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what do I do if I live in a crazy small town where everyones a maniac

everyone is a fucking dick head they're either just straight up ass holes or evil. everyone I talk to is just an ass hole I can feel them just hating everyone they just want to tear away everything from a person. every time someone gets happy I feel them just hating it and jealous and wishing they could rip it away

everyone here either encourages you to do stupid shit and its like a contest of who can do the stupidest shit or people are just crazy and angry. everyones so fucking angry just talking to them they snap at you constantly even if you're not doing anything and its like you have to get in a fight every time you want a conversation here with someone or they just hate you if you dont do stupid. if you dont do stupid shit like if they ask you to do them a favor that only benefits them but could get you in trouble and you say no they're just like whatever fuck you bro you're a pussy were not gonna hang out with you

literally everyone here is full of hate. people will only chill with you to use you and they're anti social maniacs or just ass holes. I talk to people and I ask them to chill and they're just like oh I dont really want to chill and start hinting towards they'll only chill with you if you smoke weed with them and everyones poor and awful. that or they're just ass holes and constantly pissed off snapping its giving me fucking PTSD and im so lonely im just trapped with my PTSD thoughts out here.