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Creepy lab partner

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So, this semester I started a new class that requires that you have a partner to complete labs with. I'm a bit of a loner, so it's just me and this one girl who didn't immediately pair up with friends left. The teacher assigns us a partners, all goes well, until we get to talking. I shit you not, out of the blue,
"You have really cold eyes"
"They're cold, pained, anon. I wonder what caused that"
"Umm....I don't know"
"Are you still sad about your breakup with J?"
I'm wtfing at this point, the person she mentioned has been my ex for a little over a year, and the relationship wasn't a very well-known thing. Anyways, in the past 5 weeks she's just been progressively creepier, asking about people by name I've never mentioned, asking what I was talking to people about that she shouldn't know I was talking to, shit like that. It's gone from "You know a little much about me for a stranger" to "When the time comes I will wear your skin" type creepy. On one hand I have to pass this class and need a helpful partner to do so, on the other hand I don't want to end up as a fucking mantle-piece.Suggestions?