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I have a crush on my coworker
>shes caught me staring and stared back multiple times
>has said "whats up anon" in an enthusiastic playful tone
>she told me she doesnt like people calling her pet names i white knighted her and reported someone for calling her babygirl
>she had to have a sitdown with a manager
>apologized to her for it and said ill stop being so gay
>she said "theres nothing gay about it"
>i pointed out when she seemed off or more quiet than usual
>2 weeks later she asked me how im doing and said i seem more quiet than usual
>ask her if i can send her a friend request on facebook and she says "yeah we can be friends" when we're not working together
>has let me borrow her phone to call cabs multiple nights
If im not a retard and im reading the signs right she wants to give me a chance but im pussyfooting around and thats making her lose interest. Do you think shes interested too and if so what should i do?