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Ok here's my problem anons, there's a girl I like who was putting on my makeup for a play I was going to perform in, and she mentions that she saw my sister that day and we struck up conversation. Two days later durring the real show, she was putting on my makeup again and another one of my friends was there too (she was from drama too). So the girl I like and I were talking to each other for a bit, she started getting kinda touchy and put her legs around one of mine when she was putting on makeup too. Then she mentions this one guy who I used to be friends with. She tells me that she used to have a crush on him until she found out he was a huge dick. Is and my other friend talked about him for a while and afterwards I mentioned that she should do drama next season in February (keep in mind this is the only place I really get to talk to her, outside of these circumstances we probably wouldn't have met). She said that she'd do it. Plus the drama club's like a huge family. Anyway the next day she puts on my makeup again ( keep in mind that these scenes usually only include me, her, and on or two other people) and the same kind of thing happens from the day before except that I said everyone wants their makeup done by her etc. (which was true) and she seemed kinda flustered about it. We talked some more and then after the final show when everyone including the crew (which she was a part of) came out on stage and then everyone gave each other Hugs and high fives etc. with each other. Now here I was giving a few hugs and high fives and then I see her on stage and she went for a hug but I hesitated because I was kinda shocked so she gave me a two handed high five instead. After that little fuck up I went to the markup room one last time and said thanks so much you're the best and she was like awww thanks and from that point on everyone left. Now here's my problem, the last time I've talked to her was two days after the second show (which is 2/3 days before today). Contd