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Girl cheated on her boyfriend with me, confessed and broke up with him so that she could pursue me

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Girl at my workplace started talking to me recently and pretty blatantly hitting on me. One day she kissed me while we were alone in the lunch-break area and we made out for a while then. It was fantastic. Never really had anything of the sort happen to me, so spontaneously. I liked her from before, even though I only knew her from just seeing her around the building. There was something about her that always pulled me to her, but I didn't really bother with it, because I had no idea what she might think about a stranger just coming up to her out of the blue.

Then this happened and I was feeling great.

Until a friend of hers came at me and told me I'm an asshole for ruining her relationship with her boyfriend. Of whom I knew nothing about before that point.

Apparently, day after she made out with me she told her boyfriend what happened and broke up with him to pursue things with me. Yesterday, we talked on our lunch break and she says she wants something to happen with us two, and is sorry for tainting it with her cheating on her ex, but I'm not really sure what to do now. She says she's going to give me space and not bother me for as long as I need until I come to a decision on what happens next.

I've never had any experience with cheating, none of my friends cheated or got cheated on, come from a pretty normal family, so I'm really clueless when it comes to shit like this.

If I do start a relationship with this girl, can I actually trust her not to cheat on me at some point? On the one hand, she came clean with her boyfriend. But coming clean doesn't negate the fact that she still cheated on him. And even if I'm flattered in a fucked up way that someone like her likes me, a part of my brain is telling me to stay away.

So the bottom line question is this: try to have something with her or take a pass?