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Therapy on the loss of a pet and regret

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I don't know where to post this, I just feel like I need to verbalize it because I've never been able to tell anyone and I don't know how to cope. I turned 25 yesterday. This happened last New years.

I am a really big animal lover, I had this dog that was 17 years old. I had a gf of 2 years that was going through a terrible fight with me, easily our worst. It basically came down to these events:

> I wanted us to spend new years eve at home with my dog, the year before with her was the first time I didn't and I wanted to make sure this year it happened
> She agreed, then a week before new years changed her mind. It also happens to be her bday, she wanted to go to a club.
> I said no and was pretty upset that she went back on her plans, she was upset that I wasn't okay with doing what she wanted to do on nye aka her bday etc.
> The fight about the bday led to the examination of our entire relationship, she wants to live in another city, i dont go places with her enough etc. The kinds of things that when we're OK are all good, but when theres a problem the differences between us come up. Eventually I told her I apologized for not wanting to do what she wanted on her bday and if we can still do the club thing, we should and I would be happy to
> The most heated point of the fight came from that, after a week of fighting, essentially leading to how I come around to things too late, we don't live together because i didnt agree in time (before her friend moved out here), she doesnt even want to live in this city, etc.