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I can't orgasm when another person is involved. I can only orgasm when I'm masturbating and its super frustrating. My significant other was eating me out recently for a pretty long time and I didn't even come close to having an orgasm, at a certain point I had to start day dreaming about porn I watched and that started to help get me there but in the end I made him stop because I felt bad. I feel like part of what is stopping me from achieving it is because I feel like I take too long and I don't want the person I'm with to get bored or whatever or think that I'm being selfish.

Also, no the problem is that my current partner is unattractive or anything. I actually find him immensely attractive, I even started to think about him when I masturbate which is weird considering I couldn't be in the moment when he was eating me out. What do I do?