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I wish I had died with my dignity

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Yesterday I was robbed by 2 guys on a motorcycle, rookies, kids, 16 17 maybe, but the looked so clean, new clothes, no facial hair, hair cut short, dressed like supermarket clerks, I didn't suspect them for a moment, they pulled up, out comes the gun, stainless double action revolver, probably a 380, one fondled through my pocket for my phone, distantly mind you, whilst the other keeps the gun on me, as they remount the bike to leave, he has his gun lowered for a moment.
I step in to take a swing, he snaps the gun up to my head, I think about my wife... I step back.
My worthless fucking life, I could have hit him, I don't think he would have pulled the trigger.
Even if he did, I'd rather have died a man than living as a cowardice piece of shit.
I hate myself for what I didn't do.
I don't care about the phone, I wish I died with my dignity.