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Why is asking out a girl such a royal pain in the ass these days? Unless the girl is fat, they just sit there thinking of an excuse to say "no". Instead of innocently getting to know me, or giving me a chance in a conversation, they just immediately size me up and feel like they already know me. My parents tell me stories of how oh, this one guy stood on a table and asked her out and she thought it was romantic, or how he asked out cashiers all the time because he had a thing for them, and they would always say yes. Nowadays girls look at you like you're a rapist who only wants sex. Pretty sure if I stood on a table and asked a girl out, it would go something like one of those cringe videos. Or if I asked out a cashier she would look at her shoes in horror thinking of an excuse.

Literally how are you supposed to date women out of school? Seems like it's just entirely up to fate.