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How dumb am I /adv/? Long story incoming

>be me, 24
>at a party, mid December 2017
>old friend from middle school brings his sister
>didn't know she existed until now
>her and I kinda click, get drunk together
>party ends with us drunkenly making out
>don't here from her other than a mutual friend telling me shes sorry for how she acted
>2 weeks later, new years party same house
>she comes, eager to see me
>night ends with us having sex in the back seat of my car
>fast forward another week, we continue to communicate
>actually go on a date, things are great
>but she reveals that shes leaving temporarily out of state
>decide we shouldn't get too serious because we don't know how long she'll be out there
>continue having a sexual relationship, things are still good
>for all intents and purposes, we are a couple

Here's where problems start to arise
>I realize she gets set off by the smallest things
>gets upset when people ask if we're bf/gf
>takes it out on me by being distant

This sums up the weekend before she left. Things were weird. But wait...

>comes back for first visit
>still acting stupid towards me
>ask her what's wrong but she won't tell me
>obvious indifference whether she saw me or not during her stay
>the weekend before she left, she asks to hangout
>explains her reasoning for being that way
>okay it's fine
>last night in California, we're all hanging out, shes all over me

Continued 1/?