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Is honesty absolete

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I value honesty in people more than anything. I hate misunderstandings, I dont have time for games, I cant tolerate superficial bitches, and being lied to fucking hurts. I used to be quite histrionic and promiscuous as a teen, and I lied constantly. But as I grew older, I started to see the value in being true to yourself and being honest with others. And now its something that I desparately crave. Honest interation. Unfortunately, because of my history as an adept bullshitter, I see lies and inconsistencies in every person I meet. I see it in my boyfriend who I am immensely devoted to. I see it in my coworkers, and even my boss. I push everyone away because of this and now I am so so alone. I dont have any social media accounts and I dont have anyone to talk to. How do I find someone genuine to talk to? I feel like giving up and playing the game I despise just to feel lovable and alive again... Please help me