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What should I do /adv/?
Just after newyear these voices started up in my head.
First a female voice said very clearly in my local accent, "Ohh, you know it's me, but you know me, I had to get him to do it for me."
Then this guy started speaking to me, it's been up and down. I thought it was almost funny at first, but it's starting to kill me. It keeps raping me, and I try to imagine attacking it, slicing its penis down the middle, firing qi at it, whatever. Nothing will make it leave me alone.
It's 24/7, doesn't seem like anyone else can hear it.
It's gotten to the point that I'm punching myself in the face, breaking down in tears, screaming, and I've set a date for my suicide if it doesn't stop.
Has anyone else had an experience like this? Is it plain old demons, or am I being psychically assaulted by a cult?