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How to stop craving intimacy

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Hello. I am a mentally ill single man who currently is trying to better himself. I have no friends, and haven't made any since I was like 20 I'm 24 now

I struggle with autism and depression and I have many a year before I'm healthy enough to consider intimacy. Despite this being not a bad thing I'm still tortured in my dreams and constantly fantasize about intimacy. Usually it's being held and talked to in a nice way.

I shouldn't; but I get a pang of pain seeing people around me, especially my age group succeeding in friendships and intimacy. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others and life is not a race yada yada but it doesn't remove the sting

I talked to my psychologist and whilst he agrees I'm not goingto be ready for a long time: he finds my wish to go on drugs to kill my libido is disturbing and wrote a note to my psychiatrist about it.

Would mediation work? I'm really tired of feeling this way. Why should I keep being teased by something I'm far away from?

Any ideas from y'all?