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So I've got this friend, who's my age (27), and has done effectively nothing with his life. He's had one job ever, for less than six months, and has lived at home his whole life. He's been living off of random money he gets, and money that his parents were saving up for a college fund that they just ended up giving him, because he never went to college. Probably very soon though, he's gonna get kicked out. His parents are selling their house and splitting up, and neither wants him hanging around anymore. Supposedly when the house sells, he's going to be getting a cut of it, like $20k+.

My friend has proposed to me that in order to keep him from being homeless, I co-sign a lease for him for some cheap apartment. He'll supposedly be able to pay for it, he just won't have a job or credit to sign it by himself.

I'm well off financially, I have a full-time job and make $80k+bonus, I have exceptional credit, etc. Should I do this? How can this fuck me up if I cosign then he doesn't pay or something?