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It's horrible as I can't know if people will feel insulted by me not sharing something or by sharing something they don't want. I don't know if group of people feels offended by me being greedy and not sharing stuff... or they feel uncomfortable because I'm disgusting to them. Sometimes I feel like it's both. For example. Me and people are eating soup. I had some stale bread. I like to tear stale bread into pieces and put in my soup. The bread looks rather bad. It's actually almost already in pieces. And I jus't can't tell if the people can be insulted by me bringing some bread they don't have and eating it by myself or they would feel disgusted if i offered to share this bread with them. Or eventually when i ask something already I can't tell if they refuse because they are disgusted or because they don't like me and don't want anything from me.

>How do i tell?
>What is wrong with me or something?