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Family extremely racist, dating a mixed girl, what do?

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Basically what the title says.

At first we were just hooking up with no expectations of relationship, but five months later and we both realize that aside from fucking each other, we've actually been spending time with each other outside the bed, going out together to watch films, just hanging out and talking and without realizing it in the process, we started a relationship. It's been a year now, my family is asking about the girl I'm dating, wanting to meet her.

Like I said, my family is extremely racist. Like, Harry Potter ridiculous racist. They've considered themselves blood purist for a long, long time. It goes way back, we're talking half a dozen centuries if not more, shit started from our ancestors not wanting to mix with the recent influx of foreigners and escalated from there down through the ages.

THey have ridiculous standards for dating: anyone you consider a prospective partner should have at least 5 generations of 'pure' ancestry, which is to say at least 5 generations of their family, on both sides, have to be the same ethnicity as us.

It's not an easy thing living like this, all my sisters and most recently my brother have followed tradition and married others that pass the 'purity' test and acknowledge, if not follow, my family's beliefs about said purity.

My girlfriend knows about all this fucked up shit, but she thought initially I was just fucking with her.

Note: my family isn't opposed to me (or anyone else form our family) being friends with people from different ethnicity or race, they just don't understand or want to understand why anyone would date or marry one of them.