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Thanks in advance for anyone who reads. It’s a long one, but typing it all out is cathartic for me
>Receive random sexual text two months ago from person who claimed they wanted to fuck me
>Figured it was a scam and ignored
>Texts became very persistent and highly sexual, asking if I'd ever been with a squirter, saying she was fucking herself thinking of me, stating she wants to be my side piece if I am seeing someone else, etc.
>Called me from textme number up so I could hear her masturbating and moaning my name
>Eventually convinced her to call me and talk for real and figure out who she is
>By all indications she is a 9/10 former employee that every guy wanted to fuck I knew four years ago
>Left to become a nurse and I advanced on in my career
>I am successful and confident, but a 7/10 at the very best
>Catfish defense mode initiated
>Hold back and try not to get too invested in case she is trying to pull some shit
>All the same, she is very hot so we talk regularly so I can get her to meet me
>She wants me to call at all hours - 5am, 4pm, whatever - just wants to hear my voice
>During conversations, she says a lot of things that strongly indicates she is who she says she is
>For example, she knows details about former co-workers during a very specific time frame we worked together, details about me only my employees at that time know, and sounds a lot like I remember her sounding when we speak on the phone
>On the other hand, she deliberately or unintentionally lies about other things - names of people in her family, where she lives, and relationship status among other things (all of this info readily accessible on Facebook)
>Also can never hear anyone is the background when she is “interrupted”
>Won’t FaceTime or send selfies, but does send some pics of herself that I can’t find online anywhere
>Changes her number regularly so I can’t pin her down