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I accidentally posted this as a reply because I'm brain dead
Hi /adv/

Today I just realised I am very woefully inadequate. I don't think I am depressed but I am just really sad right now. My step dad is self employed and makes enough money to feed us and rent a large house in a very affluent area, so I'm not depressed about my living conditions, and we're not getting evicted any time soon.

However, it is just the stuff that happens after all the bills and the taxes and the rent have been met. He comes home after every single day and complains about how he doesn't have enough customers and that he can't pay his workers' wages (which often conspire against him) and the rent. This of course makes him tired and aggravated, but after hearing that multiple times a day for the past 12 years of my existence, obviously makes me very sad. This leads to my mum not getting a lot of money (she is a housewife) and so she has to resort to pickpocketing the money from my step dad's pockets, which sometimes escalates into an loud altercation.

I don't have any friends whatsoever, so there's no one I can rely on, but that really doesn't matter. I just don't feel like I want to continue on with my studies anymore even though it's the thing that will get me out of this situation with a good job, but whatever. I also don't want to go and talk to an advisor, as they know I'm an awkward autistic fuck, and I also believe that they only work for their own good, and by that I mean referring people to the government for a bonus which happens. I don't have great grades either and I don't know how to improve in the space of 4 weeks.

if you want a TL;DR: I come home to my parents saying that there's no money and they shout, and I'm a friendless autist virgin that no-one likes, and also doesn't want to continue with my studies