never been violent except for that one night five months ago and even then it was all that violent... it was just me not wanting to get too aggressive in bed but you know.. alcohol changes the brain.

Anyways, /adv/ should I look more into what I think (and am pretty positive it was him) is going on? And what should I do about it?