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one week in new job, bad decision.

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I just graduated college with meh grades and after a couple weeks of denials, i got offered a tech support job at a software company and jumped at it.

I thought that it would be more like IT, and it wouldn't be more or less a call center for technical problems. I suppose I could have seen it coming, but I was too set on taking a job asap to look into it.

I really dont want to be answering phone calls all day.

I think I fucked up, but I have only been here for a week.

I want to become an analyst, but there really isnt a way to get there from where I'm at. Frankly, there is not much of any upward mobility in this job without abandoning the position for a different part of the company.

I guess I was wondering if I should just immediately look for a different job, wait 3 or 4 months then look for another job, or try to transfer myself into a different part of the company.

How bad would I look if I list that I have been working for this company for a month if I send out resumes to different places?

I just feel I am really out if place. Im the only person with a bachelor's degree out of my 12 co-workers, and I feel like I fucked up...