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Comcast sale calls.

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I live in an area not serviced by Comcast. I'm talking 50 miles across state lines from the nearest Comcast office. Yet I get calls weekly from them trying to sell me service.

I use to answer the calls and (try to) explain it to them. They'd always tell me they're taking my number off the list but it never stop the calls. I started ignoring them and eventually put a call blocker on my phone and blacklisted the number.

A month ago I started getting calls again. Comcast sales but from different numbers making it impossible to block. Last week I got fed up and signed up for service. Scheduled an installation between 4-6pm a few days later. I get a confirmation call a bit past 4 and lo and behold a Comcast truck rolls up to my door at 5:30.

First thing the tech tells me is, "We don't service your area. I don't even know why I was sent here." I summarize things for him and he tells me flat out there's nothing he can do about it. I tell him I'll see him again next week then.

ffs... How can I get these people off my tits?