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Is erotic fiction as bad as porn?

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I know how harmful regular porn use is on your brain, but I'm wondering if that applies to erotic writing as well. From what I understand, masturbating without the use of porn isn't nearly as bad because the problem with internet pornography is that it tricks your brain into thinking you're impregnating quality mates all the time, creating a feedback loop. However, shouldn't reading erotic fiction avoid this dopamine rush because as far as your brain is concerned, you're not having daily orgies, but are just kickstarting your imagination?
I'm a huge horndog who can't go without masturbation for a week, but I'd really like it to stop. Zero porn has never worked out for me but since I tend to read more than look at pictures or videos I could manage at least jacking off without looking at tits, so I hope there's something to this theory.
Any thoughts?