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Wtf did i do wrong

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>met two exchange students at a party of a friend of mine two weeks ago
>Folks decide to go to a club
>In the queue one of the girl tells me that the other is not yet 18 so we need a document
>Find one that could work but get rejected
>We 3 go to a bar nearby
>Initially i wasn't really comfortable because i was worried about silences but in the end manage to talk pretty well
>After one hour or so the bar closes so we get out
>They want to go home and I accompany them
>I go into the house with them because i desperately need to get a piss
>After that i see the cute one alone in the kitchen, the other one is at the phone
>We start kissing and continue for almost one hour
>Get her number
>Go back to the club and end the night with the rest of the group
>Text her the day after, everything goes well
>Text her the day after, ask her to eat together at lunch on Tuesday, tells me that she would prefer to do it when she has more that one hour at lunch break (everyday except Tuesday)