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Should I kill myself ?

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>be me a year ago
>be a true kissless hugless virgin sperg
>become Friend with Qt3.14 (8/10 face, 10/10 body. Imagine a brunette Kate Upton with hazeleyes and a nice butt. Let's call her Kate for this reason)
>Kate starts to sit next to me at uni
>switch seat, qt follows me.
>Kate's Boyfriend sits behind me
>Kate is a convicted thot (cheated former bf, then broke with lover for current bf)
>Go NOPE.avi instead of BEGONE THOT.jpg
>Become close friend of Kate
>At one party she greets me with a "try to break your ribcage and be lifted up by you" hug
>She must be high as fuck
>Later at party, see bf with another qt3.14
>Turns out Kate and him broke last summer
>Kate is gone with another guy

To be continued...