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My upstairs neighbour has a fat teenage son whose constantly talking over Xbox all day/night (literally non-stop talking from about 6pm-12pm all hours of the night/morning). Even with earplugs it wakes me up.

He doesn't seem to go to school or have a job, so he's quite literally constantly doing this, 24/7, 7 days a week. I've spoken to my upstairs neighbour multiple times, banged on the ceiling at 3 am and even brought it up with our landlord. Nothing changes.

At what point is it reasonable I just open up the power box and turn off the electricity to his room over night?

What other alternatives do you guys advise? This fatass doesn't even pause over mic long enough to let anyone else speak or be having a convo with team mates, he's one of those chuckle fuck faggots screaming "I AM LEGEND THE BEST HURRRHUERHURR" constantly. I imagine I'd be doing his teammates a favor turning off the power as well, if they don't all just have him muted. I'm actually baffled how he hasn't lost his voice.

Also, before anyone suggests, moving out isn't currently a viable option. I quite like this place other than this and quite frankly find the idea of moving out because of some piggy no life teenager a bit much.